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Help Around the House Pt. 03

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“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Daniel repeated as he started getting frantically dressed.

Holly rolled out of the bed and started getting dressed.

Holly somehow was dressed before Daniel.

“Let’s go,” Holly said to Daniel.

“What are you talking about?” Daniel asked.

“Well we agreed done by 4. It’s not 4 yet,” Holly answered smartly.

“Holly, my wife is coming home right now,” Daniel snapped.

“She won’t be back, trust me,” Holly assured him.

Daniel didn’t have time to continue this argument so he left Holly’s room, aware that Holly was following.

He ran down the stairs and Holly quickly unlocked the door.

They both stepped out and hurriedly went to Daniel’s house.

Daniel frantically fished out his keys and opened the door.

He ushered Holly in, eager to get her out of sight before he entered.

He headed up the stairs and directly to the master bedroom.

Holly closed the door behind her.

Daniel’s phone rang and his heart nearly burst out of his chest.

“Hello,” he mock wheezed.

Holly had a mischievous expression and she slowly approached him.

“Daniel. I’ve been delayed. I’ll see you later,” Rachel explained.

Holly pressed her body up to Daniel’s and looked up at him with her crooked smile.

Her hand ran down to Daniel’s still hard shaft and wrapped around it through the trousers.

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later?” Daniel asked hoarsely with Holly’s hand on his cock and reaching into his trousers as he spoke to his wife.

Holly stripped off her top and bra.

“How about you double check I’m definitely filled up? That it’ll take?” Holly whispered seductively in Daniel’s free ear.

“Sure, bye,” Rachel said as their neighbour propositioned her husband and hung up.

‘Does Holly want me to risk impregnating her, again?’ Daniel thought.

Daniel was about to reply before she said.

“How about we head to the guest room, so we don’t make a mess you’ll have to clean up?” Holly suggested.

Daniel looked at her, naked, but for her skirt. She picked up her clothes.

“You normally keep it locked right? So it’ll be fine,” she said soothingly before she kissed Daniel.

It was soft but passionate, promising so much.

He hurriedly ushered her out of the room and across the hall.

Daniel felt like a teenager, afraid to get caught doing something he shouldn’t.

But here he was standing in the hallway, with his trousers open, with a half-naked nineteen year old college student, trying to fuck her again before his wife got home.

Daniel opened the door and they stepped inside.

Holly dropped the clothes and wrapped her arms around him.

Daniel kissed her deeply, the forbidden nature of this and fear they could get caught turned him on in a way Daniel hadn’t ataşehir escort bayan thought possible.

Daniel kissed down her chest and to her flat stomach.

Daniel couldn’t remember when or if Rachel ever had a figure this good.

Daniel pulled down Holly’s skirt and she stepped out of it with a naughty smirk.

“So, Mr Masters, I was going to ask. How do you feel about having me around?” she said coyly, lying back on the crisp, white sheets of the bed. She wrenched his trousers down, freeing his stiff cock.

“Well Holly,” Daniel began as he spread her legs apart and brought his cock towards her wet cunt.

“I think that your enthusiasm and discretion are incredibly valuable. I would appreciate however if you don’t stick around long enough to make an impression with my wife,” Daniel said as he slowly pushed his cock inside her.

She gasped and grinned at the mention of his wife.

“Oh no, that would be fun” Allie chuckled.

“I would put on the good girl part for her and she’d take me at my word. Despite the fact I’d be fucking her husband bareback and his cum would be filling me,” she scoffed smugly.

Daniel fucked her hard at that admission. She looked up at him, her cheeks flush and her eyes were wide. She had a sly grin on her face, occasionally shifting as she moaned.

This time was more intense for Daniel, they knew how they both wanted it to end.

She came and her cunt gripped Daniel like a vice. She cried out in ecstasy.

“Fuck! What do you want to do to me?” she asked breathlessly.

“I want you to say it,” Daniel grunted, thrusting inside her as far as he could.

“Fine,” she said. “I want you to fuck me until you’re right about to cum. Then I want you to plunge inside me as deep as you can. Then I want you to explode inside my hot wet teenage womb. I want you to empty every drop of your thick white married seed inside my slut pussy and make a baby inside me,” she pleaded hoarsely.

Daniel plunged inside her until he could go no further and came.

Daniel shot a torrent of cum inside her and she screamed with pleasure.

She was smiling widely when they came down. “I think Mr Masters that you may have put a baby in your neighbour,” she giggled.

“Good,” Daniel growled and kissed her neck.

“I’ll get a test in a few days and let you know before I make Toby think it’s his,” she promised and kissed Daniel deeply.

“We better get dressed and you better get out of here before my wife gets back,” Daniel said.

“Good idea,” Holly said.

“Last thing we want is Rachel thinking I’m not the good girl she’s seen going to school all these years and that her husband has put a baby in me,” she giggled.

Daniel kissed her deeply at that comment.

The sound of the front door escort kadıköy below stirred them.

“Go, I’ll be fine,” Holly assured Daniel.

