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I Fell In with The Masseur

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Steve looked at his watch as he sat at the table in the coffee house sipping a cup of coffee. It was Friday afternoon, the weather was cold, windy and a slow cold drizzle was coming down. It seemed to symbolize the way his week had gone. First his girlfriend of two years had decided to break off their relationship because she wanted to see other guys. He found out later that she had been seeing another guy for two months and everyone else knew about it except him. Next, the guys in the office had heard about his girlfriend and added salt to the wound. They gave him a business card for a massage parlor called the Loving Hands. They told him that he could always get a girlfriend there that would always please him for a few dollars.

On top of all of that his boss had called him into his office after lunch and had said that business had been slow and they were being forced to do some trimming of employees in departments. He told Steve that he hated to let him go but, since Steve was the lowest in seniority he was being given the pink slip. He cleaned out his desk and a couple of hours later here he sat drinking a cup of coffee and looking at the job section of the classified ads to see what was available for an unemployed accountant. Thank god he had set some money aside each month out of his pay for emergencies. He could last a few months of being unemployed but after that it was going to get really bad.

He let out a sigh and decided to go out to the bars tonight it had been two years since ha had to go out and try to pick up a girl and he knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Besides, after tonight until he got another job, he wouldn’t be able to afford to go out. He took another sip of his coffee and watched two tall blonde women come walking in to the coffee shop. They both were gorgeous and he was thinking of a good opening line to start some conversation when he saw wedding rings on their hands. He let out a sigh and tossed the newspaper in the garbage can next to him. He put his hands in his pocket and felt the business card from the Loving hands Massage parlor.

He pulled the card out and read the address and saw that it wasn’t very far from the coffee shop. He stood up and drank the last bit of coffee in his cup and tossed the empty cup into the garbage. Walking out of the coffee shop he felt the cold wind and drizzle hitting him in the face. He thought for a second to turned around and go back to his place but smiled as thought of some cutie massaging him in the nude and it would be the perfect way to end a rotten week. Steve pulled his coat collar up around his neck and then headed towards the massage parlor with sexual thoughts dancing in his head

Thirty minutes later Steve arrived at the address cold and damp from the walk but was ready for a massage. He looked at the building and saw that it was an old warehouse that had been converted to loft apartments. Stepping into the doorway he saw a panel that had a speaker with two columns of buttons below it with numbers next to each button. He pulled the massage parlor card from his pocket and located the number of the Loving Hands Massage Parlor then pushed the button. A few seconds later a male voice answered, “Can I help you?”

“Well I hope so, is this where Loving Hands is located?” Steve asked curiously. Why did he hear a male voice answering?

The voice answered back, “Yes it is, are you here for a massage?”

“Yea, I’m here for a massage.” Steve answered puzzled and nervous.

“Do you have an appointment?” the voice asked in a monotone voice.

“No I don’t.” Steve said with a sigh. His bad luck was continuing to roll on. He couldn’t even get a massage at a massage parlor.

“Normally you would have to schedule one but since the last one for the day finished up an hour ago and it also sounds like you could use a good massage I think we can squeeze you in. Would you please step back from the intercom and let me take a look at you? It’s just a security precaution.” The voice said in polite tone.

Steve stepped back from the intercom and back into the wind and drizzle. He looked up to try and see the camera but couldn’t. He looked around the entrance finally spotting it tucked behind a light post hanging from the building. Steve heard a buzz, as the front door was unlocked. He heard the voice say “Come in to the lobby and wait by the elevator I’ll be down in a couple of minutes.”

Steve opened the front doors and felt warm air hit him as he walked into a carpeted area that had a couple of lamps next to a leather sofa to sit on. There was some soft jazz going over a loudspeaker to relax anyone who had to sit and wait for the elevator. Steve walked over to the sofa and sat down nervously. Why did a guy answer the intercom instead of a woman? This was probably their bouncer guy that took care of unruly customers for the women. He heard the freight elevator come to life and heard the elevator’s engines crank slowly and loudly.

