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Ifs, Ands, or Butts

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There it was. Damn it, I thought. She had broken our deal. We were both supposed to sacrifice something for our relationship for each other. That was the agreement. She was supposed to quit smoking, which was a harmful, expensive habit, yet there was the evidence, staring me in the face. There was the ashtray, out in the open, with a cigarette butt still releasing smoke. In return, I had agreed to monogamy, to swearing off all other partners. Did she not think that she’d get caught, or was she really that hooked on the cancer sticks, in spite of the alternatives?

Well, one thing was clear. The deal was off! She was gonna have to deal with me fucking around again, because she didn’t keep her word, so I was released from mine! I was never inclined to monogamy, it was against my nature, but I had sacrificed my sexual freedom to try to get her to give up her slavery to nicotine. What did I get in return for that? Her betrayal! That bitch! I was doing this for her, for us! Yep, it was time to hit up one of my old booty calls and leave some “evidence” behind for her!

Oh, now, in case I have you totally confused or wondering, let me introduce myself. I’m Paul Wilkins, age 42, twice divorced, hard-drinking, hard-working, pagan as fuck, dye-in-the-wool lover of womankind (just not in love with their bitchy side, they can leave that at the door). No, I didn’t marry this girl. I’d learned that lesson already. In fact, I was free of alimony only by the grace of my own cleverness in matchmaking both of my ex-wives with evidently happy new spouses (second wife turned out to be gay, so that was even easier than the first). I wasn’t about to fall into that trap again.

I really didn’t want to do monogamy again, either, but Jessamine Knight is an insanely jealous woman, or has been at times, and she offered to quit smoking if I agreed to a totally monogamous relationship. She was probably hoping for marriage someday, but she hadn’t said that aloud, at least. Thank the Gods for that, at least (Eros and Aphrodite immediately come to mind). Monogamy was bad enough without adding the further shackles and indignities of the sinister institution of unholy matrimony (besides, I’m a heathen, so I don’t do church). It was contrary to my nature, but I had made one last, futile attempt at it for her, and she couldn’t even give up a habit that was going to kill her someday?

So, anyway, Jessie, as I called her, was going to have to face the new reality of our relationship, or else she would have to kiss my ass goodbye. She was a very sensual, very enjoyable lady overall, but I was tired of putting up with her jealous outbursts when she couldn’t even keep to her end of the deal. She would have to put up or shut up now, wouldn’t she? Oh, and if it turned out that she had been cheating AND smoking, well, that would be the mother of all “burn the bitch situations,” wouldn’t it?

Hands shaking between my nerves and my anger, I dialed Tricia, an ex-girlfriend who had been my primary lover, mistress, paramour, whatever, during my second marriage (especially once the sex had dried up for obvious reasons). She had promised me that if I ever wanted some action again, she was always available for it. I didn’t know if she still meant it, but I was about to find out. We had only broken it off when I committed to the deal with Jessie, but since that deal was off the table, it was time to test Tricia’s promise.

“Paul? Is that you?” I heard Tricia’s lovely, sexy voice on the phone, full of anticipation and lust.

“Yep, that’s me. How are you, babe?” I asked the sexy blonde that I hadn’t spoken to in ages, trying to break the ice.

“A lot better now that I’ve heard from you. I’m tickled pink, honey. You want some booty?” Tricia got right to the point.

“Wow, you really cut to the chase, don’t you? Look, I probably should have kept closer ties with you, but I was trying to be faithful to my girlfriend for once, given our deal. I knew that if I saw you, there was a pretty good chance that I’d be tempted to try and see if your promise still held. To say nothing of whether or not you might be married or dating or something yourself,” I confessed.

“So, what’s changed, then? I don’t mind, honestly. I know what this means. It means that you didn’t trust yourself to be faithful to your girlfriend around me, which means that I’m that fucking sexy to you, right? What if I am married? I am, in fact, but that’s not an obstacle to getting some of this if you want it. You can still have it. I made a promise and I won’t break it. Anytime that you want it, it’s yours, any or all of my holes, in fact. One Paul Wilkins has every right to take what he wants and I’ll never refuse him. Never!” Tricia admitted aloud that she was mine for the asking.

“Well, I mean, a woman who made me that kind of offer, who is that into me? That’s super sexy, if you ask me. As to what’s changed, well, I caught her smoking. Our deal required her to quit if I was going to be faithful to her, plain and simple. It’s just bursa escort how it is. So, now I’m released from the constraints of monogamy, legitimately, per the terms of our own pact. I see no reason to avoid taking you up on that offer, unless you have qualms about cheating on your husband, since I suppose that some might say that your wedding vows supersede your commitment to put out for me,” I was brutally frank with Tricia.

