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It Started with a Chair

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Its later at night, and we’re sitting around, drinking and watching TV. By this point, I’ve already got a pretty good buzz going on, and when I’m near someone I’m attracted to, it translates into me being driven almost insane by my urge to be fucked. The vodka and bawls is a sinister combination, I feel like I’m floating and at the same time, am really awake. He’s paying more attention to the TV than to me, ignoring the little glances I keep giving him as I down a few more gulps of my drink. My eyes trace over his form.

Bane’s thin, but not too thin. Wearing blue jeans and a black beater. His dark eyes are locked on the TV idly as he sips at his own drink, occasionally meeting mine and smiling slightly, before returning his attention to the screen. His hands are fussing around my hair and the back of my neck, which is an easy place for me to get turned on. Something about being touched, sucked, licked, and bit on the back of my neck and shoulders is an easy way for me to get turned on, and if fussed with enough, even achieve orgasm.

He knows it. Still, he fusses idly with my hair, in a completely innocent fashion. We’re always touching each other…Holding hands, cuddling, or he’ll fuss with my hair or my belt loops. This is nothing new to me. But now with the alcohol and anticipating of being fucked, each twist of my brown locks, each caress on the back of my neck is maddening. I breathe a sigh and feel my shoulders tense up. He notices.

“Your shoulders hurt, baby?” He asks, his deep voice soft with compassion. “They seem awfully tight.” Despite the fact that we’ve been drinking, his speech remains pretty clear. Mine on the other, due to my accent and my low alcohol tolerance, would be butchered.

I finish the rest of my drink before setting down the glass on the table and shrugging. I don’t make an attempt to speak, though, as though to hide how buzzed I really am. I make a passive “Eh.” at him and settle back against the couch.

“You sure?” His fingers rub into my shoulders and up my spine, kneading the tense muscles. “C’mere.” He grabs my hand and leads me over to the chaise lounge, an over-stuffed chair set up kind of like a permanent recliner. He sits down first, legs apart, and pats the space between them. “Sit down, I’ll rub your shoulders.”

“Y’don’t hafta.” My Pennsylvanian accent handles the alcohol poorly, and my words slur together. “‘m fine, Ah promise. Shoulders’r jus’ a bit tense ’cause Ah had’a long day.”

He pulls me down into the chaise lounge, chuckling at the way I talk. “I know.” His laugh sends chills down my spine. “A bit tipsy, are we?” He works his hands into my muscles, his thumbs toying at the back of my neck.

“‘M’not tipsy. Ah’ve not had much ta drink at all!” I sink back against him and breathe a sigh. It feels good to have a shoulder rub, but not very relaxing. In fact, it was the opposite.

“Nice try.” He says, chuckling. I let out a defeated grunt, my fingers resting on his legs. He leans forward, a little, leaning over me. He rubs my shoulders and back, brushing my hair over my one shoulder to give him better access Samsun Escort to the back of my neck. I squirm slightly, trying not to call attention to myself. Soft whimpers get caught in the back of my throat as I close my eyes and try to detatch the sexual feeling, not wanting to seem like I’m about to jump his bones. I feel him remove one of his hands from my shoulders, for a moment, and then put back where it was. He’d turns the TV off. I’m not surprised, as he often does that to let me know it was time to go to the bedroom to go to sleep. I begin to stand up, and am quickly met with both of his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back down. He breathed one, soft, hot word against the back of my neck.


He’d said it firmly enough that it takes me by surprise. I begin to turn to look at him, but he firmly puts me back in the position before, rubbing my shoulders and the back of my neck. I’m surprised and a little confused, but sit there between his legs while he massages me. I find it harder to keep the moans and whimpers to myself as the TV had been turned off, and the only noise was the sound of our breathing. I try to breathe regularly, but it comes out in short stifled gasps. I hear another soft chuckle and I wince. I open my mouth to say something, but I feel him tilt my head down and his lips meet the back of my neck in that oh-so-sensitive spot. He kisses it lightly, sending flecks of fire spiraling through me. He breathes soft words against my skin.

“You’re so hot when you’re sexually frustrated. I love it when you try to hide it. But…” His tongue trails across the spot, causing me to gasp and squirm. He pushes me forward, pressing his chest to my back. “Only because you hide it so poorly. Look at how turned on you are.” He nuzzles the spot with his nose and lips, his hands trailing down my arms to my hands, then up the underside of my arms, to my breasts. “I bet you’re already wet…” He wastes no time in playful touches, and instead grasps my breasts lightly through my PJ tanktop. “I want to hear you, baby…” He parted his lips and nipped at the skin on the back of my neck, instantly sending a jolt of electric through my body.

“F..Fuck…” I breathe, helpless against him. His fingers toy with my nipples and squeeze my breasts roughly. He bites and sucks at the back of my neck, starting lightly at first, then working to a harder, rougher nip. I squirm under him, gasping and panting lightly, half-moans, squeals, and whimpers escape my lips as I feel his teeth against my skin. I barely notice what is happening until…

“Mmm. You -are- wet.” he remarks, rubbing the front of my panties. They’re practically soaked, and he slides his fingers up and down the front of my panties, kissing the back of my neck. He starts to push them asside, his thumb grazing my clit in slow, gentle strokes.

“Bane…” I half gasp, arching my back slightly. He pushes himself to me even more. “Oh…Fuck…” I close my eyes and squirm helplessly.

