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Her Side

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Big Tits

I hate days that start with an argument and today had been one of those days.

Mike and I have been together for more years then I care to admit to and have lived together for the past four. When we first moved in together we made love every morning, evening before tea and then at bedtime. Then it was two out of the three. Then just at bedtime. Now, I’m a play station widow who gets two minutes at weekends if I’m lucky.

So, we did what most couples do in this situation. We argued about it. The argument didn’t start that way but that’s how it ended. You see Mike lost his mobile. On his mobile are some pictures of me. Some for public consumption and some not. It was the ones that weren’t for the public I was concerned about.

It’s one thing letting your partner take photos of you naked for his enjoyment when your not there. But, quite another for them to appear on the Internet or worse still passed around down the local pub.

Mike had promised faithfully that they were safe and he wouldn’t share them. I trusted him. He then went out on a lad’s night out and lost his phone. So this morning while nursing the hangover from hell he had told me that the phone was missing.

He couldn’t understand why I didn’t take his hangover into consideration when I told him what I thought. The argument went from there. Into the “You take me for granted.” territory and then onto the “you don’t love me as much as you used to.” Conversation stopper. Then onto the show stopping “You never want to make love to me anymore.”

It was at this point I stormed out of the house in tears and drove off like a maniac. At lunchtime I got a voicemail

“Don’t worry about the phone. I’ve blocked it. I’m going into town later to get a temporary replacement while the insurance sort mine out. I’ll text you with the number when I have it.”

No “Love you.” Or “I’m sorry.” Just that he was getting a replacement until his new one came through. I didn’t call him back. I’d just tell him what I thought of him when I got home tonight.

I went to lunch with my friends Donna and Mandy. They both agreed all men are pigs but defended my pig. They pointed out that he was quite a good one and that there were worse out there. When I told them about the pictures they laughed and asked if his phone was pin protected. I told them I didn’t know but as I thought about it during the afternoon I realised it was. I had tried to sneek a look in it the other day and got nowhere. I felt better. Maybe, I wouldn’t make his life hell after all. Just mildly uncomfortable.

As I drove home that evening I realised I had not heard from Mike. Sitting in the evening traffic jam I was feeling nostalgic. I was remembering the good old days. I was remembering his touch, his eyes, his mouth, his tongue. What my man could do with his tongue is enough to make a grown woman scream for mercy.

I was feeling aroused just by the memory. My thoughts carrying me off to another more private place. Then all of a sudden I was brought back into the traffic jam by my phone beeping.

“Hi beautiful”

Speak of the devil. I smiled. If he was saying this then this must mean that this morning was forgotten and he was trying to make it up to me. I thought for a moment before typing in my reply.

“Well, hello stranger. Nice to see you finally decided to talk to me.”

A middle kütahya escort of the road reply. Not conceding anything but not rejecting his overture either. He had a bit of work to do before I was prepared to forgive.

I waited to see if he would reply. Then my phone beeped.

“Why? Did you think that I wouldn’t?”

The cheek of it!! He was trying to play me at my own game. He was supposed to be creeping back into my good books. I’ll show him.

“I wasn’t sure.”

I shot back. Daring him to take the bait. When his reply did come in it knocked me for six. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“So, are you wearing a skirt or trousers?”

What on earth was going on!! It made no sense. Where had that come from? Did he not see me this morning? I know he was hung over but please. What was he playing at? He knew I was wearing a skirt. It’s his favourite one because I look so hot in it (or so he says). It has never failed to get him going. Until this morning that is.

“Why? Can’t you remember?” I teased

“Indulge me.” Came back the reply

“You should be so lucky!” I thought. Then I began to wonder. When we first got together and didn’t live in the same house we used to have late night text chats that got very steamy. Maybe I wasn’t the only one feeling nostalgic. So I relented.

“A skirt.”

I waited for his reply. Expecting something cheeky. Something about me just being in a skirt and nothing else and this causing traffic issues. So when I did open his reply I was confused.

“Turn left down Rose Street”

Not what I was expecting. Why did he want me to go down there? The park was down there but not much else. So I replied.


“Trust me!” came back in reply

Now I was getting suspicious. What was going on? I was approaching the turning running out of time and still none the wiser.

“You sure?”


Mike can be a man of many words when he wants to be and the lack of detail and his full answer was a perfect example. There was only one way I was getting to the bottom of this. So I turned left.

“Ok, I’m heading down Rose Street. What now. This had better be good.”

I texted. Maybe he had a surprise lined up for me. He could be quite romantic when he tried.

“Turn into Saunders car park. Park at the far end facing the park.”

Ok, so a romantic walk? A picnic? My mid was a whirl of confusion trying to work it out. I parked up and killed the engine.

“Why?” I asked hoping for an explanation

“Do as I say. No more questions. Don’t you trust me?”

The cheek. I was there wasn’t I? I had gone into the car park as he asked. I had followed his instructions. Now, I deserved to know why.

However, in the spirit of reconciliation I bit my tongue and just replied.

“Of course I do. I’m here. Where are you?”

“I’m nearby. I can see you.”

So now he was being enigmatic. Not good. He was up to something. I started to look around. I couldn’t see him but that didn’t mean anything. All of a sudden I felt nervous.

“I can’t see you. Where are you?”

A reasonable request I thought. Whatever he had planned I wanted to be able to see it so that I could decide how to handle it.

“Nearby. I want you to get out of your car and walk around it and then get back in.”

What!! malatya escort Had he lost his marbles? Why on earth did he want me to do that? So I asked.