“The wedding vows are no issue, because I let hubby know going in that I wasn’t the faithful kind of bride. We never put the words ‘forsaking all others’ in our vows, because we both knew that it was a lie. To be honest, I made sure to weed out any jealous types from consideration. I wasn’t about to marry, unless it was to a man who could let me keep my word. I wasn’t going to renege on my promise to you, honey. I mean, really, if I wasn’t going to let your marital status get in the way of some good, hard fucking, why should I let mine? I’d be the worst sort of hypocrite if I did,” Tricia reassured me, “no, honey, you want some of this, come and get it!”

“That sounds fantastic … your place or mine?” I gave her the choice.

“Mine, if that’s okay with you. I don’t want a vase to the head in case your girlfriend gets all jealous and angry with me. Herb, on the other hand, won’t object at all, as long as I fuck him right afterward. His motive is the sloppy seconds. A creampie, but not eating it, believe it or not, just the squishy feeling in the twat after another man’s just fucked me, or even other girls. I even gave him the gift of a freshly fucked woman for his bachelor party, in the form of my bridesmaid Denise, not to mention a buttered bun for the wedding night after I took on his best man, Joe.

“It was part of our understanding. He’s allowed to fuck other women, but only if they’ve just been with another man, bareback, too. He’s not allowed to use a condom and they can’t have had the other man use one, either. That’s how HE wanted the deal structured. It was his idea to limit his own extramarital fun to another man’s leavings. He doesn’t like to watch. He doesn’t like to eat another man’s cum. He just wants to sink his cock in after the fact. The more cum you leave behind, the better. And here’s the real kicker, I’m super fertile right now, but he doesn’t want me on the Pill! He wants some, how do we put it, uncertainty as to the paternity,” Tricia giggled at that part.

“Oh, fuck, that is hot, to leave some extra lube for another man to use for fucking you, and to knowingly fuck another man’s wife! I’ll be right over, if that’s okay with you! I’m quite eager to leave something behind for him!” I chuckled, eliciting a snicker from Tricia, too.

“Yeah, honey, come and get it, and don’t worry, I plan to keep you in my bed a lot in the future. Maybe you can fuck Jessie sometime and entice her to give Herb some sloppy seconds from her cunt, too!” Tricia encouraged my very fantasies about that.

“I think that she would yield to that, eventually, if it meant that she could smoke after sex! I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the frustration. She misses the after-sex cigarette. Apparently, nicotine has her enslaved, so I went about this the wrong way. Instead of being faithful so that she’d quit, I should have selfishly used her habit to get me plenty of strange. Silly me! I think that’s what she really wanted me to do, deep down, but she didn’t dare to admit it!” I smirked as I freshened up a bit and left a note for Jessie.

“Dear Jessie, don’t wait up. Since you broke our agreement, I’m getting me a fine piece of ass! A married one, too! Hubby’s cool with it. Maybe you should learn from him. Love, Paul,” the little message explained.

I sent Tricia a picture text of the note and she sent me a heart, a kiss, and an “lol” emoji. I drove in a hurry to get to Tricia’s place, and it was thankfully not in a lot of traffic. However, I also grabbed some pizza and beer on the way there, wanting to further ingratiate myself with man and wife alike. Despite Herb’s apparent willingness to share his good fortune with me, I wanted to start things off on a high note. I figured that beer and pizza were an excellent opening gambit for me.

I also brought Tricia flowers, message being that just because she was apparently my slut, didn’t mean that I thought less of her for being so, or that sluts (or slut wives, for that matter) somehow didn’t need a little token of affection now and then. I wondered how she would react to that. I needn’t have doubted. Tricia met me at the door with a very wet, sloppy, brazen tongue kiss (it turned out that she wasn’t discreet at all and her neighbors were well aware of her slutdom). She smelled minty fresh, which made me think that perhaps she had just blown her husband or something and washed out her mouth. I wouldn’t put it past her, not that I minded.

“Damn, girlie, something’s got you in the mood, eh!” I kissed her fiercely, not holding back on her account, not if she evidently didn’t bursa escort mind.

