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I Will Nurse You Better

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Sally looked up from her phone, she still had twenty minutes before she needed to leave for work. The phone app was supposed to be a distraction, to help pass some time, but wasn’t overly interested.

Forty-four years old and twice divorced, the last one almost two years ago now, Sally’s nineteen-year-old daughter Taylor had set her up on a dating site, telling her she needed to see what was out there instead of giving up. Sally had said nobody would want her, chubby as she was.

Taylor and herself had always been open with each other. Taylor had explained that she wasn’t overly fat, just had a little excess stomach that came with the age she was. If she looked past that at the 38D tits and round arse she possessed, she was still a catch. Being only 5′ 3″ tall didn’t help her look. Sally knew she meant well but still didn’t think it would work. She still went on the site, even now six months after Taylor had moved in with her boyfriend.

“Most of these are still just dick pics,” she texted Taylor.

“Lucky you!” Taylor replied.

“Well, some are nice and some are very big, but that doesn’t help me choose who I want to be with, it doesn’t tell me what they look like,” she sent back.

“Get back on the horse and then see if he’s suitable,” Taylor sent, with several aubergines and laughing emojis.

Sally knew what she meant. While she’d had a decent sex life with both husbands, she’d never been the sort of girl to just first date fuck someone. She liked to get to know them first, see if they clicked and got on. For now, she was reasonably happy with her 8 ” dildo, a present given to her by her smirking daughter one day.

Sally looked up at the clock, she needed to go to work now. She stood and picked up her bag, making her way to the hospital for her night shift. Sally worked as a ward nurse, making her way through the hospital she walked in on loud laughter from her colleagues, and change from the occasional cries of pain and children she heard walking through the hospital. A couple of the other nurses said hi, the others carrying on their conversation.

“Yeah, he was very hands-on last night, I could hardly prise him off, I had to shout loudly at him so someone could get me out,” one said, Lindsay, she was called.

“So, you didn’t finish his bed bath?” another asked.

“Ew, no thank god,” Lindsay continued.

They all laughed again.

“God help anyone who has to bed bath Fat Frank, they’ll be in there all night!” they all laughed again.

‘Fat Frank’ was a nickname they’d given to one of the patients, only behind his back of course. He was around 20 stone, or 130Kg in weight, with a huge stomach. He’d been in a motorbike accident and had broken both ankles resulting in casts on both legs with a rod to fix them in place so he couldn’t move them. He also had a cast around his left shoulder and arm, again pinned to keep him from moving. His head was heavily bandaged and luckily his helmet had saved his life. The only movement he had was his right arm.

Sally listened to them talking for a few minutes, then suddenly joined in.

“I’ll bedbath him if you lot are so bothered about it,” she said.

The room went silent like they were expecting her to start laughing and say she was joking. She didn’t.

“Okay, he’s all yours then, enjoy,” she was told.

They all started wandering off to do various jobs. Sally made her way around to the ward he was on. The bedbaths were done quite late so that patients like Frank were more comfortable when sleeping. Because of his lack of movement, Frank was in a side room off the ward itself, it gave him a little more privacy then.

Sally knew he’d had no visitors since he’d been admitted. His son had been phoned but due to a large family argument declined to come to see him, saying he hoped he recovered but not to contact him again. Walking into the room, Sally paused to look at him.

Frank was a large man, tall as well as having a big stomach, he was close on 6′ 6″ tall. Sally didn’t know if he was properly awake but said hello anyway. he hadn’t spoken either so Sally didn’t expect a response, but he did grunt a little. She started to undo the buttons on the front of his gown, his very broad shoulders and chest appearing. As soon as she did so his large right hand gripped her hip firmly. Sally didn’t panic and shout out, instead trying to keep calm.

“Now now Frank, you can keep your hand there but gently does it please,” she said softly.

It worked, Frank relaxed his grip a little.

Sally started to clean across his shoulders and neck and dabbed at the beard he’d grown since he’d been there. She told him if he behaved she could see about shaving that off for him, Frank grunted again. She opened the gown a little more and started to clean across his stomach, getting towards the end of doing so she looked down at the bed.

The cast on his legs was just above his knees. She would have to clean from his thighs upwards. She’d long since gotten used to seeing patients naked, all sizes and Hd Porno shapes of penises over the years she’d done the job. Maybe in her subconscious when she got dick pics sent to her she was absentmindedly moving them about to clean around them. She chuckled to herself.

