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Helen’s Desire

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1 Empty Nest

First let me say we aren’t young hard bodies. We’re a slightly overweight middle age couple who’ve been happily married long enough to raise a couple of kids and get them educated and out of the house.

Our sex life, which has always been good is now more like it was BC (before children). My wife Helen always inspires lust in me. As the saying goes, I look around but always come home for supper.

Now she’s grown her beautiful hair longer and it’s turned from black to a very sexy silver.

I was watching my favorite cop show on TV when Helen came into the den. She was wearing her bath robe, her hair tied into a pony tail as she picked up the remote and turned my show off Oh,that was bad of me Sir. I should be spanked.” She dropped her robe on the floor. The sight of those soft pink curves!

I picked up on tonight’s game right away. “Pick that up woman.” I said pointing at her robe. “Fold it, put it on that chair and get over here now.”

I gave her a good spanking, then held her pony tail as she gave me one of her mind altering blow jobs, then to the bedroom for a good night of fucking.

That was how it began.

We’d been back to our usual(still great)routine when a week or so later, at supper Helen said ” Will you discipline me tonight, Sir?”

Playing along “Well” I said “From now on you will count the strokes as I spank your pretty little ass. And asking without permission just earned you five.”

“Yes Sir.” She looked down at her plate.

Our home life became’Sir and his Obedient Wife’. Either Helen or I would find a reason to spank her, then we’d fuck suck eat and grope like a couple of newly weds.

On my birthday she presented me with a wrapped gift. “I made this present myself for you Sir. Its for me to wear so you know I’m your obedient wife.”

The package held four pink velvet cuffs with snap shackles attached and little buckles and straps to secure them to wrists and ankles. There was also a collar with a big metal ring on it’s front and two straps and buckles to secure it at the back. They were all three inches wide, and lined with satin. Helen had spent some time at her sewing machine for me.

I put them on her there and then. “Turn around.” I snapped her wrist cuffs together behind her back. I took off her belt and let her skirt fall to the carpet. Oh her red lace panties! I gently pawed her big soft breasts through her soft yellow sweater as I snuggled up behind her. I stroked her long silver hair aside and nibbled her earlobe. “Something’s missing, wait here Wife.” I went to the dressing room and returned with the highest heels she had. “sit.” I pointed to the görükle escort ottoman. I kissed licked and stroked her feet and legs as I laced on her five inch stiletto heels. “Stand, head up, shoulders back. I will not tolerate bad posture.”

“Yes Sir.”

I grabbed her by the collar’s ring and fast walked her to the spare bedroom. After pulling down her panties I lay on my back on the bad and told her to climb on top and ride.

What a wild ride it was. With her hands secured behind her back she had a struggle to get onto the bed and impale herself on my hard cock, then she bounced up and down riding me with abandon. Soon we were both screaming and grunting. I rolled her over and pile drove her. What a turn on, we hadn’t fucked when she still had a sweater on since we were in the back seat of my car when we were still in school.

Over the next month she bought several more pairs of stiletto heels. When we were home she always wore them and her collar and cuffs(her wife set we called them). I told her to make a few more sets so I had some variety to look at.

For Helen’s birthday I gave her three leashes. A chain one, a leather one and a custom made blue satin one, also several different length sashes with rings and shackles at both ends.

At Christmas Helen gave me a beautiful black Kimono style robe. I gave her a three row pearl choker necklace and matching bracelet set. When we were alone I explained they were her ‘public’ wife set, to remind her how much I loved my obedient wife.

Just then the daughter in law came into the room. “Mom,why the tears?”

“Oh, just because my beautiful husband loves me so much.”

“That’s so sweet!” the girl said and kissed me on the cheek. If she only knew.

Although it was wonderful having the kids and their spouses here for Christmas, Helen and I were getting a bit frustrated sexually. We were missing our discipline.

The day after Boxing Day as we stood in the doorway and waved at the kids cars driving away I squeezed Helen’s beautiful ass. I’d decided to move things along a bit to keep my love happy. “I’ve laid out your clothes for the day on our bed. Go change, put on the ankle cuffs, but bring the wrist cuffs and your collar to me to put on you.”

With a surprised smile Helen said “Yes Sir!” and rushed away.

I’d laid out her white lace bra and thong set, her silver satin wife set, and her blue and silver dress. Long sleeved, lots of buttons down the front to her navel, then a pleated skirt. The five inch heels with the silver laces completed the look.

She sat obediently on the ottoman as I did up the wrist cuffs and collar. She görükle escort bayan knew to leave the buttons on her dress undone to please me.

