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Irresistible Buzz Pt. 02

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I woke up just after 9:00am. Light filled the room, and though the sheets covered her legs, Aryn’s naked back faced me. I ran my fingers lightly down the skin. Noticing the back of her neck and the short, buzzed hair just above it, I touched it with my palm. Her shot hairs brushed against my hand a few times, and then I massaged her neck.

It was beautiful. I leaned forward, nuzzling and making out with the nape of her neck. She stirred in the sheets. My cock, already morning-hard, poked against her ass, throbbing and poised.

I drew back, lifted Aryn’s thigh and positioned the tip of my cock against her pussy. I let her leg down, grabbed my cock, and wiggled until it slipped just inside.

“No. Not yet. Please,” she begged. “Take it out.” She threw the sheets down.

I pulled out, rubbing it against her clit, and then I let it spring back.

“I want to see it,” Aryn said, and she rolled over and sat up.

I saw her tits for the first time. They weren’t big by any means, but they were definitely more than her clothing ever suggested. They were rigid conical masses that grew a few inches out from her chest. Her nipples were slightly larger than quarters, tipped by round little nubs.

She looked at my cock and hesitated.

“What?” I asked.

“It’s just—I’ve never seen one in real life, not hard, at least.” She reached out and touched the shaft. “Fuck, that’s hard,” she said, and then added, “and hot.” She grabbed it, firmly. “It’s bigger than my…toy,” she finished, smiling up at me.

Then she looked at my body, noticing it for the first time.

“Fuck, you’re big,” she said, and then she ran her hands through the hair on my stomach and chest. “And hairy. Shit.” She looked down, past my cock and said, “Look at your legs; they’re like tree trunks.” She glanced back to me and asked me to turn over.

I shrugged and rolled. I felt her hands on my hip, and then she grabbed my hairy ass, cursing again.

“What?” I asked, craning my neck around.

“You’re like a gorilla.”

I let her explore me with her hands. “A gorilla in a good way or a bad way?”

“I don’t know. A good way, I think,” she answered.

“This gorilla wants to fuck you. Come on.”

“Turn back; I want to look at your cock again.”

I did, and Aryn lifted my it. “It’s heavy,” she said raising and lowering the shaft, and then she tilted her head, studying my sack. She reached under and felt my testicles. As she ran her fingers over and around each one, she opened her mouth as if to speak, but didn’t say anything.

“What?” I asked.

“Last night, I—I didn’t know it could be so good.”

“It was pretty good, wasn’t it?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

I smiled, feeling her fingertips drag over my shaft.

Then, she looked up at me with a canted little smile. “You licked my ass.”

I nodded. “Had to.”

She began to stroke me. “Am I doing it right?”

“Right enough.”

“Did you like it? Licking my ass, I mean.”

I nodded, feeling her little hand pull my cock.

“So, on Monday,” she said, “I’m going to be at my desk, listening to you and watching your mouth and remembering how your tongue felt on my ass.”

“You must have liked it, too.”

She nodded, smiling. “It was really hot.”

I reached down and caressed her tits. “Come on, Aryn. Let’s fuck again.”

She shook her head, saying, “I was thinking about trying to suck it.”


She nodded. “I’ve never done it before. Can I?”

I nodded and she crawled between my legs, still clutching my cock.

She asked, “What should I do?”

I shrugged and said, “Remember how it felt in your pussy last night?”


“That’s what you do with your mouth. That’s the basics.”

“What else?” she asked.

I shrugged. “You’ve got lips and a tongue. Those can be used, too.”


“And, you’ve got to do it like you want to, and not like I want you to. Attitude is important. So, don’t do it if you don’t like it or as a favor to me or something.”

She said, “I want to.”

Then, I said, “Deeper is really cool. And, last thing: it’s always better for the guy if I finish inside you.”

“Cum in my mouth?”

I nodded.

She didn’t say anything.

“I’m just saying it’s better,” I added.

“Should I swallow it?”

I laughed. “Aryn, you don’t have to do anything. Do what you want,” I suggested, “but, I gotta say this: most girls I know say its worse to collect it in your mouth and spit it out—if you don’t like the taste, I mean. According to them, it’s better to take it deep and swallow it as it comes. No messiness, and it doesn’t sit in your mouth or on your tongue. It’s just down the hatch.”

She hesitated.

I quickly added, “Look, if you think it’s gross, don’t do it. I don’t want a reluctant blowjob or a disgusted blowjob.”

“I’m not disgusted. Just nervous.”

“Don’t be. You’re extremely sexy, Aryn.”

