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Her New Favorite Aunt

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Natalie came over to the beach house as soon as Spring Break hit. She was glad to be almost done with her senior year of college, and she was determined to make the most of that year. Getting a chance to work on her tan and reduce those pesky freckles was part of that plan. And who better to spend her time with than her Aunt Jane?

She found Jane waiting for her, sitting out on the front porch in the warm spring air. The ocean breeze ruffled her long cinnamon brown hair and kissed those smooth brown cheeks. Jane had never looked better, wearing a long white gown and sandals. She lifted her sunglasses as Natalie came up the walkway, backpack slung over her shoulder like she was still in first grade.

“Hey there, kitten!” Jane grinned. “Hope you’re hungry! Lunch is almost ready.”

Natalie ran up the last few steps and hugged her aunt. “Starving! What are we having?”

“Homemade pizza.” Jane winked and ruffled her niece’s hair. “And a salad, because your mother would never forgive me for letting you eat nothing but junk food the whole week!”

They laughed, and Natalie rested her cheek against Jane’s shoulder. It was broad, and Jane was taller than most women. In fact, she was different in quite a few ways.

She’d been raised a boy alongside Natalie’s dad, but for as long as Natalie had known, she’d gotten top surgery and hormones, making her into the prettiest woman in the whole family. It had nearly caused a rift between Natalie’s parents, though. Her dad hadn’t wanted to lose the brother he’d known his whole life, but Natalie’s mother insisted that Jane was happier this way. In the end, Jane had taken her brother out on a weekend fishing trip, and by the end, they’d patched things up. Natalie had been about four or five when that incident happened, but she remembered Jane scooping her into her lap and giving her a long cuddle on the couch.

Now in Malibu, she’d offered her house to Natalie for the week. Jane had finally gotten her recognition as an Olympic-level swimmer, and she loved to post glamour shots online about her swim routine on the beach. Natalie had given a “like” to every single photo her aunt posted.

But there’d been one photo she’d saved to her phone. Late at night, while her roommate Christie slept in her own bed, Natalie’s fingers had wandered below the waistband of her panties. She’d rubbed herself, staring deeply at her aunt’s smiling face, still wet from the ocean, and the way her bikini-clad body glistened in the early morning light. The way her contours revealed large breasts and a slight curve of a different organ below her waist—something she hadn’t gotten rid of with surgery, much to Natalie’s amazement.

She followed her aunt into the house, admiring all the displays of swim meet medals and award ceremony photos. It wasn’t lost on Natalie that there weren’t any photos of her aunt before her transition. She knew better than to ask, though.

After getting settled in the guest room, Natalie made an excuse to use the bathroom.

As soon as she ducked Bomonti Escort inside, she sat down on the toilet and yanked down her panties.

She whipped out her phone.

Scrolling to the photo she’d saved, Natalie let out a soft moan. The sight of Jane in her swimsuit, grinning and wet, was too much. Her fingers circled around her clit, teasing it until it stiffened, and she felt her lips slicken. Putting one finger in, Natalie bit down on her tongue as she swirled the tip around. She imagined it was Jane doing that to her. That it was Jane’s tongue. Jane’s finger. Jane’s solid girldick pushing its way into her…

It became too much. Natalie bit back a squeal with her free hand. She closed her eyes, wave after wave gushing through her.

She covered for it by flushing the toilet when she’d gotten herself dressed again.


Lunch came and went quickly. Jane led her niece out onto the back porch, which pointed toward the ocean. They enjoyed margaritas and chatted about college, life, and boys.

“Boys, ugh…” Natalie shook her head. “I just can’t even with them these days.”

Jane shot her a smirk. “Not a fan of what they’re packing?”

“Oh my God—”

“Kidding, honey! I promise!” Jane laughed and stirred one long finger idly around her drink. “I know, you’re young. You’re still figuring things out. Don’t worry. You have your whole twenties to see new people. Have new experiences…”

Sitting in the shade of her veranda, Jane looked so lovely to Natalie’s eyes. Silhouetted by the setting sea, with the distant cries of seagulls and crashing waves behind her, she could have been the subject of a beautiful painting. Natalie didn’t realize at first, but her hand had slipped down the front of her jeans, rubbing through to her little button. She stifled a moan with her drink, crossing her legs and hoping her aunt wouldn’t notice a thing.

They made it to dinner a few hours later, enjoying some Japanese takeout from down the street. Jane poured two glasses of white wine to go with their meal. She delighted in watching Natalie eat her fill, and complimented how well she’d kept off too many pounds while at college.

“After all,” Jane teased, “you wouldn’t want some guy or girl to miss out on your best body!”

Natalie blushed, which only made Jane laugh. She slipped her arm around the girl’s waist and tugged her seat closer around the kitchen table.

“Only kidding, love,” she whispered into Natalie’s ear. “You know that, right?”

Natalie’s face went red. She wanted to escape, but the weight of her aunt’s arm around her waist was too much. It didn’t help when Jane leaned even closer and kissed her just below her ear. She fought back a gasp—and a moan.

One little kiss, and she was already getting wet again.

“Um…” Natalie squirmed in her seat, squeezing her legs together. “I… have to use the bathroom.”

“Go ahead.” Another soft kiss, this time on Natalie’s cheek. “I’ll clean up here, okay?”

