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It’s a Wonderful Wife…

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Monday. The beginning of a work week. Like many others it’s my least favorite day of the week because of how demanding and busy it is. I work in an accounting office and all I ever see is the desk in front of me, my trusty computer terminal, and of course- my paperwork. There is ALWAYS that to depend on. That’s a good thing, however, because it means that I have work, which is more than I can say for my husband, Robert. Robert and I have been married for just short of ten years and have a loving relationship. The only issue I have about our marriage is that Robert likes to spend lots of hours a day meditating and practicing his religious beliefs. For this reason, he has no job! Claiming that if he went to work he would not be able to get to his hightened state and then would not be balanced. Somehow, I wondered if it was his way of just getting out of work because there were times when he would just not do anything. Just sit at home and chant to some invisible being in his head.

I arrived home this afternoon to a completely silent home. The only presence was the smell of incents and Robert’s feet. This was not unusual because on Monday he often went to his gatherings in the park to sit with his weird hummingbird friends and make gutteral noises with their eyes closed. So, I chose to treat myself to a treat. To reward myself I decided to go out to the mall and buy some clothing for myself. A working girl has to get spoiled sometimes! So, off I went to the local shopping mall in search of some perk-me-up merchandise to cheer me up. On the way there, I got a call from my best friend of twenty years from High School.

“Hi Colleen!” I said, the phone pressed slightly against my cheek.

“Hey giiiiirl! Whatcha up to?” she said in return. She had an annoying habit of almost singing the word “girl”.

“I am on my way to the Westland Mall. Shoes…”

“Nice. Wanna meet me for lunch, I have something to tell you!” She was giddy sounding.

“Sure. meet you there in like, ten.” I said. What was she up to?

I pulled my vehicle into the the rear parking lot because it’s usually pretty empty and I can always find a spot. I get out of my car and grab my purse, clumsily dropping it on the ground and spilling all of it’s contents. There was my makeup, my wallet, lip gloss, spray perfume, cell phone, and all other sorts of miscellaneous belongings all about. Sighing in disgust at my clumsy self, I pick up all of my things off of the parking spot and hastily shove it all back into my purse and head to the rear entry of the mall. When I enter I pass all of the typical landmarks of the mall: the benches, the restrooms, the vending machines, and the advertisements on the wall. Nothing like the feel of arriving at the mall to pamper myself with an old friend.

I get to the food court and meet up with Colleen outside of the Taco Grande. She looks just I thought she would, all gussied up and smelling sweet. She was here to meet someone other than me and I should’ve known. She always does this! Invites me to hang out just to show off her latest guy pal. I never get attached because she is never with them very long. She is what you call “a go-getter”. She is attractive and I could see the appeal if I was a man. Colleen has dark brown hair about shoulder length, curly structure to it, light blue seductive eyes (ALWAYS done with make up and lashes), and pouty pink kissable lips. Her frame is that of a tight nineteen-year-old even though she is actually thirty-six. I just had to hear what she was up to.

“I knew it, Laurie. You think I look bad don’t you? Is it the skirt?” she said

“No, I just wonder what his name is this time is all,” I said. “I know you are here waiting on a guy to show up.”

“How do you know Miss Smarty-giiiiirl?!” she sang, playfully poking her finger at me.

“Because you always do this to me. Meet me here just to show off your new…” I was cut off

“Steven. His name is Steven. There! You happy?!” She interrupted, showing that giddiness again.

“Yah. I guess. Let’s go meet him.” I was thinking to myself, waiting to get this over with so I could go on my therapeutic shoe excursion. Hope it’s quick.

We walked together to the shoe store down the way and discovered a man in a button up shirt and tie working behind the counter. He was a younger man of about 20 or so, medium build with escort a sharp haircut and white-toothed smile. He stuck out his soft-skinned, well-manicured hand for a firm and professional handshake. I was too busy focusing on his eyes and handshake to notice that his nametag read…

“Steven” said Colleen, “I’d like you to meet Laurie. She’s my best pal from way back.

“Ha–hello” I said almost sounding like a shy schoolgirl. What was wrong with me?

“Hello Laurie. Nice to meet you dear, what can I get for you today?”

I was deep in trance and didn’t notice that I was still shaking his hand. I let go of it almost as if it were a hot frying pan.

“Well, I was thinking of a pair of shoes. Nice ones that would be comfortable for the office!” I said.

“I guess, with all-do-respect ma’am that it would depend on what kind of office you work in” said Steve. His eyes meeting mine.

“I work in an office and sit for most of my day. I just want something that would go well with my dress clothes and something that would slip off easily if needed.”

“Um…” Steven was blushing now and Colleen was laughing under her breath. I realized how that just sounded.

We just sat there for a moment or two chuckling about how funny that just came out and then got back to the shopping. Steven told me to have a seat on the little mirrored bench and try on a pair of flats that he pulled off of the shelf. I kicked off my shoes I was wearing and waved my nylon-covered toes playfully waiting to try on the new pair. He grabbed my foot and when he did it made me jump a little inside. Why, I don’t know.

