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Iron Rain Pt. 08

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Please vote and comment to help me grow as a writer and know how much you are enjoying the series. Having trouble finding an editor if anyone can steer me towards one I’d appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy!

I walked into my cabin and went to the fridge located near the opaque bay window. I was not surprised to see it stocked with my favorite soda and sat down undid my bow tie and let out a heavy sigh of relief. It was a done deal and the company’s future seemed off to a great start. I was completely stoked! Was this the rush that kept dad on the road, the challenge of sealing the deal? Speaking of sealing the deal, I went over and opened the door to the bedroom and there sprawled in her drunken ‘glory’ was Kat. Since we were not at home I was going to have to improvise. I stripped down and set my tuxedo outside to be cleaned. I was looking in the closet for a few ties I wasn’t likely to wear when a knock came at the front door. I could have put on a robe or something but I was already in the mood for some ‘me’ time so I went as I was to the door.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Itsssssssss Ssssora…” she slurred badly.

“Are you that hot Japanese chick I met earlier today?” I asked through the door.

“Hehe,” she giggled, “he thinks I’m hot… yep that’s me.”

“Are you wearing any clothes?” I asked grinning wickedly.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Pity… this is a clothing optional room.” I told her.

“FUCK!” she exclaimed. “Hold on a second…” was followed by a loud ‘thump’ and another giggle. “I fall down and go boom.”

I heard her struggling with what could only have been her stiletto heels I saw her wearing earlier in the evening. This was followed by the soft whisper of silk hitting the floor. There came a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”

“Candy Gram…”

“Sounds like a naked sex fiend out to take advantage of a naked young man.”

There came another knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“Naked sex fiend…”

“Oh, why didn’t you say so in the first place,” I said opening the door.

Sora stumbled into my arms with an unopened bottle of champagne in one hand and glasses in the other. I took the bottle and set it on the floor then I scooped her nude body up and into my arms. I nudged the door shut with my foot and carried her over to the couch. I lay her down gently and took the fragile champagne flutes from her and set them on the table.

“What’s up?” I asked and she stared down and licked her lips.

“You are.”

I sat down next to her and she moved into my lap nearly impaling her pussy on my iron hard cock. She leaned up into a kiss as her petite hands stroked me. It was obvious what she came here for and I felt foreplay wasn’t needed. I lifted her up and lowered her onto my hardness and watched as her soaked pussy opened to receive me and we groaned together. Sora had the tightest pussy I had ever felt! Despite a long night of drinking her long dark hair remained fairly untouched. Her face was a mask of hunger and passion with almond shaped eyes so dark they appeared black in the cabin’s lighting. Her petite frame and delicate bone structure held some pleasant surprises. Her breasts were much larger than I expected being close to a full C Cup with tiny nipples that were painfully erect. Further down I watched as her flat muscular tummy moved and while I was fucking her she was gripping me with her talented pussy muscles. I adjusted my grip and settled both hands on her firm round bottom and fondled her tight cheeks.

“Nice ass,” I told her.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM, I’m glad you like. How about my tight little pussy, tell me how that feels,” she purred in Japanese.

“Tight… wet…” I said as she rode me.

“Your cock fills me up so much lover,” Sora growled as she began to nip at my neck.

I easily lifted her up and down on my cock and saw how much I was stretching her sex and she looked like she was in seventh heaven. I licked and suckled her tiny nipples with their almost nonexistent areole and felt her body quiver as she neared her first orgasm.

“Tell me again how good my cock feels baby?” I asked her.

“MMMMMMMM so damn big… stretching my little pussy to its limits… AWWW GOD I’M COMING!!!”

Her pussy squeezed me even tighter and I wasn’t far behind her and when my cock began spurting deep inside of her Sora’s eyes rolled up and her body shook with a second climax right after the first. She ground her hips downward pushing me as deep as she could take and made little circular motions now.

“How’s that lover? You like my tight little pussy all stretched out from your thick American cock?”

I stood up with her impaled upon me and began to fuck her standing up by grabbing her by her hips and lifting that petite body of hers up and down. I would raise her up and then let gravity do the work and that wonderful sensation as I was driven deeper into her and her cries of pleasure echoed off the walls. I was grunting as I felt another climax getting closer and closer.

