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Ingrid: Her Story

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My native language is not English, so please give me any feedback on my use of this language!


Jan had come to visit me. And as always he couldn’t keep his eyes off me, and yet he did nothing. I had met him at a dancing school, and soon it became clear to me he was in love with me … or at least desired me intensely.

But he never did anything at all. Probably didn’t have the guts! Even if we danced body-to-body, he remained scrupulously ‘correct’: never an attempt to seduce me, never a touch-that’s-just-over-the-edge, never flirting … actually nothing showed he wanted me, except the suffering good-dog look in his face.

Or rather: it was a horny look undressing me mentally. And then I saw his eyes wander to my breasts and my thighs. I don’t mind that, I like it when men look at me. And I like to wear clothes that accentuate my body’s good looks. (I look good if I may say so myself).

Sometimes he also looked at my feet: for I usually wear high heels. Many men are high heels fetishists. It’s amazing how many you can get at your feet, only because of what you wear on your feet.

Again, usually I have nothing against that. I really like it when men feel attracted to me. If I find them attractive, things may sometimes become very pleasant.

But then I do want them to show their feelings in a playful way. They mustn’t be too afraid to be rejected, or they will be. And Jan did not meet my standard: he only gave me pining looks, but he gave me nothing else. He was already some fifty years old, but he might just as well be a shy fifteen-year old boy.

Had he ever had sex with a woman? I strongly suspected he was still a virgin.

I sometimes thought: shall I seduce him? But I preferred not to. I liked him, but he was not ‘my type’ as it’s called.

And now it was the same all over again. He was proclaiming some politically correct feminist opinions about women and sexuality, as if I can’t form my own opinions of that. And meanwhile he looked at my breasts and my legs, and at the stiletto heels at my feet. Let me be honest with him: if his courage didn’t fail him, he sometimes looked me right in my eyes too, sometimes even two seconds on end.

In short, he was beginning to irritate me. It had been some weeks since I had my last lover, and by now I found it was time for another one. Now I wasn’t really sure if I’d want Jan as a lover, but apart from that: if I would have to wait for him I’d probably have to wait for an unconscionably long time. For a cold day in hell at least. Oh well, maybe a week before that cold day in hell: he had a rather miserable look in his eyes.

Help! I’m so horny! And so was Jan, I knew … if he’d just make a move, I might even be tempted to give in, even though I didn’t find him really attractive. But he just wouldn’t move, the ‘correct’ wimp! Sure we women have got rights, thank you very much mister, and one of them is the right to have hot, steaming sex, and you neglect it completely!

What should I do? Heat him up some more? Or rather tell him to buzz off?

But I was in luck: saved by the bell. Somebody else called, and it turned out to be Willem, whom I had also met at the dancing school. Ah yes, Willem! An attractive guy of about thirty, tall, lean, with black curls and dark twinkling eyes. And always fittingly flirtatious to tickle my feminine ego, without ever being coarse.

Like today: he greeted me with the words: “Oh Ingrid, how beautiful you are again today!” I would like Willem to come a bit closer to me, yes, to taste his lips, and oh to feel the warmth of his body to my skin … I knew I wouldn’t be his only lover, but I would like to have the opportunity … just to be alone with him.

For that opportunity simply never came. Every time I saw Willem there were other people around. So I never got the chance. To taste his lips and feel his body, I mean.

And as if the devil was playing games, it was the same tonight. The last time Willem visited me, my friend Paula was there too, and looked at him as if she wanted to eat him alive. And now my friend Jan was there, and looked as if he could eat me.

But OK, Willem looked exactly the same way at me, so I still had some hope. But now I really began to think how I could get Jan out of the way without being rude.

By the way, our conversation was still about women and sex. Willem also has very correct views on that, at least, he tries to make me believe that. But Willem is very good at making me laugh about it, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Like this one: “Jan is completely right: women have the right not to be judged by their sexuality. But if they are beautiful, they have the privilege to be judged for it after all. That means to be admired, that won’t hurt their rights! And we both admire you, don’t you, Jan?”

To this Jan swallowed, and nodded.

Ah, feminism with sex! On high heels, I would fondly hope. I like that version much better than the politically correct one. And Willem even Starzbet contrives to make Jan admit he admires me too, although only non-verbally.

He is also very good at making completely unexpected remarks, so that you’re at a loss what to say. So he did this time: he suddenly proposed, just like that, to play strip poker. In the presence of a rival!

