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How I Became a Sissy Pt. 02

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I wake startled and suddenly remember where I am. I feel the weight of Abduls arm on my waist. I gently pick up his arm and lay it next to me. He rolls on to his back, now snoring. My asshole is sore and I have an incredible urge to empty.

I slip out the bed, look at the clock, it’s only 0530. I creep to the bathroom and close the door. I turn the light on, slowly lower my panties down to my ankles. I reach around and grip the butt plug. I gently tug on it to come out and I have to bite my lip, as I’m so sore.

It comes out and I place it next to the sink. I sit down on the toilet and I go to toilet. It feels such a relief. I reach around to wipe, but it hurts. I carry on, but squint with each wipe. Once finished I pull up my panties.

I wash my hands and wipe them clean. Completely forgetting the butt plug, I see there is a pink silk robe hanging on the back of the door. I take it and down, putting it on as I’m cold. It barely covers my butt, the same length as my nightie. I do it up, turn the light out and open the door.

I head downstairs, very quietly as not to wake Abdul. I put the kettle on and wonder how the hell I got here. I make myself a tea and drink it. I find it hard to sit, as my butt is so sore.

As I finish my drink, I notice it is now 0600. I boil the kettle again and make Abdul a coffee. I walk back upstairs. As I enter the room, I see that Abdul is stirring.

“Morning sir” I say, placing his coffee next to him and kneeling beside the bed.

While stretching he replies, “hmm, a good girl who is still here and makes me a coffee. You’re a keeper”. Winking at me and then reaching for his coffee.

“I don’t have my clothes sir”. I respond.

Laughing, “bollocks there are loads of clothes you can wear in there!” Pointing to the wardrobe where I got my nightie from last night.

He looks at the clock and jumps out of bed. “I’ve got a meeting at 0800 and I need to shower and shave”. He walks into the bathroom and then screams “Sammy, get in here now!”

I move as fast as I can on all 4s to the bathroom and as I enter I see Abdul stood there naked, holding tthe butt plug. “Who said you could take this out?! Have you emptied my seed from inside your boipussy?” Going red in the face and looking at me.

I forgot about that, I nod my head and keep my eyes lowered to the floor. “Im sorry sir. I had this incredible urge and couldn’t hold it in any longer.” I reply, very sombre.

“I didn’t give you permission to empty my seed or to remove this!” He screams as he throws the plug at me. It hits me on the top of the head and I give out a gentle yelp in pain.

Abdul grabs me by my hair and drags me in to the bedroom and throws me across his knee. He then proceeds to yank down my panties. I lay still, frozen with fear and then a great big smack and pain sores up from my ass. I cry out.

“Shut up bitch. You need to learn!” He shouts, as his massive hand comes down on my barecheeks again. The pain is immense and I start to cry. He ignores it and carries on. I count 15 smacks in total. The pain is searing through my buttocks and lower back. It’s not the smacks, it’s the pain I’m already suffering from last night’s fuck. He throws me on the floor and walks back to the bathroom. He mumbles something under his breath, but it is in a different language so I have no idea.

I lay there in pain. My panties on one ankle now. I hear the shower go on. “Sammy get in here!!”. I crawl on all 4s to the bathroom, my panties slipped off on to the bedroom floor. Abdul is just shaving his face in the mirror in the shower. The shower is massive and could probably fit about 5 people in there.

“Get undressed and get in here. I need cleaning.” He barks at me. I sit back on my heels and pull the red nightie over my head. I then slip my legs out and roll down my knee high socks. I go to remove my collar.

“That never comes off, remember?!” I hear from the shower. I nod and kneel outside the shower door. He pulls the door open and I go in, still on all 4s.

As I kneel in front of Abdul, I look up and see his heavy soft cock hanging there in front of my face.