Sora’s trabzon escort legs scissor around my waist as I bend my knees and lower her to the couch while I kneel in front of it and begin thrusting hard and fast into her; droplets of sweat fall on her small tits and her moans of pleasure encourage me to drive my hips into her harder still. When she feels my cock swell inside of her I feel her nails dig into my back and rake upwards as pulses of hot cum shoot deep inside of her tiny wet pussy.

I sit down on the floor and catch my breath and Sora smiles sweetly at me as cum oozes from her well loved sex.

“Damn I needed that,” I moan and she nods in agreement unable to find her voice.

After a few minutes Sora rises to her feet and staggers off to use the bathroom and I stand up and move to the massive bay window and touch the control to make it transparent and see the ocean moving passed at a good clip. We are making good time to our destination somewhere in Florida I imagined. After a long while I realize that Sora has not returned and so I walk into the bathroom and find her passed out on the toilet very unladylike. I shake my head and decide round two will just have to wait. I go to the bedroom and grinning evilly I carefully undress Kat and slide her beneath the covers and then place Sora next to her and cover them both. We shall see how that little wakeup call works out.

I decided upon a quick shower to wash off the sweat and the mixed fluids from my romp with Sora. The hot water felt great and after my washing up I shaved above and below and completed my ritual with the checking of the nails smiling at the memories of the Bastion both good and bad and how far away that felt right now. Life had not been idle and it looked like it was only going to get more complex at time went on. I dried off and found a robe and threw it on and sat down in the living room and noticed Jesse’s device left unattended. No better time than the present I thought. I picked up the ten inch high tetrahedron and summoned Surfer. The two of us carefully examine the device and notice ultra thin lines crisscrossing the surface.

“Surfer do you see these lines?” I asked.

‘I do indeed Sir; do you believe they are part of the actual locking mechanism?’

“Yes I do, please do a detailed scan and display for analysis.”

So I set the device down and a deep violet beam shot from the watch and began to play across the surface of the black pyramid and after scanning each capstone facing up it was complete.

So while I waited for Surfer to finish crunching the data into a holographic display I walked over the open doorway to the bedroom and saw that Kat and Sora were now spooned one behind the other is a blissful stupor. They were both so beautiful in their own way and yet so different. Kat was at least three inches taller than the other woman with much larger breasts even now pressed tightly against the smaller woman’s back. Where Sora’s ass met Kat’s groin it appeared almost seamless along that elegant curve of their bodies. The thin sheet did little to hide what lay beneath. I wonder who would wake up first and then what would she do?

‘Sir I have finished and the model is ready for display.’

“Thank you Surfer,” I said returning to the couch but before I sat down my stomach rumbled.

‘Is Sir hungry?’

“Yeah, is there a safe place to put this thing Surfer?”

‘Yes Sir, each cabin has a hidden wall safe. The one for this cabin is located there.’ He said pointing the fridge. ‘All you have to do is push and when you hear the click it moves to the left.’

I pushed on the fridge until I heard the audible click and it easily slid to the side. The safe was unlocked and I placed the tetrahedron inside and had Surfer set the combination and with a spin of the dial it was soundly locked. I returned the fridge to its original position and with my avatar in tow made my way to the ship’s galley. While I walked to my destination Surfer and I examined the pattern of lines on the surface and the numbers etched into the black alloy. A pattern emerged and I let Surfer work his magic and as I entered the galley the holographic display spun and rotated as the numbers came into alignment. It would take ten careful twists of the pyramids sections to unlock the mystery of Jesse’s holographic library.

As I moved about the galley fixing myself a snack I discovered I wasn’t the only person unable to sleep. The ship’s captain appeared in civilian clothes and looking a little famished as well.

“I can make enough for two,” I offered as I was slicing meat and cheese.

“Thank you I’ll grab some fresh fruit and perhaps we can get to know one another better,” he said smiling.

“I’d like that centurion,” I said and once more saw the look of discomfort on his face. “Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” he said taking out a bowl of grapes and a bowl of sliced cantaloupe.

“Make that face when I say centurion, “I said.