I put the blue satin four foot leash onto her collar and said “We’re going for a drive.” I led her to the foyer and helped her on with her full length red fox fur coat, leaving the leash against her body as I did her coat up.

As we drove downtown I said there was one more Christmas present for her we were going to get. I found a parking space a few doors down from the furrier. Inside we were greeted by the owner. “This one first?” he said. He’d made an old fashion fur muff to match Helen’s fox coat. It was big enough she could push one arm right through even with her coat on. She did as instructed, then I clipped both wrists together and adjusted the muff so she was discreetly restrained. She admired herself in the full height mirror.

“Now the hat Please.” It was a fox fur pillbox style. I smoothed her beautiful silver hair and adjusted the hat. She looked like a queen from a bygone era. Elegant.

After settling the bill I pulled the leash out and the owner held the door as I led my Queen to the car.

As I did up her seat belt I kissed her. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and frantically kissed back. I think she liked her present!

“Your hat has an interesting feature, may I show you?” and with that I took off her hat. I pulled part of the satin lining down, it had an elastic hem. I again smoothed Helen’s hair and adjusted the hat, then slid the lining over her eyes to blindfold her. The elastic held it gently to the contour of her face.

What a site! My beautiful love wrapped in fur, her wrists restrained in her fur muff and her fur hat’s lining blind folding her. “One more stop then we’ll go home Darling”.

I was able to park in front of the store I was looking for in a little strip mall. I removed Helen’s hat so she could see the “Adult Toys” sign in the window in front of us.

As I led her by the leash into the store a young lady with multiple piercings and tattoos, and one of those shaved head with a long pony tail on one side hairdo asked if she could help. I said I needed a gag for my wife. “Aisle four, if you need any help just call out”. I selected three different colors of ball gags.

Back at the counter I asked the clerk if she could wash one off for us. She said no, but I was welcome to, and pointer to the washroom. I had her hold Helen’s leash as I removed the red one from it’s package and took it to wash. I gagged Helen in the store and led her back to the car where I blind folded her for the drive home.

2 Lunch and bursa escort More

Back home I took off Helen’s coat muff and hat, and after she’d hung them and my coat up in the closet I took two of the foot long sashes from the foyer table’s drawer and clipped one end of each to the ring on her collar and the other to each of her wrist cuffs. Then I took a six inch one and attached it between her ankle cuffs. I left her gagged. I pulled the collar of her dress just enough off her shoulders to display her big beautiful boobs piled up in her bra.

“Go make lunch, I’ll be in the den, come for me when it’s ready.” I kissed her cheek and cooed into her ear “I love you dearest.”

At the table I instructed her to put the place settings together. I held Helen’s chair for her, then released her wrist sashes from her collar, then led the sashes behind her chair and clipped the ends together, so she couldn’t move her hands up.

Lunch was salad. I had a few fork fulls then took a slice of tomato and finger fed it to Helen. Then some lettuce, a cube of cheese and so on. After each morsel I had her lick and suck my fingers clean. It was a long slow erotic lunch. AS I fed her with one hand I pulled the hem of her dress up so I could tease her thong covered pussy with my other hand.

When lunch was finished I said “Wife,would you like to be fucked?”

“Yes Sir,Please.”

“What do you want?”

“I want a good fucking. Please Sir!”

“How do you want me to do you?”

“Anyway that pleases you Sir, Please.”

“What if I want to fuck your pretty mouth?”

“Yes Sir, fuck my mouth if it pleases you Sir. Please.”

I released Helen’s hands then fastened them to the ring on her collar, leashed her and led her to the living room. She stumbled along in her high heels and the short sash between her ankle hobbling her.

I pushed her back onto the couch. Kissing and licking, I removed her shoes and the sash between her ankles. “Stand.”

I released her hands and ordered her dress thong and bra removed. I shackled her hands behind her back.”On you knees.” I grabbed two big hand fulls of hair and pushed my cock into her beautiful mouth. She kissed and licked and sucked. When I could hold on no more I pulled her face into my crotch and squirted deep into her throat. When I was done I pushed her back. She looked up into my eyes and said “Thank you Sir, I love you.”

I lifted Helen and sat her on the love seat securing her wrists to the discreet cloth loops she’d sewn onto the arms. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and began worshiping her cunt. She was very wet. I kissed and licked her sweet crack, parting her lips I tongued and kissed deeper. When I kissed the ‘girl in the pink canoe’ she took off, laughing and squealing. Giggling and wiggling, then crushing my ears.

After she came down we went to the bedroom for a mellow afternoon of cuddling, kissing, eating, sucking and fucking.

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