“Wash my feet and legs, good girl.” He pulls a seat out of the wall and sits down. The shower spray hits me straight in the face. I lower my head and start picking up Abduls feet. Washing inbetween his toes and underneath. izmir escort I thoroughly wash both his feet, ensuring that I get all fluff and dirt out of his nails. I then wash up his legs. Rubbing shower gel into his furry legs. Cleaning up to his thighs and I look up while doing it. He smiles at me.

He stands up and puts the seat back. He stares at me, “in my house you obey everything. You understand Sammy?” I nod.

“Good girl. Move into the corner.” He commands. I move into the corner.

“Sit on your heels. Like a puppy.” I’m instructed. I do as I’m told.

“Im going to piss now. You’ll take it on your face and in your mouth. No fucking arguments or you will be punished again. You understand?”

“Yes sir” I respond, nodding my head at the same time.

He aims his big cock at me and pulls his head back a little. All of a sudden a hot stream sprays out of his slit straight on to my face. I automatically flinch backwards. “Don’t move you cunt!” He demands and carries on pissing on me.

Being humiliated like this, makes me so horny inside. So much so that I don’t even think about it and I open my mouth to taste it. Abdul aims it straight down my mouth and I taste his hot piss. It tastes ok, but I can’t stop myself.

“Fucking knew you were a slut. Sammy keep drinking all my piss down. You are a good girl.” He says laughing.

As he finishes I lean forward and suck the end. Abdul strokes my cheek. He steps out the shower and slides the door before him. “Clean up girl and don’t forget your cream.” As I look on the shelf there is the hair removal cream.

I use it and then wash it off again. I wash all over, including my hair and then condition it.

As I step out of the shower, I see two towels. One is medium sized and I wrap it around my chest, as this now feels natural. It covers my butt and tiny cock. The other is smaller and I wrap it around my hair. I then notice a pair of pink slip on slippers, with furry band on it. I slip them on and they fit perfectly.

Abdul walks in and I go to kneel. “Don’t worry about that, not in that outfit.”

I remain standing and walk out of the bathroom, I pad try my body and I’m leaning on the bench at the end of bed and I then feel his hands on my hips. He runs them up my body and pinch my nipples. Pulling me close to him.

“I’m off out to work. I’ll be home mid afternoon. A friend will be over later to help you out, treat them well.” He states, still tweaking my nipples and kissing my neck.

“I’ll eat out, so you eat what you can from here. Clean those sheets today, they smell like sex. You can get an outfit from in there.” Pointing to the smaller wardrobe. He twists me around, and I’m facing him. He leans into kiss me and I move towards him. I open my mouth and our mouths meet. His tongue dives in and explores my mouth. I place my arm around his neck and kiss him back.

He breaks off suddenly. “Damn girl. Im getting horny before work. Later I promise”, as he gropes my arse. It hurts, but i try not to show it.

He heads out and I head into the bathroom. I clean up and brush my hair. Leaving it out and down. I pick up my nightie and socks. Placing them in the laundry basket. I walk over to the wardrobe and open it up. There are so many clothes, all girls of course, but so many. I start flicking through the clothes hanging up and most are lingerie or night wear. I try the first draw at the bottom and that is underwear. I grab a white lacey pair of French knickers. I throw them on the bed and try the second draw. There are some jumpers and tops. I grab a grey jumper to wear and the last draw has leggings, jeans, shorts. I grab a pair of jeans. I put the knickers on and love the feel. I then pull the jeans on, so tight, but fit perfectly and I push my cock back. I slip the jumper on and it turns out is a belly top. I can’t be bothered to search for anything else and my stomach is flat and hair free, so fuck it!

I remember what Abdul said and I strip the bed. I take it all downstairs and find a washing machine and tumble dryer in the utility room just off from the kitchen. I put them all to wash and then make a drink. I never eat a lot, so grab a banana.

