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Internet Meeting Turns Real

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The Internet. It’s a gift and a curse. You could easily while your life away on there, letting cyberspace slowly replace your reality. I was starting to feel I might be getting that way. Chatting to strangers. Let’s be honest, I was on there for virtual sex. I went onto sites and did web cam shows anonymously. Men and women watched, some joined in the chat, some quietly watching and, hopefully, enjoying the show.

Sally and I started chatting as she watched my shows. I would write tales of what I wanted to do to her, as she watched me masturbating. It was incredibly hot. She was a little shy, and took a few weeks to warm up, but once she did. Wow. She got me so excited.

I had decided to see if there was more to this than just cyber chatting, and we had exchanged e-mails. Of course the talk was mostly about sex, but everyday life started to creep into the conversations. I found myself more and more attracted to her. All this and we had never even seen each other’s faces. I had never seen her. She had seen everything of me, except my face.

I was nervous as hell when we started chatting on that Tuesday night. I asked her if she wanted to take this relationship to a more real level. I held my breath as I waited for the reply, and then the sweetest word I had seen in ages appeared on my screen. Yes.

When we finally say each other, I could feel the attraction, even through the screen. She was beautiful. Long blonde hair, green eyes, and the softest, sweetest smile I had seen in ages. Like me, she was in her forties, but she could easily pass as a thirty year old. I still hadn’t seen her body, but I didn’t care, I was attracted to the smile on her face that shone through her eyes, and her mind.

When shared contact details, it turned out we lived in the same city. So we made a date, to meet in person that Friday night.

The restaurant was packed. I had picked it because it was not over the top romantic, and was a place where we could chat quietly. I was dressed in a suit, and nervously waiting for her to arrive.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and almost jumped. When I turned around, there she was. She had a black cocktail dress on, no sleeves, strapless, following her curves to half way down her thighs. The whole image was gorgeous, and my heart skipped a beat at the sight of her.

I smiled, and was rewarded with her smile back at me. I took her hand, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Our first touch didn’t disappoint. I could feel the attraction that came through the screen like a living thing between us.

“Hello Sally,” I said, a little dryly due to the nerves.

“Hi David,” she replied.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, and I must say, you are even more beautiful than I imagined,” I said.

She blushed a little, lowering her eyes as she did so.

“Well David,” she replied, “I am so happy to finally meet you, and I must return the compliment, you are handsome.”

Now it was my turn to blush. I held the chair out for her and admired her back, as the dress was low cut at the back. As I sat down, I knew I was staring, but I couldn’t help myself.

How would I describe her? She was around 160 cm tall, not skinny. She had a full figure, all curves and softness. Her breasts were just about perfect in my eyes, and her whole being seemed to radiate poise and elegance. Myself, I was OK, 178 cm, not skinny either, but fit enough.

I reached over and held her hand as I looked in her eyes, and said, “I am so happy that I finally get to meet you and see you. I love you in that dress.”

She smiled again, and I could feel the connection we had. I could feel it in my heart, I could feel it in my mind, I could feel it in my loins.

She looked into my eyes, “David, you are a charmer, and I like that. I have admired you so long through a camera, but the camera doesn’t reveal how you actually are in person. Handsome, and your eyes sparkle with something that sends a shiver through me.”

Then the waiter appeared. And broke the spell for a moment. We ordered drinks, and started to read the menu.

“I am going to have the Caesar salad,” I said.

“I’ll have the chicken and vegetables,” Sally ordered.

We sat there waiting for our meals, sipping our drinks and staring into each other’s eyes. I could feel the desire in myself, building the more I admired her. I did nothing to try to hide it. Here breasts were pressing against the fabric of the dress, and I imagined what it would be like to bury myself in them. They weren’t huge, but they weren’t small either.

As we ate dinner, I watched her movements, smooth as silk. Her whole body oozed sensuality, and I was getting more and more aroused as I watched her.

When we finished eating, Sally asked, “Are we going to have dessert?”

“No,” I replied, “I have something else in mind for that.”

Through our many conversations and virtual sex, I knew that she liked her men to take charge, which suited me just fine, and I wanted to take charge of her and do wicked things to her.

She escort bayan istanbul smiled demurely, and blushed a little. I leaned across the table, and whispered in her ear, “I want you Sally, I want you bad, and I intend to take you.”

