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If These Walls Could Talk

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If These Walls Could Talk

As David entered the house he could hear the vacuum cleaner. He smiled and put the booze box he was carrying on the kitchen counter. He stuck his head around the corner and was rewarded with the sight of his wife’s beautiful ass swaying back and forth as she pushed the vacuum across the living room carpet. She was dressed in her usual house cleaning outfit of Daisy Duke shorts and a crop top T shirt and no shoes. Seeing her like this always turned David on because he knew that for some unknown reason she never wore underwear or a bra when she cleaned.

The reason he had been carrying a box of liquor was they were hosting a party that evening. It was a promotion party for Sue, his sister in law. She had just been promoted to Head of Sales for her company.

It was a nice step up from top salesperson to running the whole department. David’s wife Judy thought it was well deserved based on Sue’s selling abilities. David thought it was well deserved by her ability at fucking her boss. He had no proof of this but from the looks he had seen them share he had his suspicions.

Not his problem to deal with thank god. His sister in law’s husband Glen was a well meaning idiot. The typical nice guy who’s wife cheats on him. David was thinking now that Sue had her dream job it wouldn’t be long before she gave Glen his walking papers. It was too bad but at least they didn’t have any kids. They were in their early thirties and had only been married five years. They got along, they just didn’t seem like they belonged together.

Those two were nothing like his wife and he were. David and Judy had been high school sweethearts that had married three weeks after graduation. Their first girl had been born ten months later. Their son came eleven months later and the baby was a year later. David had gotten clipped after they found out about number three. He used to joke that they had finally figured out what was causing all these children.

It was hard to believe but their oldest had just turned eighteen. She was a very attractive slightly larger version of her mother. She had started dating at fourteen but they had never worried about her doing something stupid. They had always been open and honest with her about sex, drugs, dating and the cold cruel world in general. He was confident that she was still a virgin. He was sure that Ashley would come home and wake them up in the middle of the night with a trumpet fanfare and the news that she had lost her cherry.

He roused himself with a shake of the head and went to the huge monthly planner on the kitchen wall. He had remembered correctly that the two younger kids were riding the bus and staying with friends tonight. Ashley had a Yearbook meeting until 5 pm and then come home to change and go out on a date with her boyfriend.

That gave him half an hour for a little fun before it was time to get ready for the party. He quickly took off his clothes and piled them on the counter next to the booze. He peeked around the corner and when his wife had her back turned he walked up behind her and grabbed her by the waist. She jumped and turned and he caught her in mid air and kissed her.

“Damn you David one of these days I am going to die of a heart attack,” she scolded him smiling and turning off the vac.

He just smiled, knowing that she liked to be surprised like that.

“So you took off all your clothes so they wouldn’t get dirty while you helped me clean, right?” she asked.

“I cannot tell a lie. Well I can but, I’m not going to in this case. What I had in mind was peeling off those shorts and bending you over the back of the couch.”

“I see,” she said seriously, “and was I going to have any say in this nefarious scheme of yours?”

“Oh yes of course my dear, you can either help in my ravishing of your body or you can fight me and I will still ravish your body, we’ll just work up more of a sweat. Your choice of course.”

“Naturally my choice, you’re too good to me. I really would like a long drawn out spank my ass red session but we really don’t have time to do it properly,” she said as she unsnapped her shorts and started the process of skinning them off her firm ass.

For the ten millionth time David thanked his lucky stars that his wife liked to fool around, role play and enjoy a little light bondage at the drop of a hat. Their sex life was as new and exciting today as it had been the first time they laid eyes on each other.

She was in fact dressed much the same as she had been on that Halloween night nearly twenty years ago. He remembered how his life had changed the night he met Judy. David had always been a loner growing up, not because he was shy or nerdy, but because he didn’t have time to hang out like other kids. His family lived on a hobby farm on the edge of town. His dad also had a locksmith shop in town. Between the two places David was kept pretty busy.

