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Honeymoon Fun

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Management told us you were coming. You and your wife aren’t just on holiday. You’re on your honeymoon, so we have to take extra good care of you.

I watch as you check in. You’re both so in love. Her arms wrap around you every chance she gets. As you receive your room key and head for the elevator, you look at me and then turn to her. You’re too far from me but it’s obvious you’ve said something about me because she quickly looks at me and then back to you. Your smiles devious.

My coworkers and I serve you when you’re down in the bar or lounge. Even when I’m not serving you I notice your stares. When we lock eyes I can’t help but smile. Both of you always have a hint of lust in your eyes.

When it comes to room service it’s always who’s available. It’s either me or one of the two other girls. They’ve complained a few times that they’ve walked in on the two of you having sex. I have walked in on you too but it doesn’t bother me. You’ve implied that you two want me to join but due to the fact that I’m working, I decline.

Soon my manager tells me that you’ve asked specifically for me to serve you room service. You’ve left the door ajar for me. Neither of you are in the main part of the room when I walk in. Your voices muffled behind the bathroom door. As I setup your food I notice a note on the table with my name on it. I stick it in my pocket and finish setting up.

Once I’m in the elevator, I open it. It’s from her. She says she wants me to join you two tonight when my shift ends. As a gift to you she wants to have a threesome. You two have been talking about me since you first saw me and she thinks it’d be a nice surprise for you. I can already feel myself get wet as the elevator gets to the main floor. The time I walked in on you fucking was such a turn on. I couldn’t see much but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I tuck the note back into my pocket and go back to work.

It’s hard not to think about what could be in store for tonight. I serve you dinner and you give me that sexy devilish grin. She smiles at me and continues to act as if no plans have been made.

When my shift ends I go home and to get ready. I put on a green tank top and a white skirt before I head back to the hotel. I see the two of you eating dessert in the dining room so I go up to your room and settle on the couch to wait.

It’s not long before the door opens. You’re holding her hand and kissing her neck as you walk into the room. She’s wearing a yellow sundress, her nipples poke the material, and you’re in shorts and a t-shirt. She sees me first. A wide smile appears on her face.

“Hey baby,” she says.

“Yes,” your voice muffled in her neck.

“Look.” She lifts your head from her neck.

Your eyes widen. You stare at me and then at her. “Is this for real?”

I nod. She walks back to the door and puts the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign Gaziantep Yabancı Escort on the outside door knob. You walk over to me slowly, obviously still unsure that this is going to happen. You sit next to me and I rest my hand on your leg. She sits on the other side of you.

“For someone who confidently winks at me, smiles and had conversations with his wife about wanting to be with me, you seem shy now,” I say.

You chuckle and lean back against the couch. “I’m convinced I’m dreaming.”

“You’re not, I promise.”

“You sure you’re cool with this?” you ask her. She says yes. You ask me the same thing.

“I’m cool with it.”

I move my hand up and down your leg, careful not to move it too high just yet. I watch as the two of you kiss. A sweet, lingering kiss. Then you turn to me. Your hands cup my face. Lips soft against mine. My hand caresses your leg as your tongue slips into my mouth. Her hand guides mine up your thigh while her other unbuttons your shorts.

Our tongues play as she pushes my hand inside your shorts, beneath your boxers. She lets go of my hand to push down your shorts and boxers.

You kiss my neck and moan as my hand grips the base of your dick. I take my time. Stroke you from base to tip feeling you hardened with each stroke.

I pull my hand away and get down on the floor between your legs. I pull your shorts and boxers down the rest of the way and slide my hands up your thighs. She takes off her dress and then your shirt. You two kiss as I take your length in my hand again. I let spit drip from my mouth onto the head and rub it with my fingers.

You inhale. I lean down and lick around the head while I watch her kiss your chest. One of your hands grips her ass while the other squeezes her breast.

I shift on my knees trying to ignore the wetness between my legs. I suck lightly on the tip. Hearing you groan only increases my desire. I lower my mouth, feel you fill it. I suck as your hand reaches between her legs to play with her pussy. The sound of her wetness fills the room.

My hand rubs your balls as I suck more of you into my mouth. You lift your hips trying to get as much as possible into my mouth. Your fingers pump in and out of her making both of us moan.

“I want you to play with her,” she tells you.

She stands and helps me to my feet. She takes our hands and leads us to the bedroom. I sit up on the bed against the pillows. You climb up between my legs while she sits next to me. Her hands cup my breasts over my shirt before she starts to play with my nipples.

You grip the bottom of my skirt and push it up to reveal my panties. You kiss your way up my thighs as she takes off my shirt. Her hands caress my chest and stomach. Your lips get closer to my pussy.

Your fingers press against my panties. You feel how wet I am through the thin material. You kiss just above my panties. Lick the same spot then smile before you hook your fingers into the waistband. You inch them down as she takes one of my breasts into her mouth. You tug them down my legs and throw them to the floor. Her tongue swirls around my nipple. She bites. Pulls it with her teeth. Then leans over and starts to do the same to the other breast.

