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Big Dick

I feel so wild and wicked. Middle of the afternoon, bent over the dining room table, lost in swooning feelings of pleasure as a hard cock is pounding into my pussy. With every deep, hard, deliberate thrust his balls collide with my clitoris. I’m pinned to the table in a perfect position. I couldn’t get up not that I want to. I don’t want this to stop. I want more and harder.

There was no courtship to this, no slow work up, no time for thinking. It started with a sudden passionate embrace from behind. His hands captured me by the sides of my waist and pulled me a little backwards into him. As his strong muscular arms closed around me sliding his hands across my abdomen it triggered the most lustful acceptance of his advance. I felt my face flush, my legs go weak and a moistening in my pussy all at the same time. His hot breath on my neck and the touch of his lips made me lean my head backwards closing my eyes. I could feel my nipples erecting pushing against my silky blouse.

I tried to turn and face him but he made it clear that he had other ideas. His arms gripped me a little firmer making it impossible for me to turn. I could feel his body pressing firmly against me. The bulge pressing into the dip between my arse cheeks left no doubt as to what was to come.

His hands moved up to undo my blouse buttons as I reached round to unbuckle his belt. This had been unexpected and now my hart was racing, I could hear and feel every beat of my hart, feeling so aroused, my breathing so deep and fast I was almost panting. Willing doesn’t describe how I felt, yes I was willing but so much more than that, I was in need.

My blouse was slid off my shoulders and pulled down my arms before I could even finish undoing his belt buckle. The blouse discarded on the floor as I was guided to the dining table. My hips pressed into the table by the force of the body pressing into me from behind. His forehead slid down the back of my neck and as he became level with the top of my shoulders pushed me forward. I didn’t need much encouragement, I could see this unfolding in my mind Şanlıurfa Escort and the picture was looking good to me. Such clear sexual imagery in my mind just fuelled my excitement. As I collapsed down onto the table I felt my skirt being flicked up and over my waist. A strong hand applied enough pressure onto the middle of my back to make it clear that this is where I am to stay. This felt so sexy, I was so ready and so wanting. My pussy yearned to be invaded.

A very brief pause during which I could hear a flurry of clothes hitting the floor. I was relieved to discover that the foreplay was unusually short. One hand returned to my back confirming that I was intended to stay in this position. To comfort my position I gripped the far edge of the table with both hands. This took some of the weight off my feet. I felt a hand exploring the top of my leg and tracing the rounded shape of my arse. I parted my legs wide, I knew that in this position it would make for easy access to my lips and my clit. This was obviously taken as the invitation it was intended to be.

The hand traced down my arse, the fingers pressing gently against me forcing my labia between them, the naughty thumb pressing firmly against me tracing circles around my anus as it passed by. As the palm pressed against me I couldn’t help the groans of pleasure as the fingers reached all the way forward and tugged on my pubic hair . I felt the presence of something else, soft, hotter than the hand, this was just what I wanted, what I need, what I felt like begging for. I didn’t dare utter a word for fear that if he knew how much I wanted his hard pulsing cock inside me he would hold back and tease me. The fingers parted my lips gently but firmly as I felt the smooth hot head of his cock press against them and slide all the way forward to tease my clitoris.

He pulled back enough to guide the head of his cock to the entrance of my pussy and then gently pressed his way into me. I love the feeling of his cock expanding my pussy as he first enters. Short thrusts to begin with. In Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan just a little and then all the way out as his engorged cock stretches me to my fullest. So dripping wet and ready, it doesn’t take him long to penetrate me with his entire length. This is everything to me, I need the feeling of being full, I’m lost in a world of ecstasy feeling him thrusting in and out of me. He knows just what to do to get me really excited, he varies the depth and the speed, sometimes teasing and tormenting. Each time he thrusts into me I try to grip his cock as tight as I can. I want to keep it there, its for me and I don’t want it to go.

His strong hands tenderly but firmly massage my back and shoulders intensifying my pleasure and keeping me pinned down at the same time. I find the restraint such a hot turn on. It is totally clear to me that I can go nowhere.

Now his need has obviously become as urgent as mine. The thrusts are long and deep. The speed has become faster and faster. I feel the tension rising inside me that means I don’t have long before an orgasm is going to tear its way through me. I try to ignore it, Try to make it go away but it gets stronger and stronger.

There is a knock at the back door and I hear the door open.

“What the fuck?” I muttered muffled by my panting.

“Hi Sharon!”, I heard Tracy’s voice shout from the kitchen.

“Don’t you fucking stop! Fuck me, fuck me, it’s OK. Fuck me faster, harder.” I blurted out distorted by panting and grunting sounds.

This was all too much for me. I felt my pussy start cramping into an orgasm as Tracy looked around the corner and straight at us. She looked shocked but fixated, I could see a sudden flush of colour in her cheeks but she seemed unable to move her eyes away. I was unable to speak as the most intense orgasm that I have ever had exploded its way through every muscle in my body.

My face contorted into weird expressions with my eyes tightly closed that are only possible during orgasm. I couldn’t help my physical reaction to Escort Şanlıurfa the orgasm as my legs contracted. I lost all control to the orgasm as my mind and body surfed on the waves of pleasure. My knees came right up under the table, my feet right up to my arse but I was held firmly in place . His hips pressed into my arse keeping his cock buried deep inside me. His cock twitched and tugged at my contracted pussy muscles as I felt spurt after spurt unloading from him deep inside me. Each twitch triggered a new wave of pleasure that flowed through my body.

The orgasm may well have only been a minute or so but it seemed like a long time and felt like the only important thing in the universe. As he withdraws from me and it subsides I feel my body overcome by total relaxation. A peace, a calm that is almost spiritual. I feel exhausted. My legs hang down from the table, not really taking my weight. The rest of me lays flat on the table top, overcome by the influence of gravity. I can feel every part of me still radiating heat. I could easily fall asleep, as I lay there my eyelids slowly roll open and my eyes focus.

I feel a sudden surge of adrenaline as I comprehend the form still watching from the doorway. It passes round my body feeling like needles touching my skin. The relaxed feeling is gone in a nanosecond and replaced by total embarrassment. As Tracy saw me looking she vanished out of sight into the kitchen.

“Don’t go!” I said, struggling for breath, trying desperately to sound composed as I scrabbled around getting clothes back into place. We looked at each other with big guilty smiles on our faces.

I heard Tracy say “I’m really sorry, I did say I would come round this afternoon. You did say to just come in. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It’s OK Tracy. I’m sorry, its my fault, it’s OK really.” I blurted out unable to help the giggle in my voice.

Pulling the rest of my clothes straight I looked round the door into the kitchen. Tracy was leaning against the counter with a face that looked beetroot red.

“Coffee?” I asked.

Tracy looked at me, burst into a big smile that broke all of the tension and said “I’ll make it, don’t think you have the energy left.”

I could feel my cheeks colouring again as I smiled and shrugged.

“I’m jealous, that looked amazing.” she said deliberately avoiding looking at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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