Opening the rest of the buttons, she flung the gown open and wet the cleaning cloth again. Sally turned to start on his thighs and froze in shock. Jesus, that thing was massive! She’d had dick pics sent but none seemed to match this one. It was almost as long as her arm, resting down his thigh. She knew Lindsay had a reputation for moving from one bloke to the next, being a bit of a slut, Sally wondered how she’d have reacted to seeing how big this cock was.

Sally tenderly put her hand on it to move it so she could clean him, Frank grunted at her touch. His hand moved down her hip and around to her arse, squeezing a little. Sally tutted.

“Now Frank, remember what I said about being too firm,” she told him.

His hand relaxed but stayed against her arse. She cleaned him slowly, delicately dapping around his balls and upper thighs, then drying him off. She started to fasten up the gown again until he was covered. Frank patted her arse a couple of times and grunted at Sally, who told him to sleep well as she went to take the cleaning stuff away.

The next day she went into work a little earlier to read up his notes. Frank was fifty-five years old, and from what she’d heard the others saying he used to be a boxer in his youth, then had been a wrestler too. That certainly explained the very broad shoulders and strong grip. The others asked how he’d been, expecting the worst, to be told she’d been firm with him and he’d released her. She didn’t tell them she’d let him keep his hand on her albeit softly resting against her. She also didn’t mention the size of his cock.

The next few nights were much the same until he tried to slide his hand under her outfit. Although it was quite warm outside the wards were cooler, so most of the nurses wore trousers or tights underneath. Sally usually wore tights herself, and Frank’s hand wandered down over her arse and under her outfit, stroking her nylon-clad thigh. The feel of his hand on her made her jump a little.

“We’ll compromise shall we Frank? If you keep your hand there then I can shave you tomorrow, to see what you look like really okay?” Sally told him.

Frank didn’t move his hand away, instead tracing his fingers back and forth along the underside of her buttocks, tracing her panty line. He grunted as she did so, his cock twitching as Sally cleaned him. Leaving his room later, she found his contacts list and phoned his son. She asked if there was any way he could come and visit Frank, or would he tell his mother to see if she’d visit. Sally was told there was no chance, apparently Frank had been drinking more and more and his wife had divorced him three years ago, his son had not heard from him since, and had no wish to come and visit.

Sally went in all smiles the following evening, setting her items down on the side of the bed.

“Shave time” she announced. Frank grunted.

She lathered up his face and as she did so his hand wandered down. He didn’t mess about tonight, straight under her outfit and up across her nylon-clad arse. He traced his finger along her arse crease, making her jump.

“Now now Frank, I don’t want to cut you do I?”

She took out the razor as Frank kept his hand still, facing across but as far down as he could reach, his finger right by her arsehole. Sally could feel it through her layers, but as he was keeping his hand still she decided to let it ride. She shaved him slowly in case she jumped again, wiggling her hips a little to move his finger but making out she had to change position to shave him properly. Finally finished she towel dried him, then stood up staring down at him.

“You have a very strong jawline Frank, are you sure you were never a model previously?” Sally laughed.

She softly ran a hand absentmindedly from his chin up his jaw, it felt like granite.

“Right, let’s get you washed then,” she announced.

She cleaned the top half of him as usual and then unbuttoned the bottom of his gown. His cock twitched as it came into view. Sally turned to face down the bed and as she took his cock in her hand and lifted it gently to wash him, his hand reached upwards and slid down into her tights, bypassing her knickers, his hand coming to rest with his finger on her arsehole again.

“No Frank, too far,” she told him, moving away so his hand fell free.

Although she was telling him no, she knew she was getting damp between her legs at his touch, and seeing his cock twitch. Caught in two minds, she quickly made a decision. The blinds were shut anyway for Frank not to have prying eyes looking at him, Sally moving to stand by his shoulders, slowly started undoing the buttons on the front of her outfit. Taking his hand and lifting it, she placed it into position.

“You can play Türkçe Altyazılı Porno with my tits for a bit instead,” she told him.