He had one good friend whose father owned the beer and wine making store next to the locksmith Escort bayan shop. This friend had talked both of their fathers into giving them Halloween night off. He had somehow also gotten an invite to the best costume party in town. David went as a hayseed farmer. All it required was wearing a clean set of his normal farm work clothes and to wipe the cow shit off his boots.

They had been at the party an hour or so and he had lost his friend in the crowd somewhere. David had wandered through the house and backyard talking to the people he knew. There were quite a few people he didn’t know, but that was not unusual. They had two high schools in town and they were huge rivals so the kids didn’t commonly hang out together except for a party like this. He was making his way through the living room on his way to grab another soda when an argument broke out between a boy and girl sitting on the couch. A girl wearing a slutty farmer’s daughter costume was trying to break free from a skinny guy in a Batman costume. He finally told her if she didn’t sit down he was going to take her home and come back alone.

She started laughing hysterically and picked up a heavy glass ashtray from the coffee table in front of them and hit the guy on the head three times before David jumped in and got it away from her. She screamed at him to mind his own business and he pushed her back onto the couch and looked at Batman. The guy was nearly out of it and had blood coming from under his hood. The girl started to get up and David pushed her back down and said, “Stay.”

David looked around the room then called loudly, “Who is this guy and is anyone responsible for him?”

That drew some people from the kitchen. One of the newcomers said, “Oh shit, what the hell happened? I got him, hey buddy, um it’s David isn’t it? Give me a hand getting him to the car would ya?”

David nodded and took one arm and helped get the victim into a car. He went back in the house to find his friend and tell him he had had enough excitement and was taking off. As he walked through the living room he was attacked by the small slutty farm girl. She had given up on the ashtray and had found one of those miniature souvenir bats they used to give away on fan appreciation night at the Twins games.

He couldn’t really understand what she was mad about but it had something to do with him either abusing her or ignoring her, perhaps both. She took two swings that he dodged and then he took one on the bicep while moving in to get the bat from her. He had her in a bear hug and she was still trying to bite and kick him.

It had worked before so he tried it again, “Does anybody know who this psycho is and claim responsibility for her?” The only responses he got were laughs and a ‘you’re on your own man’.

“Miss you need to calm down so I can let you go. I’m not going to let you hit me again so you’ve got to relax and we can talk about it, OK?”

He felt her relax her body and he slowly released her. As soon as he opened his arms she stomped on his foot and put an elbow into his gut. David was slow to anger, you have to have patience working with animals, but he had been pushed as far as he was going to be. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the floor. He kept his head back and was glad he did when she tried to head butt him. He carried her down the hall and into an unoccupied bedroom. He set her on her feet then as he released her he kicked her feet out from under her. She went to the floor in a heap. He sat on the bed and reaching down grabbed her by the arm and dragged her over his lap. He hooked one leg around her flailing ones and started spanking her. At first she just screamed and tried to get away then, she started rubbing her crotch against his leg and moaning.

David was so surprised he stopped spanking her. She wiggled her little fanny around and started whining for him not to stop. He was in shock, she actually wanted him to spank her. She struggled to get off his lap and stand up so he warily let her go. When she was on her feet she unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and wiggling her hips got them over her butt and down her legs. She had on a cherry red thong that she peeled off also. She pulled her top off exposing her braless little breasts and then naked, crawled back onto his lap. She settled herself comfortably then looked over her shoulder at him.

“Is there something wrong with you? I mean mentally? Did you escape from the State Hospital? One minute you are trying to kill me, now you want me to spank you, presumably because you like it.”

“Yep that’s all true. You do a good job of making me come from a spanking and I’ll let you fuck me. And you will spank me till I come and then fuck my hot red ass won’t you? So who’s the crazy one here?”

The only answer he could think of was to start warming her ass to a hot red orgasm. After she came to a screaming kicking orgasm she remained on his lap, slowing rubbing her crotch on his legs.

“Rub my hot buns gently to take Bayan Escort away the heat from treating me so nicely,” she ordered him.

She lay there cooing and softly moaning as he soothed her bright red ass cheeks. After she was satisfied with his ministrations she got shakily to her feet.