“Well, there’s this … and this … and then the fact that I just got done sucking Herb’s cock … and his buddy Jim’s. Yummy. Yeah, we allow soft swing, too. No need for sloppy seconds for that. They both just left, as it happens, to go fuck Jim’s wife Diane together. She asked me as a favor to suck their dicks to give them better self-control, so I gladly did. It helped make me even hornier, too, so it’s a win for you as well. It’s a Saturday, so a great day for fucking around, right? Herbie’s favorite, though not only, lovers are married women, especially the wives of certain like-minded friends, ones less likely to have STDs or mind if he knocks someone up. Plus, it’s very easy to get sloppy seconds from another man’s wife,” Tricia encouraged my lust for her.

“Wow, Diane sounds hot, too! Is she a … hot wife, then, in more ways than one?” I laughed as I made out with Tricia, she closed the front door, and I began to undress her.

“Oh, God, is she ever? She’s even eaten my pussy and ass now and then, and yes, I’ve eaten hers, too. Both pussy and ass! And she likes to lick my legs, too, for some reason, smears honey on them and licks her way up to my booty and my twat! But, yeah, she loves to fuck around, though she’s not the jealous kind of hot wife. If Jim wants some strange, he can have it, too, on one condition. They have to be married, so they won’t be as likely to steal him away from her. He can only screw married women, if you will. That’s their deal and it works for them, just as mine works for me,” Tricia egged me on as I started kissing my way slowly and lovingly down her back.

“Like this, baby?” I teased her, fondling her flesh as I went down the length of her body.

“Yes, and the flowers … very nice. And the beer and pizza. I think that Herbie’s gonna love that when he gets back from fucking Diane with Jim. You should fuck Diane, too. Jim’s only rule for her is that he has to be there, so he can watch. That’s part of their little understanding, their arrangement. He can only do married ladies and she can only do other people when he’s watching her. She’d love a piece of this,” Tricia said as she knelt for me and started unzipping my pants to free my dick for her mouth.

“Would she, now? Nice to know. For now, though, it’s time to get on with our little adventure, wouldn’t you agree to that, baby?” I suggested, as Tricia began sucking me in earnest.

I found myself very engrossed in the act of fucking Tricia’s face, while she gazed at me with adoring, soft, baby blue eyes. She licked the head of my cock whenever she got the chance and played with my balls, too. It wasn’t just head, it was the full Tricia fellatrix experience, full-on, hardcore cock worship. She didn’t hold back at all, and I tried to fight off my release, but the more I did so, the more Tricia kept sucking and licking me, kept fondling my testes. That woman was bound and determined to bring things to a head, and so she did, as I erupted in her mouth at last and she swallowed what she could, licking her lips afterward.

“Delicious!” Tricia exclaimed, “I fucking love your salty cum!”

“Damn, woman, what was I thinking, giving you up! You’re hot firecracker, girlie!” I told her as I began making with her and she all but dragged me to the marriage bed.

“I want to fuck here! I want you to fuck me, hard, bareback, on my marriage bed! I want you to plow me and make me sleep on the wet spot! Take me from behind, too, please!” Tricia urged me, undressing in a rush to get me hot and bothered.

“You miss the D, baby girl?” I teased her.

“No, this is not D, this is C, as in cock, a fully grown man’s penis! I’m a slut for this cock and don’t ever doubt it! I’ve wanted this cock back in my life so bad that it hurts! I’ll do things for and to you and your sweet cock that are banned in a hundred countries! It’s been torment, staying away from this cock, baby! Don’t ever deny it to me again, please! Don’t make me give it up again! Fuck me, good and hard, with it!” Tricia begged me as I did just that, ramming her from the back and swatting her lovely buns with my hands.

The combination of the bright red marks on Tricia’s ass, the way that she fucked me back as I took her that way, and the dripping wet pussy that she used to service my dick, all just plain had me fucking her hard in minutes. That must be a record for me and she knew it. She turned her head just enough to wink at me and blow me kisses with her lovely lips as she bucked her hips for our mutual delight. She licked her lips again and winked, too, as I plundered her pussy for the hell of it. The thought of putting a bun in her oven only made things hotter for me, of course.

“Damn it, Paul, this feels fucking awesome as always! You know what I need and you give it to me good!” Tricia told me, “I know what I need better than ever, too! I need Herbie’s lovin’, but I also need yours! I escort bayan need this cock and I need the way that you fuck me when you want it! I also need how he doesn’t judge me and just enjoys me as the slut that I am! Paul, please don’t ever drop me again! I beg you! Please keep me and take me whenever you like! I told you before that I’m always yours, and I meant it then … and I mean it now. I’m Herbie’s, too, though. I love it when you take me … and when he reclaims me.”