Frank’s hand squeezed gently, running across her bra and playing with both nipples, quickly getting fully erect, in turn. His touch was gentle yet firm, just enough pressure on each nipple to send little shocks of pleasure running through her body. Frank was grunting more, and Sally looked down the bed to see his cock, now fully erect, the head dark purple and looking like it was going to burst. Looking back at him, his eyes darted down the bed. Was he trying to tell her something? Suddenly it clicked.

“You want relieving?” Sally asked.

Frank grunted again. Sally looked around the room quickly, nobody could see in. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she moved down and tried to wrap her hands around his cock, stroking him slowly. She rubbed his pre-cum along his shaft, making it slippy, then paused. She pulled the outfit from her shoulders and removed her bra. She held her 38D tits towards Frank.

“You like them?” she asked.

Frank grunted, a hint of a smile on his face. Sally took a deep breath, and wrapped her tits around his cock, squeezing them around it, wanking him into her cleavage. She could feel the veins rub along the inner part of her tits, now wet and slippy from his pre-cum. She moved quicker, Frank grunting more, his hand on her shoulder now, and then he came.

Sally jumped as he shot his first spurt, she’d been looking down and it hit her on the chin, the rest spraying across her neck and onto her tits. She stood back, semen running down Frank’s cock and hanging from Sally’s nipples.

“We’re both gonna need cleaning up now,” she giggled.

Using her fingers she scooped up his semen from her body, a bit at a time, slurping it down her throat as she watched Frank’s reaction. She cleaned him up and then kissed him on the forehead.

“See you tomorrow,” she whispered.

Taylor messaged her the next morning asking how she was, Sally told her about Frank. Not everything of course, but she did mention how big he was.

“Send me pics!” Taylor messaged.

“No, he might be your future step-dad!” Sally sent back, laughing emojis also.

She quickly ran and got a tape measure, putting it against her arm from the elbow to her hand.

“About thirteen inches erect,” Sally messaged her.

“Fuck sake Mum, he’ll split you in two if it’s that big!” Taylor sent back, laughing, “I definitely want a picture even if he might be my future step-dad, hell I may even leave Corey and move back home then,” she continued.

Sally went and did a bit of shopping, having enough time before she had to get ready for work. She kept thinking about Taylor’s words, about how big Frank was. She hadn’t thought about it despite the tit wank, but could she fuck him? Would it be far too big for her?

She’d known when she got home and removed her underwear how wet she’d been, her gusset was wet and sticky from her excitement. Quickly she shook her head. He was a patient, she shouldn’t be thinking about that. Getting home and putting the shopping away she noticed she’d bought two cucumbers. she knew she’d picked a few up before selecting one, but hadn’t realised why she’d put two in.

She put one in the fridge, two wouldn’t fit. She held the other cucumber in her hand, looking at it. She imagined it was Frank’s cock, it was about the same width after all. She looked at the clock, she had an hour before having to leave. She had to go upstairs to change anyway, and the cucumber wasn’t going to be much good if not kept in the fridge.

Sally rushed upstairs, stripping off and throwing her clothes on the floor. The cucumber was wrapped, and she rubbed it along her pussy. It was cool to the touch having been in a fridge at the supermarket. Sliding it along it was soon wet enough, lying on her back Sally started to push it in. Her pussy gripped tightly as she slowly and surely eased a little more into herself each time until it was getting too much. She put a finger on the edge of her pussy, marking the cucumber, and then pulled it out. Checking the mark against her arm, she’d managed around eight inches.

Sally gasped. If it had been Frank’s cock, she’d taken a little over half of it only. Trying a different angle, she pushed her mattress up and placed the cucumber sticking right up, the mattress and the bed frame keeping it in place now. She took some lube out of her bedside table, smothered the cucumber, and then turned her back to the bed. Putting a hand behind her to make sure the cucumber was in place, she put her hands on the bed behind herself and lowered herself down.

She took a little more each time, lowering then raising herself, bracing each time it seemed too far, then trying again. Eventually, she felt her arse touch the mattress. She stopped still for a second, her pussy fuller than ever before, and then started to ride the cucumber. Each time she lowered she touched Brazzers the mattress until she could ride faster. Pausing she put a hand down and marked the cucumber so she could measure again later. For now, she needed to cum.