“Ooooh giiiiiirl,” sang Colleen “you look killer in that pair. Go for it. Steven, you have good taste! Good pick!”

“Thanks. That was easy. They are as good as sold.” I said, going to stand up and head to the counter.

I made my way up to the counter and placed the box of shoes on the counter to be paid for. I searched in my purse for my checkbook and my inkpen. I was quick to find that my pen had been lost out in the parking lot fiasco. Damn.

“You have a pen? I think I’ve lost mine” I asked, blushing myself.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed me the pen, rubbing his hand softly on mine but not purposely. Or at least I thought not.


I filled out the check and handed it to him, making eye contact as I did. Something about this kid was magnetic. I didn’t know what it was. We grabbed the shoes and headed for the exit, both of us with a smile on our faces. We felt like foolish little schoolgirls in their first boy/girl party.

“Did you see the way he looked at you? I think he liked you Laurie!” She giggled as she spoke.

“What?! No, he was just doing his job. What do you mean he…” I was cut off again.

“I caught him looking up your skirt when you were trying on those shoes” she whispered

“Shut up! God, Colleen you are such a pig sometimes.” I scolded, jokingly.

“HE DID! He was also looking around for clues…” she said.

“Clues? What is he Sherlock Holmes now too?!” I joked.

“He peeked at your left hand dear, he was checking for a ring.” she was serious.

“I guess that he found one didn’t he. Look, it’s still there.” I was showing her playfully, holding my hand out in front of me the way a woman does when she shows off her rings.

We giggled for a few and went and had a small snack at the food court to chat for about two hours. Then Colleen offered to come over to my place to have a giiiiirl’s (I hate when she said it that way) night! Watching movies like old times. Sure, why not. Robert was off with his hippie-assed friends worshiping trees and playing glass jugs and jaw harps in his weekly circle anyhow. What was I really missing out on. Sounded like fun! So, we went off to my place to go watch some romantic comedies on the movie channel. When we got there I was surprised to find that there was a black BMW in my driveway. Who could it be?

“Colleen? Who is at my house?” I inquired honestly.

“I have no clue. Is there anybody in the car?” she answered.

We looked and discovered that it was empty. I was a little bit startled to see that it was unoccupied but I went up to my door anyhow and started to put the key in the keyhole when all of the sudden the door handle turned and the door flew open. Before bursa eve gelen escort I knew it I was being pushed in the house by Colleen, and pulled by someone unknown. I heard the door slam behind me and I was starting to grow frantic.Then the inevitable clicking sound of the lock. What was going on?! Next thing I knew I was having my arms pulled behind my back and my hands were being handcuffed together frantically. Colleen?

“Surprise babe!” laughed Colleen “I’ve got a surprise you’ll never forget”

“What the FUCK Colleen! Let my hands go free right now, this isn’t funny!” I was getting angry. Was it some sick joke?

Before I got a chance to see who the mystery BMW person was I was being blindfolded by some kind of weird leather nightmask. I felt her tying the back of it tight. Now I was just plain ol’ scared! I had no clue what she was up to, and what about the other person?

“Laurie, listen up. I want you do as we say. If you don’t we will punish you and your husband. Understand?” it was Colleen, in a much less-bubbly but assertive tone.

“Yes. Anything, just please don’t kill– OUCH!” I screamed, almost crying. She grabbed my hair and pulled.

“Good giiiiirl,” she sang again “Now open your mouth”

“What? No!”

“NOW Bitch! Open it!” Colleen was slapping at my cheeks and I felt a sting. Strangely enough, I opened it wide and waited.

I heard a zipping sound and felt another set of hands on the back of my head. They took over the grasp that Colleen once had on my hair. This clutch was much more firm and forceful. I felt the mystery person put his dick on my lower lip and circle around my mouth with it. Then he put it up to my nose.

“Smell that sweetness baby? Now why don’t you be a good little giiiirl and let this nice man fuck your mouth…” Colleen said in an aroused tone. Was she enjoying this madness?

I could smell the familiar smell of semen under my nose and strangely enough I found myself wanting to taste it for myself. I haven’t craved a cock in my mouth in quite some time and Robert surely wasn’t providing in that department. I stuck my tounge out and felt this man rub the underside of the head of his dick on my it. I could actually taste it a little. Then, slowly up the length of my tounge until my mouth was around it fully. He was gentle but still sensually forceful. I found myself feeling guilty for being so aroused by the mystery and humility of it all. I wanted more.

I added a little suction and started moving my tounge around it like eating a piece of candy. Slowly at first he started rythmically moving his hips in sync with my moving head. He was slowly moving my head with his hand and after a while I found myself volunteerily moving my head at will. I was enjoying this experience and I was curious to see where it would end up. I started moaning and moving my face faster. I was more aroused when I started hearing Colleen moan too.

“Oh yah Laurie, let him fuck your mouth,” she was enjoying this, ” Let him fuck your slutty cheating mouth!”

