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How Bad Do You Want It?

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Jace stood in a huff in front of the firing squad—err his boss in his office. Jace was lured off his path to the coffee machine into a closed-door session with Karl for the hundredth time talking about how sales were down and he needed to motivate his team better, blah, blah. Hearing the same speech he already memorized in lieu of his rendezvous with black with cream and sugar and the work he had to do made him want to snap.

Karl’s forehead crinkled and his eyelids narrowed with flaring nostrils. The gray at his temples showed his years of wisdom and his dented, jutted chin looked like it could knock someone over if his personality didn’t do it first.

“Your team’s sales have been working their way into the toilet over the past month. I’m sure you knew that but maybe you’ve been looking at the line graph upside down?” Karl said with his fingertip placing an emphasis on the sheet waving in the air by his opposite hand.

Jace cleared his throat. “I read the same statistics as you and I have a plan to increase…”

Karl interrupted, “Do I have to remind you the company is planning to make cuts? If they come around with their shears who do you think is going to get chopped first?”

“Sir, um, I’m aware but…”

Karl smacked the desk and its papers and launched himself from his chair into Jace’s aura. He seemed to have used too much Old Spice and Jace was straining to take in oxygen.

“Are you aware? You have two interns to evaluate. The higher ups said we only have the budget to hire one. What’s taking so long? You have one that has been challenging our top salespeople in sales since she walked in the door. On the other hand, you have another that has no concept of what being on time means, would rather use her phone to chat to friends instead of sales leads, and…”

She might be really great fuck!

“…and she has a lot of potential, sir!” Jace said trying to justify keeping Kendra around while he contemplated his decision on who to keep. “She has a great smile and can bring us more sales and new customers than anyone we have. With a little training, that is.”

Karl wagged his head in disgust. “It’s your decision on who we hire but keep in mind that your choice will determine whether or not you still have a job after next week.”

“Sir!” Jace shouted as a rush of fire ignited in him and Karl flinched away in shock. “I will make the best decision for the company! I don’t need to hear this four out of five mornings of the week!”

Karl returned to his seat in silence, picked up his phone, and said, “Okay. I’ll leave it up to you. I just want to make sure your priorities are in order. I’m only trying to help. Dismissed.”

As Karl started yammering on the phone, a sigh of relief washed over Jace as he left his office.

A few minutes later, Jace restarted his day the way he intended with the mug Kendra bought for him steaming with coffee as he lowered into the leather high back. He scooted close to his desk and settled in as his boss’s words bounced around his mind. A sniff of the steam rising from his beverage was refreshing as was his carefully taken sip. It was preferable to awaken that way instead of going 12 rounds with Karl.

Jace’s divorce left him with little more than lint in his pockets and the owner of a lonely heart. After flipping burgers and dunking fries for years, the sales firm he was working for gave him a chance and less than six months later, he was managing a team of his own. He could sell their natural body lotion to a tortoise. His pre-divorce bank account brought a grin to his lips and one of his interns comforted his desolate soul. Given a few months, he could repair the damage to his checkbook and restart his path back to Easy Street.

Everything was all peaches and cream. When Jace thought things couldn’t get better, Karl decided to bring in another intern to throw confusion into the mix. An intern that actually works. What to do now?

Kendra and her family grew up in the rundown part of a town in Saint Lucia. Abandoned buildings, trash and potholes in the streets, shady characters lining the sidewalks, that kind of neighborhood. Kendra’s parents worked dawn to dusk to clothe and feed her. Throughout their struggles, Kendra’s mother harped on her daughter to get educated as that was the key for her to escape her mediocre beginnings and create a fulfilling, prosperous life. Mother nudged her towards sales and marketing because of her glowing personality. She earned enough for Kendra, her sister, and her daughter to move to the U.S. in search for a better life. Despite university falling beneath being eye candy and reality television on Kendra’s list of priorities, she found a way to become the first in her family to graduate with a degree. If Jace could help Kendra become a slums to the suburbs story, how could he not help her?

Jace shoved the turmoil aside and opened the spreadsheet on his computer that showed the weekly sales totals for his team when a familiar trio of taps landed on canlı bahis his door followed by Kendra’s entrance. The sound of her signature knock swelled his loins to the point of aching and he took a breath as he attempted to pin his focus on the screen. Keeping things more business and less pleasure was going to be a challenge.