Tricia really started fucking me back even harder, now silently, though, as I thrust inside her, my actions telling her everything that she needed to know. Yes, I’d share her with Herbie, but she would definitely have to share me with Jessie, too. Neither of us were the other’s primary, but this didn’t cheapen our passion for each other in the slightest degree. We were going to take each other as we were, not as we thought that we should be or the other should be. We were going to love each other for the sluts that we were.

As I felt her creaming herself on me, I kissed the back of Tricia’s neck possessively, but without the same jealousy that even I sometimes felt. I let her know that she was mine, that I was hers, but that we each belonged to others, too, and ultimately to ourselves. We were going to live and love each other on our own terms, as two loving, passionate people who happened to have enough love to spread around and include others. As I came inside Tricia’s slippery, hot pussy, I slapped her lovely ass one more time to remind her who was in charge of our relationship, now more than ever.

“There, that’s a present for hubby, ain’t it? He can come and get his sloppy seconds whenever he’s ready for them. Don’t shower. Don’t douche. Let him soak his rod in our juices, in the essence of our love and give it his blessing with his own cum, just as he loves to do. Let him reclaim you, but remember that I’m just going to reclaim you myself in turn, and then he can do it again. Damn, this is fucking glorious, that we can be lovers and do as we please … both of us.

“Just remember that I will take you up on your offer … a lot. Prepare to be fucked even more than I used to fuck you. I have a lot of catching up to do! Though that’s my fault for agreeing to monogamy and dumping you. Also prepare for me to smell of Jessie’s twat when I do it half the time! You wanted to be at my beck and call, deal with the consequences!” I told Tricia, very commanding in my tone, not putting up with any mind games.

“Honey, that’s all that I’ve ever wanted, deep down. I just want to be your plaything and Herbie’s sex goddess at once! In case you haven’t figured it out, I wear the pants in my marriage, well, when anyone bothers to put pants on, that is. I love Herbie for what he is and vice versa. And I love you for what you are, too. I love that you’re dominant and aggressive with me. I love that Herbie is eager to prove himself to me, is a bit needy at times. And I absolutely love that you have another woman, at least now that she has to share you with me!” Tricia reassured me with a series of steamy kisses that left me breathless for a change.

“Alright, now, how about that pizza? And any other suggestions?” I spoke with some dark humor.

“Sure. Don’t forget Diane. I think that she’d love to bed you. Maybe you should marry Jessie if she agrees and let Jim fuck her now and then, too. Since he’s married, he’s less of a threat. If Jessie wants it, that is. If not, he’ll have to be content with the married women that he has,” Tricia licked her lips.

“It’s a thought, if Jessie and I ever wed, that is, and if Diane really wants some of this,” I shook my ass at Tricia, making her laugh in her playful, sexy manner.

Right then, my cell phone rang, and I picked it up, to hear Jessie sobbing on the other end, “Paul, honey, please come home! Please, please, don’t leave me! I’m sorry that I broke our deal, but I just couldn’t quit smoking! I need the cigarettes too much! I also need you! I’m sorry that I tried to change you, but you tried to change me, too! Can we … just say ‘fuck it’ to the deal and do what we really wanted to do in the first place? You fuck any girl that you wish and I smoke all that I can … and I’ll even take your sloppy seconds if I can smoke a cigarette afterward! Pretty please, let’s forget the deal and just do what feels good!”

“On one condition, babe,” I insisted with a wink for Tricia.

“Anything!” Jessie slurred her words, now audibly a bit hammered.

“Come to Tricia’s and Herbie’s house. 786 Waldron Lane. Wear only a black leather microskirt, a fishnet stocking top, and knee-high leather boots. Yes, dress nice and slutty. We’re going to hang out with my other girlfriend for a bit, you and I,” I instructed Jessie, adding, “take an Uber, since you’re in no shape to drive. I can tell that you’re a bit buzzed.”

“Yes, baby, I’ll be there! I love you to pieces!” Jessie declared, her tone of voice entirely sincere.

“I love you, too, baby girl. Come on and join us. It should be a real party, especially when Herbie returns. That’s Tricia’s husband. Maybe Jim and Diane will be there, too,” I dropped a strong hint to Tricia, who gave me two thumbs up and started texting (or was that sexting).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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