She rode again, her arse now pushing the mattress down too, and reached around to play with her clit, Stopping with her arse on the mattress, pussy full of cucumber, her hand blurred on her clit. She came hard, her pussy contracting on the cucumber, squeezing it, her body shaking violently, her legs giving way as she toppled forward onto the floor, the cucumber breaking off, most of still impaled in her.

Sally panicked then, but there was enough that she could grip and remove it. Checking the mark she measured, eleven inches. Close enough she thought. The cucumber was going to have to be thrown away now she laughed to herself. Then mild panic hit her again, she had to leave in ten minutes. She quickly threw on her uniform, with no time to shower she quickly used tissues to wipe herself down and plastered herself in deodorant.

The other nurses were laughing about something when she went in to leave her belongings, she didn’t know what about. She took no notice, said hello to a couple of them, and then went on her way. Nobody had noticed she had her phone on her. She went into Frank later and said hello to him.

“Hello, and thank you,” a male voice said.

“Frank! you can talk again, that’s great,” Sally said, “Do any of the doctors know?”

“No, don’t tell anyone just yet, please,” Frank said, “I really did mean thank you, you’ve been very kind, nobody else has.”

“Maybe nobody else has seen your massive cock,” Sally blurted out, blushing, “That’s not why I’ve been kind to you though, honest.”

Frank laughed, “It doesn’t always impress everyone, but why have you been so kind?” he asked.

“Well apart from it being my job, I felt a little sorry for you as some of the other nurses were mean behind your back, although after last night I might not have a job much longer,” Sally told him.

“Oh you don’t need to worry, I’m telling nobody, but do I get a special bedbath again to keep my mouth shut?” he laughed.

All while talking his hand had been stroking up and down her back. Sally bent forward and pecked him on the cheek. She took his hand and placed it onto her nylon-clad thigh.

“Maybe better than last night,” she smirked.

Frank moved his hand slowly up her leg, then felt her stocking top. He looked straight into Sally’s eyes as his hand moved onto bare flesh, Sally closed her eyes as his hand found her thong, only just covering her arsehole. Frank’s eyes opened wide. Sally had undone his gown by now, cleaning his face and chest and drying them off. She twisted to do the bottom half, his erection already in view.

“Already? Someone’s eager,” Sally laughed.

“You’re beautiful,” Frank answered, his finger sliding under the thong and finding her clit.

“I have a quick question, I’ll take off the thong if I can take a quick picture of your cock, just for me honest,” Sally told him.

Frank laughed.

“Sounds like a good deal,” he muttered.

Sally stood and slid the thong down her legs, kicking it off her ankles and sliding it into her suspender belt, where her phone had been concealed. She took out the phone but took a selfie of herself with Frank, both of their faces in the shot. She made a mental note to take a better one when his bandages had been removed. Frank’s hand had moved to her heavy tits now, so Sally undid the outfit and pulled down one bra cup, taking another selfie with Frank squeezing her tit.

Undoing the bra she took it off and placed it and her thong in the far corner of the room away from the door. She lifted a foot onto the bed and took another picture, her pussy already wet as she posed herself. She moved down the bed, taking a selfie of her head and Frank’s cock, longer than her head. She took another quick one with her lips close to it, looking like she was about to kiss it.

Suddenly she flinched, Frank’s finger lodged between her thighs had found its way into her pussy. Her mouth opened as she gasped, her lips sliding around his shaft as her finger slipped and she took another picture. Frank worked his finger in and out as best he could.

“It’s only fair I help you to cum tonight too,” Frank said.

Sally wasn’t going to argue, despite cumming before she’d set out. Frank continued trying to finger her but his arm soon got tired. Sally turned, leaned his arm along the bed and told him to stick out three fingers and keep his arm still. She backed onto his fingers, sliding them into her pussy, groaning louder than she’d wanted to. She pushed backwards while reaching out and grabbing his erection. She stroked him at the same pace as she rode his fingers. Despite cumming earlier, she could feel her stomach churning.

Moaning loudly again she came, her juices flooding down Frank’s hand and all over the floor. Her body shook but Frank’s fingers still inside her kept her standing. She leaned forward a little more, teasing her tongue along his shaft. About a minute later Frank grunted and came, Sally squeezing the base of his cock as tight as she could, rivers of semen flowing down his shaft and over her hands. Turning to him, she greedily lapped it all up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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