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Jamal and Orla Ch. 04

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Chapter 04: Arlene’s Box

The next day, Jamal got out of bed, got washed and dressed for school, and had a little breakfast. He grabbed his bag and shouted bye to his mom. He opened the door and saw the old Chrysler waiting at the side of the street.

“Hey Snake, you want a ride?” Orla offered.

“Sure, but wont we be early?” Jamal answered.

“Maybe we can use the time productively…” she said, suggestively. Jamal climbed into the passenger seat, scratching at his cock.

Orla drove off, heading towards the school. It would usually take Jamal 30-40 minutes to walk to school, but at this rate, they’d be there in five.

“I know you usually walk to school,” Orla was saying, “but I thought since you did me a favour, I should pay you back. I owe you at least that much.”

“Really, Orla, it was nothing. I was kinda to blame, anyways.”

“Heh, in that case, you owe ME a favour!”

“I wouldn’t go THAT far…”

“Hey, you said it, not me.” She was smiling, he was glad to see.

“How is your head anyway?”

“Arlene saw to it, there’s no swelling. Grandfather says she can always take down the swelling.”

“Your Gramps get hurt a lot?”

“Well, he’s pretty old. I’ve never noticed any bumps on him though.”

“Sounds like the nurse does a good job after all!”

“Speaking of nurses, how come you were so long in the treatment room with Nurse Dixon, anyway?”

“She took her time in cumming.” He suppressed a grin.

“Still, that was a long time. Sure you weren’t up to something?”

“Nah, she examined my whole body, in case this was just a symptom. She was just being thorough.” By now, they had arrived at the school. They were a full 35 minuites early. “I told you we’d be too early! No one else is even here yet!”

“Yeah,” she smirked, “no one but us.” Her hand slipped over to his thigh, where she felt his cock, nestled away. “Come on, Snake, let’s go study!”

She got out of the car and waited for Jamal to follow her. Once she had locked up, she took his hand and hauled him into the building. They ran up a flight of stairs and through a teacher’s office. finally, she stopped dragging him and unlocked to door to a supply cupboard.

“Mr. Morris doesn’t have any classes this morning, and I have his supply room key because he thinks I’m trustworthy. Arlene’s his wife.”

“Jeez,” Jamal exclaimed, “how many teachers at this school are members of the church?”

“There’s a few,” Orla answered, cryptically. “Now, you still haven’t finished showing me that ‘snake’ of yours.” She pushed him against the supply room door and fell to her knees. “We should have enough time, now!”

She slowly unbuttoned his pants, letting them fall to the floor. His boxer shorts were tight, his bulging member stood right out. It also hung right out of the bottom, by at least an inch. She rubbed her hand along the bulge, looking into his eyes. She kept them locked to his as she leaned forward, giving a quick lick at his exposed cock-head. Then her hand reached his waist band, and she pulled his boxer shorts down past his knees.

The pressure released, His huge tool leapt free. It caught the young girl unawares, slapping right under her chin. She broke eye contact and took in the size of his monster. Awestruck, she lowered his head to his low hanging balls, still filled with a huge load of cum that was meant for his French teacher.

Orla started to kiss and lick and suck on his mammoth testes, while Jamal moaned with pleasure. Her tongue and lips massaged every part of his pendulous sack, and she imagined that she could feel his seed building within.

She looked up at him, face half obscured by his hanging orbs. His cock, standing straight up, looked like a tower of meat before her.

As she ran her tongue from the lowest part of his oversized nutsack, slowly, breathlessly upward, a marble size drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock. Her tongue carried on, whole her eyes were locked on the prize, as it slowly expanded.

Her tongue had made about half of its trip up that towering tool when the marble of salty sugar began to roll around it’s shiny head. The slow stream that was formed by its passing flowed steadily, building the weight her prize, until it began to run down his thick, veiny shaft. She followed it with her tongue, determined not to waste a drop. When it finally made contact with her tongue, she let out a low moan of pleasure, feeling that she should thank Jamal for his kindness in providing this sustenance.

Her tongue followed the glistening path of pre-cum, her desire for more building. She reached his cock head, finally, and wrapped her lips around it in one quick motion. She sucked hard, drawing a loud grunt from Jamal.

Her lips made a popping sound as she opened them, sending sharp twinges down Jamal’s primed weapon. She did it again, this time flickering her tongue over the opening at the tip. Jamal was going wild.

