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Jason’s Secrets Exposed Ch. 04

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The following morning, shortly after breakfast, I got a text from Marilyn. “You were 100 percent right-last night was awesome,” she said.

I smiled to myself and replied, “You can fill me in on the details later. It can get even better if you want it to, my dear sister-in-law.”

I went out to the patio to smoke my morning cigar. Jason, kneeling, presented me with the humidor and I chose a Padron No. 4 Anniversary, my current favorite in large cigars. I ignited it and took a few delicious puffs, blowing the smoke into Jason’s face. As he was naked, it was easy to see his cock straining against the cage.

“Get me my coffee, Jason. And a piece of dark chocolate.”

“Yes Mistress.”

No sooner had he left, when the phone rang. It was Lillie.

“Aunt Alexis, I just want to tell you how much fun I had yesterday. I have decided that I will be buying my own humidor and cigars today. My mom just agreed to go in half with me, which I absolutely can’t believe. She looks happier today than I’ve seen her in ages.”

I smiled, knowingly.

“I will need your advice about what kinds of cigars to buy. Do you have any recommendations?”

Jason returned with my coffee and I instructed him to go in the house and begin his chores.

“Well, Lillie, it’s a matter of personal taste, and tastes evolve over time. The cigars you smoked yesterday were Arturo Fuente Opus Xs, Jason’s favorites. I have several brands that I am trying, but my new favorite is a rather large Padron. I’m smoking one as we speak. If I were you, I would buy a variety of sticks, see what kinds you prefer, and then go from there.”

“I have another question, “Aunt Alexis. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, because it’s kind of personal.”

“Ask me anything, dearie, that’s what aunts are for.”

“I was wondering … “

“Go on Lillie.”

“Let me just spit it out. It seemed to me yesterday that Uncle Jason was almost like your servant, totally under your control. I got to thinking about it when I remembered you talking about cigars giving women power and men, er, liking it.”

In my head, I saw a picture of Lillie reddening at this point.

“Lillie, I’m sure that you just heard me give your uncle his instructions. He is very obedient now. I have completely transformed him from his previous existence as a selfish slob. We are both very happy with our new relationship, and I am convinced that women can really take control xslot of any man, if they make it happen. Nietsche called it ‘the will to power’.”

“Aunt Alexis, I think I’ll be coming to you for advice often, and it won’t just be about cigars. You are becoming kind of a role model to me.”

I took a deep drag from my cigar as I pondered the implications of this. Yes, I decided, I would be glad to be a role model for young women, especially my niece. Blowing out a large plume of smoke, I replied, “I am honored, Lillie. We can talk anytime you want to.”

I placed my cigar between my lips and let it dangle as I took small puffs.

Several hours later, after I had inspected Jason’s housework and given my approval, I was about to go out shopping for clothes when Marilyn appeared at the front door. I told Jason to go upstairs and put some clothes on and then to remain in the bedroom on his knees until I summoned him. After he rose the stairs, I opened the door.

“Come in Marilyn, I’m so happy to see you.”

“Not as much as I am to see you, Alexis. You wouldn’t believe last night.”

“Actually, I think I will but fill me in.”

“You were right, Alexis. The cigar got Jeff hornier than he’s been in years. He actually asked me if I wanted to smoke another one when we got home! He confessed to me that he had fantasized about me smoking a cigar with him for years, but was afraid that I would think it was kinky or something.”

“They never tell you their deepest fantasies, Marilyn. You have to practically pull them out. It’s a shame that some men never realize that happiness could be staring them in the face. Did you smoke it?”

“You’re fucking right I smoked it. I made him strip naked in front of me and get on his knees to lick my pussy, while I blew smoke at his face. He loved it and I never saw him so hard. I had a feeling of total power that I think turned him on as much as it did me. I can’t thank you enough.”

“You’re quite welcome, Marilyn.”

“There was one little thing, though, Alexis. When we woke up this morning, the house smelled of cigar smoke. When Lillie came downstairs for breakfast, she was surprised at that because I never let Jeff smoke in the house. She had a sneaky little smile on her face, as though she knew what had happened last night. That was a bit embarrassing.”

“One piece of advice I have to give you, Marilyn, is to lose your sense of embarrassment-it only holds xslot Giriş you back from many of the pleasures in life that are yours for the taking. As for your daughter, Lillie and I had a pleasant chat this morning. She told me about you and she going in on a humidor and some cigars. She also said that she sees me as a role model, which I take as a great compliment. With your permission, I’ll be happy to mentor her.”