Steve stood up as he heard istanbul travesti the elevator arrive at the lobby and when the doors opened out stepped a man that looked in his early thirties, about 6′, short brown hair with a well developed physique wearing some loose fitting sweat pants and a tank top. The man looked around and saw Steve and signaled him to come onto the elevator. When Steve got in the man closed the doors and pushed the button for the fourth floor. The elevator seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace and the ride seemed to take forever. Steve was trying not to show any nervousness.

The man sensed that Steve was getting antsy and broke the silence and held out his hand, “Hey my name is Jon and is this the first time you’ve been here?”

Steve nodded his yes and felt his mouth getting dry while shook the man’s hand.

“Well, I think you’ll like it. There hasn’t been a complaint yet.” Jon said with a smile. He was checking out Steve. Most of his clients were older men that were out if shape but this was going to be very nice for a change.

The elevator finally arrived at the fourth floor where Jon opened the doors and signaled for Steve to follow him. They walked down a long hallway to the end where Jon unlocked a door with a key and signaled for Steve to come on in.

Steve walked into the loft and was surprised by its appearance. The floors were polished hardwood. He looked at one corner where a king sized bed that was made neatly with huge pillows sitting at the head of the bed and in another corner was a massage table set up with oils near it. There was a curtain that closed around the table that was open at the present and just a few feet from the table a king sized above ground hot tub that was turned on and looked very inviting. Steve looked across the loft and a 56″ plasma TV along with a killer stereo system that sounded great as jazz played out of it. The kitchen area was in a corner where it was clean and neat. There were three large windows that had heavy curtains on them that were closed. Steve was puzzled though, where were the women that did the massages?

Jon broke the silence and said, “Okay before we go any further let me tell you the rates. For $65 you get 30 minutes in a hot tub and an hour massage and for $30 you get a 30 minute massage. You pay before services are rendered. I take cash or credit card.”

Steve stopped dead in his tracks. “You’re giving the massage?”

Jon looked surprised, “Yes, were you expecting some girl to come out?”

Steve nodded his head with a surprised but scared look.

Jon let out a laugh, “Look I don’t bite and I think you’ll really enjoy it. I’m the masseur and if you don’t want a massage then you can leave but, I’m telling you that it will be the best hour you have ever spent and I haven’t had a complaint yet.”

Steve still stood shocked and was debating whether to walk out now or go ahead with the massage Steve stood there for another minute and then decided, “What the hell, I could use a good massage at least. Here is my credit card and ring me up for the $65 special.”

Jon took Steve’s card and walked over to a machine and swiped the card through it. While he was waiting for the authorization to come back he said, “Oh and if at the end of the massage you want to tip, you can do that.” Jon pulled out the receipt and had Steve sign it and then handed the card back to Steve. “Now if you go over to the bathroom that is over there, you can go in and take off your clothes. You’ll find a place to hang up your damp clothes so that they can dry and put on the white terry cloth robe that is hanging up. Once you do that head over to the massage table and I’ll be there shortly. I’ve got to warm up some rubbing oil.”

Steve walked slowly over to the bathroom and walked in and closed the door. He began removing his clothes. A tiny voice was saying that it was weird that a man was going to give him a massage while in the he was nude but, it might be a good massage like Jon said it would. Of course, he knew that getting a good hand job or blowjob was out of the question but what the heck he could use a good massage. It would be his treat to himself for putting up with all the bullshit that had been happening all week.

In a couple of minutes he had removed his clothes and turned to look in the mirror. He was only 28 and his body still looked like it did when he was in college. He tried to get to the gym a few times a week to work out and his efforts had paid off. His hand slid down to his limp eight inch cock and remembered how his girlfriend would stroke and suck his cock before she would jump on it and ride it with a vengeance. Suddenly he remembered where he was as he felt his cock becoming erect at the thought of his girlfriend. He cleared his throat and quickly threw the robe on that was hanging up. His cock was already at half mast and the last thing he wanted to do was walk out of the bathroom with a raging hard on and let the guy istanbul travestileri think he was turned on by him. He took a couple of deep breaths and waited until his cock began to go limp again.

