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Hiking the Tamarac

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Backpacking doesn’t really strike one, at first glance, as a sensuous sport, but it is to me. I love walking, and to me, energy is life, and challenging my body in the wilderness is a sensual, consuming experience. The clean air of the country, the slightly sweet odor of decay in the woods on a warm afternoon, the stinging shock of a plunge into an icy stream or lake – these exhilarate the senses and leave me feeling wonderfully vigorous and alert. Another inseparable part of being in the wilderness, for me, is sexuality. I always get horny when I am in the wild. I think the wild brings out the primal instincts in me and the animal urges are even stronger than usual. I often find the need to stop and masturbate. I love the feeling of freedom as I strip naked in a clearing and Jack off right there in the open sunlight, letting my cum shoot out into the clear, fresh air.

It was while I was hiking near the Kekekabic Trail in the arrowhead of Minnesota that I met a girl aptly named for the huntress of the woods, and perfectly attuned to my own preoccupations.

I was four days out on a ten-day trip and hadn’t seen another hiker in forty-eight hours. I was off the Kekekabic now, on a trail called the Tamarac Trail, moving through country seldom used except by committed and serious wilderness-seekers. Therefore I was mildly surprised to find someone making for the same high pass I was heading for, but when a look through the binoculars revealed that it was a woman, I was intrigued.

She was an hour ahead of me and 300 feet higher, but even at that distance there was no mistaking her sex, and I could make out long blonde hair and strong legs pumping smoothly beneath tan shorts. But much more remarkable than a solitary female hiker in this remote area was that it looked very much as if she were hiking without anything on above the waist – except, of course, for the pack on her back. It seemed odd that she would risk meeting someone bare-breasted on the trail, but I suppose she might have time to slip on a shirt and avoid embarrassment if she saw another hiker approaching — and there was little chance of meeting anyone I this area anyway. She must be a bit of an exhibitionist, too. I like that.

I knew then that I’d like to meet her. I eagerly started up the trail, admittedly motivated by my sexual arousal. I soon lost sight of her and became absorbed in the climb through the thin fresh air.

My thoughts were never too far from this fascinating woman ahead of me, though – her bare glistening tits and that trim, wonderful body that I saw in the binoculars. I bet the sweat is running down between her breasts and maybe dripping off her nipples like milk for a baby. I wish I could lick the sweat from her body and suck on her nipples.

Two hours later I was over the pass, descending to Hatchet Lake, where I knew there was a beautiful campsite. I had completely lost track of my mysterious hiking companion, though I hadn’t stopped thinking abut her. On the contrary, I had reviewed several delicious fantasies regarding what she was like, how big and how tan her breasts were, and whether she felt the same erotic surge I felt when I pushed my body near its limits in this very isolated wilderness.

I saw her campfire smoke before I saw her; it was curling up from the only good campsite on the lake. Though I respect another hiker’s privacy, the overgrown trail that we were on went in that direction, so I could hardly avoid passing close by.

I was reluctant to barge in on her privacy, but too excited not to. I am not good at “the chase game” so I would be very matter of fact about our meeting. She had no idea that I was lusting after her like a teenager in a whorehouse.

Her cheerful “Hi there!” startled me and she quickly introduced herself as “EVE”. I hadn’t heard a voice in two days, and her feminine softness sounded incongruous to me among the twisted pines and huge boulders. I felt like I was in a dream.

She sounded nice, and seemed very pleasant. I wish I could drop to my knees and press my face to her crotch, but I knew I would have to keep up the proper decorum and be respectfully polite. There is no way anything was going to happen between us. If I gave the slightest hint that I was interested in her on a personal level, I was sure she’d get all uptight and nervous — maybe even mad. I wished girls had the same animal desires that we men do. That would make things so pleasant and easy. At this point we would just decide if we like each other. If we were compatible, we would just take off our clothes and make love. We could keep each other company on the hike and keep each other warm tonight in the same sleeping bag. But that is not the way things are in reality.

I said “HI”, and introduced myself as “KURT” and said, “I saw you hiking earlier on the other side of the pass….”

Eve interrupted, “I know”, and smiled…. “I saw you watching through your binoculars”, and nodded toward the glasses still Manisa Escort suspended on my chest….

