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Illicit Desires

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Illicit Desires

Victor knew that something had to change.

Things were good – at least on the outside. Things went on for the stallion, Victor Karmec, and his wife, Valeria Karmec, as well as they always had. He was independently wealthy and neither of them wanted for anything in life, the head of a bank that was set to merge with another bigger one, setting him up for even more wealth and status in his line of work. Being the head of finances too let him keep a close eye on what was going on daily and with the big picture too, his wife not needing to work anymore at their age and stage in life. He didn’t want her to put herself out, after all, after all that she had been through in her much younger years. New York was just the setting for a mare who could explore as she pleased, nothing at all barred to her in the realm of high society, her fingers and neck laden with jewels that she, once, had never imagined that she would ever be able to adore with her eyes, let alone wear and own for herself.

Sitting in their private limousine, the black stallion cradled a whisky that was, as yet, untouched in one paw, the white blaze on his face contrasting nicely with the otherwise dark hue of his coat, the suit a slightly different shade, denoting expense. Yet no expense was spared on the dressing of his wife either, Valeria clad in a floor-length gown that was cut a little higher in front to show off her hooves, polished and well-kept, the fabric needing no embellishments to carry out the quality of the material and the respectability of the designer.

Everything should have been perfect, her dark brown, bay coat shimmering with good health, a light dusting of shimmering powder teased into her fur, which was kept quite short so as not to lean into the trappings of winter and a thicker coat. She was dressed to the nines and her black mane hung in beautifully styled curls down the arch of her neck. Valeria was stunning, even after a night out. Yet, something was missing.

Pressing her lips together, she tried not to make it obvious, the curling of excitement teasing through her loins. It was tense, too tense, and the quiet whirr of the vehicle on the road, perfectly smooth, still seemed to send the tiniest of vibrations through her body. Nostrils flaring, she swallowed hard and half-twisted, making a pretence of staring out the window, but there was nothing happening on the late-night streets of New York that she had not seen before. There was nothing out there to distract her and no number of short, sharp breaths could sooth the sense of unease, the pounding need that was becoming more and more urgent with every passing second.

She could not go undetected. Valeria knew that and yet it was all part of the excitement in her, the guilty pleasure of need clawing at her soul. Her thighs pressed together and, still, she could not help but tease herself with the notion of releasing just a little bit of moisture from her bladder, the need to urinate too much for even her to bear.

Maybe things would have been better if she’d just gone before they’d left the event, what was called a party but had no sense of relaxation in it. If she had to be tense and on edge for things like that, it only made sense to her that she could take her own kinky pleasure through it one way or another. Victor wasn’t into it and, well…that didn’t seem to be any such reason for her to not indulge herself at least a little bit. She wasn’t going to go all the way with her fantasy: of course, not. It was just a little thing, such a little thing, a little thing to liven up her life a little, to make her feel as if her dirtiest and darkest sexual need and fantasy could actually be fulfilled, even if the mare was really only playing with herself.

Squirming in place, she clenched down, the wrong move. Though, still, she could not tell whether the patch of moisture in her expensive, designer (it was always a designer brand with Victor) panties was from the risk of spilling her bladder completely or her sexual arousal making itself known in the most delightful of ways.

With the lights of the city flashing across her elegant muzzle through the limousine window, Victor’s eyes latched onto her and, with a great force of will, she made herself meet them.

“What’s on your mind, dear?”

He started, ears twitching as if he hadn’t expected her to raise the question first.

“Erm…” He floundered, flustered with himself. “Nothing… You seemed a little, ah, uncomfortable. Is your stomach feeling alright?”

Chuckling lightly under her breath, Valeria smiled, however tense and pained it was. That line of tightness, of course, had nothing to do with Victor. On the edge of having an accident, it was all she could do to stay still, every inch of her skin crawling with the desire to let kırklareli escort it all go, needing to release her bladder and, still, needing to hold back from the wicked humiliation of it all. Not in front of her husband!

Victor frowned and she knew that she had to answer.

“Yes, I’m quite well, it’s only been a long night and I’m looking forward to bed.”

