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Honey Suckle Heather

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This is an entry for 2019 Nude Day Contest. Naked or clothed, please vote! Thanks!

I have a confession to make. I’m perving on this woman at work and I don’t know how to stop. Let me explain.

I’m a guy who works for a major insurance company. Exciting, I know. I manage a commercial sales department of twelve. I’m thirty one, have a cozy office, am paid well, and have the respect of my subordinates. Our company is housed on the tenth, eleven and twelfth floors of an L shaped building. I’m on the twelfth floor and have a fantastic view of the city and tree top parks, and on a clear day, I can see the mountains to the east. We have a gym in the basement, a cheap cafeteria with good food, and day care. The whole deal is pretty sweet.

My biggest secret is that I have a crush on a co-worker named Heather Zahn. Heather is so sexy — a willowy woman in her late twenties with beautiful long legs and long strawberry blonde hair that bounces when she walks. She looks like a centerfold girl from an old Playboy magazine with milky skin and sly, come-fuck-me greenish-grey eyes. She wears dresses and heels most of the time but is very humble and unassuming about her good looks, though most guys gawk at her whenever she passes by. She’s an actuary. She calculates the risks of potential clients. I have need to e-mail her from time to time for her assessments so she knows me to be a professional colleague. We’ve exchanged pleasantries at company functions but nothing more.

This is how things get pervy. The way our building is configured, if I stand right at my floor to ceiling window and lean a little to the right, I can see the offices to my left. Heather works two floors below me and I can see directly into her in her office. The way her desk is situated, I can see her whole body when she sitting at her desk. When I take a break to stand or stretch, I look down to see her working on her computer or checking her phone, totally unaware someone is looking.

Now most of our office’s one hundred employees belong to the gym. Many, like myself, go there on our lunch hour. I run around the track and lift weights, and when I run, I check out Heather in one of the classes that take place in the space inside the track. I watch her do yoga or bouncing along in a Zumba class. Her ass in those leggings is nothing less than remarkable. I love it. Even when Heather became pregnant, she continued to go to the gym, keeping up with the others as her stomach grew larger. Then one day, she was gone. Maternity leave. Wanting more information about Heather, I went to my department’s gossip, Amber.

Standing at the copier, waiting to make a copy as Amber made multiple copies of double-sided contracts, I asked, “So Heather Zahn is away on maternity leave?”

“Yeah. She had a baby girl.”

“That’s nice. Is she married?”

“No and get this. The baby daddy is an airline pilot who she saw whenever he had a layover in town. When she told him she was pregnant, he announced he had another family, told her he didn’t want to be involved in the kid’s life, if she kept it, flew off, and got assigned to another route. Can you believe it? What a dog.”

Months later, around mid-morning, I was stretching at the window while looking out at my panoramic view. I looked down to see Heather in her office. She was sitting at her desk in front of her dual screen computer. Then she got up and walked out of view before returning to her desk. I assumed she closed her door because after she sat down, she proceeded to unbutton her soft blue blouse. She pulled out a small square device and set it on her desk. She hooked up what looked like airhorns to the machine. She turned on the machine before stripping off her blouse. She lowered her bra and I saw what I wanted to see for such a long time; her pale pink tipped swollen breasts. She attached the suction cups to her breasts and the pump began to draw out her cream colored milk. She relaxed in her executive chair as she pumped her watery milk into collection containers. I became instantly hard. I wanted to jack off so badly that I was tempted to close my door, lotion up my hand and jack my jizz all over the window.

Day after day, around 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., I’ve plastered myself at my window watching Heather pump. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to squeeze her breasts until milk squirted out. I want to spread her thighs and fuck her in her chair.

So I’m standing in the window one afternoon, watching her as she unbuttons the top buttons of her loose fitting summer dress, when she does the unexpected. After the pumps on her breasts had been pumping for a while, Heather started to masturbate. She pulled up her long dress and dug her hand into panties where her fingers delved into pussy. She spread her legs and rubbed away. Her eyes her closed. Her mouth was open. Her breasts were out and attached to a milking machine. The department was quiet so I closed my door before returning to the window. She was still rubbing her hidden clit. Her chest heaved from arousal. I took out my dick and joined her, spitting on my hand to stroke my now rock hard bornova escort shaft. I was hoping the window glare would conceal my activity if she dared to look up.

Her cheeks were flushed bright pink. Her body stiffened, as she rubbed herself quicker.