“So, I can see all of you.”

Well, I was in his favourite skirt. So I guess it did make sense. I removed my seat belt and opened the door. I walked around the car as he asked and got back in.

“Thank you. Now, I want you to unbutton your shirt.”

Ok. It was one thing when we used to do it at night when I was in the privacy of my bedroom but in a car park? Then again there was no one around and what harm could it do? I looked around to make sure that we were alone. I couldn’t see anyone, even Mike. He must have found a great hiding spot. I unbuttoned my shirt.

“Now, I want you to get out of the car and walk round it and then get back in.”

Had we not just done this? Why was he playing with me? Could he not just make his mind up? I started to re button my shirt.

“Leave it unbuttoned.”

No way was I going out there with my shirt unbuttoned. What if someone came? So I told him.

“I’m not going outside like this.”

“Yes, you are. Because I said so!”

So now he was trying to be masterful. When I finally get my hands on him I’ll show him who the boss is. I opened the car door and then I thought struck me.

“I’m waiting.”

I stepped out of the car and held the shirt together with my hand and walked around it and got back in.

“Do it again. This time properly. Keep your hands by your sides.”

Worth a try I guess. Ok then if that was how he wanted it. I began planning my revenge for this. What would I extract from him for doing this?

As I walked round the car the wind caught the shirt and revealed my bra. It was just a plain white one. Nothing fancy. I’ve noticed at work that the amount of lace on my bra has a bearing on the work that I get out of the men on my team. I don’t know why? You can only see my bra under some of my shirts and I save them for month end. As we were mid month it was plain bra and highly productive workforce.

“Happy?” I asked

“Not yet. I want you to do it again. But this time loose the shirt totally.”

I gasped. The cheeky so and so!! I’ll show him. I slid my shirt off so as to tease him, wherever he was. No way was I going out there. Not like that. Then again I knew if he saw me in his favourite skirt and my bra he would have an immediate and very hard reaction. Still, I wasn’t going to make it easy.

“Fat chance buster.”

“So, why take it off then? You know that you’re going to do it.”

That man knew me to well. He had been the same the day he had taken the photos of me. Sure I was going to do it even though I kept saying no.

I looked around trying to see where he was. I knew he could see into the car so he must be near but where? I opened the car door. The wind caught me and caused my nipples to become erect. As I began to get out of the car I realised that I was feeling really aroused. I couldn’t resist so I started walking around the car in the manner I had seen the models on Fashion Television walk. I knew that would finish him off. Watching the scantily dressed models walk like this was the only reason he watched that channel.

I got back in the car and gave him a minute.

“So, do you approve?”

“Definitely. manisa escort Now, it’s time for your bra.”

Got him. I knew without even being able to see him I had hit the nail on the head. I just needed to push it a little further and he would run from his hiding place and he would be mine. And when I got hold of him I was going to tease him so much. I would take him to the point of cumming then let him go back from the brink at least a half dozen times before I gave him release. He was so going to regret this idea.

I took my time removing my bra. I covered my bare breasts with my hands. I stepped carefully out of the car and walked around it. When I got back there was a message waiting for me.

“You know what I’m going to say.”

Well yes I do. But I was in charge now. This was my tease. My knickers were becoming uncomfortable. I didn’t need to investigate. I was wet and ready for action. So just how much longer could my man hold out?

“Beg me and I might.” His reply surprised me. It wasn’t what I was expecting.

“You will do as I say.”

He was getting better at this restraint bit. I was expecting my last text to be enough to tip him over the edge. But no. Ok then time to bring the big guns out. Mike is a breast man and so I knew he couldn’t resist much longer. I got out of the car and walked around it as slowly as I dared.

Then when I got back into the car I had to know if I had struck gold.

“So do you want to get into my knickers?”

“Take them off and show me everything.”

Ok. Almost there. He was still trying to resist me. He wasn’t going to beat me though. I would get him out of his hiding place.

I slid forward in my seat. Reached behind me and unbuttoned my skirt. I slid it and my knickers off in one. While I was down there I couldn’t resist plunging two fingers into my wet pussy. It was heaven. I needed that. I was beginning to wonder if I would survive. I decided that he could make me cum with his tongue first. Then I would tease him. Then I would climb on to his pole and not stop until I was exhausted.

I opened the car door. As I got out the cold air ran across my already super sensitive pussy and I almost came on the spot. As I walked around the car I saw a glint in the bushes. Got him. I was so happy to have finally worked out where he was. I didn’t let on though. It was only when I got back into the car I realised what it was. He had taken a photo of me naked walking around the car. I sat there waiting for the phone to beep.

When it hadn’t for a couple of minutes I sat there wondering what was going on. I continued to let my fingers dip in and out of my pussy. As I came I decided what I was going to do. I got out of the car and started to walk toward where I had seen the glint. My body was crying out for his. I wanted him, I needed him, and I had to have him there and then. If anyone turned up then they would get a live sex show for free. I couldn’t wait. I wouldn’t wait.

I came parallel with the bush. I couldn’t see him. I walked around the other side. Nothing. He wasn’t there. He’d gone. He’d got me all turned on and ready and then deserted me. I had to hand it to him. He’d got me good.

What surprised me the most was the fact that this turn of events turned me on more. I didn’t think it was possible but it was. I ran back to the car and pulled my skirt and shirt back on as quickly as my shaking hands would allow. I had to get home.

I threw my bra and soaking knickers in the back of the car and started the engine. I took my time reversing. I didn’t want to crash. Then I drove home to confront my tormentor and to submit to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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