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His Favorite Treat

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He slid her pants off to discover the sexiest little thong she had ever worn. Her skin was perfect. He knelt down in front of her and kissed her abdomen. He reached around her and grabbed her ass with his hands. He continued to plant delicate, little kisses on her abdomen as his hands caresses her lower back and her cheeky, sexy ass. He slid his hands and wrists up her backside and grabbing the straps of her thongs as he moved. This stretched her underwear just enough to accentuate her pussy. He had to stop kissing her abdomen to glance at her sweet pussy. As sexy as she was wearing nothing but a tiny little thong, he just couldn’t tease himself any more. He had to take it off…and he did.

Sliding her thong down to the floor, he knew he would like what he saw, but he wasn’t expecting this. She always kept her hair neatly trimmed, but never ever had she shaved it all off. Well, never had just happened. He’d seen her pussy countless times, but not like this. Soft and bare, he couldn’t help but stare. His bursa escort favorite treat in the world was now even better. Blood rushed into his dick as he anticipated how wonderful this hairless pussy would taste.

Kneeling in front of her still, he face was mere inches from her bare pussy. He couldn’t wait make her squirm and moan. He knew that there were about a million things in the world which he couldn’t do, but he also know one thing that he was fairly good at. He knew how to kiss her pussy. And he couldn’t wait to do it now. Anticipating what he was about to do made him hornier than anything else ever could. His dick was rock hard and bulging out of his pants. But he didn’t care about his dick right now, he cared about her pussy. Leaning forward ever so slightly, he placed his first light kiss on her pussy.

As his lips pressed against her pussy, he heard a small little squeak escape her lips. She was excited too. Just as he was anticipating giving her an orgasm, she was anticipating having one. bursa escort bayan He kissed her again once more lightly, then leaned back and sat on the floor. She looked at him quizzically for a moment until he reached up and holding her hands guided her down to the floor as well. He was now sitting and she was kneeling in front of him. He lay down and pulled her towards him. He was now lying and she was kneeling, legs spread, one on each side of him, her pussy was floating just above his face.

He lifted his head and his open mouth met her wet pussy. The taste was sublime. She was delicious. His tongue extended and he licked her clitoris. AS he continued to massage her clitoris with his tongue, his lips slowly closed around it. Her clitoris was now entirely within his mouth. He sucked ever so gently as his tongue continued to lick. Her quite little squeaks turned into much louder moans. He licked and he sucked and her body moved and jerked. Every flick of his tongue brought her closer to orgasm. He escort bursa wanted to kiss her pussy forever, but he also wanted to give her an orgasm now. It was a battle in his mind and in his mouth.

He tried to slow down, but every lick brought her closer and closer to orgasm. She squirmed more, she moaned more. He could almost feel the excitement move into her pussy. Her pussy was getting warmer and wetter. His dick was getting harder as well. Just as he could start to feel his pre-orgasmic juices wetting his pants, he also felt her pre-orgasmic juices wetting his mouth. He wanted more. He wanted much more. He wanted her orgasm. He wanted to feel her orgasm. He wanted to taste her orgasm.

And so he did. He sucked and licked, and rubbed and massaged. Her clitoris grew and throbbed and her body shook. A scream escaped her lips as she and he both felt her orgasm flow through her body. He wanted it to continue and so he licked and kissed and suck more. Her orgasm wasn’t a moment, it was an event.

Some while later she collapsed to the floor with near exhaustion. After a few moments lying next to him, she looked him in the eye and said, “Wow! That was amazing…but this will be even more amazing.” And she unzipped his pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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