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I Fuck My Sister at College, 1980

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Readers Note: This is the 4th in a series of stories depicting the history of my incestuous relationship with my sister. You may wish to read the first 3 installments before reading this one. However, I shall try to make this installment “free-standing” for those who wish not to. Enjoy!

* * * * *

As the month of August turned into September back in 1980 there were a number of events I recall with clarity.

For one, the presidential election campaign between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan was getting heated, with the polls showing them at a dead heat going into the final 2 months before the election.

American hostages remained captive in Tehran, Iran for over 10 months with no end in sight to their misery.

At the movies, John Travolta was enjoying box office (but not critical) success with “Urban Cowboy” and bars across America were installing electronic bulls for their drunken patrons to ride on (after signing the legal waivers, of course.)

The New York Yankees were having a great season, and would end up with baseball’s best overall record, winning 103 games. But they collapsed in the playoffs against the Kansas City Royals, whom themselves later lost the World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies led by Tug McGraw.

And, of course, the first week of September marked the one month anniversary of my incestuous relationship with my younger sister, Donna. We’d been fucking each other for four weeks.

We were not yet ready to speak to each openly about our desire to fuck one another. It was something that was unspoken, that was simply understood.

When either of us got horny, and the parents were not home, we would tell the other that we were going to take “a nap”. After an interval of an appropriate amount of time, five minutes or so, one of us would go to the “napping” sibling and remove their clothes and start then initiate sex acts.

Call it “plausible deniability”, if you like.

I was 19, one year out of high school, in a dead end job that I didn’t like.

Donna was 18 and had just graduated high school in June of 1980.

She was leaving home in the first week of September to attend college.

I didn’t know how she felt, but after she left I was lonely as hell. I missed terribly our fuck sessions with each other. I found myself masturbating two or three times a day.

This was 1980, remember, so I didn’t have the Internet to use as a sexual outlet. Hell, there weren’t even any porno movies on videotape yet (this would come a few years later). About the only option for pornographic release was in the glossy magazines of the era, such as Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, Forum, Oui, etc.

I bought them at a newstand on my way home from work on on occasion, hiding them in my bedroom to use as jerk off accesories. More often than not, though, simply closing my eyes and imaging my sister’s beautiful naked body was all that it took for me to get a stiff cock.

She was scheduled to arrive home for a visit in late November, for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I couldn’t wait that long to see her.

In early November I told my parents I was gonig to make the 2 hour drive to her college and visit her at her off-campus apartment, which she shared with another female student, also a freshman.

My parents thought it was sweet that I would take time off of my job to visit my little sister.

Donna had no phone at her apartment and this was at least a decade before cellular phones were de rigeur, so I had no way of contacting her before I left. She would use a pay phone to call home about once a week, but there was no way for us to contact her first.

So my arrival at her apartment came as a complete surprise.

I pulled my 1977 Camara Z-28 into the parking lot of her apartment building and went inside the lobby. Seeing her name over one of the buzzers, I pressed it. An unfamiliar voice answered and I identified myself. mobil porno It was Donna’s roomate, who was named Cathy.

Cathy pressed the buzzer to open the front door and I went upstairs to their apartment on the fourth floor. She let me and I introduced myself again. It was 11 o’clock in the morning but she had just woken up from a “late night”, as she put it. She told me that my sister had classes until about three in the afternoon, but would be back shortly after that. Their college was a mere fifteen minute walk from the apartment building.

Cathy and I chatted for about fifteen minutes. We talked about nothing and everything. She was nice looking, smart, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable company. I found her smile and laugh particularly attractive.

She excused herself, saying that she had to shower and get ready for her own class but told me I could stay and watch TV or have a bite while waiting for Donna.

I accepted and plopped down on the couch.

Cathy showered and walked out of the bathroom past me to the bedroom she shared with my sister, clad in only a towel which barely covered her lovely tits and ass.

I took note but said nothing.

Nothing much more happened, and Cathy left for her class. I was alone in the apartment and, naturally, began to fish through their bedroom looking for…..well, anything.

I found nothing of note.

I began to get bored and wondered if my trip was going to be worth it.

I fell asleep on the couch while watching the “Mike Douglas Show” on TV. Mike was interviewing Tony Orlando, who was warning America of the perils of cocaine abuse. Yawn.

