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In Our Private Pool

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Big Tits

The pool water in the shallow end came slightly above my stomach, just below my breasts. My hands were tied tight behind my back and ankles cuffed to a bar that has been weighted down, spreading my legs about half a metre apart. Master dressed me in a dark blue corset that gave a nice shape to my breasts, pushing them up and squeezing them together. My waist was cinched in the corset, making my upper body look like the upper half of a full hourglass. The necklace and pendant-symbol he gave me as a sign of my bond to him hung right above mid-cleavage. A long, flowing black skirt that shimmered in the bright underwater pool lights completed the ensemble.

There was nothing that was imperfect about the night. The lights played on our skin and the clear, light blue water just enough to feed the lust, but not enough to overshadow the beauty of the clear night sky. Nights like those were made to intoxicate and bring senses to new heights.

Beneath the skirt that swirled prettily in the turquoise water around me, Master lodged a timed vibrator deep into my smooth, shaven pussy and taped it over, to keep it from slipping out of me and from the water getting to it. It did not make much difference anyway, considering my hungry pussy gripped so tight on it, not wanting to let it go. It vibrated for a short time and stopped for a while, keeping me on the edge constantly but never letting me cum. A small plug was placed in my recently deflowered ass, giving a very uncomfortable feeling of fullness and soreness. The water flowing between my bare legs, gently caressing my pussy lips and inner thighs did not help quench my lust one bit.

The water below my chest was warm. Before that, Master had instructed me to dip my whole body in the water just once, for a short while. I obeyed, not knowing what the point was. The sensation of being treated like a fucktoy, a pretty doll for His pleasure, in this manner was completely different, and the uncertainty made me apprehensive. But all the same, I lived for the forbidden excitement and pleasing my Master.

The moment I stood back up, I realised that the air around my upper body was so much colder in contrast. The bumps on my body rose and my nipples hardened to almost unbearable points, pushing against the suffocating corset, xslot making Master smile.

Master examined my body in this state, watching the rivulets of water run down my skin, down my throat right to the valley between my generous breasts. The light played off the pendant, its tiny reflection on the surface of the water. I knew he loved seeing me in that position, his growing erection beneath the briefs distracting my nervousness. His eyes sparkled with ideas as his eyes danced over my body, thinking of what he would be doing to me. “I think the wet look really suits a wet, horny lass like you,” he laughed warmly, his rough fingertip circling my cold skin.

He scooped my breasts out gently from the corset, squeezing them playfully and tugging at the nipples. I closed my eyes, enjoying and grateful for the warmth of his hands. Without so much as a warning, he attached a clamp to my left nipple, making me yelp in pain. He did the same to the other nipple. The searing pain running through my tits was made so much worse by the cold hardening the nipples, forcing the flesh to push back more against the hard, unyielding metal.

I looked down at my abused nipples, crushed almost flat between two cruel surfaces, noticing vaguely that the end of the clamps had circular rings attached to them. I could only wait, hold back my tears and find out the hard way what those hoops were designed for.

Just as the vibration in my pussy resumed, Master made the plan clear. I struggled to focus on his instructions, trying hard to forget my own raging need for an orgasm. He wanted me to suck him off. Underwater. It was only natural that I would not be able to hold my breath for long so he promised to let me up for air after a minute or so. But there were conditions to his game. He would let me up only if he believed that I was sucking him for all my slut body was worth. And the whole time I came up for air, he would be playing with the clamps, making it hurt bad, or good, for me. The idea was as frustrating as the teasing in my pussy that had barely stopped its assault, both making me horny as hell.

He slid down into the pool, standing in front of me. He was already hard and erect, and I watched intently as he slid the restraining material off. His cock looked even more xslot Giriş magnificent and intimidating in the water, throwing off the calculations and planning in my head. He ran his finger over my moist lips, staring into my eyes, “You look beautiful tonight, sweet slave”

I blushed as he touched my skin. It didn’t take long before he gently pushed my head down into the water towards his shaft. I sucked in one more breath before facing my task. My face pushed through the water, my lips finally met the swollen purplish head of my Master’s cock. The hardest part to get past had always been the enlarged head but I forced past it, knowing I did not have much time. My jaw hurt so much from the sudden invasion, tears filling my eyes as the head hit the back of my mouth and slid down to my narrow throat.

Letting my throat clamp around him for a few seconds, my tongue explored the underside of the shaft. Swirling it over the base, just the way he liked, I started to pull back on the shaft, sucking the skin. Just before it slipped out of my mouth completely, I pressed the tip of my tongue into the tip of his cock, sliding the shaft back into my mouth. He definitely liked the feeling of that coupled with the vibrations and waves of my moans and the water around his crotch.

I only managed a few strokes in the first round before slowing down, indicating to him that I needed air. He released his hold over my head and slipped his forefingers into the rings around the ends of the nipples clamps. My gasping and struggling for air was cut short by the fresh pain to breasts brought upon by his tugging. I ignored the throbbing sting in favour of a few seconds more of pure oxygen before plunging back under.

I came up for air twice more later, both times enduring a different, new bout of pain to my breasts. He went easy on me the third and last time, allowing me a little more time to breathe, but never completely enough.

Each time, I learnt to quickly resume a steady, increasing pace. My mouth worked up and down my Master’s shaft, sucking eagerly. The vibrator inside me started its torture again while I attended to his throbbing cock as if my life depended on it. It stopped me for a moment, making me wish hard he’d give me some sort of relieve. He slammed back xslot Güncel Giriş into me, my throat gagging and milking him. I struggled to focus on his pleasure, to meet his powerful strokes just seconds before he came.

He tensed, pulsing inside my mouth as he held my head down for a little longer. He finally came, shooting his hot cum in my mouth. Mixed with the sweetish pool water, the concoction was nothing short of what I begged to lap up, sucking every last drop. As pleased as I was for making Master cum, the lack of oxygen and the sheer effort took its toll on me, leaving me too faint to stand without support.

Master held on to me, in a state of pure satisfaction himself, easing the clamps off me. The blood rushed back, adding to the sensations that made me feel faint but he solved it quickly. His cool hand gently caressed the blood-engorged tips as he let the water flow over it. It reduced the pain, as did the generous amount of air I was now allowed. I was amazed at how grateful and happy I was for being able to breathe freely again. Master smiled down on me, stroking my skin, holding me a little closer, “Very, very good pet. Master’s proud of you.”

The vibrating in my pussy came to live once more, making me acutely aware of my own unfulfilled lust. My clit was swollen and throbbing as I tried to squeeze my thighs together to no avail. Master smiled, sliding his hand under the skirt, his other hand on my back, steadying my stance. He found his way too easily through the maze of fabric, brushing against my tense skin along the way up. One finger ran over my clit as he watched me lose control of myself, “For being such a good girl, I want you to cum too.” It was all I needed.

I smiled up into gorgeous, dark eyes and pressed down on him, feeling the water dance around the skin. He pinched my clit between his forefinger and thumb, the moans that escaped my lips turning into desperate groans and pleas. Pulling the hood back, Master teased my clit, rubbing it faster and harder to meet my gyrations and desperate grinding. My lust-driven body writhed in the water, all stopping in a heartbeat as my orgasm washed over me. Paradise couldn’t compare.

Taking the pressure of my exhausted legs, he lay my limp and completely satisfied body against his own. He slipped his hands behind me to undo the bonds around my hands. I melted into his embrace and a full, sweet kiss that lingered on for ages before he carried me out of our private pool.

Electric Geisha 2003 ©

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