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It was a warm evening, in the middle of the Great British heatwave of 2018. Just as the hot sun was going down for the night, I noticed that look in your eyes, that cheeky glint. I’d seen it before, I knew what it meant and felt a wave of warmth curse through my body. Hairs standing on end, as if raising to attention in apprehension of your touch. I felt my mouth go dry and my breath quicken. Your smile widens, and I can see your love for me radiating from your gaze. Your lips parting entices me in to kiss you deeply and passionately. Our tongues dance around each other’s mouths as we enjoy the familiar taste.

You unzip my pink, tightly fitted dress and lift it over my head, caressing my body as you do so. I run my hands through your hair and pull off your shirt. Deeply staring into my eyes, before your gaze wanders to take in all of my body, clothed now only in a small red, lace bra which barely contains my sweet curves; alongside a matching lace thong, which I can feel dampening. ataşehir escort

You remove the remains of your clothes and your manhood springs free. I cannot help myself, but I bend down to taste you, first lightly licking the tops of your thighs, before gradually tasting your glistening head. My tongue runs up and down your shaft several times and I hear your moaning in pleasure. I attempt to take you all in and feel your hands in my hair guiding my pace. I feel you at the back of my throat and begin to massage your balls. Your moans continue as I take in as much as I can and savor your taste.

In one quick motion you lift me off and lay me down on the bed. “Relax, and enjoy what I have planned for you,” you whisper in my ear. Moving down my body, you start with my feet. Massaging them one at a time, softly at first and planting a light kiss on each toe. You work your way slowly up my body, rubbing my calves and thighs, right up to my groin. You spend kadıköy escort bayan a few minutes working on my groin muscle “loosening you up” you say with a grin, before removing my damp thong. Continuing northwards, you reach my perky breasts and unhook my bra. Kneading them softly, before rolling my nipples through your fingers until they harden under your touch. “Just perfect” you mumble, more to yourself than to me, as you lick my nipple delicately at first, followed by gently clamping down with your teeth as I gasp in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Releasing the nipple, you notice that I’ve now developed a rosy flush along my chest and I am lightly panting.

You repeat the process with the other breast, before moving back down towards the centre of my legs and begin to caress my smooth outer lips. The warmth and wetness that has built up acts as a lubricant to help your fingers glide around my delicate area, occasionally brushing my clitoris; sending escort maltepe shivers down my spine.

Your fingers start to probe deeper into my core and I can hear and smell my own wetness. Suddenly, I feel your lips and tongue teasing my clit and I moan with pleasure. “I love your taste” you say, and I feel electricity curse through my body as the breath from those words warms me further. I feel my heart quicken and my breath hitches. I feel like I am soaring towards that happy, blissful place when you shift position and curve your fingers, finding my g-spot instantly. I thrive in pleasure and feel something building up inside me. Before I know it you pump your fingers inside me with extra force, I tip over the edge and feel an immense explosion throughout my whole body. I cry out in pleasure as I feel the warmth of the orgasm spurt between my legs, as you greedily lap it all up, pulling out my orgasm for as long as possible. Just as I am riding the wave down, you kiss me deeply and I can taste myself on your lips.

“You look beautiful when you come, and I love to pleasure you in such a way” you whisper in my ear. “I plan on pleasuring you in every imaginable way all night long” and I shiver with excitement; wondering what else he has planned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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