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Her Pink Quilted Coat

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Copyright Oggbashan March 2003 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

pink version 002 12 March 2003


The first time I saw Paula she was wearing that coat. It was impossible to miss. Apart from being such a bright baby pink that it shone like a lighthouse on a dark night, it covered her from the top of her head to her ankles. It was an in-your-face statement.

Paula was invisible inside it because I could only see her back. The hood was up. The heels of her boots were the only part uncovered. She was just entering Ralph’s front door as I was getting out of my car. By the time I joined the party Paula had taken her coat off and I had no idea that it belonged to her.

At that party I was still hurting from Julia’s decision to end our relationship. She had taken the offer of promotion and transfer to London and I was one of the items she wanted to leave behind when she started her new career. She made it seem so logical.

“London is so far away, and we would grow apart anyway. You cannot leave your business. I want to develop and grow.” she said.

It hurt. It hurt more when I found out that she had met another man on her management course. He was based in London and I felt that he was part of the reason for her move.

Ralph’s party was a good one but I just wasn’t in the right mood. I chatted to people, danced a few times, once with Paula, and left early. So I did not see Paula collect her coat. Unfortunately for me I had passed a few remarks about the coat to my friends. It had such an impact on me that I had been indiscreet in my comments especially as I had no idea who had worn the coat.

It was inevitable that I would meet Paula again soon. We had many friends in common and we lived in a small town. About ten days later I was feeling much more like normal when Paula bumped into me in the local supermarket. She hit me with her trolley while she was reaching for something from the top shelf.

She apologised and then said:

“Didn’t I see you at Ralph’s party?”

“Yes, Paula, you did. I’m Stuart. Do you remember?”

“Yes Stuart. We danced together once.”

After that we walked round the supermarket together just chatting. I studied her discreetly. She is taller than me with her heels on but without there would be little between us in height. She is a brunette with an acceptable figure but her most attractive feature is the way she looks at people. She seems interested in them and gives you her full attention. That can be devastating and I didn’t want to part from Paula.

“Do you like what you see, Stuart?”

That brought me up with a start. My discreet study hadn’t been so discreet after all. I risked everything on my response.

“Yes, Paula. You are well worth looking at. I would like to see you again.”

“If you ask nicely, you might,” she replied.

So I asked nicely. I invited her out for a meal and she accepted. Within days we were going everywhere together. We enjoyed each other’s company and started to have occasional sex together when we were both in the mood. We were still exploring our relationship when I met that pink coat again. It was a colder evening and we were going to see a film. Neither of us lived far from the town centre (nothing is far from the town centre) so I walked over to her flat. She emerged wearing that coat.

I was stunned. It didn’t seem to match what I knew about Paula. She was not an exhibitionist and that coat seemed totally out of character. I didn’t comment about it but Paula must have noticed something. Under the coat she was still wearing her work clothes, a flared calf length grey flannel skirt and a white V-necked T-shirt under a fitted jacket that matched the skirt. Both the skirt and jacket had black slithery linings. My hand found the lining under the jacket and she pushed my other hand up her skirt in the darkness. By the end of the film I knew the feel of those linings nearly as well as the soft skin inside them.

After the film we went back to her flat for coffee. She took that coat off and hung it up in the flat’s small hall. As we sat on the settee in each other’s arms she challenged me.

“What don’t you like about my coat, Stuart?”

“Your coat?” I spluttered.

“Yes. My pink quilted coat. What don’t you like about it? I’ve only just heard that you were quite rude about it.”

I had to answer.

“It seems so unlike you. It is so …”

“So what, Stuart?”

I could hear a mixture of amusement with a hint of danger.

“It can been seen from so far away and it hides the person inside completely. It just doesn’t seem like you.”

“Perhaps it is, perhaps it’s not. I wore it this evening so that I could get your version of what Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort you don’t like about it. It was a present from my sister. She thought I needed to be less self-effacing and more assertive. “

“Assertive?” I queried “That coat is not assertive, it is blatant. I doesn’t say “Here I am”. It is more like an air raid siren screaming.”

“So you don’t like it?”