“Let me answer a question tunceli escort with a question, why do you call me that and not captain?”

“This is going to sound strange, but when we first shook hands when I came aboard I got a flash of some images in my head about you.”

“And you saw me as a roman soldier?”

“Not the first time. The first images were of you being fed by naked female slaves and you were wearing a toga. The second images were of you in roman armor covered in blood.”

“Perhaps it was one of my past lives you were seeing?” he offered.

“Perhaps,” I said.

“However, there is a legend that runs in my family. When Julius Caesar took Cleopatra to his bed twin sons were conceived and born. The older twin was named for Caesar and the other after Ramses the Great. The older son became co ruler of Egypt with Cleopatra and was eventually assassinated. However Ramses Gaius Longinus disappeared into legend but it was said that he was taken by a secret priesthood and raised in the old ways learning hieroglyphics, engineering and how the great monuments of the Old Kingdom were fashioned. Imagine that and then when he was old enough travelled to Rome for a ‘proper’ education and had a foothold in both worlds both ancient and modern.”

“Wow, so stands before me the descendent of Pharaohs and Emperors. Impressive!” I said.

“As I said a legend, something no historical documents chronicle so it will always be a myth. Still it is fun to think about.”

We ate and chatted and shared lives, he the son of naval officers for many generations and me the son of a business man who really didn’t know much beyond my grandfather. It wasn’t long though before our bellies were full and he was needed elsewhere. We said our goodbyes and I headed back to the cabin eager to unlock Jesse’s gift and see what secrets it held.


I began to ponder what it was that Jesse had built all the while Surfer flew silently next to me apparently deep in his own thoughts and I wondered if this were a new software upgrade or was he in fact using his staggering ‘mind’ to contemplate something. I had used the crystal growth chamber and had seen the size of the shimmering ‘gems’ that were needed to facilitate the creation of an Artificial Intelligence and they weren’t that big maybe the size of my pinky fingernail. So if Jesse had indeed built some sort of holographic library and the size of the device hinted that the crystal at its core was much larger than that of say Surfer’s, what was it capable of?

‘I was just thinking Sir,’ Surfer said out of the blue, ‘I have read much of the previous Hidden Master’s memoirs.’

“Yes and your aid at understanding them has been invaluable,” I praised him.

‘Thank you Sir but that is not what I was thinking about. The captain said that his family had a legend of a child of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra being raised by a secret order of priests.’

“What does that have to do with…,” I began to say and then I did see the connection. “The captain might be a member of the Order.”

‘Yes but his story also gave me insight into the Order. Why the Order is the way it is.’

“Okay you have my curiosity peaked, tell me your hypothesis.” I said.

‘The Eternal Master created the Order thousands of years ago. What nation was around that long ago?’


‘Exactly, now how much do you know about the political structure of Egypt?’

“Not a whole lot, explain.”

‘You had two major political institutions and one minor one. There was Pharaoh; there were the priests of the various gods and the builders who represented the common man. Sound familiar Sir?’

I felt my stomach drop and a chill went through me. So very obvious and yet I hadn’t seen it.

“Pharaoh is the Eternal Master, he was considered a god after he died and thus immortal. Who was the very first Pharoah?” I asked Surfer.

‘The first ruler of Egypt was the Scorpion King, yes just like the movie and he actually existed but in a less dramatic way. He could be our first Eternal Master that ruled over five millennia ago.’

“Wow,” I said. “So next, would be a secret order of priests, controlled by a high priest or Hidden Master. Sometime later he chose to cultivate an order of priestesses for the purpose of spying and spreading the control of the Order. So perhaps by giving them away as brides or slaves he creates a network of spies, assassins and in time mothers of new members of the Order. It sounds just like a computer virus but on a larger scale.”

‘I see the logic, as civilization grows the Order spreads to each newly discovered land. The infection begins with only a few but always selecting the most powerful men to indoctrinate into the brotherhood and thus keeping a certain amount of control over each town, city and capitol. Generation after generation guided by one man’s vision of… what?’ Surfer’s logic broke down.