She suddenly switched tact and, in one fluid motion, sucked istanbul escort the whole of Jamal’s ‘snake’ down her throat again.

And heard a key turning in the door.

She quickly stood up, tugging Jamal’s pants up at the same time. The snagged on his boxers, but she got them high enough to his his nuts before pulling his shirt over his cock. Pushing him to the side, she turned and examined a shelf with some textbooks on it.

Jamal almost fell to the floor when she pushed him. He managed to keep his balance, however, and was about to fix his pants, when the door opened. All he had time to do was button his flys.

A woman walked in. A hot woman! She had big, round tits, and a short ruffled skirt, showing most of her long, tanned legs. Jamal’s cock hurt, it was so hard.

“Orla!” She said, sounding, but not looking, shocked. It was Arlene. Still thinking with his cock, which was pressed against his belly, he thought he could see her nipples poking through her low cut top.

“I didn’t expect to see you here!” Arlene continued.

“Mrs. Takanawa asked me to bring some textbooks to her yesterday. With what happened, I forgot, so I thought I’d come early and get them.” She smiled, proud to have been so quick on her feet. “Why are you here?”

“Harry left a few boxes in here when we moved.” She shrugged We’re still moving them.” She turned and saw Jamal, who had bee staring at her ass, wondering if she was wearing and panties. A lot of women seemed not to, these days, and since he had no bra on…

“Hiya, handsome,” Arlene said, throatily, “since you’re here, how’s about giving me a hand with some boxes?” He looked at Orla, who nodded.

“Sure, uh, which ones?”

“Come with me.”

I’ll cum wherever you like, he thought.

She walked down the tight space between the shelves with Jamal in tow. All the while he watched her ass swaying. She stopped suddenly and bent over. Jamal almost walked into her, but stopped himself. From here he had an even better view of that sweet ass.

She stood up, holding a small package.

“Just a bit further,” she said, “there’s quite a few left, but I don’t have room in the car for them all.”

They came to the back of the supply room, where there were a few boxes. She stood by the biggest one and faced Jamal.

“This one first. It’ll take both of us to lift. Not that is heavy, but it’s big.” She bent over, giving him a great view of her cleavage.

I’d just love to bury my cock in there, he thought. He moved around and set himself to lift the box.

“On 3,” she said, “1- 2- 3!” They lifted it together. It was heavier than she had said, and Jamal had to adjust it. It got snagged a little on his shirt, not much, bit enough to loft it slightly.

“You got it?” She asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Good.” She smiled. “Let me just-” she heaved it up a bit, testing her big round tits on there. Her cleavage opened up slightly, and Jamal imagined burying his head in there. His cock was still rock hard.

They carried the box down the stairs and into the car park. It was pretty tough going, especially on the stairs. Jamal had to adjust his grip a couple of times.

He was very much aware of his cock hiding in his shirt. It would only stay there of it stayed hard! Luckily, Arlene was pretty hot, so he amused himself by imagining himself fucking her on the bonnet of the French sports car, or getting sucked off on the treatment table. Man, he’d had a good day yesterday!

They put the box down at her car. It was a pretty small car, they’d probably only fit this box in it. She opened the rear door.

“We’ll just slide it in here,” she told him, “do you mind helping me at the other end? I’ll bring you back on time for class.”

“I guess,” he shrugged, “won’t your husband help you?”

“He’ll be on his way here. Teacher’s meeting, apparently.”

“Ok, sure. I can help.”

They lifted the box again. Jamal noticed that she always bent at the waist. He wondered if she did that in the bedroom, too. This time, though, her face got real close to his cock head. He thought he could feel her breath on it.

She climbed into the car to guide the box in while Jamal pushed. As she did, she fell forward a little. Her face planted straight into him. He felt her cute little nose on his sensitive glans. Heaven, he thought.

“Sorry,” she said, looking quizzical. She didn’t say anything, but he knew she’d felt it too. He tried not to look embarrassed.

They got the box in, and Arlene climbed out of the door on the other side. She was still looking at him oddly. They got in and drove off. It wasn’t far to her house, and Jamal enjoyed the view of her gorgeous legs on the way. When they got there, another car was pulling out of the drive, and Arlene waved to Mr. Morris as he drove past Jamal’s door. She had leaned over and put a hand on his thigh. Usually that was where his cock would rest, but not now. She looked at him.

“Oh, Jamal, you’ve got something on your shirt!”