She smiled, opened her mouth, and bent my rigid cock toward her lips. When they closed around the tip, I shut my eyes. I felt her mouth slide along the shaft.

I antep escort bayan said, “So, tomorrow, I’m going to be standing in front of the class, listening to you answer a question and watching your lips—the same lips that, just a few hours earlier, were wrapped around my cock.”

She pulled off me and smiled. It was a youthful and beautiful smile. She said, “I’m sucking my teacher’s dick.”

“What do you think of it?” I asked. She went down and up.

Rising off again, she muttered, “It’s fucking hot.” She smacked her lips and continued. “Not because of the taste—it’s not bad or anything—but the feel of it in my mouth.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s like my lips—my whole mouth—gets to feel what my pussy felt…the skin, the little bumps, the tip. I feel it in my mouth and imagine it in my pussy. I’m getting really wet, you know, doing this.”


She nodded. “And to know that it feels good to you—like my mouth has you paralyzed.”

I smiled. “No, I can’t move. You’ve got me.”

She went back to work and I gasped, flexing my legs and my stomach. A moment later she rose away for a third time.

“I know what it tastes like now,” she said.


“It’s not a flavor, but like a feeling about the taste.”

I tilted my head up in curiosity.

She went on. “It makes me think of guys—guys peeling out in cars, guys playing football, guys fixing and building shit around a house, I don’t know. It’s how guys taste, or some idea in my mind about how they would taste.”

“You should write a poem,” I joked.

She guffawed.

I said, “Better still, keep doing what you were doing.”

She grinned and opened wide. I closed my eyes and felt the wet heat envelop my shaft.

Aryn experimented. She must have had a scientific mind. At first, she tested depth, apparently gauging my reaction, as well as finding her own limit. Then, she tweaked her speed. After that, she experimented with her tongue and then her head. She tried some different techniques massaging my balls. Finally, she explored different angles: sucking my cock off to one side or another, moving forward and sucking it up toward my chest, and then moving back and sucking it down toward my toes, pulling against my cock’s own tension to spring up.

The changes started to make me lose the feeling until…oh, fuck.

I guess having tested a whole bunch of different things, she found some things I liked from each category and combined them.

She was slowly sucking the around the head, never getting too deep. Her tongue pushed up against the underside of the tip and slowly lapped me there. She was pulling my cock down toward my feet and tugging with one hand; the fingers of the other were gently rolling my testicles across the soft pressure of her thumb.

And we were watching each other. Her eyes gazed me, alert. I felt pleasure so strong it hurt, and I cursed at Aryn.

She stopped, eyes wide.

Shit. I needed to apologize or say something.

Aryn let my cock pop out and she huffed, “Oh, fuck, keep saying that to me, please.”

She started up again, and I said, “Suck that motherfucker, little girl.”

She groaned into my cock. One of her hands vanished between her legs. So, I kept talking—not incessantly, but when I liked what I felt.

Never a big bedroom talker, myself, Aryn’s reaction surprised me. She got off on it. And, the idea that she liked it, hearing her and feeling her moan into my cock when I cursed her, fuck, it was beautiful.

I told her I was going to cum, and then I commanded her to fucking swallow it.

She squealed into my dick. My ass clenched, pushing my cock further into her mouth. I felt swelling heat as my shaft flexed in her mouth. The tip ballooned against her tongue, and then I clutched her head and fired into her, grunting and cursing.

She couldn’t swallow faster than my output, and I felt the cum sloshing against the tip and mixing with her saliva. Aryn wasn’t just moaning anymore, she was humming screams into my dick.

She came, her mouth full of cock and semen, but unable to swallow it.

I finished, watching her arm work furiously underneath her and listening to her come down off the peak of her orgasm.

She let my cock out, and a river of cum and saliva spilled from between her lips and coated the shaft. She rose up, and her lips and chin glistened.

“I couldn’t,” she gasped, “couldn’t swallow it.” She took a deep breath and crawled up beside me. “I was coming and I couldn’t.” She sighed. “Fuck, that was so fucking hot.”

I was catching my breath, too. “And that,” I breathed, “that was your first time?”

She nodded, snuggling against me. “I mean—I’ve seen videos of it. And, I’ve sucked on dildos before, but never a real cock.”

“You were incredible.”

She sat up and looked down. “Sorry about the mess. I wanted to swallow it; I really did.”

I laughed. “Forget it. I loved it. We’ll go shower, and then we’ll eat. I’m starving.”

“Me, too.”

I was on my back; she was on her side. I held araban escort bayan her in one arm and caressed her tit with my free hand. She ran her fingers through my chest hair.