In my confusion I asked Jan what he thought about it. I don’t know why, maybe I hoped that his courage would fail him as usual, and that he would say: oh no, Willem, I’d prefer not to!

But no, Willem’s unabashed move had convinced Jan he couldn’t stay behind. So Jan also wanted to play strip poker. And even more, he actually had the guts to confess.

Jesus. What now? Some women are fond of threesomes, but that’s not my taste at all. Usually there is only one man I really desire, and the other one is only a nuisance. So I refused, with an aching feeling of regret. Ah Willem! I’ll call you tomorrow, I thought.

“But then why don’t you pick one of us? Then only one man will remain unsatisfied, but otherwise all three of us!” Said who? Said Jan.

Jeeesus. He even touched a chord, somewhere deep down in me. I often have these fantasies when making love, usually some moments before my orgasm: that there is another man present who looks on. And sighs with misery, for he wants to fuck me too so much … but he isn’t allowed to. Such fun! Oh Jan, what are you saying now?

Willem was all for it. “Yes! If I can’t get you, I’d find it very exciting at least to see you, preferably in action!” Oh Willem, what are you saying? And Jan completely agreed.

I felt hot and moist in the groin. And my nipples itched, and my throat constricted with excitement. Ah guys! Do you really mean that?

I breathed deeply. And said yes. But then the guys would have to make the game completely real. Particularly, the rejected one would have to remain really unsatisfied. I would not come to him afterwards either, and he was not supposed to masturbate. (Jeeesus. Did I really dare say that aloud? I felt all wet between the thighs.)

And Willem and Jan both found it a mighty good idea. Oh my God. Now I’m going to do something really bad. But it seems this will be an unforgettable night. Now two people will have an experience of incomparable pleasure. And one will have reason for incomparable regret. But he asks for it himself!

And so the evening went on. We played cards, we all three lost all our clothes, and we became hornier and hornier. Of course the guys wanted me to keep on my nylon stockings and my high heels.

I wore my hair pinned up, and I started to remove the pins. But Jan asked me to keep it high: “It’s such a lovely sight to see your smooth neck, and your ears!” Ah, at last an un-feminist compliment from Jan. Or maybe he was also exploring the possibility of feminism with sex. A pity that he found that out too late. Just half an hour earlier, before Willem arrived, it could have been different for him!

But as to my hairdo: Willem liked it as well. That was even more important! So I kept my hair pinned up high.

I cast a glance at Willem. Ah, what a fine body! Lithe and supple … beautiful big stiff cock … I imagined how it would be if that one would move to and fro in my moist pleasure hole, with big strikes, the head rubbing my G-spot …

Don’t think too much about that just now. There is a time for everything. But I started to long very much to feel his body to mine, his lips, his tongue, his broad chest against my tingling nipples.

Willem smiled at me. Oh Willem, what a beautiful piece of flesh you are. And the way you laugh! Oh Willem, let me play a little for a while, I won’t make you suffer for long! I don’t want to see you suffer, I want to see you beside yourself with pleasure, and I promise: my orgasm will surpass anything you have ever seen in a woman before!

I looked at Jan and smiled at him. Never let a man lose hope too soon, as I always say. But his body was not as beautiful as Willem’s. He was already sagging somewhat in places, and his belly bulged a bit, not like Willem’s. No, it was clear that Jan would have to be content with the idea of sex tonight. That ought to appeal to an idealist like him!

By the way, his cock didn’t look so bad at all: a little smaller than Willem’s, but with a nice dark red head, fittingly pining. It was a bit of a pity to forgo that dick, but well, a woman’s eyes also need something nice to look at. And a stiff cock is more exciting to look at, than when its owner had just come.

He looked at me as a man obsessed, as if he wanted to take me then and there … no, not ‘as if’. I imagined Jan’s face when he’d see what he had to miss tonight, and I felt so hot … what a bitch I was! But I couldn’t feel really guilty about it.

Willem asked: “Who’s your choice now?” Ha, he can’t contain himself anymore! But you’ll have to have some more patience, guys. Be all patient and all yearning!

We were all completely Starzbet Giriş naked now, except for my stockings and shoes. It was time to let Willem come closer. So we played a new card game. If I won I would give an erotic order to the man who lost. But if one of them won, he could only order things without touching me. If he wanted to touch me he could ask me, but he couldn’t order anything. As a true feminist on high heels I was keeping all the reins!

