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Her Irish Neighbor

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Cassie thumbed her last page for the current romance book she took to reading. Her insides were melting with the thought of Sean treating her that way; passionate yet reckless, dangerous yet gentle. Sean MaCauley, she sighed as his name passed over her brain. Her next door Irish neighbor in their apartment building; she met him the day she moved in and her brain all but turned to goop the first moment she laid eyes on him, two years ago.

Rounding twenty-two and still haven’t touched a man in an intimate way since ever, her mind always catered back to him. With his roguish good looks and accent, her dream man. His rust colored hair always looked tousled and slept in and it complemented his blue-green eyes perfectly. He owned a pub downtown and was always coming and going. Some early afternoons she would catch him just waking up and stepping out onto his balcony in just loose shorts and nothing else. He must work out in order to keep his chiseled chest and flat, six-packed stomach. His shoulders were broad that narrowed into his waist but proportionately.

And his face, oh God, his face! Never has she seen someone look like him before. Straight nose, luscious lips, firm jaw, and high cheek bones that all accentuated him flawlessly. There was no way he could be her neighbor when he belonged in a magazine and not here.

Cassie heard his balcony door slide open and she jumped at the opportunity to catch him just waking up. It was almost one in the afternoon so no surprise there. She smoothed her blonde waves back, feeling them land just below her shoulder blades. Today was Saturday so she still wore her light pink silk shorts and matching camisole top because she had absolutely nothing to do. She pinched her cheeks to add a little color and moistened her lips.

“Hi,” she nervously greeted as soon as she stepped onto the veranda.

“Hey,” he replied, his voice thick with drowsiness. “Good mornternoon,” he laughed. It was a hearty laugh. He glanced over at her and her stomach fluttered.

“Good mornternoon to you too.” It was their signature greeting to each other, a combination of “good morning,” and “good afternoon,” and she always tried to imitate his accent but failed miserably.

“You’re getting better at that,” he noted and moved so he was on the side closest to her. Their balconies were a few feet apart but it felt like miles to her.

She mimicked his move and leaned over the railing, her chest resting just above her arms. She caught his eyes sweep down but only for a moment before he looked back up. “Aren’t you cold?” She asked him, pointing towards his naked torso and basketball shorts.

“Nah, you?”

“A little,” she softly replied.

Cassie was in fact cold. With the first days of autumn gone, the wind had a bitter bite to it and wearing these skimpy clothes did no justice to her bare skin. Her heart fell when he left to go back into his apartment but her eyes lit up once she noticed he held a hoodie in his arms.

“Here, wear this,” he tossed it to her and she caught it effortlessly.

“Awe,” she pushed her arms through the oversized openings. “I guess chivalry isn’t dead after all.” She breathed in his musky scent that clung to the jacket.

He winked. “You’d be surprised. Is that better?”

She nodded vigorously, thankful for the warmth. “Thank you,” she looked down at her bare feet.

“No problem. Did you just get up?” God, his accent was so sexy.

“No, I’ve been up for a while, just really lazy.” She replied and he laughed.

“Someone your age should be still sleeping so they can party the following night.” Sean’s eyes roved over her.

“I’m not like most girls my age.” When she saw his frown she quickly continued. “How old do you think I am anyways?”

He brought a finger to his lips and looked up; debating her age and Cassie spotted his large Celtic cross tattoo over his heart. “Hmm, I’d say eighteen?”

Cassie’s mouth dropped. “Eighteen? Gosh, do I really look that young?”

“Well it isn’t a bad trait.” Her cheeks flamed. Was he flirting with her?

“I wish I was that young again. No try more like twenty-one.”

A sexy smile crossed his lips. “Twenty-one, eh? Still, you are pretty young. Younger than me.” His eyes gleamed as he traced her outline with them.

Cassie shifted her feet, feeling more nervous than ever. “How old are you?”

He swiped his hand through his hair, mussing it up but it still looked incredibly good. “I’m a dinosaur compared to you.”

Her brows knitted together. “Wait, don’t tell me you’re like forty-five or something.”

Sean chuckled before he stretched, giving Cassie an all-out view of his front. “Let’s just say while you were probably being conceived I was hitting puberty.”

“Thirty four?!” She asked disbelievingly. There was no way this man can be thirteen years her senior.

“My birthday is in three months so almost thirty five, princess.” He winked at her and she held onto the rail more tightly for balance.