“Rook…” He says against the back of my neck, as he slides my panties down around my thighs. “Mmmm… Rook. The Samsun Escort Bayan things I’m going to do to you…” Without warning, he pushes a finger roughly inside of me while simeltaniously biting the back of my neck, holding the skin in his teeth while he pushes a second finger inside of my tight pussy. “…After all, you are…” He withdraws his fingers for a moment, before pushing them back in, roughly. “Mine.”

“Nnngh! F…fuck… Bane!” I open my eyes and look upward at the ceiling. He thrusts his fingers in and out of me, using his free hand to tug at my nipples and squeeze my breasts. He jerks me back against his crotch, allowing me to feel his hard cock against my back and ass. I find myself gridning against him helplessly.

“Isn’t that right?” He asks, removing his fingers from my pussy. He takes the hand from my breasts and traces it across my lips, playfully running a finger over my lip ring. “You’re all mine… You’re -my- girl.”

I let out a moan in response, and I make an attempt at capturing one of his fingers in my mouth, but he pulls it away. I question him silently.

“Say it. Tell me that you’re mine.” He whispers against my ear, his arm wrapping around my chest. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m yours…” I moan softly, being pulled flush against him.

“Again…” he says, pushing my panties completely off my body without me really noticing.

“I’m yours… All yours…” I say helplessly, my body powerless against his.

“Again…” He growls against my ear. I feel him rub the tip of his hard cock against my lower back and between my ass cheeks lightly.

“I’m yours, Bane… No one else can have me. I’m only yours.” I whimper at the feeling of his cock rubbed against my ass cheeks.

“… And never, ever forget that, baby.” In one fluid movement, he moved, removed his pants, and pushed me back into the chair. He turns me around, placing my arms over the back of the chair, pushing me cheek down against the over stuffed cushion. “Mmm… I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby.”

He takes the tip of his cock and rubs it up and down over my pussy, a soft groan escaping his lips. He reaches forward and grabs my hair, twisting his fingers in it. He presses his cock against my pussy. He moved one hand and with one, painfully slow movement, pulls me by my hair and shoulder onto his cock, spreading my tight pussy around him.

“Fuuuuck…” I breathe, hearing him curse softly over my shoulder. He leans forward and bites me hard on the shoulder and neck, holding his hips completely still, not moving his cock.

“Beg.” He commands, biting down on my neck. “Beg for it.”

“Please! Fuck me, please! I want your cock… Please.” I begged as he pulled my hair and pressed his fingers into my shoulder. He pulles out and pushes in again, and does it again. Then, without warning, removes the hand from my hair and sticks his fingers in my mouth. I suck them like he liked me to, but he pulls them away quickly and with no warning, sticks his middle and ring fingers into my tight ass.

“Mmm… Nice tight pussy, Escort Samsun and a nice tight ass.” He bucks his hips forcefully into mine, forcing his cock and fingers deep into me. “I love fucking my dirty little girl.” He continues to forcefully fuck me, keeping his fingers in my ass. I squeal and squirm helplessly against him. He pulls out his fingers and grips my hips tightly, bucking wildly into me.

“Nngh! Bane! Oh fuck!” I’m getting louder as he drills his hard cock into me, in short, hard strokes. He pushes into me as though he were trying to break me. They hurt, but I love it. He’d never hurt me, but he knows how much I love when he fucks me hard, and how it drives me wild. He leans over me and growls, in my ear. He continues to fuck me for ten minutes like that, deep and fast, only stopping to shift slightly or to pull me how he wants me. He pulls almost the whole way out and stops. He grabs my hips and slams me back into him, and I cry out. It hurts in the best way possible, driving me closer to the edge. He pulls out completely and presses me into the chair.

“Mine.” He growls, rubbing his cock aggressively against me. He stops and presses it to my ass, pulling me back into his hips. “…Mine.” He repeats, and then chuckles. “Mine, in every way possible.” He slides his cock deep into me, bucking his hips lightly into me. He always takes the begining of anal a little slower, since its a bit more unyielding to such acts. However, after a few moments, I find myself pressed down into the chair, his body pressed flush to mine, as he drills his cock into my tight asshole. He growls half phrases into my ear, telling me how he’s going to fuck me until he cums. My body tightens around his, my pussy wet enough that the wetness slides down my thighs and around his cock as he fucks me. He growls into my ear, holding my hips and fucking me. He gives me a few playful slaps on the ass, causing me to jerk back against him, and he squeezes me, stopping every so often to lean over and bite and suck at my shoulders or scratch his fingernails across my back. He drills me as I helplessly squirm and squeal under him. Suddenly, his thrusts become more urgent and erratic. The sudden change in pace drives me even closer. I get pushed deeper into the chair, as he fucks me with purpose, driving himself closer.

“Fuck…!” He yells, gasping, his fingers pressing into my hips, white-knuckled grip on me, drilling me even harder than before. It hurts me, my ass tightening around his cock. I love the feeling of him fucking me with such urgency. “Rook… Oh, baby…” He playfully slaps my ass, thrusting harder. “I’m going to cum… I’m gonna…” He stops fucking in short strokes, and grabbing my hips, slamming me in long, hard, erratic strokes. “I’m gonna…UHNGH…”

And then he cums…

He cums inside of me in hot, white streaks, deep in my ass. He grabs my hips and sits back, pulling me onto his lap, grabbing my breasts and biting my neck, letting out feral growls and groans, calling me his, moaning about how he loves his cum in me… All the while, I hit my own orgasm, cumming unrestricted down my thighs as my body tightens around his cock. We rock back and forth until he’s finished, and he eases his grip and begins kissing me feverishly. We fall into the chair, in each others arms, panting. And I smile as we kiss, knowing how lucky I am to have such a bad boy.

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