Jamal escort bayan looked down. When he saw the damp patch, he instantly knew what it was. Pre-cum. His cock had been hard for a long time now, and it was a decent sized patch, but it was right where his cock head was.

“It’s nothing, probably just a bit sweaty from the stairs,” he lied. Arlene was rooting around in her purse. She pulled out a tissue.

“We’ll have it cleaned right up,” she told him. He tried to protest, but she just tutted and ignored him.

She put the tissue against the stain and started to rub. A wide grin formed on her lips as she realised what she was rubbing.

“You’re a big boy, aren’t you? Did I interrupt something earlier? Well, I can’t just leave you like this. Come inside.”

She opened his door and climbed over, straddling him. Retook his hand and guided it down her low cut top. He smiled as he fondled her tits, pinching lightly at her erect nipples.

“Mmm, good,” she moaned, “let’s go.” She took his hand away and climbed out.

As he got out, she grabbed him by the cock and dragged him into the house. He barely managed to close the door before she was on him. She kissed him, passionately, tongue invading his mouth. Her hands were everywhere. They grabbed at his tight ass, they rubbed inside his legs, they followed the line of his cock. For a few lust filled minutes, she explored every inch of his body with her wandering hands.

“I want you inside me NOW!” She demanded. Not waiting for an answer, she dragged him into the front room and threw him onto a big seat.

“This is where my husband likes to sit,” she told him, unbuttoning his pants, “we’re gonna fuck here,” she continued, pulling them off, “and he’s going to smell it every time he sits here!”

With that, she buried her head between his legs and started sucking at his nuts.

“Better get that shirt off before it gets torn off!” she told him, tongue wrapping around his sack. Jamal did as he was told, he was gonna bang this hot bitch! She looked up.

“Wow,” she gaped, “even bigger than I thought!” She pulled a lever and the seat reclined. She climbed onto the seat and straddled him. She started to slide along his cock. She definitely wasn’t wearing any panties! She leaned into him and whispered,

“You’re going to split me apart with that thing, I’ll never feel my poor husband again!” She grabbed his hands and roughly pressed them against her full, round tits. He squeezed them and tugged down at her top, until they spilled out.

“Suck them, Jamal. Suck my titties!” He was only happy to oblige, first sucking, then nibbling, and licking them, while Arlene’s pussy juices dripped onto his massive tool.

She leaned closer and started licking at her own nipple, sharing it with Jamal. Their tongues intertwined and it became an impassioned, lustful kiss.

While their lips were locked, the married, white nurse’s hand reached down and slowly guided his ‘snake’ towards her hot, wet cunt. When they first made contact, both of them let out a low, hungry growl.

They stayed, liplocked, his cock poised to invade her tunnel of love, a picture of wanton lust, for a long, sensual moment. Her pussy had never been split so wide, his cock was breaching new territory.

She slowly pushed her ass down, Jamal’s ‘snake’ stretching apart her pussy lips. She pushed past the bulbous head of his cock, and both of them felt the shock rock their systems. Jamal barely kept himself from shooting his load, the same load that both Virginie and Orla had failed to coax from his balls. Arlene came.

Rocked by orgasm, she wailed. Her spasming cunt felt amazing on Jamal’s cock head. She pushed down harder and came again, louder.

Jamal felt like a real stud, he’d brought this married, white nurse to orgasm without any effort. He wondered what would happen if he did try.

Just as an experiment, he bucked his hips. Another inch or so of cock flesh disappeared into Arlene’s hungry cunt. She came again!


Jamal was only happy to oblige. He bucked his hips a little harder, sending several inches of ‘snake’ into her stretched slot.

“SHIIIIT!” she screamed, reaching down and grabbing Jamal’s cock, “You’re alREEEADY deeper than my hUUUSBAAAND, and there’s still AAALL THIIIS LEEEFT!” She started to grind on his cock, “DEEEPER! FUUUUCK IT DEEEPER! I WAAANT IT AAAALL! I WAAANT TO KNOOOW HOW IT FEEELS!”

Orgasms racked her body while she impaled herself on his massive rod of flesh. He pushed it deeper, breaching virgin territory. She continued to bellow, clawing his well muscled chest while he kneaded her tits. His cock was more that half way in now, and he started to slowly withdraw it.

“NOOO! FUCK NOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” She yelled, only for Jamal to push hard, sinking his cock deeply into he soaking wet cunt. He slammed his cock against her cervix, but she Maltepe escort didn’t scream out in pain. She screamed out as a fresh stream of orgasms flooded her conciousness.