Marilyn laughed. “This is all making my head spin, Alexis, but, based on last night, I think we’re all on the right track. By the way, where’s my brother? Do you have him tied up somewhere?”

“Not right now, Marilyn.”

She shot me a look of … I’m not sure what, but I think she was starting to imagine some possibilities. I yelled up the stairs, “Jason, come downstairs now.”

Jason came down and greeted his sister. I then told him to see if there were anything that his sister might want. He immediately complied.

“Is there anything I can get for you Marilyn?”

“Well, I could use a cup of coffee, but I can get it for myself.”

“Jason will get it. As I said before, he likes to serve.”

He reddened and left the room, shortly returning with the coffee tray.

“Bring one for me too, Jason. Marilyn and I will have our coffee on the patio.

Marilyn was almost in awe. “I don’t know how you get him to obey you, Alexis. I’m going to have to take lessons from you.”

“I might have to start charging tuition,” I joked.

Jason returned with the tray and offered me, in addition to the coffee, the humidor.

“It’s still early, and I’ve already smoked one cigar, but I think I’ll have a small one.” I chose a slim panatella and brought it to life.

“I’ll have the same, Jason.”

After lighting his sister’s cigar, I told Jason to go inside and find something to do.

“You’re becoming quite the cigar aficionada, dear.”

“After what has happened in the past day and night, I’ll never go back. I want to learn all of the tricks that you have up your sleeve, Alexis. I want hot sex and I like this new self-confidence I’m developing. I shouldn’t ask because Jason’s my brother, but what other kinks are you guys into?”

I hesitated, This might be a bit too much to tell. After all, Marilyn is Jason’s sister. And I don’t know if she could handle it.

“Oh, what the hell, Marilyn. I really love you, so, I’ll give you a brief summary. Jason is literally xslot Güncel Giriş my slave. It is totally voluntary and he can walk out anytime he wants. But he won’t.”

Marilyn took a long drag and blew out the smoke leisurely. She then smiled.

“And what does slavery entail, Alexis?”

“It entails Jason accepting that in our relationship, he is totally subordinate to me. He does whatever I tell him, and if he doesn’t, he is chastised.”

“Ooh, this is getting kind of kinky, Alexis.”

“He actually enjoys being punished. He enjoys me being in charge. He eats me out on command. You got a taste of that yourself last night and I know it made you feel terrific. He also has come to enjoy being pegged.”

I couldn’t believe I had actually said this to Jason’s own sister.

“Alexis, what do you mean? I never heard that expression”

“Me neither, till I found Jason’s porn. It means fucking his ass with a dildo in a strapon.”

To my surprise, Marilyn laughed so hard that she almost choked on her cigar smoke.

“That is really perverted, Alexis, but it’s also pretty hilarious. You’re kidding me, right.”

“Marilyn, it’s the greatest feeling in the world, to be fucking a man as the person in charge. And it’s even better if you do it while smoking a nice big stogie. It’s transformational.”

“I don’t think I could ever get Jeff to agree to that, Alexis, but it’s kind of stimulating to think about.”

“They’ll do whatever you want them to do once you have the knowledge that they really want it, Marilyn. As I’ve said before, they all think with their dicks. Read up about it-it’s all over the Internet. And gradually he will realize that what he really wants is to do whatever you want him to do. Trust me.”

Marilyn finished her cigar and rose to leave. I summoned Jason to escort his sister to her car. As we walked to the door, Marilyn said to Jason, “Oh my, brother, it seems that life is interesting around here. You have quite the wife.”

Jason’s face reddened considerably, but I knew that, had his cock not been constrained in his chastity cage, that it would be raging.

“Back upstairs now, Jason.”

“OK, Alexis.”


“Yes, Mistress,” he replied as he left.”

“Holy shit, Alexis, I can’t believe this. We really need to talk some more.”

“Anytime Marilyn, anytime. Well, I was going to go shopping, but now I’m in the mood for being eaten out and, perhaps an afternoon pegging. Bye.”

Marilyn grinned as she got in her car.

“Bye Alexis. I love you!”

And I headed back in the house, now really in the mood for being serviced. I soon was, and Jason’s pegging followed. What another wonderful day.

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