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It’s About Time Ch. 01

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I’ve never been fat, or even close, but I have been carrying a middle age spread for the last 10 years or so. I was like that already when we got married, and for the first 5 years of marriage my wife never said anything. But, for the last three years, my wife has been on me to do something about it. For the first two of them, her argument was that I wasn’t in the same shape as when we married. So, showing her the pictures of when we were dating would end the argument, since I was actually better than back then. And, her arguments about it making me look old didn’t work, because most 30 year olds were in worse shape than me.

What changed all that was our last vacation, because while I looked ok by local standards, I couldn’t compete with the foreign tourists, even though I’m a foreigner myself. True, the place we went was upscale, and the people who went there were the middle aged rich, and all had younger trophy wives. But, while my wife, who is also many years younger than me, could hold her own against the women, I was sadly outclassed by the men.

And it wasn’t that my wife was watching the men the way I was watching the women. She was actually watching the women too, and pointing out the ones she thought were really hot. No, it was seeing the kinds of men these hot women had, and the kind of man my hot wife had, that bothered me. So, after we got home, I told my wife I was joining the local gym, because she deserved a better looking husband. And her only response was that it was about time I realized how much my shape hurt her.

I didn’t understand that comment and I told her that, so she explained it to me. It wasn’t a case of her thinking my body was disgusting or anything like that. I mean, she’d fallen in love with me with that body, and we’d been making love for years. And, if we’d been close to the same age, there wouldn’t be a problem, since I wasn’t in that bad of shape. But because I was 20 years older than her, everybody thought she’d married me for my money or my passport.

It wasn’t true, and she hoped I knew that, but hearing people say that all the time hurt her a lot. If I was in better shape, they’d stop saying that, and would understand that she really loved me. So, it wasn’t that she was embarrassed to be seen with me, it was people not seeing what a handsome man I was that actually hurt her.

Although we weren’t fighting, because I’d already decided to start working out, I fell back on one of my old arguments. My wife was already jealous enough of the women who showed interest in me. If I got the kind of body she wanted, there’d be even more women chasing me. And the last thing I wanted was more of the “who’s that girl” fights when one of them smiled at me. I was still going to start exercising, but if it started making her more of a bitch, I was going to quit right away.

She laughed at that and told me that I just didn’t understand. Yeah, she’d been mad at me when she thought I knew the girls, but that was when we first got married. After that though, the reason she got mad is because of why the girls wanted me. If they had been interested in me because of how I looked, she’d have been proud, not angry. But, because she knew they were only interested because they thought I was rich, it pissed her off. And because I was making them think that by not taking care of myself, it was making her mad at me.

I told her she was full of it, and she’d get jealous again the first time some girl tried to flirt with me. But, like I said, I was still going to do this, and we’d see what happened. Of course, nothing at all happened for the first two months, because it took that long before there were any visible changes in my body.

And even when they did start to show, I didn’t see any increase or change in the attention I was getting. About the most I got was that some of the people I knew started asking if I had lost weight. So, any dreams my wife had of it changing anyone’s mind about why she married me were just that, dreams. Still, I kept right on with the gym, because even if no one else noticed, my wife and I both saw a difference.

Then again, I don’t see how we could have expected a reaction at that point. I mean, I’d started at the end of summer, and by the time I myself noticed any difference, everyone was wearing light jackets. So, the only people who would notice anything were the people at my office, and the friends who came to visit us at our house. The rest of the time, whatever I was wearing covered any changes there were to how I looked. It wasn’t until spring, after I’d been working out for over six months, that I got my first real reactions. And even then, I didn’t recognize them, because the attention I was getting looked just like the attention I always got from being a foreigner and girls thinking that made me rich.

But my wife saw it differently, saying it was about time some of the girls looked at me for the right reasons. When I told her it was her imagination, that they were looking at me the same way as before, she said I couldn’t tell Sinop Escort the difference because I was a man. When a girl smiled at a man, he didn’t look close enough at her eyes to figure out why she was smiling.