“Yeah, baby,” I muttered. “Cum for daddy. Cum for me.”

Her back arched.

I jumped at the knock at my door. My body slammed into my chair which rolled under my desk. I ran my hands through my hair.

“Yeah,” I answered.

Tina opened the door. “Sorry to disturb you but I need those SMO certifications.

They’re due today.”

I wanted to yell at her, ‘When my door is closed, I DON’T WANT TO BE DISTURBED, YOU STUPID BITCH!’

Instead, I said, “Yes, of course.”

“Did you have a chance to read and sign them?”

“Yeah,” I replied, pulling the file folder from a stack and handing it to her. “It all looks in order.”

“Thanks,” she said accepting the file and leaving my office. She turned and asked,

“Uh, you want your door open or closed?”

“Close it, please,” I said, picking up my phone’s receiver.

She did. I set the phone back in its cradle. Thoroughly frustrated from being cockblocked, my unfulfilled cock was still throbbing but was quickly going limp. I shoved it back in my pants and zipped up. I sat there for a while and cooled down. When I finally stood, I was drawn to the window where I looked down to see Heather’s empty chair. My shoulders slumped in disappointment and I returned to my chair, logged on to my computer, and proceeded to do some work.

I never miss Taco Tuesday in the cafeteria. Two great tacos for three dollars is a deal. I’m in line with my tray waiting for a fresh batch to come out of the kitchen when I hear a woman behind me softly say, “Hey, James.”

I turned to see Heather. She was wearing a black and white polka dot dress which she must’ve bought pre-pregnancy because her now ample cleavage was nearly spilling from the dress’ low cut V-neck. I was impressed that she didn’t have a post-pregnancy stomach pooch like my sister-in-law had after giving birth.

“Hi Heather. How are you? Had the baby I see.”

“Yes. A little girl. Ava Marie.”

“That’s nice.”

I ordered a combination plate, she had two tacos. We paid for our food, picked up the cutlery and sat together at an empty table.

I asked, “So are you coming to the retreat?”

“It’s mandatory, isn’t it?”


“Ugh! Team building. I can’t believe we have to do this.”

“The Windbridge Resort is nice. Shouldn’t be too bad.”

“You’ve been there before?”

“My brother got married there.”

We ate, talked about the weather and such, and she showed me some pictures of her precious baby girl. We spent an entire hour together before stacking our trays on the tray top waste receptacles.

“See you Saturday.”

She sarcastically replied, “I’ll be there with bells on.”

I was up at 6 a.m. for the two hour drive to the resort, arriving well before our ten o’clock start time. Three days ago, while working out in the gym, I asked my colleague,Spencer if he had a bunk mate for the retreat. He said no so we decided to bunk together. Spencer manages the call center and is as cool, easy-going guy. He was already in the room when I checked in. I settled my bag and flopped down on my bed to watch the sports segment on the local news. Then we had a good chuckle. When the news came back from commercial, the anchors jokingly announced that today, July 14th, is National Nude Day. There was footage of parade of nude bicyclists.

I joked, “Should we show up nude?”

Spencer laughed. “There are just some people I never want to see naked and this office is full of them.”

At 9:50, we, joined the other two hundred employees on the edge of the wilderness area behind the resort. An annoyingly perky woman set down a box before scrambling atop a tree stump with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Okay, everyone. Hi. My name is Courtney. For today’s exercises, we’ll be working in teams that made up from sales, accounting, client services, adjusters, and actuaries.”

“And corporate?” someone yelled out.

“They are monitoring your progress.”

Spencer leaned over and said, “Monitoring from the golf course or the bar.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Okay, when I call you name, assemble in your team.”

I waited and watched as people were called and coalesced into their teams.

“Team 5. Jameson Ellard, Tony Mejia, Terry Caselli, Kyle Frazer, Candace Jones, and Heather Zahn.”