Your tongue slides up my slit. Tastes the wetness as you go. Flicks my clit then slides back down. You spread my legs and then open my pussy with a few fingers. You groan. Your tongue lingers. Barely licks. Barely touches. Makes me squirm. Her hand slides down my body. She rubs my clit and then I feel your tongue push into me. My hips buck. She kisses my neck. Bites. I close my eyes. Kisses up my neck. My cheek. Her lips against mine while she continues to rub my clit. I slip my tongue into her mouth. She starts to suck it while yours thrusts in and out of me.

I moan into her mouth as you increase your intensity. My hips buck harder. Her fingers rub faster. And then you both stop. I manage not to cum but tremble as you pull away.

You pull me to the edge of the bed, put my legs on your shoulders and tease my pussy with the head of your dick. Rub it against my wet folds and swollen clit.

You’re careful as you ease into me. Both of us groan as you push deeper.

She faces you and puts a leg on either side of my head. I reach up and grip her ass as she lowers her wet, plump pussy to my lips. I lick at her folds as she moves back and forth. Her sweet wetness drips on my tongue. I moan and grip her ass tighter as you thrust harder. Her juice drips down my chin and neck. My lips and tongue play with her clit. Lap and slurp as she grinds against me. I push a finger inside her and then another. Curl them. Push them deep.

You fuck me faster. Grow harder with each thrust. You cup my breasts and massage them. Push them together. Rub and pinch my nipples. Her fingers back on my pussy. She spreads it to allow you to sink deeper. My moans muffle between her lips. My eyes close as you both work to get yourselves off.

Her pussy tightens around my fingers. “Ahhh fuck yes!” She grinds. She only thinks about her pleasure for the moment. Lost in the feeling as my fingers twist in and out. My tongue laps at her clit as her wetness floods my lips. “Oh my God. Don’t stop. Please.” Her begging turns me on and I tighten around you.

“Cum on her baby,” you groan. You pull my legs from your shoulders and pull out. You spread them wide and then your tongue slips inside me.

In and out. Your tongue in my pussy and my fingers in hers. You push my legs down on the bed, gripping my inner thighs. I suck on her clit trying hard to only focus on her as your tongue drives into me.

She starts to shake. “Fuuuuck. Fuck. Fuuuck.” She clenches my fingers as her orgasm works through her. My fingers, lips and chin drenched in her wetness. She shudders. Breathes heavily. Slowly she moves off my face.

She gets on the floor and starts to suck you. You rub my clit and tongue fuck me. I prop myself on my elbows so I can watch. You pull your tongue out and push two fingers inside. Your thumb rubs my clit and I fall back on the bed. Eyes closed, I grip the bed sheets as your fingers play with my folds. You lick, suck, devour my pussy as I writhe through my orgasm.

Even as I come down from it you insist on licking me, making sure to clean up the mess I’ve made.

Then she pushes you onto the bed and I kneel between your legs. I lick up your shaft, suck the tip into my mouth and roll my tongue around. I squeeze your balls as I suck. You thrust, trying to get more of you into my mouth but she holds down your legs.

She kisses and licks your inner thigh. We look at each other as our mouths pleasure and tease you. You try to push my head down but I push your hand away. You groan and jerk, not satisfied that you are helpless.

“Please. Take more. Fuck.” Your hips grind.

I smile, shake my head and continue to lick. I move over so she can lick and suck your balls. You groan loudly. Her hand pushes on the back of my head. I open my mouth and let you fill it. Thick. Hard. Throbbing. I suck you in. Take as much of you as I can. Push my mouth up and down. My tongue swirls. Hear you moan. Hear your breath get shallow. Feel you start to thrust.

“Stay right there,” you say.

You push into my mouth. Make me take a considerable amount of you. You hold my head in place. Thrust in and out slowly. Spit and precum drip down your shaft and my chin. You try not to go too fast. Want to savor every second.

Our eyes lock. I moan as I feel her fingers playing with my pussy.

“Mmm baby she’s so wet,” she says.

“Finger her baby. Make her cum while I cum in her mouth.”

I groan as she pushes her fingers inside me. Your thrusts are still slow but a little harder now. Both of you fucking me in your own way. I close my eyes as she rubs my clit with her other hand. Your dick slides in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat each time.

I start to cum again. I try not to move too much as you pick up speed. I moan and then you twitch. Groan as you fill my mouth. I swallow as much as I can. The rest drips down your shaft and my chin. She licks the cum from my chin and then kisses me before she licks the rest from you.

We dress and go back out to the main area of your room.

“Did you two enjoy that?” I ask.

“Best wedding gift ever,” you say.

“I’m so glad you agreed,” she says. “We’ve been thinking about playing with you since the day we got here. It was better than I imagined. Did you have fun?”

I nod. “I kind of wish I didn’t work here so that I could keep this up all night.”

“We’ll have to think of something to get you back here before we leave.”

“I’d love that.”

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