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Hugs Pt. 03

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September 2017

I wasn’t filled with the apprehension and fear that had gripped me the other day on the way over to Rose’s house. Today anticipation was the dominant emotion along with arousal. I could hardly wait to get my hands on her and my tongue inside of her. I had never met anyone who enjoyed oral as much as I did plus she didn’t seem to mind if my tongue went a bit too low or too close to her back channel. I might push that a bit today and see how far she’ll allow me to go. Rose is one special woman. Just thinking of the other day, all we did was oral. For most people it’s nothing but cock inside pussy as fast as you can get it there and finish as fast as possible. With us it was tease, relax, taste, relax, lick, relax, then lick some more, until finally when the fucking part did start in earnest, it was with our mouths and tongues. I did enjoy tongue fucking her.

My cock pushed hard against my pants when I knocked on her door. Rose opened the door and stood there in the doorway with one hand leaning high on the door jam and her hip thrust out towards the other side and her other hand on it. This is a very sexy pose. My mouth hung open looking at erotic picture she generated. She wore next to nothing, but it was something. It was like before not quite shear, but almost. It was also very short and a wrap-around sort of thing, like a bathrobe with a single tie, but this would do nothing to dry her after a shower.

“You like?” she asked turning around so that I could see exactly how short this was. It only covered half of her ass and I felt ready to burst out of my pants.

She looked back at me, then down at my groin. “I guess you do, don’t you? I have one for you too and you need to change before you hurt yourself.

I followed her inside and started to remove my clothes. Once I was naked, she just stood and stared at me while holding another gray colored wrap that was as see through and short as what she wore. “You know,” she said, “they say that total nudity gets boring after a while and wearing just a little something is more erotic? Seeing you right now, I’m not sure that’s true.” She smiled then handed me the robe, before adding, “We will be naked soon.”

I put on the flimsy wrap-around then reached for her and our hello hug. Like what has become our normal hug position her arms went high giving me plenty of access to her breasts and without hesitation, I swallowed them with my hands, squeezing them and pushing them together making her nipples show themselves more. I leaned down and used my nose to push aside the thin material and grabbed one nipple with my teeth, I flicked her hardened tip with my tongue until she sighed. I released her and she held me tight. Wrapping my hands around her, I was drawn to her ass. I gripped both cheeks and squeezed. I massaged her ass opening and closing her ass crack. My cock pushed into her stomach hard and my hands moved closer to her crack until my fingers caressed her anus with each squeeze. We stayed like this for a while and she wiggled her breasts now naked on my chest.

My fantasy on the way over of playing with her ass was starting out very well. canlı bahis I knew I wanted to go much further and I moved one finger to just on her anus pushing against it as we moved together. I then took a huge gamble and stuck the tip of my finger into her ass. The wiggle she is so fond of using with her breast now also applied to her ass as she thrust her ass from side to side then back against my probing finger, she rotated her ass, as if dancing, on my finger. I hope she does that when I have my tongue inside her ass.

We parted breathlessly and she went to get us something to drink. I went to sit down in the living room.

Rose returned from the kitchen holding two drinks. She stood slightly in front of me and turned her back. She then bent forward to set her drink down on the coaster. I loved the view but did nothing to indicate that. I still wasn’t sure if she liked this new aspect that my mind would not abandon. She then turned around and leaned forward to set my drink down exposing her bare breasts to me, they were hypnotic, so much so I barely heard what she said.

“Front or back?”

Broken from my stupor I responded, “What?”

She laughed and leaned forward again pulling her robe more open displaying her naked breasts “Front?” she then turned around and bent over showing off her luscious bare ass, “Or back?”

“I like both.” I responded.

Smiling, she replied. “I gathered that, but do you have a preference? I mean one is almost common viewing almost everywhere and the other isn’t.”

“I think all I have to do is go down to the beach and see plenty of girls wearing thong bikinis. “

Rose turned around again. Spread her legs a bit, bent over and reached behind her to spread her ass cheeks. “Like this?”

“I like that a lot.” I replied.

“I’m glad,” she said turning around, “after this morning I thought you might. I wasn’t certain the last time we were together and didn’t want to push you too hard too fast.”

“What about last time made you think I liked playing with your ass? Was it how I described my oral fantasies?”

“Well, that and when I sat on your face in the bedroom and asked you if you wanted me to turn around. You said yes and when I positioned my ass right over your tongue you didn’t hesitate at all. I wanted to go further, but I wasn’t sure if I was reading your response correctly and didn’t want to make you run away.”

“You know, I felt the same way and wanted to make sure I went really slow. You seemed to respond with enthusiasm every time I went near your ass, so I pushed just a but further.”

“I loved your finger in my ass this morning. Feel free to explore all you want. I may explore you too if you like.” She blushed a bit as she said this.

“That sounds good. What other fantasies are we going to talk about before we start probing each other?” I asked.

