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Higher Education Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven : A Real ‘Sub’ Man

Jake was standing by the sofa when I entered and closed the door. Brody was standing about six feet into the room and staring directly at Jake, who was once again in his little purple g-string.

“Jake, this is Brody,” I said as I stepped up behind Brody and put my arm around his shoulder. Brody shuddered a little when he felt my arm around him. “Brody, this is Jake.”

“Hi yeah Brody.” Jake smiled and stepped forward extending his hand.

“Hi Jake.” Brody smiled back and shook Jake’s hands all the while staring at his body.

“So Jake,” I said as I walked around Brody. “Brody here wants to be my slave too. What do you think of that?” Brody blushed red, I think he was a little shocked that I would just come out and say it so nonchalantly.

“Whatever pleases my Master pleases me.” Jake said playing right along with me.

“Excellent,” I exclaimed and walked over to Jake and ran my hand down his chest and over his crotch, his cock beginning to harden in its little purple cage. “Getting a little excited are we?” I softly whispered in Jakes ear. His wide toothy smiled ran across his face.

“This is all natural,” I turned to Brody as I caressed Jakes chest and stomach. “Jake’s a Texas hairless.” I laughed. “No shaving required with his breed.”

“Really?” Brody muttered through gasping breaths, I could tell he was surprised to hear that as his eyes were transfixed on Jakes smooth body, and from the movement of the bulge in the front of his jeans, it excited him too.

“Yeah, really,” I confirmed and placing my hands on Jake’s shoulders, I slowly turned him around and caressed his back and exposed ass. “Not even a little peach fuzz.” I continued moving my hand down his leg. “Not even on his legs. He’s so silky smooth all over.” I continued as I turned Jake back around. “Except for this little thin patch of short pubes, and even they are soft and plush.”

From the way Brody was moaning and blushing, and from the steady throbbing of his cock through his jeans, I thought the poor guy might cum right there without even being touched.

“I sense that you like what you’re seeing?” I asked Brody as I walked over and stood beside him.

“Yes Master Toby.” He stammered between gasps of breath.

I saw a strange look form on Jakes face when Brody spoke. It was a look of bewilderment mixed with excitement. I could tell he was as surprised as I was about Brody’s willingness to become a slave to someone he just met. But then most anyone would have agreed to a lot of things if an almost naked Jake was standing in front of them acting as a potential prize.

“You learn quickly my slave,” I praised Brody and reached out and tugged on the sleeve of his t-shirt. “Now let’s see how well you can follow orders. Strip down to your underwear.” I commanded and stepped back to where I was between him and Jake, but off to the side.

Brody quickly pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it on the back of the chair to his right. He kicked off his sneakers and pushed them under the chair with his right foot. He undid the belt in his jeans and unsnapped the snap and pulled the zipper down. He pulled his jeans down as he lifted his left leg and pulled the pants off over his foot, then quickly moving to stand on his left foot, raised his right foot and pulled his jeans off completely and tossed them over his shirt on the chair.

“My socks to Master Toby?” He asked.

“Yes.” I commanded as I stepped behind him and picked up his pants and pulled the leather belt through the loops on his jeans. “I might be using this later.” I said as I folded the belt in half and held it in both hands and then snapped the belt. I don’t know who jumped higher when they heard the crack of the belts leather slapping unto itself, Brody or Jake. “Oh I have everyone’s attention now.” I laughed.

I circled Brody and stood off to his right in front of him. His body wasn’t bad. It wasn’t anything like Jakes sexy ass body, but still he was a handsomely cute fellow in his underwear. He stood about an inch taller than me, and I guessed about twenty pounds heavier. He wasn’t fat or overweight by any means; he just wasn’t toned like me or slender like Jake. I’m guessing he was a sports star in high school but since then he hadn’t done much as for working out or trying to stay in shape. His stomach was flat, but not defined like mine, his chest had a little definition and I saw his nipples were rock hard, just like his cock which was straining to be released from the confines of his dark blue fruit of the looms. I could see where with a little work he would have great abs and pecs. But he gave a wonderful contrast to Jakes body. His skin was pale, not a sun lover I thought, and his upper body was virtually hairless except for a growing treasure trail that was a little thicker than mine had been before Jake trimmed it down. His legs were covered in a thin layer of blondish hair with the majority of it sticking out around the leg holes of his underwear. Down his thighs the hair thinned out until just below the knees Bahçeşehir Escort where it got thicker and darker all the way down to his ankles. His ass stuck out nicely, a beautiful ‘bubble butt’ as they say, and it looked to be firm under his fruit of the looms. I reached out and squeezed his left butt cheek.