“Good morning, boss!” Kendra brought her usual glee and he could almost feel her full-toothed pearly white grin shining upon him. Her tone was so sweet and loaded with energy and excitement to be in his presence. “I’m happy to see you! I hope you slept well.”

Jace continued to click away with his mouse. As she approached, the scent of the tropics came with her. He didn’t know if it was her lotion or the perfume but he would gradually descend into intoxication the longer she lingered.

“Sleeping wasn’t the problem. It’s what happened after that was the issue.” Jace sensed her closing in on him and he channeled more effort into maintaining his managerial demeanor.

Jace heard a cup rest on his desk and something sit next to it. Some kind of pastry with a “bread fresh from the oven” smell.

“Maybe some orange juice and bagel with cream cheese will make your day better while you tell me about what happened.” Kendra’s tone lowered into one more adept for eight at night than the morning and Jace gulped. His breaths fled when she brushed the back of his hand with silk as it controlled the mouse. She made herself comfortable on his paperwork as her orange, yellow, and green dress crept above her knee to showcase sugar brown satin-like legs in Jace’s periphery. His manhood wanted to tear itself out of his dress slacks.

“Karl was pissed because my team’s sales are down and I bet you can guess why.”

“I’m sorry. It’s been a rough few weeks for me,” Kendra said in a pitiful puppy voice, “you know my sister has been sick lately and I’ve been working to take care of my niece because of that. I love them. I don’t want to let them down.”

Jace was by Kendra’s side when they stood over her sister’s hospital bed more than once in the three months she’s been interning. Growing up in the conditions they did, sometimes all they had was each other. Only if sympathy could replace making actual sales.

Jace spun in his seat towards her to make a point.

“Kendra, I understand that…’gasp’…” Jace became paralyzed and entranced upon his eyes making contact with something tantalizing sitting on his desk. “Oh, shit! They are…smoking.”

“Hehe, you think so?” Kendra touched her ear to her shoulder, giggled shyly, and flipped her shiny, raven hair. Her pink-lipped smile remained as she leered at him. Jace’s heart thundered and the intense power gathering in his nether region reached critical mass.

“No, I was talking about the bagels.”

“Whatever!” Kendra’s perfectly round breasts appeared to have burst free of the v-neck design of her dress and Jace was ready to fuck her like a feral beast. She gave her fabric a downward tug to reveal more of her twins.

Jace leaned towards Kendra and sterned his voice. “I need to be serious with you. What am I supposed to do when Candice has been bringing us new customers and selling more than most of the people here? How do I hire someone just because they’ve had a tough time?”

Kendra huffed and folded her arms across her mounds. “Hmph, you’ve seen what I can do.”

Jace made a scoffing chuckle. “I have. I’ve never seen anyone text or scroll through social media posts as fast as you. Only one day have you outperformed Candice and that was the time she went home sick. Many days you had no sales at all.”

Kendra intruded on Jace’s space and slapped the desk calendar. “I have something to offer Candice doesn’t!”

Jace stroked his mustache in admiration of her show of aggression/confidence. “I have no doubt of what you can do. When you’re on, you can compete with anyone, but Candice isn’t making my decision easy.”

A flash of rage washed over Kendra but in a second, she slithered across the maple wood and Jace’s breaths seized as the hammering in his chest persisted. She pulled his seat away from the desk, squatted, and rose upon him until her breasts were mashed into his face. Her tropical fruit aroma tantalized him and he lashed at her soft pillows. Her skin was sweet and Kendra giggled as he continued to glide his tongue through her cleavage. She locked her hands behind his neck and helped mash him into her tits. Though suffocating and hot, he reveled it. She withdrew and her fingers walked down his tie until they fell upon his belt buckle and then his bulge. As she massaged it, his thighs tightened and he was on the verge of bursting in his boxers. She approached his ear with her lips and spoke at a sensual whisper.

“I have skills Candice doesn’t have, baby…” Kendra flicked at his earlobe and clutched Jace with more pressure prompting an arched back. “Mmm, you’re so excited for me!”

“Let’s see if your skills are good enough to get you a job.”