I awoke several hours later to the slurping sound of my sister Donna sucking on my cock. My pants were unbuttoned and down at my ankles. Donna had her right hand firmly clutching the base of my staff, while her left hand gently played with my balls.

I put my hands behind my head and purred as she sucked away with increasing vigor.

She abruptly stopped and climbed off of the couch.

Without opening an eye, I could tell she was undressing herself by the sounds of unsnapping buttons, zippers being pulled down, blue jeans being hurriedly pulled off. She roughly pulled off my sneakers without even untying them, and then went about pulling my pants off.

I could hear her panting, desperate for her brother’s cock meat to invade her pussy. She stumbled with my pants, and she muttered “Damn it” out loud.

Seconds later, both of naked from the waist down but nothing more, she was back on top of my. She was facing me. My eyes remaining closed (due to my continued “nap”, per our unspoken arrangement) and I could feel the heat of my sister’s breath on my face.

She grabbed my cock, which by now was hard enough to hammer nails with, and slowly descended on top of it, impaling her pussy on it.

I could not help but feel the dramatic wetness of my sister’s cunt, moreso than usual. As she raised her body up and down on my cock, the juices from her pussy ran down the shaft of my meat, dripping down on my crotch and balls.

Behind her, I raised my hands to grab her beautiful asscheeks and assist in the up-and-down motion of my cock inside her.

I wanted to suck on her titties, but she still wore a shirt and bra and her therefore her breasts were denied to me – at least for now.

At this point she lost control, banging her body on my cock with frenzied speed. Her moans had turned to outright screams as she orgasmed wildly atop me.

I pulled out at the last second and shot cum up onto her back, her asscheeks, on my thights and, alas, on the couch.

After collapsing on top of me, Donna waited for a few minutes. Then she got up, got re-dressed and left the apartment. I, too, put my underwear and pants back on and lay back on the couch.

She came right back in and said “Brian! Is that you! What a surprise!”

We alman porno hugged and acted as though nothing had happened, yet both of us smiled at one another knowingly.

She told me how she loved college and what fun it was.

I envied her and told her I was beginning to regret not having pursued college after high school.

Her roomate returned a while later and I went out to buy us beer.

After I returned, we ordered pizza, drank lots of Miller High Life and watched TV. After laughing through John Ritter on “Three’s Company” and Robin Williams on “Mork and Mindy”, we watched a movie. I forget which one it was, but remember noticing how nice both my sister and her roomate looked.

My 19-year-old cock and balls were recovering rapidly from the afternoon fuck with my sister, and sought more of the same.

“Easy does it”, I told myself. “Lets not ruin a good thing.”

As the clock neared 11, my sister said that I had drank too much beer to drive and should stay the night. Cathy agreed readily and got up to get me extra blankets to keep me warm.

We all went to bed at about 11:30, each one of us more than a little drunk.

I didn’t dare go into their bedroom despite being horny as hell.

I imagined I would get another chance at my sister’s pussy the next day.

I fell asleep, and began to dream. I dreamed I was fucking not my sister, but her roomate Cathy. The dream was good and I awoke with a hardon. Should I go to the bathroom and masturbate?

No, I replied to myself. Keep the cum in the balls – it’ll come in handy tomorrow.

Just then, as I lay on the couch in the darkness of the apartment, I heard movement coming from the bedroom. The door creaked open, and then shut. I could hear bare feet pad across the carpet towards where I lay.

It was my sister, who pulled off her t-shirt and panties to reveal her naked body shining in the moonlight that streamed in through the window.

She, like I, wanted more fucking and couldn’t wait.

But what of her roomate, Cathy? Would we awake her?

My sister pulled the blanket off of me. I had gone to sleep wearing only my boxer shorts and no shirt. Donna took no time at all to remove my boxers.

She didn’t suck my cock, as I had anticipated, but began rubbing it across her titties. As my cock grew harder, she slapped her nipples with the head of it. She then used my cock to rub against her clit, her pussy and even her asshole.

She walked a few steps from the couch and pushed the coffee table to the side. She got down on the carpet, on all fours, spreading her legs and raising her ass into the air.

I took my cue and arose from the couch and descended to my knees behind her.

Without a sound, I placed my cock at her pussy’s entrance while grasping her hips.

My sister reached under and placed the head of my cock at her pussy entrance. At that point I entered her and began to penetrate here with slow, deliberate strokes.