“Nice and firm, I like that.”

Brody shuddered and again I thought he was on the verge of having an orgasm when my hand touched his ass.

“You’re really excited aren’t you slave Brody?” I asked and rubbed his ass a little.

“Yes Master Toby.” He whimpered, his breathing had become labored.

“Well you better remove those undies so your Master can see what you’re packing before you cum in your shorts and spoil everyone’s fun.”

“Yes Master Toby,” Brody gasped. “But your slave promises to not spoil your fun even if I do cum to quickly Master Toby, your slave will be willing to perform either way.”

Brody pulled the front of his underwear out to unhook the waist band from his hard cock and pulled them down. He bent down and stepped out of them and tossed them to the chair with the rest of his clothes. His hard cock looked to be about seven inches long, but it curved a little to his left and also upwards, unlike mine and Jakes hard cocks which pointed directly out and were straight.

Brody now stood naked in front of me and Jake, two guys he delivered subs to just a few hours ago. I wondered if he had envisioned this when he woke up this morning, I know for sure I hadn’t.

“So Jake?” I asked walking over and putting my arm around Jake, the two of us stood eyeing Brody’s naked body up and down. “What do you think of my new slave?”

“He’s a tad hairy don’t you think?”

“Yes, I must agree,” I commented. “But I know a good barber who can take care of that later on. Isn’t that right Jake?”

“Yes Master.” Jake smiled at me.

I walked over to my dresser and retrieved a condom and walked back to Brody and handed it to him.

“Put this on,” I ordered. “You look like you might cum any second and I would hate to have to punish you severely for spilling your seed all over our floor or furniture.”

“Yes Master Toby.” Brody answered as he took the package and tore it open and placed the condom on the tip of his hard cock and rolled it down along the shaft until it rolled into his pubes.

“So slave Brody,” I began as I walked around his naked body. “Would you like me to tell Jake to take off his little purple undies?”

“Yes Master Toby.” He whimpered excitedly.

“Well then tell me this,” I snapped his leather belt in my hands. “How many times would you want you Master to slap your ass with your belt to get to be allowed to see what Jake has hidden in that little purple cloth?”

“I don’t know Master Toby.” Brody was literally shaking, his legs were unsteady and his hard cock was bouncing wildly.

“Well you need to tell your Master how many slaps on your ass it would be worth to gaze upon Jakes beautiful cock and balls, and trust me slave, they are so fucking beautiful. Other wise, your Master will decide on a ridiculous number like one hundred.” I snapped the belt again.

“Would five be enough Master?”

“What do you think Jake?” I asked looking at Jake, who was grinning from cheek to cheek.

I stepped in front of Brody and holding the belt in both hands, moved my hands closer together so that the belt formed a big oval with one part looping up over the top of his hard cock and the other half looping down under his cock, I placed the belt almost at the center of his seven inch cock. I slowly pulled my hands apart until the belt was about an inch above and below his cock. Without warning I quickly pulled my hands away from each other causing the two pieces of the belt to slap together with his hard cock in between them making a dull snap as they somewhat softly but firmly crack upon his cock. Brody almost doubled over and nearly fell to the floor; he sucked in his breath and moaned.

“Hmm,” Jake said rubbing his chin. “Maybe ten spanks on the ass and five more of those on his cock.”

“Oh god.” Brody whimpered, a couple of tears crept out of the corner of his eye.

“Sounds good to me Jake,” I turned and winked at Jake who was now grinning so much all you could see was his beautiful pearly whites encased in his dark skinned face. “Well slave Brody; it’s up to you now.”

“Yes Master Toby.”

“Is that a yes to the ten spanks on your ass and the five cock cracks?”

“Does he take it off before or after Master Toby?” He whimpered.

“I’ll order him to take it off first slave Brody, so you can see what you are being spanked for.” I half laughed.

“Then yes Master Toby, I agree.”

“You agree to the ten spanks on your bare ass and five cracks on your hard cock?” I asked to make sure he understood what was going to happen.

“Yes Master Toby.” He sighed as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

“Very well my slave,” I commended him before turning to Jake. “Well Jake, show him what Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan you have for him.”