Daniel put on his trousers and neatened himself up.

He carefully opened and closed the guest room door.

Holly lay back naked, Daniel’s cum just staying inside her cunt.

‘Now, let’s see what I have to do,” Holly chuckled to herself.

Daniel crept into the ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom.

He realised he probably smelled like Holly so he found a medicinal smelling cream and applied it liberally. He looked at himself in the mirror, he looked drained. Unsurprising, considering his morning with Emily and Holly respectively.

He heard footsteps up the stairs and moved to intercept them.

He opened the door to the hall and saw Rachel reach the top of the stairs.

“Hi,” Daniel panted.

“Hi, are you alright?” Rachel asked him.

“Tired, still quite ill,” Daniel admitted.

“Was Emily in the guestroom?” Rachel asked.

Daniel was confused until he saw the door was slightly ajar and Rachel walked into the room. His stomach was lead, that was it, one stupid mistake and it was all over.

Yet he didn’t hear Rachel say anything.

He quickly followed her in and found the bed made, no clothes or sign of Holly.

“Well, she certainly does the full job,” Rachel remarked.

Holly stepped out from her hiding spot behind the door, mere feet from Rachel and a confused Daniel. She padded in bare feet out into the hall, her shoes in her hand. Her pussy shivered deliciously as she was so close to discovery.

She could hide in one of Daniel’s daughters’ rooms. She decided against it. ‘Let’s see if Rachel can find me,’ Holly sneered and headed downstairs into more dangerous territory.

Daniel was mystified as to how Holly had disappeared, yet was relieved.

“Well, what happened at work?” Daniel asked as he followed Rachel downstairs.

Rachel had been about to remark on the unfamiliar scent in the house, but assumed Emily had either tried a new product, or the one of the girls had changed perfumes.

“I had to collect my computer as Brenda forgot the spreadsheets,” Rachel answered.

Holly heard Rachel prattling on about work and grabbed a post it from the pad on the kitchen counter. She picked up the top one and scanned it briefly before scribbling a note and sticking it on the far counter.

She darted behind the island countertop as she heard Rachel and Daniel walk down the hall. She could feel her cum and Daniel’s seed begin to leak from her pussy because of her excitement.

Rachel spied the post it on the far counter and picked it up. Holly stepped out behind Daniel and stepped through the sitting room threshold as Rachel turned to face Daniel in that direction.

“Do maltepe escort you know what this means?” Rachel asked Daniel quizzically.

She was holding a post it with two questions on it, it looked as if it were in Angela, their eldest daughter’s handwriting.

‘4? Later?’ it simply read.

Realisation dawned on Daniel. The smell of Allie’s perfume in the house wasn’t from her briefly running upstairs earlier, it was fresh. Allie was still in the house and left him a note so he’d know and Rachel wouldn’t.

“Honestly, Angela isn’t very clear about these things usually,” Daniel lied, he could feel his cock stir at Holly successfully tricking Rachel.

Holly slipped into Rachel’s office and wracked her brains on how to manipulate Rachel so she’d leave her husband for the rest of the afternoon in Holly’s pleasing company.

She frantically searched for and found Rachel’s laptop.

She smirked smugly as she laid it out in plain sight.

She was about to step away and hide, before a wicked idea came to her.

She took a post it from the desk and read a loose piece of paper before she carefully wrote her message and stuck it beside the laptop.

She heard them approach as she was midway through her message.

She felt a flush of pleasure and nervousness, but she finished the note and crawled under the desk just as the door opened.

She looked out to see Rachel’s trousered legs and Daniel’s.

They approached the desk and she held her breath.

“There it is,” Rachel said, grabbing the laptop. She paused as she picked up the note.

“I don’t have time for that today,” Rachel groaned.

Holly grimaced at that comment.

Daniel looked at her expectantly.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked curiously.

Rachel turned back and simply showed him the post it with the writing on it.

Daniel was astonished, it was so uncannily similar to Rachel’s script that she had accepted it.

‘Rings to be cleaned,’ the note read.

Daniel felt his cock twitch as a naughty idea came to him.

“Leave them with me, I’ll get them done,” Daniel offered.

Holly almost exclaimed with appreciation. Her pussy became wet as she waited for the verdict.

“Thank you honey,” Rachel said as she handed Daniel her wedding and engagement rings.

Daniel escorted his wife out of her office.

Holly emerged from hiding and stripped down to her bra and panties. She could hear Daniel lead Rachel to the front door.

She opened her phone and text Toby.

‘Hey babe. Sorry! I’m too sick to meet up today. Can we rain check?’ Holly wrote.

She discarded her phone into the pile of her clothes and carefully cleared Rachel’s desk.

She heard the front door close and Daniel walked back into his wife’s office to see Holly in her lingerie posing on his wife’s desk.

“So, how about we stretch things past 4? Holly asked sweetly.

“Rachel’s working late, so definitely.” Daniel agreed.

“Good. Now how about you put those two rings on my finger and put something bigger in me?” Holly suggested with a sexy smirk.

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