The was no missing the gasp as I said that, and as I leaned back, I could see her nipples had responded, pressing against the dress, hardening before my eyes as I caressed her hand.

I leaned over again, “Are you going to be a good girl for me Sally?”

She nodded yes, not trusting herself to speak in a normal voice.

“You know Sally, the thought of taking you has given me an erection,” I said, “I wand you to go to the toilet, remove your pants and bring them back to me.”

I leaned back to look into her eyes. They were filled with desire. Making me want her more. I winked at her, and she smiled. She stood without a word, and headed to the bathroom to do as instructed, whilst I tried to control the blood cursing through my body. I watched her walk away, her buttocks swaying seductively. She knew how to turn me on, and looked over her shoulder smiling as she rounded the corner.

I signaled the waiter for the bill, and had paid by the time she returned.

When Sally returned, she draped herself over my shoulders, placed her pants in my lap, and kissed me on the cheek. She sat down again, and my erection had returned.

“God damn girl you make me hard,” I said to her.

“That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for David,” She replied.

“I Think it’s time we got out of here, before I do something that will get us kicked out,” I said and I smiled mischievously at her.

“I think you’re right,” she replied and we stood up and left.

When we were in the street, I stood in front of her and faced her, held her cheeks in my hand and kissed her.

If the first touch was dynamic, the kiss was dynamite, our lips met and our tongues explored. Testing, tasting, feeling the burn. Her hands were on my hips, pulling me closer to her, and I held her backside, thinking that there is no way I can get close enough. I just wanted to crush her into me and become one.

I don’t know how long we were there for, but someone finally bumped into us, and we pulled apart.

“Sally, I want to take you, I want you bad,” I said.

“I can tell David,” she replied, smiling as we held each other.

I reached into my pocked and pulled out the room key I had earlier booked.

She smiled as she saw the logo, The Hilton, right next door to the restaurant.

“That’s very presumptuous of you,” she teased.

“Not presumptuous,” I replied, “Hopeful. And despite your protestation, you want this just as much as me, and I intend to take you tonight.”

She leaned into me as I said that, and we kissed again. We walked quickly to the Hilton, skipping past reception, and headed for the elevators.

The room was on the 15th floor, and we had the elevator to ourselves.

As the doors shut, I said, “Are you mine Sally, are you mine to do with as I please, because I am yours,”

“Oh yes David,” she replied, and we kissed again.

I pulled her tight against me, caressing her buttocks under her dress, I could feel my erection pressing against her hip, aching with desire, and her hands roamed over my backside, pulling me to her as well.

I ran my hand down her right leg, and lifted it slowly, caressing her thigh, getting tantalizingly close to her vagina. I sighed softly, aching all over, wanting to take her, want to please her, wanting to posses her.

She sunk a little lower, as we kissed, letting me take her weight, murmuring with anticipation of what lay ahead.

Then the elevator stopped at our floor. We tore ourselves away from each other and I led her by the hand to our room.

As I stood before the door and reached into my pocket for the key, Sally hugged me from behind, reached around, and squeezed my erection. I moaned, and was having trouble getting the card in the slot.

She whispered in my ear, “I hope you don’t have this much trouble finding other holes.”

I reached back and put my hand straight on her vagina, slick with moisture.

“You mean this one?” I teased as she gasped at my touch.

I finally got the card in the slot and opened the door. Before it had shut we were in each other’s arms. Desperate for each others touch. Kissing, groping, fondling, and panting with desire.

I held Sally at arms length, and in one fluid motion, pulled her dress over her head and threw it away. She stood before me naked, a vision of womanhood, trembling slightly.

I knelt before her, and kissed her on the hip. Her hands went straight to my head as she tried to guide me to her pussy.

“Oh my god David, stop teasing,” She panted.

I kissed her pussy lips. Tasting her for the first time, and was hooked.

She moaned, “Oh god yes David, taste me, take me.”

I licked her pussy lips, pressing hard against her as she held my head, and plunged deep escort istanbul as I could inside her with my tongue. She gasped again.

I then nibbled on her clit, her whole body began to shake, and I flicked my tongue across.