The first time I won from Jan. He looked at me fearfully and expectantly. I let him pour some wine.

Then Willem won. He let me masturbate with my breasts! Now I felt how excited I was already, for immediately I felt a little fiery line from my tits to my cunt, and there was a feeling of something starting to boil in my loins.

Willem even had the impudence to ask if I could come like that. That almost made me come at once! But I didn’t want an orgasm already. My orgasm should be for Willem that night, with zero distance between our bodies. I didn’t want to come when Willem’s divine body was not yet connected to mine. And so I had to stop this delightful massaging of my breast, ordered by my lover whom I so dearly wanted to enchant.

So we played on. Now Jan won, and he asked if he could kiss my legs. Well, no, of course you can’t. But I didn’t say that. I said yes. But very bitchily I allowed him only to kiss the heels of my shoes! Oh well, that should be nice enough for this high heels fetishist.

Yes, I would throw a little crumb at him every now and then, just enough to foster his illusory hope, to keep him passionately enslaved by his feelings! I was astounded by my own meanness, but my groin said: “More of this! More! This is so delightful, so delightful!”

And then finally I won a round from Willem. Finally I could ask him to come closer. I let him kiss my neck and my breasts. And oh, he did, tickling my neck with his lips, and then he sucked my aching nipples oh Willem don’t stop I’ve longed for you so long, oh fine, delicious, the fiery line from my nipples to my crotch starts to flow again, but you must not yet satisfy me now, you must do that later with your delicious cock, but if you go on I’ll explode, let it happen anyway, I’ll scream if you go on and I’ll feel like screaming if you stop … And then of course he stopped. Of course. He knew the teasing game as well, this horny devil!

Jan won and wanted to give me a tongue kiss. With a sip of wine in his mouth. Haven’t you gotten the message yet, you fool? I’m really not taken in by that, you know. Just look! If I want a tongue kiss with wine, there is someone else who can give me that. Just look!

Of course you can’t see how the tip of Willem’s tongue tickles the inside of my mouth, oh Willem it tingles, oh now the fiery line runs from my lips to my tits and my cunt, oh Willem what are you doing now, why do you have to follow that drop of wine with that maddening tongue of yours, why does it have to trickle between my breasts, into my crotch of all places, don’t you understand that I must keep my orgasm for your cock, making you senseless with pleasure too, NO WILLEM! Stop! Now! … Otherwise you’ll make me too crazy with pleasure before the time has come, it’s for your own good that I’m pushing you away now, don’t you know that then? Don’t you understand?

We went on with our devilish game, and I won from Jan. Let’s see now, how is his cock doing? Oh, it’s doing fine. So stiff that it even throbs a little with every beat of Jan’s heart. A drop of male sex juice trickled down it. No problem boy, that’s nice to look at, and I am all wet as well.

For a moment I doubted my decision. Why should that cock, that quite passable yearning dick, not be allowed to squirt its sperm into me? Isn’t that what the gods created the male cock for in the first place?

So I looked again at my true love’s cock. Big. Throbbing. Red. Yes. This one!

But still I had to give Jan his order, and I wondered how I could really hit him. “Please put on some nice, slow dancing music for me!”, I asked him, and smiled at him as seductively as possible.

I saw his eyes widen, and how the despair in his face turned into hope. Yes, that was fun! Let him think of the tangos we danced together, and allow him the illusion that he can take my naked body in his arms! Hope is life! And I am of the life-giving sex! And there’ll be ample time to shatter his hope again.

So Jan put on a nice hot CD, for a nice close and sticky dance, and that’s what I went on to do. With Willem of course. I almost burst out laughing when I saw Jan’s astonished face.

But soon I couldn’t think of anything but Willem delicious body, of his strong arms around my waist pressing my body against his, of his belly against mine, of my nipples against his sturdy chest, and … of his cock … rubbing against my tingling cunt between my thighs … and of his mouth so close to mine! And of my glowing cheeks that could touch his! And of my pelvis that I tried Starzbet Güncel Giriş to restrain moving to and fro, making that divine cock rub against my cunt even more!

We danced and danced, not with force but tenderly, endlessly delightful … I wanted to go on and on just dancing, only stopping to fuck, to transgress all our bodies’ limits, until pleasure would overwhelm us both completely … but well, regrettably everything in this world ends, and so did the CD.