As I’m finishing the banana there is a knock at the door. I freeze, not sure what to do. There is a knock again and I start to walk down the alsancak escort hall to the door. I open the door ajar and look out. Stood there with her back to me is this women with long blonde hair and as I look down, her hair rolls on to black leather jacket, looking down and see she us wearing tight black jeans, with a lovely rounded ass. As I’m staring at her butt, she turns to face me. I move my eyes up her slim body, she is wearing a white, tight vest top and she has a lovely pair of breasts, Id say 34c. Not too big and not too small. I finally make eye contact and she smiles at me.

“Sammy?, I’m Evelyn. Abduls friend. He told me to come and help you out?” She said in a strong central European accent. I reckon Polish or Estonian. She has the most amazing blue eyes. I smile and stay behind the door, as I open it. She walks in and slips her 3 inch black heels off. I notice her toenails are painted red and admire them.

As I close the door, I turn to face her. “Hiya, Sorry I’m a little shy.” I say while staring at my feet.

“It’s ok sweetie. You aren’t the first boy I’ve helped change.” She leans in and kisses me on my cheek. I kiss her back. I notice her nails are shiny with white tips.

“You like my nails?” Evelyn asks as I let go of her hand.

“Yes, they are gorgeous. How do you do that?” I say, running my hands over the nails.

“Plenty of time for that sweetie. Let me see what I am working with.” Twirling her finger.

I spin around in front of her. Not sure what she is looking for.

“Very nice. Now follow me”. As she heads up stairs. I follow her up, but she goes into another room. I follow her around to a room and I walk into this room. It is smaller than the bedroom with a dressing table with a big mirror, lots of make up and perfumes. There is another two wardrobes and two chairs.

“Ok, now strip off and meet me in the bathroom next door Sammy”. Im told, as she removes her jacket and puts on an apron. I remove the clothes I’ve had on for less than an hour, then walk in to bathroom. Im quite casual about it now, being told to strip and go here and there.

She stands behind me and pushes me over the sink. She bends to examine my butt. She ohhs and ahhs, then applies some cream that is soothing. “Always apply aloe Vera after you’ve been fucked or spanked, it will help ease and heal.” She says as she massages my cheeks and ring. It feels good, my little cock goes hard.

“Now in the bath and on all 4s please” I’m told. As I get in, my little cock is hard and Evelyn strokes it. I quiver.

“No wonder you are the girl” Evelyn says. “Now I’m going to teach you how to clean inside, as Abdul likes his pussies sweet inside and out.” As she giggles about this, she brings down the shower hose, but it had a longer attachment on it and not a normal shower. She runs the water to get the temperature right.

Now positioned behind me Evelyn says “im going to slowly insert this into your asshole. You understand?”

“Ok, and I can do this on my own?” I reply.

“Oh yes baby.” As she runs her hand over my back and slips the head in my hole. I feel water feeling my belly up. It’s warm and nice. After a minute or so, she slowly removes it again.

“Now squat on your legs and let it rush out of you.” Evelyn instructs me, and I feel the contents flush out of me. “See baby, very easy. Now your turn.”

I do the same and it’s very easy. “Dry yourself and get wait here.” As Evelyn goes next door. She comes back with two boxes. Handing them both to me, “what do you prefer?”

I look, one is white hair dye and the other is strawberry blonde. I pick the strawberry blonde. Evelyn prepares me and dyes my hair. I sit on a towel around my waist, with hair changing colour. Evelyn asks me if I want a pedicure while my hair sets and I agree, asking for red nail varnish. She shows me how do to this myself in future. After she takes my hair out the foil and I’m a lovely strawberry blonde. I look even younger, with lighter hair, naturally curly and my smooth face. She shows me how to apply make up. I put on some mascara and my eye lashes look lovely. Blusher on my cheeks, eye liner and red lipstick.

“Now those nails.” As she sits in front of me. I put my hands out and she files them down. Once all down, she pulls something out of the draw.

“These buca escort are gels and we stick these on” says Evelyn. She starts applying the gel and then the nails with the white tips. I smile as they look great.