Heather stepped up to join us. She looked ready for the outdoors in a cotton t-shirt under a plaid flannel shirt, jeans, and Doc Maarten boots. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail hanging from beneath a baseball cap. We went through the typically team building exercises: written games and trust falls. We ate lunch together as a team then it was off on a hike where it took a team efforts to traverse rugged terrains. When we made it back to the lodge, we had free bostanlı escort time to rest in our rooms or socialize at the bar. I, like most, went back to the room where Spencer and I drank beer while watching a game in our beds. When it was time to assemble for dinner, we showered and changed and reported to the resort’s main eating lodge. After dinner, we watched a promotional film and were told to report to a breakfast workshop at 9:00 a.m. Until then, we were on free time though they encouraged us to mingle. I, like many other, had drinks at the bar and talked with others mostly at my level; mid-level management types with lots to complain about. I was on my fourth beer when the lights were dimmed. Standing at the bar, I was looking up at the box scores on the sports channel when I heard a lovely voice call my name. I turned to see Heather. Dressed in a light blue denim shirt dress, she stood there with a silly grin on her face and a tall drink in her hand.

She asked, “So what did you get out of this week-end?”

“Not a thing.”

She giggled. “Me neither though the hike was nice.”


Never taking her eyes off me, she sipped from her straw. I drank my beer, glancing up at the scores.

“Hey,” she said.

“Yeah?” I said, giving her my full attention but trying not to look at her breasts.

“Maybe it’s the alcohol talking but I have a confession to make.”

“I don’t know, Heather. You might regret it in the morning. I mean, you’re pretty drunk.

“I know,” she gleefully replied. “It’s been such a loooooong time since I’ve been drunk…breastfeeding and all.”

“How many of those did you have?”

“Five. Still, I have something to say.”


She leaned towards me, holding my attention with those sexy slate green eyes and said, “I think you’re really cute.”

“Uh, thanks.”

“I want to fuck you soooo bad.”

I looked around. Thank God no one was in ear shot.

“Heather, look, I don’t want to get hung up with a sexual harassment claim.”

“You won’t.”

“You say that now, but in the morning-“

“You want me to write a freaking permission note? A contract?”

I said nothing though my brain was screaming, ‘YES!’

She grabbed a cocktail napkin and a pen from the bar’s service rail and began to write. When she finished, she handed it to me.

‘I, Heather Zahn, being of sane and sober mind and without coercion, hereby consent to sex with Jameson Ellard. I’ve wanted to have sex with him for a long time. I’m horny and willing and hereby consent to agreed upon sexual acts including, but not limited to, eating my box.’

I laughed.

‘Signed, Heather Zahn

July 14, 2019′

I pocketed the note.

My voice was a little too husky when I asked, “Where?”

“My room. The girl I was going to room with called in sick and cancelled. I have the room all to myself.”

“Okay. You go first. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

She gave me a wry smile. “Room 152.”

She left with a deliberate sway to her hips. I hung at the bar and drank my beer as a couple of coworkers came up to me to chat. When I finished my brew, I feigned a headache and left.

Horny as hell, I knocked on her door. She answered dressed in a pink velour track suit pressing what looked like a compress made from a hand towel to her left breast under her half zipped jacket.

In a hushed voice, she said, “Come in, come in.”

I quickly entered before she closed the door behind me.

I asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. My milk duct is blocked. They said it could happen if I miss pumping or my bra is too tight. It hurts so much. That was stupid of me to not bring the pump.”

“Did you forget it?”

“No. I planned on drinking this trip and would’ve had to throw the milk out anyways. I thought I could go a couple of days without it. Man, I was wrong.”

“You want me to leave?”

“No. Actually, could you do me favor? You might think this is gross but I want you to suck it.”


“I want you to suck my tit. Please, I’ve tried everything,” she said, removing the damp towel from her swollen tit. “Warm compresses, massage, squeezing. Nothing is working. Just suck me.”

Though I shook my head no, my dick twitched at the thought.

“Come on,” she pleaded. “Help me out. My milk is sweet like condensed milk. Please?”

“If you’re sure it’ll help you out.”

“Yes. Do it or I’ll be useless for the rest of the retreat.”

I sat on the bed. She sat on my knee, unzipped her track suit’s jacket and maneuvered her breasts my way.

I asked, “Are you sure?”

“Just do it. Don’t be a pussy.”

The objects of my desire were inches from my face. Beautiful, milky white boobs topped with pale, delicate pink nipples the size of the tip of my pinky. My lips latched onto her areola. I gently sucked but nothing came out.

“Harder,” she said. “I can take it.”

I didn’t want to hurt her but I did as I was told. The sight of her masturbating at her desk while buca escort pumping flooded my brain. I felt like a baby really wanting that milk and when I increased my sucking pressure, it spurted into my mouth.

“Ow,” she mewed, before uttering with a sigh of relief. “Oh yeah.”