He walked out of the bathroom and noticed that the lights had been dimmed and the jazz music had been replaced with some classical music. The massage table had been surrounded by lighted scented candles that seemed to add a peaceful feeling in Steve. He felt all of his worries seeping away and leaving him in a tranquil world. Steve was impressed by it and thought maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as he thought it was going to be. Maybe this guy was good as he claimed. Steve heard Jon’s voice speak up.

“The hot tub is located over by the table. It is already going and you have 30 minutes to relax those muscles before the massage.” Jon paused and then asked, “Would you care for some company in the tub?”

Steve again felt his mouth go dry and legs getting shaky. He wasn’t quite sure if he was ready to get in a hot tub naked with another naked man. “Uh, no thanks I’ll enjoy it myself.”

“Okay as you wish, I’ll call you when it is time for your massage.” Jon said from somewhere in the darkness of the loft.

Steve walked over by the table and saw the king sized hot tub that was bubbling away. Steve peeled off his robe and eased himself into the tub. “Oh yeah, this feels good.” Steve let out in almost a whisper. He felt the hot water encircle his body and began to warm him up from his walk. “Jon this feels so good. I could stay in here forever.”

Jon let out a laugh, “I know that feeling but if you stayed in there forever, you would be great candidate for a raisin commercial.”

Steve sat quietly in the tub for a little while letting the classical music and hot tub let him forget about all of his troubles. He let out a sigh and looked around the room and it felt as if he was in a different world far way from the one that existed outside of the hot tub. “Hey Jon, this is a really nice set up you have here. Between the music and this hot tub I’m feeling pretty good.”

Jon smiled to himself as he finished getting some of his special rubbing oils out. This Steve was cute and sexy looking but was probably straight as an arrow. However, you never knew about some guys. They always claimed to be straight but given a chance they would gladly suck a cock or even take one up the ass. “I like to create a world where a customer can forget about the rat race going on outside of these walls. I had the walls soundproofed when I moved in here and the floor strengthened to handle the hot tub. I also have some special oils that I use on customers.” Jon said as he pulled off his shirt and sweat pants leaving his body nude. He thought how nice it would be rubbing Steve’s muscular body and felt his 10 inch cock starting to become erect,

Steve sat there relaxing and decided that maybe it wouldn’t be to bad having some company in the hot tub. “Hey Jon, I’ve been thinking and I guess I wouldn’t mind some company in the hot tub.”

Jon smiled as he put on his full length, red silk robe and grabbed a few bottles of his rubbing lotion, “Okay let me set these bottles of rubbing oil by the table and I’ll be right there.” Jon said while walking over to the massage table and setting the bottles on the small table next to the massage table.

Steve heard Jon and raised his head above the hot tub and looked toward the massage table. He saw Jon wearing a full length red robe and from what he saw Jon’s body appeared to be in good shape.

Jon kept his back to the hot tub and slowly untied the robe belt and then letting it fall off of his body. He turned and walked over to the hot tub making sure that Steve got a good look at his body.

Steve saw the robe fall off of Jon and then when Jon turned around, Steve was astonished at the sight of Jon’s body. His body was well developed muscle wise with little body fat on him and his muscles rolled under his skin as he walked towards the tub but what caught Steve’s eye was his huge cock. It was limp but it looked huge even that way. Steve couldn’t take his eyes off of Jon’s body as Jon stepped over the edge of the tub and slid into the water across from Steve. Steve was totally breathless and didn’t know what was coming over him. He had never looked at a man like he had just done at Jon. Confusion was going through his head and he even felt his cock start to become aroused. All Steve could say was, “Jon you have a magnificent body.”

Jon looked at Steve with a smile. “I’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting this body to the way it is today and thank you for your compliment.” Jon shifted a little closer to Steve. “Listen why we are sitting here why don’t I rub your neck? It will make this hot tub feel even better.”

Steve nodded his head because he couldn’t seem to answer with his tongue. It felt like a dream. The thought of Jon’s naked body against his was not that bad of a thought travesti istanbul anymore.

Jon smiled at Steve and knew that he was having an inner struggle on how to handle this. “Look, turn around and lean back into me so that I can rub your neck and shoulders.” He gently reached over and pulled Steve towards him and helping him turn around. He eased Steve against him and began to gently but firmly rub his neck and shoulder area. “How old are you Steve?”