“Get on your feet farm boy so’s I can shuck them overalls off’n y’all, cause I’m a fixin’ to fuck ya to death,” she drawled in her best Southern accent.

He shook his head and got to his feet. David unbuckled the straps and she got his overalls off while he took his shirt off. When he was naked she pushed him back onto the bed. She climbed aboard with no preliminaries and rode him until they both came.

Lying there afterward he asked her what the deal was with Batman and then him.

“I am a strong minded girl but I need an even stronger man. He has to be able to take charge. I was testing Batman to see if he was boyfriend material. The answer is obviously no. When you pushed me back onto the couch to check on him I knew you had potential. So when you came back in I tested you a little more.”

“Yeah well, you could have broken my foot stomping on it like that.”

“Oh please, it hurts worse when a cow steps on you and I bet that happens once a month.”

“How do you know about me and cows?”

“Mostly from all the girls in the lunchroom and locker-room talking about you.”

“Talking about me? What do they have to talk about, I never talk to anyone.”

“Well dummy, that’s what they talk about. They all want to be with the strong silent type.”

“Yeah well, Gary Cooper I ain’t.”

“Who are you talking about, I never heard of him. Is he a famous athlete?”

“Old time actor, High Noon, Sergeant York, Pride of the Yankees?” he asked. She just shook her head no.

“Anyway, the girls talk about you living on a farm and how you must be strong, make fast hard decisions, do a man’s work, all that kind of thing. So when I saw you here I decided to see how much of a take charge kinda guy you were. You handled yourself well. I’ve seen you in school but we’ve never had a class together for some reason.”

“So, do I pass inspection?”

“I’m not sure,” she said getting on her hands and knees, “fuck me from behind and I’ll let you know. I’m Judy by the way.”

They had been together since that night and he never regretted a minute of their lives.

“You see anything you like?” his wife asked bringing him back to the present. She was bent over the back of the couch with her ass and pussy on display.

“Yes, I believe I do see something I’d like to try out.”

He walked up behind her and with no preliminaries entered her pussy. She was always wet and ready for him. Especially when they were having sex somewhere besides their bed. The riskier the behavior, the wetter she got. He got his cock coated with her juices and pulled out. He rubbed his wet cock over her asshole and then centered it.

“Oh yes,” she squealed reaching back to spread her butt cheeks open, “I love an afternoon ass fuck. Give it to me David.”

He followed his wife’s instructions and pounded her deep and hard but with a slow rhythm. When he could tell by her moans that she was close he reached out and took a hold of her shoulders and crammed his cock as deep as it would go in her tight asshole. That was all it took and she screamed out her orgasm. David sped up and was running hard for the finish line.

“Don’t come in me, I don’t want it leaking out of me all night. Let me go so you can come in my mouth or on my face.”

David did not slow down and soon he shot into his wife’s hot ass. He slowed and made sure he got every drop inside her. As he pulled his cock from her ass he said, “Oops, sorry babe,” He went to his knees behind her and glued his lips to her anal orifice and started sucking. When he had what felt like his entire load in his mouth he pulled back from Judy’s ass. She turned and went down to the floor. He kissed her, opening his mouth and sharing his cum until it was gone.

They knelt there hugging and kissing and enjoying the afterglow of their coupling. David stood up with a grunt and helped Judy to her feet. They retrieved their clothes and holding hands went up to shower and get ready for the party.

“Explain to me again why we have to go early and help your sister set up a party in your honor,” complained Glen.

“Oh come on Glen, I wanted a promotion party. What, were you going to do it? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Helping get the food out and get everything organized is a small price to pay. So be a good boy and shut up and maybe I’ll find time to suck you off tonight. You want to come in the mouth of the Head of Sales honey?”

“I would like that, it seems like we are always too busy or tired to do anything anymore.”

“This new job is mine now and it will mean more time together, fewer sales trips, fewer night meetings, hopefully no weekend meetings.”

“I’ll believe that when I see it, but I do look Escort forward to it.”

They parked in back of the house and carried the last minute things they had picked up into the kitchen. Sue yelled and heard a faint shout from upstairs. She set her things on the kitchen table and told Glen she was going upstairs to check on Judy.