All that mattered to him was that she was smiling at him, and whether she was pretty enough to smile back at. That’s why we had so much trouble understanding women, because 95% of what a woman said was non-verbal. If we men spent as much time looking at women’s faces as we did their tits and asses, we’d be able to read them like a book. And what these women were saying behind their smiles was that I was not only rich, I was also not half bad in the looks department.

I told her that if it made her feel good to believe that, then I was fine with it. But she said she wasn’t fine with it, although it was an improvement. I should have gotten more than just the three girls who looked at me that way. There should have been 15 to 20 at least, so something was wrong.

And since it wasn’t my body, because that was looking real good to her, it had to be the clothes I was wearing. True, when I still had my gut, she wouldn’t let me wear tight shirts, because they just made my stomach more obvious. But now that it was gone, and I had muscles to show off, I should definitely show them off. So, she and I were going shopping for some new clothes that made the best of my new body.

I hate shopping just as much as the next guy, but even I had to admit that I needed some new clothes. I was still wearing the same things I wore before, and they didn’t fit right anymore. My waist was two inches smaller, so my belt was all that was holding my pants up. I even needed to use a belt when I wore jeans, and that only looks good on cowboys or rednecks.

And where my shirts used to be too tight across my stomach, they were now getting too tight in the chest. So, to make my wife happy, I let her drag me from store to store, and let her spend almost a month’s pay on buying me new clothes. No, I didn’t let her buy me any pink shirts or whatever the hell the latest fashions were. But, everything we bought did show off the changes in my body, which was what she wanted.

The next time we went out together, even I had to admit that I was getting more attention from women. And some of it was open flirtation that bordered on being rude, when you consider it was right in front of my wife. I kept waiting for the storm I knew was coming, but it never came. Instead of my wife getting jealous about all the attention I was getting, she was actually happy that these women were flirting with me.

She even started pointing out the ones she was sure would fuck me right there if I let them. I, of course, told her she was exaggerating, and that they were still only interested because I was a foreigner. Yes, they were more interested now, because I looked better. But it was still my wallet and my passport they really wanted, not my dick.

My wife answered that I still didn’t understand how handsome I was to other women. The looks these women were giving me now weren’t the looks of women who just wanted a ticket to the U.S. These were the looks of women whose pussies were getting wet when they saw me. I laughed and said only the fat and ugly girls and maybe some 12 year olds, but not any of the good looking women. 

And she asked if the girls she had pointed out to me were kids, or were fat and ugly. Because, they were the ones whose looks had the most hunger in them. Ok, I said, but most of the attraction was still because I was a foreigner, since there were plenty of local men who looked better than me. My wife shook her head sadly, and said I was hopeless. I just refused to see that women thought I was hot, whether I was foreign or not. She’d even bet her friend Karen would want to fuck me if she saw me right now.

Before I go any further, I need to explain who Karen is, and why her wanting to fuck me would be a big deal.  Karen is one of those girls that every man stares at when she walks by. She had the body of a bikini model and the face of a super model. Probably the only reason she wasn’t famous was because she wasn’t tall enough. But that only stopped the model agencies from chasing her, not the men. They were constantly fighting over her, and buying her expensive gifts just to get her to go out with them. And the men I’d seen her turn down made more money in a month than I made all year and had bodies that put my new one to shame. My wife got her own share of attention, but not even one tenth the attention Karen got.

Still, it was nice that my wife loved me and thought I was that handsome, and I told her so. Her response was that it was about time I stopped thinking like that and started believing in myself. I was more than handsome enough for someone like Karen to want to fuck me and she was tired of me thinking I wasn’t.

I told her that it didn’t matter to me whether Karen would want to fuck me or not. I wasn’t one of the guys who were chasing her, so knowing if she did or not Sinop Escort Bayan wouldn’t change anything. My wife replied that knowing women like that wanted me would give me more self confidence and that would make me even more handsome. So I told her to just look at Karen the next time she smiled at me, then tell me if she was hungry for me or not.