“I’m 28.” Steve managed to spit out. He was beginning to enjoy the feeling of Jon’s hands.

Jon could feel Steve beginning to relax a little. “So what do you do for a living?”

“I did work as a CPA for an accounting firm but as of today I was let go, so right now I’m unemployed.” Steve said with almost a sigh as Jon’s hands continue their rubbing.

“Well you know I could use an accountant to look at my books and help maintain them. Maybe after we get done with this session we can discuss something.” Jon said in a glad tone because he was looking for someone with experience to help him with his books.

Steve thought for a moment and then said, “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Jon let out another laugh, “How about that, I get an accountant hired by sitting in the hot tub with him. Maybe I should do all my interviews like this.” Jon rubbed some more and then spoke up, “I noticed that you don’t have wedding ring on your finger, do you have a girlfriend?”

Steve let out a sigh. “I did have a girlfriend that was fast becoming my fiancé until Monday. We were living together and Monday morning just as we were getting up she told that she wanted to see other people for a while and then to add insult injury, she told me she had been seeing another guy for the last two months. When I asked how long it was going to take for her to move out she said, she had already been moving stuff out and that my noon all of her stuff would be gone.”

“It’s a shame that your girlfriend left such a handsome guy like you.” Jon said in a very soft voice. He gently pulled Steve closer against him letting his semi-hard cock rub against Steve’s back.

Steve felt Jon’s cock rub against his back as Jon pulled him closer and at first he wanted to pull away but as Jon’s hands continued their rubbing Steve didn’t mind feeling Jon’s cock. In fact it was starting to arouse him as he felt it slowly rub against his back and Steve could feel it getting bigger. Steve let out a big sigh.

By the way how did you get a card with my address on it I only give those out to special clients only?” Jon asked curiously

“Well, on Monday I went to work where I found out that most of my friends already knew she was dating someone else and as a joke they gave me your card saying I could always get a girlfriend there. I don’t think they knew that the masseur was a guy.” Steve said in a relaxed tone. “This feels so good Jon. You do have hands of magic.”

Jon let his hands work slowly outward over Steve’s shoulders and slowly wrapped his arms around Steve and gave him a gentle hug. He enjoyed feeling Steve’s young hard body against his. “So you’ve never had a man give you a massage before?”

Steve was so relaxed and enjoying the warmth of the water he didn’t mind Jon hugging him. It felt safe and comfortable a feeling that he hadn’t enjoyed even with his ex-girlfriend. Steve heard Jon’s question, “No, I went to a massage parlor while I was in Los Angeles with some friends just before I met my girlfriend and I had this Asian woman give me a massage that was awesome and then a nice blow job. However, so far you have that woman beat hands down.” Steve said with a sigh.

“Does that mean you’re looking for a blowjob after the massage?” Jon said in almost a whisper in Steve’s ear.

Steve sat there and didn’t know how to answer Jon’s question. He was just getting comfortable at the thought Jon giving him a massage but the thought of a blowjob by another guy just didn’t feel right at the moment. “Let’s just see how things go, okay?” Steve managed to spit out of his dry mouth. Everything was happening so fast but yet it felt right.

Jon smiled and wrapped his arms tighter around Steve and. “Steve just let go and go with the feelings. You might surprise yourself. Now how about we get you over to the table and I can show you what my hands can really do.” Jon said softly and then let go of Steve. He stood making sure his almost hard cock brushed against Steve. Jon got out and dried himself off. Usually he put his robe back on but Steve was going to get something special today. “Let me finish drying off and then I’ll help you get out and dry off. After that we’ll get you over to the table to finish getting the kinks out of that young sexy body of yours.” Jon said while he dried his body off making sure that Steve was watching, He dried off his now fully erect cock and then put his hand out for Steve to grab a hold of.

Steve grabbed Jon’s hand and felt Jon’s strength pull him out of the tub. Before he could say anything Jon was drying him off. He watched Jon’s nude body and realized that there wasn’t any hair on him except his head. His cock was bald as well as his chest. “Why don’t you have any hair around your, uh, uh penis? Steve asked in a quiet tone.

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