So, she knew I was watching her! I just pretended that she was too far away for me to see that she wasn’t wearing a shirt. I just acted like everything was very normal.

She was now wearing a half T-shirt, which exposed her flat stomach and her trim waist. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her full breasts lifted the fabric away from her ribs, and her dark areolas shaded the thin, damp material. The nipples, though not fully erect, made enticing bumps at the end of the large swells in her T-shirt.

Her tits were even larger than I had hoped! She was so beautiful she made me ache for her. I wanted to fondle her breasts so bad I couldn’t concentrate. I felt like I was drugged. If only she knew how badly I wanted her and how wonderful a lover I would be for you. I know I would make her happy if she would just let me — and let me know what pleases her. I would do anything to please her.

I wanted to admit that I noticed through the binoculars that she had not been wearing a shirt. I thought to myself how I had been staring at her as if I hadn’t seen a woman in months and had developed a raging hard-on when I realized that she had no shirt on, but I managed to respond to her statement by ignoring it and saying, “It looks as if you’ve taken my favorite campsite!”

Eve said (still grinning), that she was sorry about that, and that I could find lots of places to pitch a tent on the other side of the lake. She could tell that my heart sank, and added that if I wanted to, she had no objection to my sharing this one with her.

Yeah, I knew I could find another site across the lake. That would have been the proper thing to do. That’s what I always did — the proper thing. I wished that someday I could figure out how to let a woman know that I was attracted to her and get things to work out so I didn’t have to always do the proper thing. Oh well! But wait! She said I could share this one! No. Yes! She did! Maybe she wanted something to happen between us. Maybe she wanted me like I wanted her! No, she was just being polite. Most girls would insist that I stay over on the other side, but this Eve was different. She was more self-confident. She seemed to know she was in charge and didn’t have to be afraid of me. Somehow she had already figured out that I would never hurt her or do anything she didn’t want. I wondered if she could tell even further, that I would do anything for her if only she would allow me to be close to her. She could see how anxious I was to talk to her. I hoped she didn’t notice that I could hardly keep my eyes from staring at her tits beneath that cut-off, and that my dick was getting so hard I could hardly stand up straight. I was sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. Was she trying to drive me crazy?)

I wanted to stay, and said so. Already my heart had climbed back into my throat. She was beautiful; about thirty-four, three years younger than me, superbly fit and well tanned, but there was also something electrically glamorous about her, and glamour is hard to come by in the wilderness. Even in those clunky boots and that ragged T-shirt, she looked like she had stepped out of the pages of a sexy fashion magazine.

She was going to let me stay there with her! I felt like jumping for joy and shouting, but I had to be cool. I couldn’t let her know how excited I was. Besides, she was probably just being practical. She was so wonderfully beautiful! She would never want anything intimate to do with me. She looked like a Golden Goddess! Her sexy body was driving me nuts! I wanted her so badly I wished I could taste her. I would lick her fantastic legs from her feet all the way up to her pussy. I bet her pussy was hot and fragrant after hiking all day — just the way I like it! I would love to give her whole body a sponge bath with my tongue. The pungent taste of her cunt would make me so hot I would probably cum just from licking her

Yet the outdoors was written all over her. Her hair blew about her gorgeous face, and she wore that glow of health only strenuous exercise in the open air can produce. Her legs were shapely and strong. She had hazel-green eyes, a sensuous mouth, and a wonderful curvaceous body. I longed to press my lips to hers, to touch her body and to feel her hands on my flesh.

I dismissed those thoughts as I shrugged off my pack and began unloading my gear. We talked about all the things hikers talk about – the trail, the weather, the hills…..

Both because my thoughts were driving me crazy and because I knew they would never really happen, I drove them away and got back to reality. We talked about normal stuff and she seemed like a very interesting person. We cooked together over the fire and ate cross-legged on the ground. It was a remarkable situation. In all the moving about, doing chores and cooking, it was as if our movements around the fire were choreographed, like Manisa Escort Bayan a well-rehearsed and intimate ballet. But she was so beautiful that I could not keep my mind on normal things.