I stood up, picked her up and carried her to the bed. She writhed around as I stood beside her, undressing fast. I knelt on the bed next to her, holding her down by the chest and admired her body. She was shaved on her pussy lips, but had a small tuft of hair just above.

I lent over and caressed the hair, “Is this mine,” I asked.

“Yes,” was her reply.

I took her hand, placed it on my aching cock, and said, “This is yours.”

She squeezed, and I thought I would cum right there. I groaned as she did. I moved my fingers to her pussy lips, rubbing them hard, separating them and inserting one, then two, then three inside her. Her hips rose to meet my hand, her head was thrown back, and I leaned over and kissed her neck.

Her grip on my cock was tight, but she was so caught up in what I was doing that all she could do was hold, not stroke. That was good, because I would have cum right there and them.

“Are you going to cum for me Sally?” I asked, my voice husky with desire.

“Yes David, put your cock in me and I’ll cum for you,” she said.

I knelt between her legs; spread them wide, and looked at her glistening pussy, red with arousal, inviting me in. I leaned forward, pressed the shaft of my cock against her pussy lips and slid up and down a few times.

“Oh David, I want you to fuck me, take me, put your cock in me,” she gasped.

So I obliged, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, leaned over and whispered in her ear, “You’re sure Sally, you want my aching desperate cock inside you, I might lose control.”

“Yes David fuck me, fuck me now, make me cum, cum for me,” she begged.

I slowly slid my aching cock inside her, gasping and moaning as I did so. Her legs wrapped around me, holding me tight inside her. I stopped as out pelvises met, leaned over and kissed her again.

“I’m going to fuck you Sally, I’m going to lose control and pound you till I burst inside you,”

“Do it David, fill me up, fuck me.”

I started thrusting, trying to maintain some sort of control, but it was fruitless. Within a few strokes, I was beyond control, and I started to pound into her, hard and fast.

Her hips rose with each stroke, her legs gripping me tight, as we moved together. I was so close, and ready to cum hard deep inside her.

Then a sound came from deep in Sally’s throat, a deep guttural sound, like the animals we had become, she gasped and groaned as she came. I could feel the convulsions on my cock as the orgasm racked her entire body, and I followed her quickly, almost screaming with pleasure and we came, our entire bodies shaking with the effort.

As the orgasms subsided I lay there on top of her, panting, sweating, and watched her glowing with pleasure as we held each other tight.

It took a few minutes for us to recover. I rolled of Sally and lay beside her, admiring her body. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back, and kissed her.

“That was incredible,” I said.

“It certainly was,” she replied, still a little breathless.

“I think I might be in love,” I said.

She beamed, hugged me, and said, “I think I might be too.”

I pulled her on top of me and held her enjoying her scent, the feel of our skin against each other. I slowly rubbed her back, down to her ass, feeling her shiver.

“You are an incredible woman Sally, and I want you in so many ways,” I said.

“Mmmmm David, tell me how you want me, tell me what you’ll do to me.” She purred.

I could feel my cock starting to grow again, as could she, and she smiled as she felt it.

“I love getting you hard, love the way you move, and I love the sounds you make.”

“I blame you,” I said, “and I thank you.”

“I want to taste you all over Sally, I want to feel you moving more and more as I get you more and more excited. I love watching you squirm at my touch.”

My cock was hard again, and she opened her legs a little, it sprang between them, and she squeezed them closed, the softness of her thighs teasing me.

I ran my hand down the crack between her ass cheeks, teasing her ass, then reaching further and teasing her pussy lips.

She sighed, and said, “Oh yes David, you make me so wet.”

I pushed her off me, and knelt beside her.

“Put your arms behind your head and keep them there,” I said.

I looked down at her delicious body, leaned over and kissed her. My hand caressed her flanks, grazing from her hip to the side of her breast, and I moved from her mouth to her neck, licking kissing, nibbling.

She sighed with desire, “Oh yes, that is beautiful.”

“You are beautiful,” I replied, “And I am going to eat you till you cum.”

She groaned, as I moved from her neck to her breasts, tasting her sweat and nibbling bayan escort istanbul her nipples as my other hand squeezed her other nipple. I slowly kissed my way down to her belly, her body beginning to respond more vigorously as I devoured her. I reached the tuft of hair above her pussy, and with my hands, rubbed down her legs, massaging her thighs.