“Well the most important things are right here,” he said pointing to the box of liquor. “I’ll get the bar set up in the living room, go on up.”

Sue came down before Glen had the bar organized.

“That was quick,” he commented giving his wife’s ass a squeeze.

“They were just getting ready to jump in the shower,” Sue said and then laughed, “I think we almost caught them fucking, they sure looked fresh fucked anyway.”

“Speaking of getting some fresh stuff,” her husband hinted rubbing his hand over his crotch.

“Oh that sounds wicked, giving you head while my sister is upstairs in the shower.”

“Where do you want to do this dirty deed?” he said picking up the liquor box and heading for the kitchen. He put the empty box on the back steps and came back in and found his wife looking over the table in the dining room. It had a floor length white cloth and silver candle sticks with a silver bowl full of fresh flowers.

She turned and moved close to Glen putting her hand on his belt and unbuckling it. She smiled at him as she sank to her knees and continued the task of getting his pants and underwear to the floor. His cock was sticking straight out and bobbing up and down in anticipation. She ran both hands over his cock and balls and quickly took the head in her mouth and started licking it. She had worked about half of his length into her mouth when the doorbell rang. It startled them both and they froze like deer in the headlights until they heard a female voice call out that she would get it.

Thinking quickly Glen pulled table cloth up and pushed Sue under the table. He followed and just had time to get the table cloth back down when they heard Amber rush by on her way to the door. Sue started giggling and Glen kissed her to keep her quiet. When that didn’t quite work he pushed her to her belly and stuck his cock in her mouth. She whispered that he was wicked and started sucking him deep into her mouth.

They heard the front door open and close then voices coming into the dining room. A young male voice said, “Wow, you were right, this is a fancy spread. So where is the food, I’m hungry?”

“It’s to early to put the food out. If you’re really hungry suck on this,” Amber replied.

The couple under the table could hear some very sloppy sounding kisses. This seemed to excite Sue even more and she had Glen’s cock buried in her mouth and her tongue was out licking his balls. It was getting harder and harder to keep their activities quiet but they soon got a break.

“Oh god that feels good, but we need to leave before my parents come down and start asking twenty questions.”

“You got that right, c’mon.”

Sue kept up her silent efforts until they heard the door close. They both let out loud moans and Sue came off Glen’s cock long enough to tell him to come straight down her throat and fill her stomach.

“I thought I was going to come with your niece making out with her boyfriend two feet away. God that was hot, suck me deep you slut, I have a load of cum for you to swallow.”

“Oh yeah I can make some noise to help you now. Give it to me,” she said making gurgling noises as his cock filled her throat. It worked and she used her throat muscles to milk him dry.

They laid under the table kissing and making out like the younger couple had moments ago. Laughing, they crawled out from under the table and straightened out their clothes. Glen took his wife in his arms and kissed her, thanking her for a great time. He swatted her on the ass and told her to get busy setting up. He went out to the garage to make sure they had enough beer on ice in the old galvanized washtub they always used at parties.

When he came back in his wife was helping Judy and David put the finishing touches on the preparations. The doorbell rang a few minutes later and soon everyone was there drinking, eating and talking.

Judy and Sue came from a game playing family and they soon had everyone gathered in the living room laughing hilariously at the lack of drawing skills displayed while playing Pictionary. Ron soon dropped out saying he was a little too drunk for playing a game.

He got up and made his way to the bar but found the ice all melted. He picked up the bowl and went to the kitchen to refill it. He dumped the water in the sink and turned to the freezer almost braining one of Sue’s coworkers with the bowl.

“Jeez are you OK?” Ron asked slurring his words a bit.

“Yes, I think so,” the young lady replied smiling, “I’m sorry I forgot your name, I’m Beth.”

“I know your name is Beth, I never forget the name of a beautiful woman. I’m David’s brother Ron.”

“What you are is a silver-tongued devil.”

“Who told you about my tongue and what I can do with it?” he asked smiling down at her.

“Sue said I was supposed to be careful around you, she didn’t say why though.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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