And of course I had number three to think of as well! At least I could give Jan something useful to do, as a reward of the beautiful show I presented to him!

So I let him do the dishes, like a good feminist guy. Let’s see if he finally gets angry with me now! But no, he remained a wimp to the bitter end. I went to the kitchen and he came after me. “If you’re a real man you’ll grab me now!”, I thought, and I let my buttocks wiggle a bit more.

But no, one is politically correct, or isn’t one? So he kept at a decent, correct distance from me. Or did he play the same game I was playing?

I stood next to him by the sink to show him the gear he needed. And he asked me if I had enjoyed to dance like that. (Oh. Nude. Tingling. Slow and sticky.) And he told me just to amuse myself. It seemed he understood!

For a moment I didn’t know what to say. And for a moment I thought again: mustn’t I invite Jan too to celebrate the joy of sex?

But Jan said again: “Just go amuse yourself!” Ah! Feminism with sex! From a ‘decent correct’ distance of less than two feet! To help me exercise my woman’s right to pursue my sexual happiness!

And yet: oh dear, considerate, poor boy, how awfully sweet you are! I felt like flinging my arms around his neck to thank him.

But that would ruin the game I was playing with him, even as he encouraged me. So I only smiled at him, and I hoped he’d notice the gratefulness in my smile.

And I turned around and walked to the living room, hearing my stiletto heels ticking on the stone floor, sensing intuitively how that sound would heighten Jan’s tormented delight.

Willem also looked rather tormented when I entered the room again. He had misunderstood why I had left the room with Jan. I couldn’t hold back anymore, flung my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

“I thought I had lost you at the last moment!” he whispered in my ear, and I thought I heard his voice tremble a bit.

“Oh no!” I whispered back, “I wanted you from the first moment I saw you!”

“I wanted you too, but I never had an opportunity! And tonight that guy Jan was with you again, so I thought I had no chance again!”

“Oh Willem! I won’t tease you anymore,” I said with a sigh.

He sniggered: “No, but you are teasing Jan, and not just a little bit!”

“How do you feel about him being around?”

“Oh, that’s fine. I think he accepts it. And it excites me a lot that I really had to compete for you with a rival! I did think I could win you, but at the other hand you were also quite close with Jan, and I felt unsure to the last moment.”

I thought: you don’t have a cue, Jan didn’t have a chance from the start. But I didn’t say that aloud.

And I asked him to put the same CD on again.

“Oh Ingrid, please, no more tantalizing! Now I want you completely, do you hear me?” and he grabbed me and kissed me so forcefully that it almost hurt.

I struggled to free my mouth, and said: “Willem, we can do both, can’t we? I want you to fuck me while dancing!”

And thus it came to pass. Oh. Oh. Oh oh oh. That cock moving to and fro in my cunt, even almost leaving it, that glans rubbing against my G-spot. Those lips that tongue against mine. My hips that I finally, FINALLY didn’t have to restrain anymore! The fire from my cunt and my breasts slowly, slowly spreading through my whole body!

I heard the door opening, and Jan entered the room. He seemed a bit astonished at first, and then I saw he was shocked! Ah boy, hadn’t you gotten the message after all? But I supposed it had been a last flicker of hope he had held on to against his better knowledge. And now he had to give it up at last.

And I saw his face, I saw tears welling up in his eyes, and I saw his shivering cock, unsatisfied and rejected. Suddenly a hot wave of cruel excitement went through my body. How delightful to turn him into my plaything, to enslave him through his burning desire! I’d let him hope again and again, and despair again and again, and make him yearn and suffer again and again! Never, Jan! You´ll never get me! Do you understand, you wimp? You virgin?

How long would he be able to bear my cruelty? Willem had seen him too. He kissed me before his rival’s eyes, as if it wasn’t enough he could fuck me before Jan’s eyes, and I … couldn’t think anymore … only feel … my body,

I couldn’t hold back anymore. My pelvis’ movements became jerky and fierce. Oh God oh Willem, I can’t keep it any longer … I couldn’t restrain my voice. I whimpered involuntarily, while Willem’s cock move to and fro within me, in, out, in out …

And Jan’s cock looked as if he would come just by looking, but of course there was no chance of that … and Willem’s finger tips caressed my sacrum, above my buttocks, and now my pelvis really caught fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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