Kendra bahis siteleri gave him a dirty squint, dropped to her knees, and fiddled with his belt to loosen it followed by his pants button. Jace watched in anxious anticipation as she unzipped him and searched around in his pants for his buried treasure. The instant her soft hands discovered it, he moaned and sucked in a sharp inhale. She brought his instrument of pleasure into view and toyed with it before making up and down strokes. Jace vibrated to the toes as she snatched his underwear at the waist and peeled them to his knees along with his slacks. He was standing at attention with his thick shaft’s vein about to pop. His soldier coming out to play was hot but one thing became a loud notion in his mind.

“Kendra…did you…lock the…” Jace attempted to speak but her creamy hand encircled him and jerked slowly but worked up to moving in a blur and Jace cried in elation. “Door…ahh, shit! Oh, God!”

Kendra’s strokes turned him into a rock and his head swelled into a big mushroom. She wound down her moves until her palm rested in his trimmed pubes. She opened her mouth atop his cock and her warm breaths had Jace shuddering. He tensed as Kendra lowered onto him, attached her lips near his base, and dragged them along his length back to his piss slit. She buried her tongue’s tip into the opening, sending tingles throughout him. She steadied him and went right into sucking him in a frenzied pace as her saliva lather washed over his cock. He crumpled Kendra’s tresses at the roots and a muffled groan resonated onto him but she resumed treating him like an ice cream cone. She licked one side of him, came up the other, filled her mouth again, and bobbed her head.

Jace’s eyes fluttered white as he looked at the ceiling. She fondled his daddy sac while hitting the gag reflex several times as she eased her sucking to an agonizingly slow rhythm. Jace’s knees were shaking and he could feel his shaft pumping. Before he completely faded away, a faint voice could be heard outside his office. His heart lodged into his throat and terror passed through his chest.

“Mmm…Kendra…we’re going to get busted!” Jace’s urge to cum began to subside to his dismay but she didn’t break stride in sucking and licking his erection. “I forgot…I have a meeting with…Candice…”

Kendra sneaked beneath the desk, pulled his chair flush to it, and maintained a constant groove of compressing her lips to him and playing with his balls.

A few knocks against the wood door brought some trepidation about whether or not to go along with the meeting but there was no other opportunity to discuss the day’s objectives.

“Mr. Appleton? It’s Candice. I’m here!”

“Give me a…mmm…second!” Jace strained as Kendra’s tongue brushed his manhood in long strides.

All of a sudden, the door began to creak. He snapped to an upright position and straightened his tie.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you…oh!” Candice halted her steps and widened her chocolate orbs. “Why are you sweating? You look like you’ve run a marathon.”

Jace snatched some tissues from the box nearby and wiped his sweat pellets away. “Yes, I always run a few miles before work! I went a little hard…harder today! Ohh…”

Candice raised a brow in suspicion but took her place in the seat opposite to him. “Okay, but your shirt is drenched. Maybe take it a little easier next time, sir.”

“You’re, um, absolutely right!” Jace tried to concentrate with the energy surges firing from his underworld. “Let’s get started.”

Candice set her purse on the floor and scooted closer until her knees bumped the front of the wood. Her enthusiasm and encouragement ignited the whole office and the competitions she sparked motivated her peers. She was like the dream hire. To not bring her on would have everyone questioning his mental acuity.

Candice carried a few more pounds than Kendra but much of it gathered in her assets. Her face had a cute amount of chubbiness. Like Jace, she lacked college education, but did more than enough to show she belonged there. Nothing could stand between her and what she desired. She was in and out of his office around the clock and also spoke to him on the phone about sales and how she could better herself. Whenever Jace would stray towards her personal life, she glimmered when mentioning how much she loved baking and selling cakes, pies, and cookies to raise money for schools and other causes. A taste of her homemade iced cinnamon rolls and he started singing like he was falling in love.

Candice’s focus captured the extra-large lotion bottle he brought from his drawer. “Are we selling those today?”

“This has a mild scent and can be used by either sex. It’s all natural and can clear your pores of dirt and grime. It’s also a moisturizer and keeps the skin from drying out. It’s better than our previous version of the product.” Jace explained while Kendra suckled hard on his balls. “Fuck…”

Candice raised bahis şirketleri a brow. “What was that?”

“Oh! I said the bottle is fourteen dollars.” Jace’s tension released when Candice’s expression returned to normal. “It’s really a…steal…ohh.”