I entered her just a little before withdrawing, then with each subsequent stroke I permitted my cock to go a little further inside my sister’s pussy. Bit by bit. The strokes began to increase in speed and depth, but not too fast.

It wasn’t long before I was banging away at her with gusto, my balls swinging wildly with the tempo of the fucking.

My sister had began to moan, however, and I gave her a couple of “ssshhhhs” so that she wouldn’t wake her roomate up.

But to no avail.

As I fucked away, now rubbing my sister’s asscheeks with each stroke, I could hear the creaking of their bedroom door again.

As my sister moaned under the onslaught on my cock, I could hear a loud gasp coming from behind me.

The lights flcked on, and Cathy yelled out “Oh my God!”

Donna and I were past the point of stopping. A hurricane couldn’t have seperated my cock from her pussy at that alexis texas porno point. We continued fucking without saying a thing. Donna’s moans grew louder and she yelled out “Fuck me harder Brian!!”

Cathy had moved to where I could see her.

Her mouth was agape and an expression of shear disgust came across her face.

“You’re fucking your own BROTHER!” she yelled at Donna.

Cathy made eye contact with me and said “You are sick!”

I resumed humping my sister, inserting a thumb into her asshole.

“You two are perverts! You’re going to burn in hell!” Cathy shouted.

Yet Cathy didn’t move.

She didn’t run.

She didn’t hide in the bedroom and shut the door.

She continued to watch.

It took just a minute or two longer for my sister to reach her orgasm, her right hand mauling her clit while I continued to fill her with insides with cock flesh.

“Are you coming? Is he makinng you cum? You’re going to let your own brother make you cum?” Cathy shouted at her roommate.

“This is disgusting……filthy……unbelievable…..I-don’t-believe-what-I’m-seeing!” Cathy continue to rant, as she stood there wearing a long t-shirt which went down to her mid-thighs.

Cathy had her arms crossed, with one hand holding her chin as she watched us fuck.

She must have watched for five minutes, all the time cursing us. Five minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, but if you’ve ever stood over people fucking it seems like a lifetime.

Donna fell onto the carpet, recovering from her orgasm, as my cock popped out of her pussy.

I turned to Cathy and faced her as I stood up.

Her eyes moved to stare at my hard cock, before she looked up distractedly.

“Can we get some sleep now?” she said.

I moved towards her, my balls still strained to the limit with hot cum waiting to be released, and grabbed her by the arms.

I kissed Cathy square on the lips.

As I released her, she said “Get the fuck off of me!” but didnt move.

I took her right hand and placed it on my cock, forcing the fingers to grab it.

She squeezed my cock as I lifted her shirt to reveal nothing but a pair of panties on underneath.

I began to pull at her panties when she released my cock and said “Don’t you dare!”

I pussed her onto the couch and got on top of her, kissing her shoulders and tits while ripping her panties.

Cathy yelled out “Don’t you dare fuck me! Don’t you dare fuck me!”

I rolled her over and kissed her asscheeks roughly while reaching for her pussy.

She meekly tried to pull herself away from me, not making much of an effort if you ask me.

“Donna! You’re brother is trying to fuck me!” she yelled out.

I spread her thighs, lifted her ass and shoved my cock at her pussy, which was hot and wet.

“No! No! No!” she cried out, while backing her ass towards me.

I entered her with ease and began the process of fucking her as hard as I could, and as fast as I could.

The sounds of her ass slapping against my body were combined with her continued shrieks of “You can’t fuck me! No! No! This isn’t right! Oh my God!”

Christ, I thought to myself, she sure can talk a lot.

At this point my cock was an entity unto itself. I could have decided to stop having sex right then and there, but my cock would not have let me. My cock was so overpowering it could have fucked its way through a brick wall that night.

I plowed into Cathy’s pussy with body-shaking lust.

My sister had gotten off of the carpet and come over to watch as I banged away at her roomate’s flesh.

At this point I pulled myself off of Cathy and pointed my cock at my sister’s Donna’s face, shooting hot, white bursts of thick cum at her. Violent splatters of jism laced her face and tits as she opened her mouth.

As I did so, Cathy turned around to face us and watched the drenching of my sister’s face with creamy cum.

I finished and went back to Cathy, taking her into my arms and then using my fingers on her pussy to bring her to a blistering orgasm of her own.

The three of us slept in the same bed that night, unclothed and unashamed.

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