“Well, at the end you have the Grandmaster as the chief architect. He maintained zonguldak escort the workforce and made sure they were paid and treated well or the modern day equivalent of the low ranking members of the Order. But yeah I see where the logic breaks down. Look at things they are in a terrible way. If the Order where really in control of everything then…” ‘click’ “…they aren’t in control of everything. There must be competing powers that are in opposition to what he is up to. From what I can see the Eternal Master has been trying to fix things. Look at everything that has happened to me since I took William’s ring. Look at all the positive things in regards to the company and our ability to make some serious constructive impact once we get up and running. Did I miss anything?”

‘You have reached the same conclusion as I, so how do you contact the captain without revealing who you are?’

“I don’t know yet but I get the feeling he is someone we can trust,” I said.

‘I monitored his vitals while the two of you spoke and there was never a single fluctuation to indicate falsehoods.’

“So he didn’t lie to me,” I said. “So when he told the story about Caesar’s son…”

‘He believes it and hopes it is true.’

“That makes speaking to him even more important.”

We arrived at the cabin and I slipped in and check on the girls. Kat and Sora had swapped positions and it was Sora that was spooning behind Kat but instead of her arms around Kat’s waist they were cupping her tits and she had a look of shear contentment on her face. I shook my head and suspected that there were going to be some moans and groans to tell me when those two were awake.

I opened the safe and retrieved the pyramid and suddenly felt really vulnerable. If I were at home I would do this either in my room or behind the secret door but here was there a safe place to do this thing? Will had given us a tour of this five hundred foot beast of a yacht and I thought back to see I remembered a place no one goes to that I could be free from interruptions. But no matter where I went there would be security of one form or another and having Surfer bypass them might just alert someone that something was going on. With a sigh I decided to just bite the bullet and just do it here.

“Surfer if you please,” I asked him to display the holographic twin of the pyramid.

Next I orientated the one in my hand to that of his hologram and then made the first twist and was rewarded with a slight hum and a quick flash of the numbered triangles on its surface. I orientated the pyramid for the next move and made it. Again a brief flash and the hum became slightly louder now. Move by more and twist after twist the thing in my hands slowly came to life. After nine adjustments the numbers were glowing now and the hum had become an ethereal song.

“Last twist Surfer what is it?” I asked.

‘Sir, I hate to say this but I am not sure for certain.’

My holographic guide showed not one but two possible moves to complete the series.

“Which one Surfer, do you have any suggestions?”

He shook his head and the hologram’s movements slowed as we watched both moves and they each solved the puzzle but Jesse had built in a last safety mechanism.

“Is the pyramid orientated correctly Surfer?” I asked and he nodded.

I set the device down and stepped away from it. Jesse had made sure that the only person who could open this thing was me. There was something only he and I knew. Some quirk that set us apart… quirk!

“Oh my god,” I cried out and slowly approached the pyramid and reached for the capstone.

I felt its warm metallic surface between my fingers and began to turn it when I remembered. Jesse is right handed… I was the only south paw in the group and switched hands then stopped again. Jesse counted on me being the one to open it and I would use my left hand. I swapped hands again and gripping the capstone gave it a twist to the left and the pyramid went dark and silent.

“Damn it!” I cursed and sat down hard on the couch. “I don’t even know if we can try again!”

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration when I heard Surfer.

‘Sir, I do believe you are going to want to open your eyes.’

I dropped my hand to my lap and opened my eyes and there in crystal clarity was the image of Jesse and he was smiling.

“Twist of lemon!” I said smiling from ear to ear.

‘Sir? I do not understand.’ Surfer said obviously perplexed.

“My dear friend Jesse is a high functioning autistic, a savant really. One of his many quirks is that when we had tea together he would take a slice of lemon and squeeze it with an exaggerated twist of his wrist and he always, always said ‘twist of lemon’ with that shit eating grin on his face. I was the only one who had tea with him. Terry hated tea and William well Will was just plain annoyed with that particular quirk.”

‘So my father likes tea,’ Surfer said to himself.

“Yes Surfer your father likes tea,” I said and at long last saw the personality behind the gleaming metallic mask. “Surfer would you like to change your appearance?”

He looked up at me and I saw the shock on his face and then his smile as it spread over his features. His eyes crinkled up the corners just a bit and he stood up tall and straight.

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