At first, I reared back a little out shock and watched as the cream colored watery fluid arc from her nipple until it subsided into a dribble. But the taste in my mouth was like melted ice cream or sweetened almond milk. It didn’t repulse me at all. My mouth latched on again and I drunkenly sucked. Heather stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head as she began to squirm with arousal. I stuck my hand into her pants and eased it between her thighs. She spread them a bit for me to access her clit but she was a bit dry. I withdrew my hand and heavily licked my fingers before shoving them back into her jogger pants to juicy up her clit. I returned my mouth to her breast to suckle. The more I stroked her clit, the wetter she got. Her hands continued to stroke my head as she cooed and called me ‘a good boy’. After a few minutes she scooted off my knees to stand.

“Be right back.”

She walked into her bathroom to squeeze out milk. I watched the reflection from her bathroom rmirror. I was now rock hard. She had a relieved look on her face when she returned.

“That’s so much better. Thank you.”

I stood as she approached. She could see my hard-on straining in my pants.

Gazing into her eyes, I asked, “You still up for this?”


I unzipped her jacket and pushed it off her shoulders. Her boobs were like buoyant globes on her lithe frame. She said nothing as I playfully pushed her back onto the bed before reaching for her jogger’s waist band to roughly tug them down over her butt. Yanking them from her legs, I tossed them aside to look down upon her pretty pussy with a waxed strip of golden honey fuzz on her tight pussy lips. She propped herself up on her elbows looking oh so inviting.

She purred, “I’ve wanted you for such a long time.”

Fully clothed, I crawled between her legs and hitched the back of her knees upon my shoulders. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers bent to lick her, teasing her clit with my tongue. She began to squirm. She sighed and moaned as my tongue poked inside her and my nose dug into her lips. It wasn’t long before my mouth was full of pussy. I moved up and down, sucking on her clit, tonguing her hole flicking my tongue all in her pink. Her head whipped back and forth on the pillow as her hands furrowed into my hair.

She moaned, “Uhhh. Ohhh. Yeah. Oh yeah!. Ooooh! Ooooooh!,”

Her back arched as her thighs clenched my head. Her hands dug into the covers as she came. She shivered and shuddered but I kept on licking and sucking until she begged me to stop.

I got off the bed to whip off my clothes. She gazed at me, breathing hard as she propped up on her elbows. My erection sprung forward to luridly point at her. She smiled at it like bring it on. I crawled on top of her, easing her back onto the covers. She threw her arms around me, planting a huge open tongue kiss on my mouth.

My head was swimming.I’d never been so turned on in my life. I eased my shaft into her sopping wet hole and fucked her hard, watching her boobs bounce as she jounced with the bed. I stopped fucking her to lap at her sweet, sticky nipples before reentering her.

“James, oh James. Uhhh. Ohhh. Yeah,” she muttered as her knees brushed my thrusting hips.

I stopped to look down between us to see my dick buried deep inside the golden fuzz of her slit. This sent me over the edge. I started pumping her again, slamming myself into her with pent up lust. I ground into her, my chest rubbing against her breasts until we both became slippery with oozing milk. My balls tightened. I couldn’t hold back anymore. With one final deep thrust, I came…hard! My groan filled the room as my dick unleashed in uncontrollable spasms. Loads of jizz pumped into her as she wrapped her legs around me, resting the heels of her feet on my ass. I remained balls deep inside her for the longest time, reveling in the warm, gushy tightness of it all. When my dick stopped jerking, and I was completely spent, I collapsed onto my elbows, I became lost in those beautiful hazy eyes looking up at me. They made me smile. We both winced when I eased out of her and I fell on my back beside her. A bit chilled, she crawled beneath the sheets. I joined her. She snuggled her head onto my chest and I threw my arm around her to draw her closer. We looked at each other again and giggled like naughty school children. I felt so at ease with her as though she’d been my fuck buddy for years.

I said, “I have a confession as well. I can see your office from mine.”


I just left it at that. I didn’t want to admit to watching her pumping her breasts though I think she figured it out. Her hand wrapped around my sticky dick.

She looked up at me and asked, “Think we can do that again?”

“We can do it all night.”

Hours later, I awoke in her bed. With her back turned towards me, I watched as she breathing steadily as she slept. A grey morning light peeked through a crack in her black out drapes. I eased out of the bed and began to dress. I guess the motion of the bed rocking woke her because she looked over her shoulder to see me putting on my shoes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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