Jake slowly reached down and untied the lace bow strings the kept the cloth bag tightened around his cock and balls. I watched as Brody’s eyes grew bigger as he stared down at Jakes crotch. Jake teasingly pulled the elastic strap down from around his waist and tugged at the cloth to free his genitals from their purple cloth prison. He let go of the cloth and let it fall to the floor and quickly kicked the g-string across the room and now stood there in all his naked glory. His hard five and a half inch cock was pointing straight out at Brody, who stood there with his mouth agape and sounded like he was panting. I walked over to Jake and rolled his balls in my hand and stroked his cock a couple of times.

“Isn’t he just the cutest?” I asked looking back to Brody.

“Oh yes Master Toby, oh god yes.” He whimpered.

I walked back over to Brody and raised the belt beside his face.

“So is it worth what you’re about to get.”

“Yes Master Toby,” Brody mumbled as he glanced at the belt and then back to Jakes cock. “Oh yes Master Toby.”

I raised the belt behind Brody and waited for a few seconds before bringing it down sharply across his bare ass. It made a loud crack as it struck flesh. Brody whimpered. I raised the belt again and brought it down across his ass, but this time with a more glancing blow, it cracked again and he shuddered and whined out a muffled ‘OW!’.

“Only eight more to go slave Brody,” I said as I moved in front of him. “Can you handle them?”

“Yes Master Toby.” He whimpered as a couple more tears rolled down his right cheek.

I held the belt in front of him and looped it around his cock. His cock kept twitching as he kept staring at Jakes nakedness in front of him. I pushed my hands together and then quickly pulled them apart making the belt snap loudly as it closed in on the center of his cock. He yelped and fell to one knee, panting wildly. After a few seconds he stood back up, his eyes filled with tears but still glued to Jakes cock. I looped the belt around his cock again, but this time holding it just over the head of his cock. I looked down and lined the belt up to that when I snapped it, it would land with half the leather on the head of his cock. I pushed my hands together and then pulled them quickly apart and snapped the belt around his hard cock. This time he yelped louder and fell to both knees. He stayed kneeling on the floor bent over for about fifteen seconds before standing back up. When he stood up I saw the reservoir tip of the condom filled with cum. I raised the belt and slapped his ass, as I did his cock pulsated and he began to orgasm fully, causing the end of the condom to swell up as he pumped his cum into the condom. I watched as the head of his cock was covered with his cum and it oozed down the inside of the condom.

“Oh my slave has cum so soon,” I sighed pretending to be disappointed. “And just when I was thinking about letting you suck that beautiful little hairless cock over there.” I said pointing to Jake.

“Master Toby,” Brody pleaded. “Your slave is willing to still suck your Jakes cock or yours my Master.”

“Well that impresses your master,” I praised Brody. “You are pleasing your master well my slave.”

I reached down and with one hand formed a ring with my thumb and forefinger and circled the base of Brody’s cock, I ran my hand down the still hard shaft, forcing his cum into the tip of the condom. I pulled the condom out from the head of his cock and pinched it off as I rolled the condom off his cock, making sure to capture all of his cum inside the condom. Once I had the condom off I told Brody to get on his knees, he did so quickly.

“Crawl on your knees slave and suck that beautiful cock you’ve been admiring.” I ordered. Brody quickly crawled over to Jake and raised his hands out to grip Jakes hips; I quickly brought the belt down across Brody’s ass, hard.

“No one said you could touch him,” I barked and slapped his ass again. “I said to suck his cock.”

“Yes Master Toby. I am sorry Master Toby.” Brody whimpered. He then leaned his head in and sucked Jakes hard cock into his mouth and proceeded to fuck his cock with his lips.

“Yeah slave Brody, suck that cock like a good little whore.” I yelled out and brought the belt down across his ass twice. “So how many spanks on your ass was that slave?”

“I don’t know Master Toby,” Brody released Jakes cock long enough to respond. “I am sorry but I lost count Master Toby.” He instantly sucked Jakes hard cock back into his mouth.

“Well then it’s back to zero my slave.”

Brody kept sucking Jake, bobbing his head up and down the length of his hard cock. After about three minutes of watching Brody suck on Jakes cock, I figured I should get in on the fun myself. I grabbed a fistful of Brody’s shoulder length blonde locks and pulled his mouth off of Jakes cock and lifted him up to a standing position.

“You seem to have a very Escort Bahçeşehir talented mouth my little slave,” I commented as I slowly rubbed my index finger around his lips. “I think your Master would like to experience your oral talents.”

“Yes Master Toby.” He replied, sucking my finger into his mouth.

“It looks like he’ll suck anything,” I turned to Jake and laughed. “So how was his mouth?”

“Awesome Master Toby,” Jake answered, I was surprised to hear him call me ‘Master’. “But not as nice as yours Master.”