Jamal, being inexperienced, had no idea what he had done. He did know that he still had inches of cock to give, and she had wanted it all. He pulled a couple of inches back and…


There was a filthy cracking sound as he pushed through her cervix, his cock penetrating directly into her womb. She cried out in delicious agony, claws on Jamal’s chest drawing blood.

“STOOOP! FUUUCK!” the primal scream erupted from Arlene. She panted, slowly growing accustomed to the pain. “Just, just- give me a minute.” She breathed deeply, composing herself. “No one has ever been this deep. I’m completely full. I think you just broke into my womb!”

Moments passed, Arlene breathed, a look of bliss soon took over from the grimace of pain.

“Did I take it all?” She asked, seemingly pleased with the accomplishment. Indeed, her ass now rested on his ball sack. He was balls deep in her.

She started to grind, slowly, testing for pain and pleasure. She tightened her pussy muscles, daring Jamal to deposit his seed directly into her womb.

Her pain was outweighed by her lust. She started to bounce her ass, slowly at first, and only a small amount. Gradually, her strokes got longer and faster until she was fucking in earnest. Jamal didn’t want to hurt her again, so he left it all up to her. She lifted her skirt high and started rubbing her clitoris. Jamal could now see his black cock pushing into her married white cunt. There was a stark contrast in their skin colours, and it looked lewd.

Arlene was coming again and Jamal was real close. She finally pushed him over the edge, saying

“Cum in me, you fucking hung stud. Fill my womb with your seed. I want your baby in me, do what my husband can’t!”

His load had been building for most of a sex filled day, it was a massive blast that shot into her.

She felt his cock twitching.

She felt it grow.

She felt it hit her insides.

She came again.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she yelled as her pussy muscles spasmed again, drawing every iota of potent cum for Jamal’s cock. She was helpless, her back arched and her fists clenched and her body forced its way down, pushing Jamal’s unprotected cock deep into her fertile womb.

She glided off of the chair, on cloud nine, her pussy battered and stretched, an exquisite ache deep within. None of Jamal’s copious cumshot had escaped, all of it created the warm feeling she had inside.

She knelt before him, head bowed as if in prayer before the altar of his cock. Wordlessly, she started to lick his cock, slowly covering every inch, bottom to top, all the way around. Jamal sat back and enjoyed as she thoroughly cleaned his massive meat with her tongue. She took the head into her mouth and flickered her tongue over the slit.

Jamal was hard again, but he saw the clock on the wall, and realised that he was late for class. And who’s class? Madame Virginie L’Oreal. Arlene put her tits into Jamal’s lap and he thought, ah fuck it, I’m getting a detention anyway, might as well enjoy it!

She was looking into his eyes as she started to rub her titties all over his cock. She didn’t take the head out of her mouth while she worked those big round mamms up and down his shaft. There was enough saliva and sweat there to lubricate the titty fuck, while she rolled her tongue around his sensitive tip.

Jamal was getting into it, and he put a hand on her head, the temptation to push growing by the second. She opened her mouth and breathed in a cold blast of air, sending a shock though him. He put a slight pressure on the back of her head and bucked his hips at the feeling. She put up no resistance, and her mouth slowly closed over the shaft of his huge black cock.

When he felt his cock hit the back of her mouth, he stopped pushing, but she kept going regardless, deepthroating massive amounts of man meat. When her face was pressed against her tits, she came up for air.

“I can take it, Jamal,” she said with venom “fuck my mouth, you hung bastard. Pound it hard until you fill my belly with your cum!”

Jamal was taken aback by this outburst. She had been almost reverent up till now. Not wanting to disappoint, however, he placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed down. She pulled her head up instead.

“You fucker,” she spat, “I said fuck it, not make love like my pussy husband. Fuck me and make me your whore!”

He tried again, this time pushing a bit harder, but he hesitated when he felt her throat again. She pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“You a fucking pussy or something, Jamal? I said fuck my face, you loser!”

Jamal got pissed. Who does this white bitch think she is? If she wants it rough, she’s gonna get it rough, bitch. He stood up, legs apart and pointed his cock head at the bitch.

“Put your fucking lips around this, bitch,” he demanded, “and no fucking teeth!” She smiled, and it looked like she was going to speak, when Jamal slapped her face with his hard member. She fell back, but got quickly up and put her lips around Jamal’s cock. Jamal could see the red, cock shaped mark he had left on her face.

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