The working together, cooking and eating together was very nice. It was a form of intimacy and it made me desirous of more. I had truly enjoyed the last couple of hours together. I wanted to finish the evening off by crawling into the sleeping bag together and making love. When we first met I wanted her sexually, like an animal. Now, I still wanted her that way, but I know now what automatically attracted me to her. I appreciated her knowledge and her skills. I respected her for being out here alone. I felt warm and tender towards her. Now, we would actually be “making Love”, not just having “Sex”.

Several times I touched Eve. Each time she smiled at me rather as if she were in possession of a happy secret, a secret she might share with me by and by. She smelled good, like a pine forest and she was totally unabashed at encountering a strange man fifty miles from nowhere. In fact, she almost seemed to regard our meeting as arranged, though nothing could have been further from the truth.

I took a few opportunities to tentatively touch her as we were moving around and working together. She didn’t seem to mind when I touched her. She Wasn’t afraid, that was for sure, but I couldn’t tell if she liked me to touch her, would rather I didn’t, didn’t care, or worse – didn’t even notice.

As the daylight faded and the cool of the evening crept in, we built up the fire and took off our boots and spread our sleeping bags to catch the warmth of the flames. As we spread our sleeping bags out, I longed to be able to zip them together and slide in together. Just the sight of the inside of her sleeping bag was arousing to me. It was sort of like seeing her used underwear. If she were to go away from the campsite at this moment I think I would bury my face in her bag and try to smell, and somehow capture, her scent and her essence. How it happened that she came to be in my arms, I don’t know, but I was suddenly kissing that wonderful mouth with a blood-hound excitement that surprised even me. Her body was strong and firm and her bare legs, warmed by the fire, felt smooth and strong against mine.

Did I do that without thinking? Was it all right? I guess it was; she was kissing me back! Or was I kissing her back? Oh, my! Her lips were delicious – so full and soft. Our tongues cautiously searched for the other. I felt her press into me. Her wonderful full breasts squished against my chest. I felt her heat. Her strong tan thighs pressed into mine. They were incredibly smooth and firm. I pushed my pelvis into her unconsciously. I wondered if you noticed that my cock was rock-hard. I wondered if this was heading where I thought it was — where I ached to go! A thought deep down in my subconscious was wondering if this was where you had been aching to go, too.)

After a moment, Eve disengaged and, in a single graceful movement, shucked off her tiny shirt. Like the rest of her, her breasts were magnificent — firm, succulent, large and inviting. Reaching out, I gently traced their soft curves with my hands and teased the large, hard nipples with my fingertips. As I touched her, she trembled and closed her eyes to savor my slow enjoyment of her breasts. We settled down onto her sleeping bag and despite our obvious desire for each other, there seemed to be no hurry for either of us. Our isolation, the stillness of the mountains, the warmth of the fire, all created a languor that kept our desires in gentle check.

Oh, my God, she was showing her gorgeous, full tits to me, offering them to me! I had to concentrate to keep my mouth from dropping open. Automatically, I reached out and tenderly fondled those wonderful melons. They were so soft and full and firm. I felt like I might cream my shorts! She was enjoying the attention I was giving to her tits, and this relaxed me a little and excited me terribly at the same time. I was dreamily fondling her breasts and feeling her heat. My senses were acute. I looked at the beautiful soft curves of her breasts. They hung down from their weight, but were firm, and stood out proudly. Her nipples were hard and large and begged for attention. I saw her pretty face, her large, dark eyes, her smooth cheeks, her pretty nose and soft chin. I smelled her sweet breath, her hair her body. I could smell her arousal. We were now lying on her sleeping bag. The air was fresh and cooling fast as the night enveloped us. I moved in closer as I felt the cool night air on my back in contrast to the wonderful warmth of Eve. The campfire flickered nearby. I could hear her breathing, which was deep and regular. I could hear the crickets, the crackling of the orange flames, the loons on Hatchet Lake and the many night sounds that come from the forest. She must have been reading my mind! To take away any doubt of where Escort Manisa we were going, Eve stood up, silhouetting herself against the twilight. She smiled down at me with that enigmatic smile I was beginning to find so exciting and tossed her hair over her shoulders. In a single fluid movement, she slipped her hiking shorts and panties over the flare of her hips and over her smooth thighs, kicking them to the side and revealing the trim splendor of her nudity.