“Uuuuuuh!” said the unknown man

“Use that mouth for more than saying ‘I DO’ you little cock hungry slut” Colleen now domineering.

The man pulled himself out of my mouth and he and Colleen helped me up. They led me to what I believed was my bedroom and closed the door. Colleen was behind me undoing my handcuffs.

“If I let you go will you promise to comply?” she asked.

“Yes. I promise” I replied.

She released my handcuffs and I felt my arms fall freely, to my surprise I felt around and found the mystery man in front of me. I felt around his torso until I found what I was looking for. I grasped it in my right hand and slowly massaged as if it were a worry-stone. It was all slippery and I could feel the veins protruding on the shaft. This man was into me. He moaned for a bit and then Colleen interrupted again.

“Ah-ah!” she said “Other hand. That man wants to see you wrap your ring around someting other than your finger baby”

I did as I was told and put the same hand that I promised to Robert around the man’s hard, slipper, ribbed cock. I stroked slowly…

“Laurie, I want to watch this man fuck you now.” Colleen again.

I was then bent over the bed and felt my legs being spread apart like I was about bursa görükle escort to go through a cavity search at a police station. In a way I was about to, but not at a precint. My head was pushed forcefully against the top of the matress and I could feel him teasing me with his dick. I was wet and ready, but I never thought it would happen. I was just a scared.

“Tell him you want him to do it,” Colleen demanded “TELL HIM NOW!”


“Want what little giiiiiirl?”

“I want you to fuck me…”

“Louder!” Colleen was being really bossy by now.


“LOUDER! So the camera can pick it up.” Colleen said. Great, now she was recording it!

“I WAN…”

Before I could even finish the words he was drilling me hard from behind like someone who was on a mission to blow his hips out. The force and the slapping of his pelvis against my rear end was building suspense and I was losing control. I started moaning with some high-pitched shrills.

“How’s it feel to be fucked by a stranger? You like it better than your husband?” Colleen asked.

“Yeeeesss….YES…” I was the one almost singing words now!

“Tell this man you want his cum in you. TELL HIM!” Colleen was in total control of me.

“I want your cum. I want you…to…fill me!” I begged.

“You heard her, impregnate the bitch. Fill her up and give her your seed.” She was bossing even him around.

I could feel him all of the sudden stop in mid-stroke. He pulled out and sat me up on the bed. I felt Colleen undoing the mask. Finally there would be no more mystery to this man. I could see my new lover face-to-face. I was shocked to see the same man that I had met only about two hours earlier. The shoe salesman who had touched my feet and gave me chills was now an inch in front of my face with his cock.

“We meet again Miss Laurie,” said Steven, “man, I must say you look hot today. You have a lucky husband.”

“Thanks,” I said reaching for his cock again, looking up at him.

“Wait, no…” he said, and grabbed my left hand instead, placing it around his cock, “this hand Laurie”.

Once again I was slowly sucking on his member and I could really taste his pre-cum oozing on my tounge this time. It was mixed with the familiar smell of my own ananomy on his trimmed pubic hair. I slowly started sucking him with great pressure in hopes for a little bit a surprise. I have missed this taste and I wanted his to be the next for me.

“You know, I could almost be your son Laurie” he groaned.

“Mmmmm” I was stuck around his dick so hard I could’ve pulled it right off.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna c…cu….” he was getting ready to go, but I did the unspeakable and stopped before that moment. I thought of something better.

“No, I want you to fill me” I begged

“Yes! Make her pregnant. Fill that housewife slut.” Colleen was now stripped to just her bra and panties, revealing and leather.

He then laid me on my back and put himself inside me. It wouldn’t be long before I could be a mommy for real. Part of me was so turned on by the idea, it’s weird. It was about a good, hard thirty seconds more of thrusting and I felt him buck his hips and shutter. Moaning was so loud and real now that I too found myself climaxing. Both of us covered in sweat and shaking like a couple of rat-dogs. I don’t ever remember feeling so guilty and dirty, but pleasured to sheer elation at the same time. It was a truly astonishing experience.

“you did good giiiiiirl” Colleen complimented me “it’s been a fantasy of mine to watch this happen with you for a long time now.”

“Oh my! Well why didn’t you just say. I would be your slut anytime. A girl my age doesn’t see much action.

“If you ever want to see it again just ask, it’s all on my iPhone!” Colleen laughed

“You were so HOT Miss Laurie! Think we can do it again sometime?” Steven asked

“Some time?” I asked “how about ANY time”

With that I kissed him the way a highschooler might at a school dance. They both left for the evening and I hopped in the shower. Going to bed that night with my husband with a smile on my face, I asked him about his day. As he rambled on all I could think about was my hot encounter with a 20-year-old and my best pal Colleen. Out of the blue I started to ask him about having children, a topic that he very stern about. He was not fond of having children. I had the nerve to ask him a question next that only myself, and two others could explain.

“If I ever happen to get pregnant and it’s a boy, can we name him Steven?”

I chuckled a little and then went to sleep…smiling.

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