“Mine is a week from today,” she added thoughtfully. She noted the look in Sean’s eyes the moment she mentioned her Cebeci Escort birthday.

Something had changed with their friendship since they first met: from causal greetings and small talks to flirting and roving eyes. It all changed one night in which Cassie tried not to think about for it brought up ideas of it never happening again. But she was sure Sean remembered it.

“Oh really?” His eyebrows rose. “Well, we’ll definitely have to celebrate it then.” He smiled at her.

“Like how?” Her curiosity increased as she tilted back, rocking on her heels.

“I don’t know but I’ll come up with something.” He looked at his cell and cursed. “Hey, I’ve gotta go but we’ll talk more okay?”

Disappointment swept through her. “Alright, have fun.”

“Oh I will,” One side of his mouth came up and he whisked back into his apartment. He poked his head back out just as Cassie was turning away, feeling empty. “Oh, keep the jacket; it looks better on you than it did on me.”

Hope rose like waves crashing in the nearby ocean. They shared a grin before retreating back into their own abodes.

The next few days went by quickly until Friday rolled around. Her job was boring as usual for a receptionist. But hey, it paid the rent and bills. Working her way through college hadn’t been as easy as planned but she was slowly making it. And she was caught up in all her classes so studying was out of the loop.

It was getting late and Cassie decided to get ready for bed. After showering and brushing her teeth, she climbed under her thick comforter. Images of what happened four months ago flashed in her mind. The moment everything changed between her neighbor and her:

It was a Sunday night, turning into the wee morning hours of Monday. She had been sound asleep when someone pounded on her door. She’d jumped up, heart racing and threw on a silk robe to cover her creamy complexion that escaped through her sleep wear.

Cassie had looked through the peephole, her hazel eyes adjusting to the figure outside her door. Sean. Her heart leapt in her throat and her stomach churned with delight. What was he doing at her doorstep at three in the morning?

She’d unlocked the chain lock and deadbolt before taking a deep breath and cracking the door open. Sean had been standing outside her apartment, alcohol fuming off him. He’s drunk. Too good to be true. He’d nudged his way into her place.

“Sean, is everything okay?” Cassie wrapped her arms about her.

Sean looked at her then, truly looked at her as if she were the most wonderful thing in the world. “She left me,” was all he’d said.

Having not seen a girl for nearly a year enter or leave his apartment, she pressed. “Who left you?”

“My fiancé! She was fucking my best friend the whole time,” he had shouted and Cassie grabbed his hand to calm him.

She had heard this story about Julie only once before. His ex-fiancé, the one he thought was the love of his life, the one he gave his heart to. The one who cheated on him and who left him, over five years ago, to be with someone who was like a brother to Sean. Cassie had snaked her arms around his hard waist.

“Shh, Sean, I know.” She soothed and had looked up at him. The anger and hurt in his eyes should have scared her but it only made her heart break, and it still did every time she remembered that night.

He’d wrapped his arms around her back, pushing her breasts into his chest. “I loved her, Cassie. I really loved her.”

Cassie’s hold tightened, feeling jealous of hearing about Julie. “That was then, this is now.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got you,” he softly whispered, resting his chin on her head.

“I’ll never leave you,” she looked up at him.

His eyes had been glazed over from drinking and something else. Her breath caught when Sean had pressed his lips to hers. He’d dug his tongue into her mouth, forcing her jaw open. Cassie whimpered against his mouth. They both drew back, gasping.

“I’ve wanted you princess ever since I laid eyes on you.” He had crushed his mouth to hers again, stifling her surprised gasp.

Sean had roughly yanked her robe off and shoved her against the door. Thrusting his tongue deeper, he picked her up and placed his knee between her thighs, his jeans rough against her smooth skin. He’d jerked her bottoms down her thighs and unbuttoned his jeans. Cassie heard the zipper and her eyes shot open.

“Sean,” she had pleaded against his lips and felt his erection poised between her legs. “Sean!” She’d pushed hard against his chest. “No, stop!”

A growl had erupted from his chest and he reluctantly pulled back. “Fuck! What?” He’d barked.

“I- I’ve never-” his laughter cut her off. “Hey! This isn’t funny!” Tears had started to form in her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he finally stopped. “I didn’t think you would be a virgin with the way you look.” He set her down and zipped his jeans back up.

“Please leave,” she had felt humiliated and crossed to the door, her cheeks aflame with embarrassment. Christ, she couldn’t even look at him.