“Great. What else do you have?” she asked.

From his drawer came a small container of facial cream. “This should be great for anyone with blemishes or warts. It also clears the skin and can make someone look much younger…mmm…”

“Are you okay?” Candice wouldn’t avert her gaze from him and Jace forced his face to appear stoic despite Kendra slathering his cock with drool and dipping her hot gullet onto him, lifting her head, and consuming more of him again. He teetered on the edge of the apex.

“Lovely! A little sore maybe…ahh shit…sorry.” Jace paused to sponge in the wondrous sensations generated by Kendra’s skills. “All of the products are out front. We rented some kiosks at the mall so you shouldn’t have any problems making some dough. Is there anything else?”

Jace crossed his fingers that the answer was no but she smiled and said, “I really love this job. I’ve waited my whole life for something like this. I enjoy the people I get to meet, my team, and especially you. You’ve taught me so much. Please consider me. I’ll do anything you want.”

Warmth filled Jace and it wasn’t just from Kendra sucking his cock. The pendulum within was involved in an intense tug-of-war between the interns and he hadn’t a clue where it would swing.

Kendra squeezed his manhood at the base and sped her hand’s jerking while she suckled his head and randomly flicked at his pee hole. Jace swiped some more tissues and masked his joyous cries behind them. As his legs tightened and the energy in his subterranean world reached its height, he moaned as he exploded streams of cum into Kendra’s mouth. She cleaned his head’s tip and he convulsed. The waves of delight flowing throughout rocketed him into the stratosphere. He separated an eyelid to spot more concern plastered on Candice’s face. He waved it off in a dismissive manner and removed the tissues after his descent from the high.

“I…mmm…apologize for that. I’ve been having stomach pains lately. Ohh…” Jace hoped more than anything ever that she bought his narrative.

“Um, alright. Do you need an antacid or Pepto?” Candice asked.

“No, I have something for it. Well, thank you, Candice. Everyone enjoys having you here and you’ve been kicking a lot of ass since you walked in the door. I can say we’re better for having you here. I haven’t made a decision yet but you’re doing a great job. Keep it up.”

Candice collected her purse and rose from her chair. “Kendra is nice to me but I think she’s more interested in her mirror or scrolling through gossip on her phone. That’s whenever she decides to show up.”

Kendra scoffed but not loud enough to draw Candice’s attention.

Jace said, “I’ve seen Kendra’s potential. She has been going through some personal things. Don’t judge her too harshly. I think she can do the job as well as anyone. For now, focus on what you have to do.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I should concentrate on what I’m doing. If I do that, I’ll be fine. Have a great day…” Candice exited the room.

Jace raced behind Candice, locked the door, and leaned against it with a relieving release of air. Kendra crawled out from her hiding place.

“Shit, Kendra! That was fucking good though we almost got caught. I can’t believe we did some shit like that…” Jace was stuffing his shirt back into his pants and dressing himself again when he noticed Kendra’s disposition shift judging by her glowing red face and bull-like snorting.

She pointed in the direction Candice took out of the room. “What I can’t believe is what she said! All I do is look at my mirror and gossip? Who does she think she is? I have spent more time on the phone when I should have been working but it’s because of my sister.”

Jace encroached on her personal space with his arms in a pretzel as he gazed upon her with ire. “Your sister is sick, I know, but we both know she’s not entirely wrong. You hadn’t been trying to do your best for whatever the reason. What are you going to do about what she said? Get bitter or get better.”

Kendra stared at him for a few excruciating seconds with flames in her eyes and pursed lips. She stamped towards the door, turned the knob to open it, but rotated towards Jace.

“I’ll show you who’s best and it won’t be her!” Kendra disappeared into the main area of the office with the door slamming in her wake.

Jace’s cheeks inflated as he believed to have lit the fire in her that he always knew existed. He needed to think with the correct head for everyone’s sake but doing it was easier said than done.

A few hours later, Jace was at the mall observing his two candidates and Kendra’s tenacity going after customers brought elation to him. She was throwing herself in front of the mallgoers and offering to squeeze samples of lotion in their palms while she spoke about their benefits. She ricocheted to other shoppers at the same time and before anyone knew it, she became the center of a crowd nodding and smiling at her presentation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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