I nibbled my way down her left thigh, and then used my hands to move her legs apart. I licked up her inner thighs, as she began to get louder the higher I went, working my way towards her pussy.

I moved between her legs, and spread them wider. She moved them apart at the slightest touch.

“You are such a good girl,” I said.

“Oh yes David,” she said, “I’m your good girl.”

I then kissed her hips, and rubbed my hands up to her breasts, caressing her hard nipples, her body responding with little movements at each touch. As I kissed across her tuft of pubic hair, her hips raised slightly, presenting her pussy to me.

I was rock hard again, aching with desire again, but this time the desire was to make her cum.

I licked her pussy lips, and she raised her hips more. I started slowly on each lip, up and down, tasting her, tasting me from earlier, then nibbled the lips as she began to move her hips rhythmically up and down. I licked between her lips, putting my tongue inside her pussy, twisting and flicking as she moaned and her whole body began to rock.

I pressed hard with my tongue, as my fingers tweaked her nipples, higher and higher on her pussy, till I felt her engorged clitoris under my tongue. She gasped, and I smiled at that, despite having my mouth on her pussy.

I started to circle her clitoris with my tongue, and at various times I would flick the tip across her clit.

She moaned each time, “Oh David, fuck yes, just like that, yes, yes yes,”

She was writhing and squirming now. So much so that I had to hold her down to stay in contact with her clit. I loved the way she was responding, getting more and more animated as I ate her.

I used one hand to start fingering her, and her back arched as I inserted, one, then two, then three fingers in her pussy, as I continues to lick her clit.

She was panting heavily now, and I knew she was close.

“Oh fuck David, keep doing that and I’ll cum again,”

I started to press harder with m tongue, faster and harder as she writhed.

Then she came. Holy cow what an awesome sight, kneeling between her legs, tasting her, feeling her shake with tension as the orgasm shook her. I kept going as she came, She writhed, her head rolling from side to side as the orgasm wracked her body.

“Oh fuck yes, I cumming, and cumming and cumming, fuck yes,” she screamed.

I kept licking, fingering till the gyrations began to subside. Sally was panting, out of breath, sweating, and I lay between her legs smiling up at her, delighted with the response to my hands and tongue.

She lay there panting, and I licked her pussy.

“Oh, no more for a minute, please,” she panted.

“Ok,” I said, as I kissed her pussy again and she shuddered.

I moved up her body with my tongue till I reached her mouth and kissed her, and lay beside her watching her. Caressing her with my hands as I kissed her.

I was still hard, but I didn’t care, the pleasure I gave to her was enough.

She began to regain her breath, and when her eyes flicked open, I could see how happy she was.

She looked down at my throbbing cock, and smiled. The kind of smile that lets a man know he is in for the best blowjob of his life. She knelt beside me and blew on my cock, just air, but it made me gasp. She looked at me and smiled.

“This is going to be fun,” she said.

She licked my balls, rolling around each one, as she watched my reaction. I was smiling with pleasure. Then she slowly ran her tongue up the shaft of my cock, stopping just before the head, flicking backwards and forward, making my cock dance.

She placed her hand on my thigh, looked at me, and asked, “Is this cock for me to suck?”

“Oh god yes Sally, it’s yours to do with as you please,” I replied hoarsely.

She grinned like a devil, and grabbed it hard, squeezing the base, moving it round in the air.

“I bet you would love to feel my tongue on the head, my lips round the shaft?” she asked

“Hell yes woman, you know I would love that.” I said.

She squeezed a bit harder, then licked the head, making me gasp again, and she pressed hard with her tongue, swirling round the head, holding it tight.

“Oh fuck that’s nice Sally,” I groaned.

Then she let go, and flicked again with her tongue, my cock swaying back and forward as she teased. She kissed the head, and then slowly sucked me into her mouth.

I gasped again, as her lips moved up and down, her hand caressing my balls as her tongue swirled round the head in her mouth.

I was on edge, ready to explode, then she stopped, left my cock there, throbbing, pulsing.

She looked at me and said, “Are you going to cum in my mouth?”

‘Fuck yes, suck me hard Sally, make me explode.” I begged.

She attacked my cock with her mouth then, moving up and down, moaning as she brought me closer and closer.

I held her head, as her hand gripped the base of my cock so she could apply more pressure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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