We talked about movies—comedies, this time. We laughed about some favorite scenes, and our laughter led to kissing. It felt really, really good. Her lips yielded to mine softly, and there was just the right wetness. She wasn’t aggressive, but active.

I broke the kiss and said, “Let’s shower.”

Her hand ran down my stomach. Her fingers dipped into the sticky pool at the base of my cock. “Yeah, we should clean up.”


We helped each other wash, and could not stop our hands from exploring each other’s bodies. While she washed her hair, I stood behind her, groping her tits and pinching her nipples, the head of my cock stuck inside her ass crack. The fat tip pried her ass open, and her chubby little cheeks gripped it firmly.

When she finished rinsing, I stepped under the shower and washed my hair while Aryn played with my cock.

She said, “This thing is really cool.”

I laughed. “Glad you like it.”

“It’s so heavy, like a fucking lead pipe.”

I let the water cascade down my back and asked, “Aryn, do you like dirty talk?”

She looked up at me and smiled sheepishly. “I liked doing it with my girlfriends—telling them what to do and stuff. Naida loves it when I dirty talk her. But, with you, I don’t know. I actually like it better when you say things to me. You?”

“Never really been a thing for me, but it was really cool that you seemed to love it.”

She gave me an earnest and very feminine look. “Will you do it right now?”

I looked up and down her body, so skinny that what little curvature existed was accentuated. Then, I turned the shower valve down to just a steady dribble. “Put your back against the fucking wall.”

She shuffled around me and pressed her back to the shower wall.

I stood in front of her. “Spread your fucking legs, little girl.”

Her chest rose and fell. I got on my knees.

She looked down at me, and I said, “Watch me eat this pussy.”

I leaned forward and tilted my head back to get the angle. I pried her apart with my thumbs and jammed my chin between. She curled her back and watched me, panting. I nursed on her clit, peering up at her.

Seeing the pleasure wash over her face stirred me. Her eyebrows pinched together and her jaw gaped. The rise and fall of her chest quickened, and the hardening of her nipples seemed to affect the entire front half of her breasts—they were just as rigid.

She smelled like fresh soap, but tasted like bitter steel and melon. I loved it.

Aryn bit her lower lip, moaning and watching me.

I pulled away and said, “Turn around and give me your ass.”

She did.

I added, “Bend the fuck over and stick it out.”

She did, and what I saw in front of me—inches from my face—filled me with a hunger that teetered between furious and uncontrollable: a perfect little ass, round and curvy, fleshy cheeks with beads of water dripping off them, the deep darkness of her crack, and, tucked away underneath, the slit of her pussy.

I seized her cheeks, leaned forward and ate her pussy from behind with my nose buried up her ass. Aryne grunted when my tongue penetrated her. As I licked, I ran my hands down to her calves and then up across her thighs to her ass. I spread her apart and dragged my tongue up and over her asshole. I drew circles around it and went back down to her clit.

After a minute or so, I sensed her build up to orgasm, and I stopped. I laid down on the floor of the showed and said, “Sit on this cock and fuck me with that tight pussy, you little slut.”

Aryn gasped at my words, but she straddled me without hesitation. Soon, she was gyrating over the tip and wiggling it inside her.

I said, “This cock is your dildo. You don’t give a fuck how I feel; you just use it to get yourself off.”

She sat back, and I slid up inside her. “Tell me I’m a slut again,” she uttered, “Please.”

“Use that cock, you fucking slut.”

Aryn moaned and started her ride.

She had a beautiful stomach, and I liked watching it roll back and forth on me. I had an urge to lick her belly button, but our positions rendered that impossible. I glanced higher and watched her tits absorb each wave of her fucking.

“Lean forward so I can suck on your tits,” I said, and then a mischievous whim seized me and I added, “you little fucking whore.”

She grinned and adjusted herself. I curled up and took one of her nipples between my lips. I sucked on each of her tits until my stomach muscles got tired. By then, Aryn was coming.

Her head sagged down and she began to holler; a few seconds later, her body collapsed on mine.

“Good girl,” I said, “now get on your hands and knees.”

I slid from under her as she assumed her position. I got on my knees behind her.

It was the ass I saw in the picture in her trifold binder. My cock flexed at the view. I gripped the shaft and slid it up and gaziantep arap escort bayan down along Aryn’s slit until it opened for me, and then I pushed in.

“Oh, shit, your pussy is incredible,” I huffed. It was so slick and tight, and doggystyle, I could plunge into her until my stomach and her ass mashed together.

