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Indian Boy New to Incest Pt. 03

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Female Ejaculation

In the previous part, I placed phone in usual place with video recorder. And went away. After sending her off,

I went and took the phone where I kept for recording. I went to my room and played the recorded clip. I was surely unaware of what was in that clip as I anticipated that she would come out in her usual blouse and underskirt combo and would only wrap up saree outside. But minutes before the door opened, I saw something unusual. Things she usually take in while bathing were at corner of the bed. Yes, her towel, bra, blouse, saree, panty and her underskirt. Everything was on bed and still I could hear the sound of her bathing. My heart beat raced and I started to sweat out of thrill. She has left everything on bed before bathing. Was it intentional or she simply forgot. Maybe she would have decided to wear everything coming back to room, since she know that the door of the room is locked and she has privacy to change her dress in room and not in bathroom. Well she could have at least taken her towel with her. But anyways I threw out these thoughts out and was glued to the video. The sound of water from the tap inside has stopped and my left hand involuntarily reached inside my underwear to get a hold of my waking monster.

The door just opened. I just saw the view of my lifetime. Mom who also holds a stunning physic even at this age was out all nude with water still Küçükçekmece Escort dripping of her tender body. She was absolutely mouth watering for any male and my hands were busy jerking my monster. She was absolute nude and not even a piece of cloth covered her gorgeous physic. Her physic was beyond my perception. The perfectly placed tits that certainly cant be held with one hand justified her size of 36d. Certainly damn stiff and very little sag must say. The brown cherry was ice on cake. Her hip folds were as buttery as it can be. Right flesh at right places. The bottom forbidden treasure of hers was beyond imagination. Trimmed to perfection, it looked as fresh as that of teens we see in adult movies. Certainly one among the best treasures I ever seen. Her thighs were thunderous. Milky and athletic were those legs. With all of those amazing combinations, she was walking into the room nude yet casual. My other hand was busy caressing the monster in me while she took her towel to wipe out residue water.

She was very normal and casual and there was no rush to dress up or cover her nudity as she felt she was all alone in the room. She took the towel. She began to wipe her legs by bending down. What not, she was in a position favorite to men while doing it. FYI men love doggies. Though bent and the tits were Maltepe Escort hanging, it didn’t sag. She raised up to wipe her forbidden treasure, then her buttery hip and finally those yum mangoes and her innocent face. She was sparkling more sexily like newly wed bride, after those wipes. She took her dress from bed and went near the full sized mirror that virtually made two moms for me. Before beginning with her underwear she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Was that a self admiration of her nude physic. It certainly looked that way or maybe its more casual. But the way she had a little smile when she saw herself in mirror looked as if she was kinky. She took her bra and blouse and wore them gracefully. In no time she draped herself in elegant red saree. Her womanhood was on fire with such red outfit perfecting embracing her body outlining the curvy physic of hers. She just came out and that was the end of video before I took.

I came back to normal and looked down only to realize that there was a pool of cum on floor. Yes, not sure how many times I jerked through out the video watching time. But it certainly was a lot that happened ever. I went to bathroom to clean up my sticky thing and came out after a shower. I was relaxed for a while. But the exotic show propped up in my mind and it broke my resistance Mecidiyeköy Escort to be in control. I sagged profusely before I ejected out another huge load of hot sticky cum. Though I was exhausted to core my burning desire to shag and shag on went high. So I thought is should delete the video in order to avoid myself dying out of shag. Funny but that will happen if I don’t delete. So I delete it and that eased by shagging temptation.

The temptation of the video got eased but on other side the lust on her increased many fold. I started to watch and admire her in a different ways. She was more women to me now and I enjoyed seeing her assets in whatever way possible. To my surprise there was a happening in her. A change that was gradual. Not sure about the reason but she was turning the clock backwards and was trying to be more youthful and fashionable now. Be it those tight nighty that outlined her body line and that really huge appearance of her butt. She was more similar in chudi as well except to the fact that she chooses nighty for a less distance places and prefers chudi for long distances and family meets. Going with the trend she started avoiding shawl like most of the young girls do these days. Long or far she has now turned like a treat to watch for men around, with her recent dressing trends. Saree too has turned sexy when it comes to her. She has stopped covering her loose end on one side and that her side view on other side is instant boner to any men around.

And among all men one uncle needed a special mention here. Yes he is our relative – mom’s sis husband. He is in his early 40’s and ardent admirer of mom.

Why he needs special mention here? What did he admire in mom?

Will tell you in the next part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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