She was not embarrassed; she was leading the way. She watched me with that erotic, sensual smile, never taking her eyes from mine as she stripped. She watched my obvious arousal with satisfaction and I could see the rush of power that moved through her. I was so turned on by her wonderful nakedness, her openness and her control, that I hardly know what to do. I just hoped I was not drooling! I knew my cock was.

In the clear air of the hilltop, with the first stars beginning to blink in the evening sky she was like a living statue, the Goddess of the Wilderness in glowing flesh. She was perfect. With her legs apart and her hands on her hips, she appeared content to let me look at her as long as it pleased me. Her only movement was to shift slightly, planting a bare foot on either side of my body and exposing a hint of her lovely pouting lips peeking from her bush. Her pose told me that she was mine to gaze upon as I wished.

“No, don’t move,” Eve said as I started to rise. “Let me, Kurt.”

Kneeling across my legs, she unfastened my belt and stripped off my shorts and underwear. As she pulled them down, my cock practically leapt up in her face Now I knew I was in heaven. I thought I had managed to control my mouth from gaping and drooling in my lust for her, but I couldn’t control my cock. As Eve’s wonderful warm hands released it from my shorts we both saw its slick, shiny wetness from the pre-cum that was dripping from the end. She didn’t mind; in fact she seemed happy and hungry for it. She kissed its head slowly and sensually. I saw my juice on her lips. I twitched uncontrollably when she flicked her tongue over the sensitive spot on the underside of my cockhead. As she pulled away, I could see my pre-cum shining on her lovely lips and a stringy strand kept her pretty lips and my throbbing cock connected as if they are straining to stay together.

She told me the big bulge she had been watching was more than she could stand. She said she wanted me from the first moment she laid eyes on me — that my dark eyes, strong build and tanned skin made her wet with desire. She said I had Dark eyes that she wanted to get lost in and a boyish, innocent, sensual type smile that crept easily across my lips. She said I looked to be about 5’11” and weigh about 200 lbs. and have a body that gets worked out on a regular basis, along with a nice tight ass that would be perfect for sinking my rod deep inside her. It was wonderful to know that she wanted me in the same intense, wanton, uninhibited, boundless, insatiable way that I wanted her!

Now, she went on, her most daring, erotic fantasy was about to come true. Now, she was the HUNTRESS instead of the HUNTED. Eve had always dreamed of meeting a man in the wilderness and taking him instead of him taking her. This was her chance and she wasn’t about to let it slip away or let it pass her by. She said she wanted me and desired me. She wanted to ride me like a Cowboy rides a Bucking Horse at the Rodeo. She wanted me to feel her hot throbbing Pussy slowly choking…. massaging…. gripping…. grasping … the head of my huge, erect, rock-hard, purple-headed rod. She wanted to savor every moment of my entering her hot and sticky Honey Pot.

I didn’t tell her that this was also my dream – to have her want me like I wanted her. To have her pursue me, because then I would know she wanted me and I would not have to worry about pushing too hard or too fast. Oh, her wonderful, fragrant Pussy! How beautiful! Her feeling this way and having these thoughts was unbelievably wonderful!

The moist whisper of her lips brought a groan to my throat. Again she smiled that enigmatic smile and slithered forward to gather herself above my hardness. I could feel the heat of her as she paused, relishing the moment. Without taking her eyes from mine she reached down and guided my erection to her wet, ready sex and slowly – – very slowly- – – sank down upon it.

I moaned, “Oh, this is heaven! Slide down my pole! Impale yourself on my cock. We will lose ourselves in our passion. I feel your hot cunt swallowing my cock.”

She was moving in a way to make the sensations the fullest for both of us. I relished the feel and watched hungrily as her breasts jiggled and swayed with her efforts. She was strong and her passion high. She was making love to my dick with her pussy. We were devouring each other with our eyes and our hands and our mouths and our unbridled passion. It was rapturous for both of us. As her moist pussy slid down onto my cock, I felt I was being engulfed by a pot of warm honey. Her eyes widened, startled at the penetration as she impaled herself inch by inch on my shaft. Her mouth opened in a sigh, a breathy moan as she lowered herself onto me, while triumph mingled with excitement in her face.

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