“It isn’t that I don’t like it. It isn’t you.”

“Are you sure?”


“I think you are wrong, Stuart. It is a very nice coat and a useful one. You don’t appreciate it as you should and perhaps you are underestimating my assertiveness as well. I’ll get it and show you what I mean.”

Paula stood up, took our coffee cups and fetched the coat. She put it on leaving the front open.

“Now look at it carefully, Stuart. It has a two way zip.”

She fed the zip together and pulled one slider up.

“I can have the top or the bottom open as much as I like.”

She pulled the lower slider down to her knees.

“It has heavy duty press-studs.”

She closed the studs from breasts to knees.

“It is heavily quilted so it is warm and windproof. Come on, feel.”

I got up and put my arms round her. She was right. In that coat she seemed to invite a cuddle. She kissed me.

“The collar is padded and can be pulled up.”

She lifted the roll of collar. It covered her mouth and touched her nose. She lowered the collar again.

“The sleeves are adjustable to keep the wind out.”

I looked. The sleeve cuffs had drawstrings that could tighten. Then I noticed other drawstrings at the waist and at the lower hem. Why there? If the coat was zipped right down to her ankles I doubt that she could walk even without tightening the hem with a drawstring.

“The hood covers everything, and these …” she flicked two large pompoms at me “control how closely the hood fits. Oh, and it has other features as well but I think you have seen enough. It is a very practical Winter coat. I keep warm and dry and huggable in it. Do you think I’m huggable?”

The only answer was to hug her. The surface of the coat was soft to the touch and strokable. I stroked.

“So, what is wrong with it?” she finished.

“The colour. If it was less obvious it would be a great coat, if you will forgive the pun.”

“But I’m a girl. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed, Stuart.”

“I know you are a woman, and a very desirable one. The colour is more suitable for a small baby than an adult.”

“Perhaps sometimes I like being treated like a baby.”

“I don’t think so. You are an adult woman, Paula, and a talented one. Perhaps your sister was trying to emphasise that you are her younger sister?”

“That’s enough, Stuart. I like this coat. I think you should like it too. Why don’t you see what it is like? Once you are wearing it you will feel differently.”

She peeled off the coat and flung it on the settee.

“Well,” she said, “Are you going to put it on?”

“I might damage it,” I said. “I’m heavier built than you.”

“Not much heavier. You may be right. I wear less under it than you are wearing now. If you stripped …”

Paula smiled at me. I prepared to strip. Paula’s smile is difficult to resist.

“Not here,” she said, “You know the problem with the curtains. Through in the bedroom.”

She picked up the coat. I followed her. One of the few disadvantages of her flat is the lighting. It throws shadows on the blind and silhouettes us for the neighbours to see.

In her bedroom I stripped to my boxer shorts. She passed me her coat with a wicked smile on her face.

I fed my arms into its sleeves. She attached the two sliders to the zip and pulled the upper one upwards. Then she pulled the lower one down to my knees. She was right about the coat. It had a silky lining that caressed my skin. I was enjoying the sensation and didn’t notice what Paula was doing.

She pulled some matching mittens from a pocket and put them on my hands. They too were thickly quilted. The thumbs were separate but the other fingers were held in one pouch. She pushed the cuffs of the mittens inside the sleeves of the coat. While she distracted me with a lingering kiss her hands were busy doing things with the drawstrings on the sleeves. I didn’t know that she’d left me no way to get the mittens off.

As she finished her kiss she pulled the upper zip up to its limit. The bulky collar covered my mouth gagging me as she fixed its press studs. I began to realise what she was up to but she ignored my protests which were muffled by the coat’s collar.

She dropped to her knees pulling the lower slider down to my ankles. Then she closed all the press studs on the front of the coat before pushing me over on to the bed. I couldn’t resist because the coat held tight around my legs. I tried to cushion my fall with my arms but she had tied the sleeves’ drawstrings to belt loops at the sides of the coat’s waist.

She swung my legs up on the bed, tightening the lower drawstring around my ankles. I was as immobilised as if I was in a sealed sleeping bag.