Her smile eased his mind but only for a moment as her hoof jigged. As much as the mare tried and tired, there was nothing she could do to stop it. The burning, ‘wet’ need in the pit of her stomach clawing up into her guts, sinking fangs into her intestines, the churning akin to nausea and yet something entirely different. She could cross her legs as much as she liked but, alas, she still had to go, had to relieve herself, gasping and letting out the tiniest moan as she leaned back, tongue pushing out over her bottom lip.


And then her husband was by his side, paws fluttering uselessly around her, for he didn’t know what she needed, what he needed to do for her. What was wrong? She wouldn’t tell him! Oh, he’d known that something just wasn’t right with her but, like the fool he was, he just hadn’t listened to his gut! What could he do? An unwell mare in the back of his limousine, as much as he cared for her, simply wasn’t something that he was prepared to deal with!

“Oh… Victor, Victor… I’m so sorry!” She whimpered, eyes hazy with what came off as pain. “I… I thought it’d be… Ohhh…”

Yet the moan that burst from her lips was entirely sexual in nature, one fantasy after the other that she had never been able to live out crossing her mind. Victor rubbed her shoulders, tried to soothe her, told her that everything was going to be alright, but little did he know how he was pushing and gently supporting her into just the wrong position, the pressure on her bladder absolutely immense beyond all compare. Her bladder ached for relief and his fingers crept down, striving and failing to feel for her source of pain, brushing the front of her dress at the very moment that a hot squirt of piss soaked her panties.


Yet his flared, equine nostrils could not fail to catch that drop of urine, rank and potent, in the closed confines of the limousine and he drew his head back sharply, lower lip wobbling in shock. It was not enough to count as truly wetting herself as she doubled over, groaning openly now that the jig was up, that her husband knew just what she’d been toying with all night. Valeria panted openly, heaving for breath, her bosom rising, yet she could not, would not, let herself go completely in front of her husband, regardless of the kinky, very private, play that she engaged in when he was off away on business trips.

“Oh… Oh, I’m so sorry… I am…”

Yet the look of sexual satisfaction plastered across her muzzle, the fire of her need stoked just a little bit, was enough for him to know that it was an apology that she was, by no means, sincere in saying. The fundraiser had been a success but his sex life was far from it if the needs of his wife were to be believed and taken for what they were, her moans rising as her hips gyrated and ground, seeking out something that a vanilla-minded stallion like him simply could not have imagined before getting together with her.

She was everything he’d ever wanted in a mare, he thought, taking her paw and pressing it, without words, to his chest. And, so, he had to try something.

Victor took a deep, shuddering breath that his wife leaned into, breathless in her restraint, cheeks hot with the embarrassment of all that, in but a moment, had been revealed. She moaned. The stallion closed his eyes, yet reality followed him into the soft greyness behind.

Just one something.


“Another glass, dear?”

Victor smiled charmingly, tipping the bottle of champagne towards his wife even before they got into the limousine. Giggling, already heavily tipsy, she offered her glass to him, blushing heavily all the while beneath her light, tasteful coat of make-up. Her eyelashes were long and sultry and it was all he could do to not sweep her up in his arms right then and there, taking her to bed and ravishing that sexy body for all that she had drawn up in him time after time again.

Yet, that night was not for him and the tale was told in the many glasses of champagne that he had already plied on her. He knew what he was doing, as much as his heart was in his mouth, and Victor had absolutely intention at all to hold back now that he’d begun. He knew Valeria would not leave him for someone else, even just to satisfy her desires, but, well…being a loving husband, that in itself left him with a responsibility to her. It wasn’t something that would hurt, anyone, of course, so why shouldn’t he pull out all the stops to see her happy? There were things that money could buy, of course, that a relationship could not and he had paved the way smoothly with money for so many years, following on after his father, that it only seemed natural to him.

His wife was too far gone to realise kırşehir escort just what he was doing for her, however.

“Where are you taking me?” She giggled, not noticing again that he had topped her glass up again. “This is unexpected… It’s not even our anniversary!”

All Victor had for her by way of reply was a mysterious smile, tipping the glass up to her lips once more, a touch of lipstick left on the flute.