Sean Çıtır Escort had paused in the open doorway and then turned to face Cassie. “I truly am sorry.” And then he was out the door.

Cassie’s cheeks burned from the memory of that night but she knew that Sean still remembered it. She wanted him too but not like that, she wanted it to be perfect. Maybe that can be her birthday gift from him. Yes, she will definitely ask for it. She smirked as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Sean just finished closing the pub. The alcohol ridden air slowly seeped out the open door before he locked it. He straddled his bike before placing his helmet on his head and roaring the engine to life. The drive was short but it felt good to be on his bike.

He remembered the night when he forced himself into Cassie’s apartment, just like he does every night since that incident. He remembered her terrified look of horror before he almost plunged into her, taking her virtue. She was beautiful with a petite vivacious body and golden hair and tan skin. Hell, who was he kidding, she was hot, sexy. No, those were too vulgar for her; Cassie was beautiful, ethereal almost. The first day they met he felt a pull in his groin and gut. She was so young and still so young. And he had almost ruined her first time. Damn him and Julia, he thought. After that night, he stopped drowning his sorrows on her and focused on Cassie, focused on trying to create a relationship with her.

Honestly, he didn’t think she was still a virgin. Why had she waited so long for someone to touch her? He wondered as he parked his bike and made his way to the third floor of his apartment building. Her birthday was tomorrow and he planned a nice romantic dinner for the two of them, at his place. His feelings for her grew enormously from that one night and he fell, hard. And tomorrow night, he would let her know just how she made him feel.

When he saw her this morning in her small shorts and tank top, his shorts felt tight. Thank God they were loose to hide his erection or she might not ever look at him the same way again. He unlocked his door and stepped in, pondering why she still talked to him after that night. She doesn’t deserve him; she deserves someone her age, someone sweeter and more appreciative. It was nearing dawn when he undressed and fell into his bed, and a deep sleep.

He didn’t see Cassie at all for the day. He did that on purpose so as to build up his nerves. But in all honesty, the wait seemed torturous. When six rolled around, he gently knocked on her wooden door. His heart pounded in his chest when she opened up, wearing his dark hoodie and light jeans. She smiled at him and her full lips seemed magnificent.

“Hey,” she greeted.

“Happy Birthday!” He replied, pulling the lilies and card from behind his back. He recalled her mentioning they were her favorite at some point or other.

Her eyes lit up like fireworks when she saw the flowers. “Oh my, thank you!” She gave him a half hug as she took the bouquet and card and placed them on her counter closest to the door.

“You’re welcome princess. Hey, I’ve got a surprise over in my place.” When she faltered he added, “You’ll love it, I promise.”

He placed his hands over her eyes, shielding them from the hard work he did.

Guiding her into his apartment which was about ten feet to the right of hers, he kept one hand over her eyes and the other in the small of her back. He could feel her trembling beneath his hand, so he pulled her closer to him, reassuring her. When he opened his door, he kept her blind.

“Can I see now?” She asked impatiently.

“Hold on just a sec,” he replied while trying to gingerly help her into a chair. “There,” and he released her eyes.

Cassie’s breath caught as she took in the surroundings. There had to be a hundred different candles glowing everywhere and rose petals, too many to count, littered the floor. She sat at a round white-linen table with a bouquet of lilies adorning it. Cassie covered her mouth with her hands. They seemed to be dining in front of Sean’s bay window with the lights down low. It was truly romantic and beautiful.

“It’s wonderful,” she tilted her head back to look up at Sean, who was watching her intently. “Thank you.”

Sean resisted the urge to take her and kiss her full on the mouth, so he turned to his stereo to play some soft music. He ran into his kitchen and retrieved the Chinese takeout, in which he knew was Cassie’s favorite.

“Takeout?” She questioned when he returned.

He shrugged, serving her chicken and noodles. “I know it’s your favorite since I see you order it a lot.” He shot her a glance to gauge her reaction.

She laughed. “Well, it’s very sweet, thank you.”

Sean poured them both a glass of wine and they ate in silence.

Towards the end, Cassie decided to try and ask for her birthday present. “Um, Sean?”

“Yeah princess?” He looked to her and saw the worry and nervousness in her eyes. What was she up to?

“Well, I- I was wondering if I could ask Demetevler Escort you to uh, be my-“Spit it out girl! “You know I’m a virg-“

Sean’s fork hit his plate with a loud bang. He cleared his throat as he caught on that she was asking him to be her first. “Yes, I’m aware.”