My wife didn’t like that answer, and told me so pretty quickly. She said she wasn’t the one who needed to believe it, I was. And if I hadn’t believed her about the women at the mall, I wouldn’t believe her if she said it about Karen. I told her again that it wasn’t important to me, and we’d never know the answer anyway.

She asked why, and I said that the only way I’d believe it was if Karen said it herself. And since I wasn’t about to ask her the question, there was no way to learn the answer. So, she’d have to settle for me believing that she thought I was handsome enough, and stop worrying what Karen thought. That ended that part of the conversation for a few days, but unfortunately it didn’t end it completely.

True to her word, my wife no longer got jealous when other girls smiled at me. And when they tried to flirt with me, even in front of her, it made her hot and she’d show me that when we got in bed. It didn’t matter to me that the looks these girls gave me were somehow different than before, because I couldn’t tell the difference.

But according to my wife, she could tell, and the changes that made in her were for the better. She was a happier person and she spent more time trying to make me happy. It made no sense to me, her being happier because more women wanted me. Then again, half of what women do makes no sense to us men. And the one that made the least sense was her still wanting me to believe Karen would want to fuck me.

It started less than a week after our first discussion about that subject. We were out doing our weekend ritual of taking my wife window shopping at the mall, when we ran across Karen and her latest puppy dog boy toy. I say it that way, because this guy was falling all over himself to impress her, like a puppy would. And he was a boy toy because he was about 5 years younger than her.

No, the age difference wasn’t apparent, because Karen looks younger than she is. I just happen to know her true age, and this guy was younger than that. But, he was also the male equivalent of Karen, meaning that if I was gay I’d have had the hots for him. And just by the clothes he was wearing, all expensive brand names, it was obvious he had money. My wife and her chatted for a few minutes, and then we were on our way again. Although, I’m proud to say that I caught him looking at my wife’s ass as we walked away.

Anyway, when we were out of earshot, my wife asked if I’d noticed how Karen had been looking at me. She said it was obvious that she liked what she saw, and she’d fuck me in a heartbeat. Karen had barely glanced at me when she said hello, so how my wife thought that I didn’t know. And I made the mistake of telling my wife that, which kind of pissed her off. She said that Karen had been careful in how she looked at me, so my wife wouldn’t get jealous. But, the look in her eyes had been enough to show that she wanted me. I made a second mistake by repeating that it didn’t matter to me what Karen thought, because that turned this into a real argument.

She asked if I expected her to believe I didn’t want to fuck Karen, and when I said yes, she called me a liar. She’d seen the way I looked at Karen, and it was the same way all guys looked at her. So, I could at least be honest about it, instead of lying to her face. I told her that Karen was pretty, and I did look at her from time to time, but I wasn’t interested in chasing after her.

And rather than accept that or even ask why not, my wife put her own meaning to what I said. She said the only reason I wasn’t interested in chasing Karen was because I thought she’d turn me down. But, she knew that Karen wouldn’t turn me down, and it was about time I stopped thinking she would. But the only way I’d ever believe that was for me to find out for myself, and she thought I should. I asked what she meant by that, and she said I should try to get Karen to fuck me.

I told her she was crazy if she expected me to do something like that. I had never cheated on her, and I had no intention of doing so now. She said that if I was worried about hurting her by doing this, I shouldn’t be. If it took me fucking Karen to believe I was handsome enough to do it, then she was more than willing to let me fuck her.

Again I told her she was crazy, and that I wasn’t interested, but again she said it was my fear talking. She said it was about time that I got over my fear that beautiful women would reject me. So, she wanted me to get Karen in bed and fuck her to prove to myself that I could. And the more I told her I wasn’t interested, both then and for the next few days, the more insistent she got that I do it. She even took to talking about it when Escort Sinop we were making love, telling me what she expected us to do together.