Aryn moaned, “Fuck me.”

I replied, “I am going to fuck the shit out of you, little girl, and then I’m going to cum all over your asshole.”

She moaned again while I gripped her hips, and then I slowly fucked her, pushing harder and harder every time until I slammed her pussy.

We both grunted at the effort; hers, infused with femininity; mine, like a beast’s. She didn’t back her ass into me; she just absorbed the blows, and I was gradually pushing us toward the tile wall. I felt, in that moment, like I never wanted to pull my cock out of her, like I wanted to live the rest of my life out with my dick buried in Aryn’s pussy from behind.

Then, I knew I was going to cum.

Aryn screamed for me to cum on her asshole. I pulled out—against every instinct—and pried her ass apart with my other hand. I placed the tip right against her pink little hole, and I tugged myself.

I was grunting and cursing, my eyes locked on the view of my cock against her wrinkled pinhole. I made the minutest adjustment to align my hole with hers. I pressed against it. The first spurt must have lubricated her.

The very tip of my cock opened Aryn’s asshole. She gasped, and the next spurt vanished inside her. The thick, meaty shaft of my cock was throbbing and pulsing, the tip of it’s mushroom head somewhere inside Aryn, spilling cum.

I pulled it out and squeezed the final drops out on her little hole while it pinched closed.

I sat back against the corner, catching my breath. Aryn’s head was on the floor. Her ass pointed at me and her cum-covered ass was slowly leaking semen.

I reached up and turned the shower valve until a good solid stream was coming out. Then, I stood up and washed myself clean.

Aryn got on her knees, and she was grinning. She asked, “Did you mean for that to happen?”

“No. Sorry.”

“No, don’t be,” she said, “It was actually really hot.”


After the shower, we both scarfed down bowls of cereal in the kitchen.

I glanced over at her. “Can I ask you something?”


“Are you okay if I’m not jealous about you and Naida?”

“Huh? Why?”

“What I’m saying is that I’m not expecting some kind of exclusive relationship with you. I’m okay with you and Naida still seeing each other.”

A look of confusion swept across her face, and then she smiled and shrugged. “Okay.” She scooped another bite from her bowl.

“There something else I wanted to say.”

She paused with her spoon halfway to her mouth.

I said, “Naida might get jealous. I know I’ve asked you to keep this a secret from everyone, but especially her, I think. She’d feel doubly betrayed by you—not only cheating, but cheating straight.”

She ate her spoonful and nodded, mumbling, “Yeah, she would. She’d be pissed.”

“You’ll be careful, right?”

She nodded.

I said, “That reminds me. Have you thought about how you’re going to get home?”

“Wait ’till night, I guess, and sneak back to my car.”

“That won’t freak anybody out—your Mom, Naida—with you being gone for so long?”

“I should probably just send a few texts. It’ll be fine.”

“Okay, but I’ve got to leave here in a little bit. I’ve got a coaches meeting at school.”

“What time?”

“Noon to two-thirty or so.”

“Care if I hang out until you get back?”


“Bring home some pizza?” she asked with a smile.

“Okay. Pepperoni?”

“My favorite.”


I was fairly useless at the meeting, offering very little in the way of recommendations for how to play our next opponent.

The head coach, a Math teacher, asked me if anything was wrong.

“I’m good. Just tired.”

I picked up the pizza and drove home,

Aryn was in her underwear and one of my tee-shirts, but it must have been so big on her that she had tied the bottom of the front in a knot just above her belly button.

“What should we watch?” she asked.

“Jump on Amazon Video, and you decide. I’m up for anything. Soda?”


I set up our plates and pop cans and brought them into the family room. We sat on the couch, ate, and watched Tommy Boy.

Aryn loved to laugh. A few times, I wondered whether or not she was faking it, but I ultimately decided she wasn’t. Her laugh was too infectious—a kind of low cackle with such rapt joy in her eyes. By the end, we were both laughing pretty hysterically.

She turned off the television when it was over. After she took our empties to the kitchen, she came over to me. She nudged my knees apart and knelt between them on the floor.

She said, “You like my ass don’t you?”

I nodded.

“And my asshole? You like that, too?”

I nodded. “I like every part of you.”

“You want to fuck it?”

I nodded, and my dick moved.

“And cum in it?”

“Of course,” I said, growing hard. “Do you want me to?”

She had been playful, but she changed to serious at my question. “I don’t know. It may be too big.” She unhooked my shorts, and I lifted my hips so that she could pull them down. “Let me see.” She grabbed the near fully-hard shaft and examined it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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