“Don’t you worry about that, sweetheart,” he breathed, eyes intense, though that was only the desperation he felt in his soul. “Just let me take care of you tonight.”

And, oh, he made it so very easy for her to do that, giving her another glass of champagne still in the limousine as they headed downtown. Laughing and swapping jokes as they had in their younger days, one could have been forgiven that everything was back to normal, that the little incident after the fundraiser a few weeks back had been forgotten. It was anything but forgotten, however, as he kissed her, the taste of champagne on her lips reminding him of just what was happening inside her.

Of course, he had not reminded her to use the bathroom before they’d left and, frankly, he knew that she had ‘accidentally on purpose’ forgotten to use it herself. And that was just where he came into the picture that very special night, which was all about her and only her.

“I know what you’ve been doing.”

Valeria froze – well, as much as she could with her loins aching already with the need to pee. She had a need to fill and yet deny too at the same time but those words from her husband only confirmed what she’d been dreading, apologies fumbling and flowing from her lips in a cluster, one following the other in such a babble that no one in their sane mind or otherwise would have been able to work out what she was saying. What did he mean? There was only one thing, one thing only! And yet he took her paw and held her close, deliberately ignorant to how he put extra pressure on her bladder, a small smile pulling at his lips where she could not see.

“Hush now, it’s okay, quiet… I know what you’ve been doing and I think…finally…I understand what you need, even if I can’t give it to you myself.”

“But…” Her eyes shimmered, threatening tears even as her guilty-hot blush lingered, searing through to the tips of her ears. “Not… Not with someone else, Victor, I’d never want that. I only want you, only you. You know that!”

“No, no, no, dear…”

Well, maybe she was on the money there but he had a plan too as he whispered it to her, revelling in how her body tensed and released, wanting to do more but hardly trusting herself to move as her pelvic floor clenched down against the deluge that threatened to spill forth more and more with every bit of information he divulged.

The bar that he took her too served wine in glasses that tasted of beer. To say the least that it was not her usual fare, filled with low-lives in a seedy, nasty part of the city, Valeria’s heart leapt and dropped simultaneously as she stepped out of the limousine on Victor’s arm. The mare eyed it as she stood on the sidewalk, though her husband was there to assist her, supporting her as the loving husband he’d always been to her.

“Stay nearby.” She caught Victor speaking to their old faithful driver as he stayed with the limousine, a long-time employee that she trusted implicitly. “We may need to leave swiftly.”

It was wrong, so very wrong, and yet something about that made it right at the same time.

“What made you change your mind?” She whispered, even though she still wasn’t entirely sure whether she wanted to know the answer to the question or not. “Victor… Victor, this isn’t something I could ever imagine you doing! It’s so out of your comfort zone!”

Her husband smiled, walking her into the bar as if it was the sort of establishment that they frequented on a weekly basis. Rough and tumble sorts glanced up at them with raised eyebrows, the high quality of their clothing impossible to ignore at such a place. The quieter bulls and stags and tigers – furs from all parts of the world, not just the city itself – seated themselves in dark corners where Valeria could only imagine what kind of sordid, seedy activities were going on, legs pressed together against the growing sense of unease in her belly. Yet she knew, even then, what was to happen, that she wouldn’t be able to reach a bathroom in time if her husband had his way about things, although just what had gotten into him was something that she still had yet to understand.

“It was after the fundraiser,” he murmured, seating her in a booth that overlooked the centre of the bar, the seats cracked with stuffing puffed out through the slits. “You didn’t seem yourself… Well…”

Coughing, he rubbed the back of his neck and smiled.

“It was going on then, though we didn’t talk about it. You wanting to…” He struggled with the words still, tongue stuck and pressed to the top of his mouth. “…To wet yourself. To engage in that play, dear.”

Although it was difficult, she appreciated him trying, kızılay escort taking his paw in hers, as much as the tearing sense of pressure in her bladder grew and grew. For how long could she try to ignore it?

“And…when you woke the next morning…it just made things all the clearer for me. You were so turned on that I knew that it was that that had gotten you so worked up, you wanted me so terribly. I had to do something.”