Paula straddled me and leant forward, pressing the thick collar across my mouth. It was strongly scented of her.

“Now I can tell you what I intend to do,” she said. “I’ve made you into a cuddly pink teddy bear for a reason.”

I couldn’t reply. I wriggled as much as I could under her weight but my arms and upper body were pinioned by the coat. My bare knees slid uselessly against the silky lining. My ankles were lashed together.

“You see, you can’t do anything. You are my prisoner until I decide to let you out.” She paused.

“You said that this coat is an in-your-face statement and I’m not an in-your-face person, didn’t you?”

I still couldn’t answer but managed a slight nod. I had said something like that.

“I am going to prove you wrong. You are right about the coat, but wrong about me. Your face will feel the evidence.”

She pulled the collar off my mouth and her lips covered mine. Her tongue lashed around in my mouth like a striking snake. This was totally unlike the kisses I was used to from Paula. She was aggressive and controlling. She certainly had control of me. Bundled up in that coat I had no escape from her.

She kissed me hard for several minutes. Once she pinched my nostrils shut and only allowed me to breathe through her. This was mouth to mouth resuscitation with a difference. If she stopped breathing, so would I.

Paula lifted her face away and replaced the collar as my gag.

“Stay there, Stuart. I’ve only just started and I need to take my jacket off for the next part.”

She sat back on me and peeled off her jacket. Her breasts strained against her T-shirt. The nipples were erect and clearly visible through her bra. She looked down at them and smiled.

She dropped against my chest and wriggled up until my face was opposite the V in her T-shirt. She gently lowered her breasts either side of my head, pulling the collar down.

“Now, this is what I call “in-your-face”.”

She laughed as she flattened her body on me, forcing my mouth and nose into her cleavage. She held that position as I struggled for breath between her soft scented mounds.

She lifted herself up again.

“I don’t think you are getting the full impact of my assets.”

I started to speak. She gagged me with the padded collar.

“I didn’t say you could speak.”

I was astounded. This was totally unlike the Paula I had known until this evening. She was in charge and was making very sure that I knew it. While she held the collar in place she pulled her T-shirt off with her other hand, shaking her head to settle her hair as she tossed the T-shirt aside.

“I need two hands now.”

She pressed her breasts on me as she reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. That too she threw aside.

“You can have the full benefit of my breasts.”

Lowering the collar she pushed her left breast over my mouth and nose which sunk into her soft globe. She had smothered me again. I felt my face turning red from lack of air. She briefly let me gasp for air before repeating her breast smother with her right breast. She held her position until I felt that I was losing consciousness. I panted hard when she released me.

“Now, Stuart, I want you to make a real effort to please me. If you don’t …”

She wriggled her hands behind my neck, pulled the coat’s large padded hood up behind my head and down nearly over my eyes. She took one of the large pompoms and stuffed it deep into my gasping mouth. She pulled the collar up over it and yanked at the drawstrings of the hood.

The hood opening shrank until only my nose was free from its soft clinging embrace. I could not displace the pompom from my mouth because the hood had forced the padded collar hard against my lips, even harder than Paula’s hand had done.

I heard her faintly through the padding of the hood.

“If you don’t please me enough I will tie this hood tight and leave you to my coat’s embrace all night. You don’t want that, do you?”

I shook my head. She let the drawstrings go and eased the hood above my eyes. She looked down at me seriously.

“Good. I’m glad you understand me. Now I am going to show you what an in-your-face person I am and you must work hard to satisfy me.”

I didn’t know what she meant but I knew I had no choice. If she left me like this I would have a very unpleasant night.

Then she showed me what I had to do. She raised herself up, reached under her full skirt and wriggled out of her panties. She edged forwards on me, lifting her thick lined skirt and waist slip to show her brunette bush which was already glistening.

“This part of me wants your attention. Your undivided hard-working attention. I’m going to clear the way for you.”

She dropped her skirt while she pulled the hood back to the bed, lowered the zip, folded the padded collar under my chin and pulled the sodden pompom out of my mouth. She raised her skirt again and pushed her expectant bush over my mouth.