“Let them dry and I’ll tidy them up”. I sit there waiting for them to dry. Evelyn goes off and comes back with a couple of glasses of wine.

As she sips her wine, she tells me she has put the sheets in the tumble dryer. My nails dry and tidied them up for me. As she does I sip my wine, forgetting I’ve eaten a single bit of fruit.

“Well you look good enough for any man” Evelyn says as she gathers her stuff. I go and gather my pink silk robe on. I slip this on and follow Evelyn downstairs.

As she slips her heels on, she mentions to me that the room we used today is my prep room. Both wardrobes have more clothes for you. I thank her and I give her a kiss on the cheek. As I do, she grabs my ass and whispers in my ear “If he ever let’s you out to play, call me.” With that she turns around, opens the door and walks out.

I walk back into the kitchen, pour myself another wine and feel my inhibitions drop. I grab the sheets, take them up stairs and make the bed. I then walk into the new prep room. I open both wardrobes and see what there is.

Oh my god, there us loads. Some dressing up outfits like French maid, school girl, policewoman, nurse, nun and others. Then there were lovely summer dresses, body suits, tops, skirts and dresses. The draws have loads of stockings, corsets, panties, socks and more. Finally in the bottom of the wardrobes there is loads of shoes, boots and sandals. I flick through the dresses, picking them out holding them up against me and checking my look in the mirror. I go for a baby blue summer dress as it is early July and warm. It is tight and clings to my body. The bottom part goes out at my flips and floats. I pick my white French knickers up and slip them back on. I pick up some little blue heels and try them only, they are open toed and show off my new nails.

I walk downstairs and as I do Abdul walks in. I stop at the bottom of the stairs. He stops and stares at me. I walk over to him, even in my heels I’m still up just up to his chin. I smile at him and lean in for a kiss. I shove my tongue deep in his mouth and explore, pushing my body closer to him. He grabs my ass.

I take his hand and lead him into living room. I kneel in front of him and start undoing his jeans. I pull them down and his pants at the same time, his massive cock is already hard and bounces up hitting me on my face.

Abdul laughs and states ” You are a slut after all!” As with one hand I grab the base of his cock, my other cups his big balls and I start using my lips to roll back his foreskin. There is a smell of garlic and sweat drifting from his groin, turning me on. My tongue licking over his hole and then around his big head. My hand is jacking his cock, as I suck the head and the other is massaging his big balls. I then lick down his big balls to the base and take both his balls in my mouth. My tongue licking both of them and I feel his pubes being wetter down. Im stick jacking his cock, now with both hands.

Abdul grabs my hair and pulls me off his balls, he places me on his cock just as he explodes in my mouth. His thick salty load hitting the back of my throat, so quickly that some dribbles down my chin. I take a hand of his cock and wipe the cum off my chin.

As I swallow his hot cum, Abduls heavy breathing slows down and he places a hand on my head. “What brought this on?” He moans.

As he pulls his now flaccid cock out of mouth, I suck the cum off my fingers from my chin. Abdul slips his cock away and walks off to the toilet. I remain kneeling.

After a few minutes he comes back in laughing holding the almost empty bottle of wine. “This explains a lot” he smiles.

Passing it to me, “finish it”. I take it and swig the rest away. Hitting my head almost immediately. Abdul sits down.

“Show me your new look” he says. I stand and twirl, he moans appreciatively. I then show his my toe nails and new sexy nails. He laughs, as I don’t realise how feminine I’m being.

“remove your collar, I’ll be back in a minute.” Abdul says as he go upstairs. I wonder what I did wrong. He comes down with a cardigan to match my dress and a little handbag. Passing them to me.

I take them and Abdul is stood by the door. “come on, we are going out. We’re late as I didn’t expect that welcome home.”

Startled as I never thought I would go out like this, but with the booze in me I feel more confident. I walk over to Abdul and take his arm.

To be continued

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