And when I say she talked about it, I mean she talked about it in explicit detail. About how she expected me to push Karen to her knees and feed her my cock and make her suck it until I came in her mouth. Then how she expected me to eat Karen’s pussy while driving my finger in and out of her asshole. And how she wanted me to fuck Karen doggie style, then switch to fucking her ass in the middle of it.

And finally how she expected me to force my cock back into Karen’s mouth when I was finished fucking her asshole. It was all exciting to hear when we were fucking, I’ll admit that. But when we’d talk about it afterwards, I’d still tell her I wasn’t interested. Even worse, I started telling her that I didn’t think this was about my self confidence anymore. I thought she just had this fantasy about watching me fuck Karen, and the rest was just her idea of how to get me to do it.

If you think my refusal in any way stopped my wife, you’re dead wrong. Because the next thing she did was program Karen’s number into my phone. She said that if I was afraid to flirt with Karen face to face, maybe I’d have enough guts to do it with messages. I told her again that I wasn’t interested, and again she told me I was just scared.

And when I hadn’t done anything by the end of the week, my wife did it for me. In other words, my wife sent Karen a message from my phone, asking if she was thinking about me. Since Karen didn’t know my number, she had written back to ask who the hell I was. And my wife had answered that too, telling her it was me, and that I’d seen how she looked at me. Karen’s response was that I was reading things in her look that weren’t there, which is what I already knew.

But when my wife showed me what she’d done, she said that Karen was lying. Just the fact that she admitted looking at me was the opening I needed. I just had to keep the messages going, and she’d be begging me to fuck her. I told my wife again that I wasn’t interested, and that I wasn’t going to send Karen any messages. She said again that it was about time I stopped being scared of women like Karen.

Then she quickly wrote another message to Karen, saying that we were both adults, and that denying her feelings for me was acting like a child. Then she handed my phone back to me, and told me that it was my ball game now. Thankfully Karen didn’t answer that night, because I didn’t want my wife to see what I planned to write back to her. But I did write her a message as soon as I got to work the next day.

In my message I told her to ignore everything she’d read from me the day before, because I didn’t write them. I said my wife had been in a joking mood, and decided to see how much trouble she could get me in. The answer that Karen wrote me back wasn’t what I expected, that’s for sure. I thought she’d thank me for clearing things up, or maybe just tell me she didn’t think it was funny.

Instead, she asked me who was being childish now. First I write her at night to tell her I know she’s thinking about me. Then the next morning, I get scared of what I wrote and try to get her to believe that it hadn’t been me. I wasn’t the only one who could tell when someone wanted them; she’d seen the way I looked at her too. So now that we knew we wanted each other, were we going to keep acting like children? Or were we going to be adults and do something about it?

Ok, so my wife had been right about this, and I could get Karen into bed if I wanted to. And, it was far easier to do than I would have thought it was. But, my wife had been wrong about one thing, and that was thinking that I wanted to fuck Karen. Yes, she was good looking, and yes, she had an awesome body. But, I’d never liked the way she treated the guys she dated, and I sure didn’t want to be one of them.

So, I wrote her a long reply, and told her how my wife had wanted to prove to me that I could get someone like her. And I even told her that my wife had been willing to let me fuck her just to prove that point. And, because I’d refused to try and get her into bed, my wife really had written those messages. But, while I enjoyed looking at her, and I was willing to admit that, I honestly wasn’t interested in getting together with her. Sorry, but that was the truth.

She did write back several different messages, first one being to say that we should teach my wife a lesson and do what she wanted. I just answered no thanks to that one, which I’m sure pissed her off. After that it was messages calling me a coward, then messages accusing me of being gay. The final message was a threat to send my wife copies of the messages I’d sent the night before.

I answered that one too, telling her to please do that, since my wife would be happy to get her messages back. Sure enough, she did exactly that, although she didn’t mention anything to my wife about what she’d written me. But, I showed my copies of what she’d written to my wife myself, then asked her to be nice to Karen anyway. I wanted her to pretend that she didn’t know anything about it and tell Karen that she was going to make me pay. I could care less what Karen thought of me, but I didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

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