Valeria’s teeth tugged at her lower lip, smiling faintly, ears slipping out to the sides.

“Oh… Darling.”

Holding his paw tightly, she brought it to her lips and kissed it. Was she wet between her thighs? Had a little leaked out? There was no way to tell without pushing her hand down between her thighs and the mare was not going to do that there! Little did she know just how far her husband was going to push her, breaking every last limit that had ever been present in her life and her psyche, her wildest fantasies brought to life even with his misguided kindness.

“Oh, Victor… You really do know me that well. Would you believe that I had an…oh…” She blushed, shaking her head, but the words had to come out now that they’d begun, guts rumbling. “I… I had such a dream, a wonderful dream. I imagined…”

Well, she had to finish, as humiliating as it was in the very best of ways, panting lightly as her nostrils flared, his eyes locked intently onto her.

“I dreamed that I needed to go to the bathroom, oh so terribly,” she whispered, the buzz of the bar almost drowning her own as the churning, rippling desire swelled like the release itself. “You were there, you wouldn’t let me get out of bed.”

She took a shuddering breath, tongue pushed out, licking her lips, the moisture almost enough for her to lose control right then and there.

“You were between my legs and, oh…” Her blushed grew heavier, gasping and squirming in place as he tightened his grip on her paw. “You didn’t let me get out of bed while you ate me out, over and over again… I came so many times. And I wanted to ‘go’ all the time, just all the time…”

Panting softly, she trailed off, her shimmering eyes meeting his, Victor’s ears attentively pricked.

“That’s when I must have woken up. I never told you what I dreamed about then… I was too embarrassed. Well, of course, I was embarrassed!”

She nickered a laugh that came with a tipsy hiccup and pressed her fingers, trembling, over her lips, aware that she was attracting attention. Oh, heavens, did everyone know how much she needed to go to the bathroom already, how hard her organs seemed to press down on her needy, desperate bladder? Yet that was only the beginning of it as she rocked back onto her glutes a little more, straining to relieve the pressure that could only be eased in one way.

“But we had such good sex that morning too,” she whispered, her tone hushed and Valeria’s eyes wide. “Do you remember?”

Victor swallowed, lips quivering.

“I do… And that’s why I knew I had to do something for you. I knew that there was something more that I could do, could try, and…well…there are always ways to see that our needs were met. I would be severely amiss if I let you go without your needs being met, sweetheart, and you are too important to me to lose.”

Her lips met his then, heart melting, although that melting seemed to flow right down her body into her shivering guts, her insides twisting and curling, trying to compensate for the tension, the pressure. Where there was pressure, there had to be released, and she gulped even in the midst of the kiss, ears slipping back and breath shared with him hot on his muzzle, need swelling, quite literally, like the rise of the incoming tide. Her tide was coming in thick and fast, the water swirling around her hooves and fetlocks as she wondered if she dared spread her legs, the earlier drinks catching up with her all too rapidly.

When she broke the kiss, her ears rang hot with shy humiliation, as excited as it made her.

“I need to use the bathroom.”

Victor smiled and shook his head.

“Yes, you do.”

And that was that. There was no question of her being allowed to go to the bathroom, not that she should have needed to ask his permission. Yet, this time, he was in a position of dominance, holding the controlling hand that she had given unto him so very readily, all for the pleasure of satisfying a kink that she just hadn’t been able to keep under wraps. How he was able to orchestrate it, she would never know, but that wasn’t important for the fetish-scene that he had in mind for her, her fingers closed lightly yet firmly into the palm of his large paw.

Others looked as Valeria squirmed, Victor raising his paw for the barkeep. Of course, it was not the sort of establishment where table service was usually permitted but, well, his suit spoke for him and the barkeep nodded, the feline drying a glass as if he was waiting for a patron, even though there were other bartenders and patrons already at the bar, ready and waiting. He was the one in charge and he, of course, was the one who would serve the upper-class horse who only knew his way to smoothing out the path before him with money. After all, money had already changed paws between them when Victor had, oh so very kindly, paid him off earlier to allow them into the bar for her fantasy without issues or trouble.

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