“Get working, Stuart. You have to SATISFY me.”

I extended my tongue. I worked my tongue harder than I ever had before. I felt Paula respond to my tongue’s probing. I played with her lower lips as if I was playing a solo musical instrument. Gradually I learned what aroused her, what didn’t, and how to keep her aroused.

I was tiring and swamped by her. Apart from being totally enclosed in the soft embrace of her coat which clung to me like a second skin, her bush had spread over my face as I probed deeper. She had wrapped her slip and lined skirt around my head. Her fingers cradled my swathed head and pulled me tightly to her. In self-preservation I had worked out a movement with my nose which gave me an opportunity to grab a breath while my nose stimulated her. Paula was so lost in a series of orgasms that she was not thinking that her prisoner might need to breathe from time to time. Her body continually shuddered above me and her juices trickled over my face.

How much longer could I continue? Her body’s demand seemed unending. I desperately needed to rest. My tongue felt as if it was becoming loose on its roots. My face was crushed under her and my head was squeezed tightly by her thighs. Her soft fingers now seemed to have become hard. Their grasp of my head was fierce. Even my nose was overwhelmed by her natural scent and the perfume from her skirt and that mummifying prison of her coat.

At last Paula had a final spasm of delight. I heard her yell “Yes!”. I swallowed some of the flood that washed over my face from her last orgasm. I rested my tongue and my body slumped exhausted under her.

She gently lifted her skirt off my head.

“Stuart?” she asked quietly.

“Leave me alone. I’m dead.” I replied.

“No. You are not. You have done what I asked. I didn’t think you could. You have actually satisfied me. I would never have believed it from your timid love-making up to now.”

Timid lovemaking! I had been gentle because I thought I was dealing with a diffident woman not a controlling man-eater.

I just smiled at her. Even that was an effort with my strained mouth.

“Now you just lie there.”

What else did she expect me to do? She was still sitting on my chest and I was tied into her coat as effectively as if she’d used yards of rope. I wasn’t going anywhere unless she wanted me to.

She moved down until her hips were over my legs. I heard the lower slider being pulled upwards. That didn’t give me any freedom. I was still tied at the ankles and wrists and the heavy press studs held the coat tightly around me.

She unpopped the press studs near my waist. Then she slid her smooth stocking sheathed legs inside the coat.

That brought me up to the surface wide awake.

“What!” I cried out.

“Sshh!” she hissed at me. “Just wait.”

Her legs spread out as she lowered her wet bush on to my limp tool. It was not limp for long. It knew what to do without any effort from my brain. Her furry lips closed over its growing head.

Her face came back. Her lips brushed over mine like a butterfly’s wing. Paula is the same height as I am. We can kiss when she has engulfed me and that is just what she was doing. Her bush had swallowed my erection and her muscles were pulsing to draw me to an orgasm. Could I? Was I too tired?

Then my brain started to work. It wasn’t just a small part of me that was engulfed by her. My whole body was tightly wrapped in her coat which was an extension of her. Paula seemed to sense the change. While she continued to kiss me gently her hands gathered up the pink hood and pressed it to the sides of my face.

As her tempo and my arousal continued to rise she wrapped the hood closer to my head until all I could see was her face close to mine. Now I was totally wrapped in Paula. That brought instant climax and release. Paula held her position for a long time afterwards.

She let the hood drop back to the bed.

“Now you know what an in-your-face person I really am. Do you think the coat suits me now?”

“Yes, Paula. You do things well together.”

“I’m glad you think so. You are going to have to give repeat performances – often.”

I had to. She made me. She even got her sister to buy her a matching coat in baby blue for a birthday present. I bought her one in silver. She rotates them so that I can either be her cuddly pink teddy bear, or her blue one, or her silver one.

My tongue is much stronger now from constant exercise. I know the inside of every skirt she owns. Paula wants to act out “in-your-face” whenever we come home from work or before we leave in the morning. Her panties are the last thing on, just before she goes out of the door, and the first thing off when she comes home. All my trousers have shiny knees from kissing her.

Her pink quilted coat changed my life for ever.


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