It turned out that neither of us had ever done anything like this before with anyone. The ass play was strictly a fantasy based on some of the stories we had read. We each had held this fantasy for several years and had many pleasant evening thinking about what could happen. bahis siteleri

Rose also shared that she had heard of a spot somewhere inside her vagina where if touched can drive a woman wild. I told her that I had read about that spot and what it was. It is called the g-spot and is a rough patch of skin inside the vagina on the front wall about two inches up. It’s too far to reach with my tongue and from what I understood very difficult to find, but like Rose said the g-spot when stimulated give a woman the most intense orgasm she will ever have. It is said to be the backside of the clitoris.

“We can try to find it if you like. Would you like to sit on the couch with me and I can finger you while we talk? That might be fun.” I asked

Rose almost ran to get a towel and lay it over the couch; she then sat down and spread her legs. I sat next to her and slipped my finger inside her already wet channel and started to explore.

“I see you’re already wet, I thought I might have to lick you first to get you ready.” I joked.

“Later,” she said. “You can lick me anywhere you like and for as long as you like.”

“Even from the back?” I asked.

She seemed to get much wetter on my hand when I asked that.

“Definitely,” she responded. “I’m counting on that.”

We continued talking about fantasies as I fingered her looking for that elusive spot. I wasn’t thrusting and I was avoiding her clitoris. She seemed to stay wet based on our conversation alone. She started to slowly stroke me too and I think we both felt the slow building of arousal. It was as if we each wanted to see just how far we could go before we called a halt to this.

Turns out we lasted much longer than either of us expected. We were aroused, but below our threshold. We would have to remember this technique for later. Rose went into the kitchen to refresh our drinks. I followed remembering what we talked about earlier.

Rose set the glasses down and turned around with a questioning look on her face. I had never followed her into the kitchen before. I turned her around to face the counter and pushed on her back indicting I wanted her to bend over. She got the message immediately and moved her legs back and spread as she leaned forward with her hands on the counter supporting her and her ass thrust out provocatively.

I knelt behind her and starting licking. I started just below her waist and followed the crack down slowly. Rose spread her legs wider and I licked lower. My tongue was just above the anal opening and I stayed there flicking my tongue back and forth, but staying out of her anus. I then circled her anus getting closer and closer to the center each time. I circled slowly and she started to dance with my tongue, the combined movement of her ass and my tongue was driving us both crazy. I stopped the rim job and went back to the top of her opening. She calmed a bit and then I licked downwards across her anus and down as far as I could go then I lick upwards using the flat of my tongue with plenty of pressure, I stopped right over her anus like I had with my finger earlier during out hello hug. She pushed her butt bahis şirketleri toward my tongue demanding more. I could only tease her for so long and I finally thrust my tongue inside that small opening as far as it would go, then I slowly pulled it out only to thrust in hard and fast again. Slow out. Fast in. She caught up with the rhythm and soon, she was being anally fucked by my tongue. I had fantasized about this for years and now I was doing it.

We ended after a few more minutes and gathering our drinks went back into the living room.

It took us a minute to compose ourselves but we could stop talking about how great that was. We had each fantasized about it, but the reality was so much better. We needed a break but soon we were going back into the bedroom and continue this where it was more confortable.

We talked some more as we cooled down from out sexual exertion by talking about every scene we have ever read in any novels about anal sex and what parts made us hot and what we might like to try.

Our robes were on the floor and neither of us remembered taking them off. We went into the bedroom and Rose crawled up the bed on her hands and knees. I didn’t give her time to turn over as I attacked her ass with my mouth. She lifted her ass higher giving me more access. I repeated the tongue thrust as before and she thrust back onto my tongue.

I stood up and placed the tip of my cock against her anal opening and moved back and forth. She let out several moans as I stimulated her anus with the head of my cock. I pushed forward a bit and she loved it, but I could not gain entrance. I pulled back and used my tongue on her again.

She asked to stop; her body glistened with sweat. She turned over and said she wanted to 69. I crawled on top of her and pushed my penis toward her mouth, but she stopped me until she could move her arms to between my legs so that my ass was staring her in the face. I took up a similar position between her legs and grabbed her ass cheeks. I spread them and drove my tongue deep inside her little puckered hole.

She pulled my cock down and stuffed it inside her mouth then as she remove it drew her tongue down the underside of my cock and down onto my balls. She sucked on my balls a bit then tongued the area right below. She teased me by getting closer and closer to my anus as I had done to her. All the while I was going crazy with the sensation and kept thrusting harder and hard into her ass.

She seemed ready to cum from my stimulations and I pushed my tongue in deep and left it there allowing her ass wiggles to take her over the edge. She thrust her tongue inside my ass and I almost exploded.

I pulled off of her, turned her around and lifted her ass. My cock was harder that it had ever been and I pushed towards her ass hole. The head slide in and she started her wiggle again and I went in another inch. I reached around to grab her breasts then as I fell forward siding in another inch. I lowered my hand to her clitoris and found it as hard as a rock. I played with it and tried to pinch it, but it was far too wet. She let out a scream and pushed her ass against my cock hard. I was fully inside of her and as she pumped against me she came then I shot my load into her ass.

I pulled out and we lay there for several minutes until she looked over at me and said, “Wanna go again?”

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