As Bostancı Escort she raced to the bathroom, Natalie was grateful that she really did have to pee. All that white wine and gyoza had gone right through her. But even as she used the toilet, she fought the urge to tease her hand along her pussy and imagine what her aunt could do to her. Oh, the things they’d do, if only they could…


It was time for bed a few hours later. Natalie wished Jane a good night and hurried to her room. She tried to sleep, but to no avail. Tossing and turning in the dark, she wanted to get off again, but she didn’t want to make a sound. To know that Jane could hear her muffled moan…

“Hey, honey,” a voice called out.

Natalie froze. With her hand down her panties, she winced.

Looking up, she saw Jane in her bedrobe, standing in the doorway. The lights were off, but Jane looked gorgeous in the moonlight coming through Natalie’s window.

She saw every curve through that silk robe. Her fingers twitched to pleasure herself again.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt, but I thought you were having a nightmare.” Jane smirked. “Guess it’s something else, huh?”

“Aunt Jane…” Natalie frowned. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t—”

“Shh.” Jane came over. She sat down on the bed next to Natalie, wrapping her arms around her. “It’s okay, baby. You’re okay.”

Natalie closed her eyes and rested against her aunt’s chest.

“You know, I get lonely, too.” Jane shrugged. “I don’t have dates anymore. Like, half the guys out here get weird when they find out I’m trans. I mean, some are nice about it, but there’s no second date, and forget about going to bed with me…”

“You’re beautiful,” Natalie blurted out.

Jane stared, her brow raised. “You think so?”

Natalie nodded.

When a smile came over Jane’s face, she leaned forward. Natalie could hear her breath quicken.

Their lips met in a quick kiss. Natalie blinked. Jane laughed and kissed her again.

But on the third kiss, her tongue slipped past Natalie’s lips.

Moaning, Natalie clutched onto her aunt’s athletic body. They tumbled back into bed, hands moving all about, teasing through hair and along bare skin. Jane fumbled with her robe, slipping it off in a hurry, while Natalie yanked off her sleep shirt and bra. When her nipples came free, Jane grinned. She slid forward, licking them one a time as slowly as she could. Her mouth suctioned onto each breast, and Natalie didn’t hold back the groan that came from deep within her throat.

As they stripped down to their underwear, Natalie caught Jane’s hesitation. She took off her own underwear, flinging them off the side of the bed. But Jane went slower, breathing heavily, as she untucked herself and slid her lacy bottoms off.

She had a full erection, but no testicles hanging underneath. Natalie admired the sheen of pre-cum on that throbbing organ, and she nearly drew closer to get a taste.

“Ohh…” Esenyurt Escort Jane’s eyes sparkled in the light. “You want to try this, sweetie? Be my guest.”

Natalie put her lips to the girldick. Slipping it all the way into her mouth, she closed her eyes and began to suck. Feeling her aunt thrust into her face was amazing. To have those long fingers curl into her hair, holding Natalie in place. She listened to Jane moan and whimper, and she loved the way she could make this woman feel so good. Payback for every late-night fantasy she’d ever run through her head, staring at that swimsuit photo…

They kept going until she felt a short twinge in her mouth. When Natalie opened her eyes, Jane was breathing hard and gripping her by the hair. She gently eased her niece off and gazed down at her slick, eager cock.

“I think,” she whispered, “we could try something.” Jane’s eyes gleamed in the dark. “You’re on birth control for your periods, right?”

Natalie nodded.

“Good. And I got tested recently, so we should be fine. Now…” Strong hands pushed Natalie by the shoulders down, as Jane’s smile widened. “Lie back, kitten. Let me love you a little deeper…”

Oh, God, Natalie thought, they were seriously going to do this. She grinned and locked her fingers with Jane’s as she felt the tip of her cock slide around her lips. Groaning, Natalie shut her eyes. She let out a gasp when Jane plunged into her, inch by inch, and she wrapped her legs around her aunt’s waist. To feel her inside her was amazing. A perfect fit, given all the play Natalie had done with her own sex toys at home.

Jane hungrily went for another kiss, pressing herself on top of Natalie. Their breasts squeezed together, even as Jane’s girldick drove in and out of her niece. Natalie squealed, kissing her aunt back and flexing her hips. She wanted to go so deep. Even if she couldn’t get pregnant, the thought of her aunt filling her womb made her toes curl in delight. Natalie pressed her mouth to the side of Jane’s neck, moaning into her bare, sweaty skin.

“That’s it, that’s it, baby girl…” Jane laughed, thrusting a little slower. “Ohh, such a good girl…!”

“Love you, I love you…” Natalie was lost in a wave of babbling, murmuring into her aunt’s neck. She closed her eyes and rode as long as she could.

When the end came, so did Natalie. She cried out, feeling a rush below the waist, as Jane’s cock twitched inside her. A sudden surge of cum came, warm and slippery, and Natalie laughed as her aunt filled her up. Some of her semen spilled out onto Natalie’s thighs, but she was so deliriously happy that she didn’t care. They collapsed back onto the bed in a sweaty tangle, kissing softly as Jane finished pumping away into Natalie.

Once her girldick had gone soft, she pulled out. A trail of cum ran along Natalie’s legs and sheets. She didn’t care one bit. Gasping for air, she rubbed the back of her hand along her forehead, wiping the sweat along her hairline.

“That…” Natalie giggled. “That was wonderful… th-thank you, Jane…”

“Shh.” Jane leaned in for a kiss on the forehead. “You’re welcome, honey. Now, go to sleep.” She winked, her cock throbbing against her niece’s leg as she shifted back under the covers with her, arms tight around Natalie’s waist. “We’ve got a whole week of this ahead of us, and I don’t want to miss a second of it…”

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