She looked down, toying with the tablecloth. “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind being my first.” The words came out in a rush.

“Are you sure? I mean it should be with someone special and-“

Cassie’s head shot up. “You are special to me, and I am simply asking you this. Think of it as my birthday present.” Her face burned. “Other than the dinner, which was lovely by the way. And I’ve been thinking of this for a long time.” Her cheeks reddened significantly.

Sean stood then, feeling his jeans become a little too uncomfortable and crossed over to her. He took her hands in his. “Come with me.” He led her to his bedroom which he already aligned with roses.

Cassie’s hands trembled as Sean led her to his bedroom. I’m finally going to do it! She squealed in her mind. Upon entering his room, he turned to her and kissed her passionately. Sean gently coaxed her mouth open with his tongue, grazing over her teeth, and dipping low into her mouth, claiming it. The kiss made Cassie’s head swim and her knees go weak.

Sean pulled away, gasping. “Are you sure?” He asked, again.

Cassie wrapped her arms about his torso. “Positive. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Sean did his usual sexy grin and pushed the door open. To Cassie’s surprise, the room was opposite of him. His bed sat in the middle of the room, covered in a white duvet and red silk sheets. His pillows consisted of alternate white and red colors, and it was made. His furniture was black however, a sheer contrast to his bed. A large set of drawers lined the wall in front of his bed and held a massive flat screen TV. A metal book rack was cata-cornered to his bed and held many drinking and mixing books. The hardwood bent under their weight as Sean led her over to his bed.

Cassie sat down on the king size mattress and lay back, watching Sean. “It’s nice in here.”

He laughed. “Yeah, well it needs a feminine touch.”

“I think it’s perfect,” she said as she sat up.

Sean sat at the edge, leaning away from Cassie. “Once more, are you sure you want to do this?” Concern laced his tone.

Cassie crawled over to where he sat and kissed his neck, nipping and dragging her tongue from his lobe to his collar bone. “How’s that for my answer?” She replied in a husky voice.

She could feel a shiver pass through Sean. “If you keep doing that, I might not be able to contain myself.” He turned and took her mouth with his.

They both groaned with desire and need. Cassie reached the hem of Sean’s shirt and roved her hands over his chiseled abs and perfect chest, circling her fingers around his hard nipples. Sean thrust his tongue deeper into Cassie’s mouth and she obliged, opening up to him. He ran his hands through her waves, down her back, and around to her breasts that were being squeezed between them. He kneaded them through his hoodie, never being turned on so much before of touching her like this in his hoodie. His jeans started to become

Cassie pulled on his shirt to lift it over his head and Sean lifted his arms up to let her before dragging his hands underneath his jacket to grasp those glorious globes, noting she was braless. They resumed kissing and roaming their hands over each other, until Sean pushed Cassie back and yanked his hoodie off her.

“I want to see all of you,” he demanded in a stern voice.

She tugged on her jeans, pulling them down but leaving a pair of black lacy panties on. She didn’t wear a bra so she was naked save for her panties. Sean groaned at the sight of her, his breath coming faster and heavier.

“God, I have wanted you for so long.” He confessed before capturing her mouth with his once again. “You’re so beautiful, Cass, why have you waited so long?” He whispered in her ear before licking her earlobe, then taking it into his mouth.

Cassie moaned before she traced the outline of his tattoo. “I don’t know. I just never liked anyone I guess. That is, until I met you.” She glanced up at him and she could see the lust in his eyes.

Sean pushed himself up on his hands, hovering over her, curious about something. “Have you fantasized about me?”

Cassie’s hand halted and her breath caught while color clouded her cheeks. She remembered back to the sleepless nights and getting off to his face and all the wonderful things she hoped he would do. “Yes,” she said in a small voice. “A few times, maybe more.”

Sean smiled at her, clearly pleased that he was in her mind when she satisfied herself. “I’ve thought of you as well, but never could it get as real as it is right now.”

When Cassie pulled his head to hers, he fiddled with her breasts, circling the tiny nubs in between his fingers, first the left then the right. He left her mouth to replace his hands, smiling as she writhed beneath him and moaned while arching her back. Sean’s hand trailed down her belly and found the edge of her panties, lifting the edge slightly to reach into the warm, wet entrance. He first toyed with her curls, noticing she kept it trimmed well. Then he moved to her sensitive clit that was engorged with need. He circled his thumb and forefinger around her clit, making her moans louder and for her to grind her hips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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