“Would you like to see what your Master’s body looks like and suck your Master’s cock?” I asked Brody as I gently pulled his head back by his hair while he continued to suck my finger.

“Yes Master Toby he mumbled without releasing my finger from his mouth. I pulled my finger free from his mouth.

“Remove my clothes then slave.” I ordered Brody as I reached out and stroked Jakes hard cock.

Brody began by unbuttoning my shirt and gently pushing it back off my shoulders, he paused and looked up at me and asked, “May I kiss or lick your body as I strip you Master Toby?”

“Yes, slave, you may use your mouth or tongue anywhere on my body that you so wish my slave.” I replied.

Brody pushed my shirt back farther until it slipped down my arms, I pulled my right hand free from the sleeve and let the shirt fall down my left arm and encase my hand as I kept stroking Jakes cock with my left hand. Brody leaned in and kissed my nipples and then licked his tongue all over my chest and down my stomach to my belly button where he rolled his tongue around and darted it into my innie. He went back to kissing down my neatly trimmed, thanks to Jake, treasure trail. He was kissing my belly across the top of my pants as he worked his hands to undo and slowly pulled down my pants and underwear at the same time. When my pants and shorts were at my ankles I lifted one foot at a time and he pulled them off and I stood there naked in front of him. He gazed up to me and smiled as he then stared at my neatly trimmed cock.

“Barber Jake did my hair,” I laughed. “Later he will do yours.”

Brody nodded and lowered his mouth over my cock and started to suck me hard and deep. I handed the belt to Jake and nodded down to Brody. Jake took the belt and slapped it across Brody’s ass.

“Harder Jake.” I ordered.

Jake slapped Brody’s ass again, harder this time and Brody clinched his jaws around my cock when he felt the sting of the belt on his ass.

“Spank him again Jake, three times in a row this time.”

Jake brought the belt down across Brody’s ass three times, each time I could feel Brody’s body tighten up and his jaws would clinch down around my cock. He looked up at me as he sucked my cock and Jake spanked his ass with the belt, a tear rolled out of the corner of his eye.

“That’s enough.” I said and stepped back, having to forcibly pull my cock from the suctioning action of Brody’s mouth. Brody looked up at me with a sorrowful look. “Don’t worry my slave; you’ll be being feed again soon enough.” Brody smiled.

I walked over to Jake and led him by the hand to the sofa where I had him lay down on his back. I picked up the condom and squeezed out Brody’s cum unto Jakes hard cock; it coated the head and ran down the shaft.

“Lick your cum off Jakes cock you little cock sucking cum eating bitch.” I ordered Brody as I brought the belt down across his ass. Brody quickly bent down and stuck his tongue out and began to lick his own cum from off of Jakes hard cock. I kept spanking Brody’s ass with the belt until he had eaten all of his cum from Jakes cock. “That was a good cum eating bitch.”

I knelt down by Jake and whispered into Jakes ear, he nodded and smiled his big toothy smile. I got up and walked to the end of the sofa and lifted Jakes legs and spread them apart.

“Lick Jakes asshole slave,” I ordered and watched Brody kneel down behind Jakes and began darting his tongue into Jakes asshole. “Get it nice and wet for your Master.” After a couple of minutes I pushed Brody away from Jakes ass and stood between Jakes legs. “Now slave Brody, suck Jakes cock while I fuck his tiny tight ass.

Brody bent down and sucked Jakes hard cock into his mouth as I pressed my cock against Jakes asshole. I slide the tip of my cock into Jakes asshole as I watched Brody suck Jakes cock. I began to fuck Jakes asshole deep and fast.

“Make Jake cum before your Master cums in his ass.” I ordered Brody. Brody began sucking faster and harder. He was caressing Jakes chest and stomach and pinching his hard nipples and rubbing his legs and tickling his balls as he sucked hard and deep on Jakes cock. “You better hurry up; your Master is almost ready to cum.”

Brody was doing his best to make Jake cum, and just before I was ready to climax in Jakes asshole, he succeeded. Jakes cock exploded its cum into Brody’s mouth, it must have been a good load for Brody gagged a little but managed to keep sucking and swallow all of Jakes cum without letting any of it escape from his mouth. Just as Jake was ending his orgasm, I exploded into his asshole; I thrust my hard cock deep into Jakes ass and felt his anus milk my cock dry. I pulled my cum covered cock from Jakes asshole just as Brody raised his head from Jakes cock. I reached down and grabbed Brody by his golden locks and shoved my cock into his mouth.

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