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Jen and Mike Ch. 07

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This story is a homage to another current lit erotica author Xleglover who has developed these 2 characters in another category. For the full history of mike and jen please go to the loving wives category and read He fucked my girl, All in my head, Making it work and Consequences. All of his stories are excellent but those four in that order tie into the first part of this story somewhat. I have taken the characters in a slight different direction into an alternate universe that it is now 18 years in the future and the have a daughter who will through circumstances discover all about her parents past. He was kind enough to give me permission for the use of his characters as long as I let everyone know this is an alternate reality to the one his stories take place in.


Jenny and her lover Jesse lay together in the younger girl’s bed. They were holding each other and lightly caressing each other’s bodies. Jesse was still recovering from the latest mind blowing orgasm her mother had given her. She knew there would be more tonight at some point but for now they just held each other. They enjoyed their first quiet moment together since becoming lovers earlier today.

“Well sweetie, since I have to start somewhere, Mike or my relationship with him is a good place to start,” Jenny said.

She knew that for her desire to accept Jesse as a full time lover to have any chance at success she had to fill in all the blanks for her.

“I think you know that there is a lot more to your old mom than what you might have expected after today,” She whispered to her baby.

Jesse was just enjoying being held and cuddled at the moment by the woman she loved. She loved her first as her mother but she realized that she could easily fall in love with her too. So she just nodded her head yes to what her mom had just said.

“There’s so much more to me than what you have known growing up. When you were born, me and Mike put aside a specific lifestyle. One that we had enjoyed all the way back to when we first met.”

“Were you swingers mom?” Jesse whispered to her.

“Wow what could you know about swinging at eighteen young lady?” she laughed surprised at her daughter’s knowledge.

“One word mom, internet,” she said smiling back at her mom while she lazily caressed her mom’s tits under her wrap.

“Can I suck your nipples while you tell me the story mommy? It will be like I was nursing off you like when I was a baby.”

“Ok sweetie, do it gently or you will distract me too much,” Jenny said as she opened the wrap and guided her daughter’s mouth to one of her perky breasts.

The sensation from Jesse’s mouth was so nice, she moaned out loud. It was Jesse’s first contact with her mom’s tits since she was a baby. She hadn’t gotten to them when they started fooling around earlier today.

“Not too much honey, that feels so great. You are going to have me nice and worked up when I finish talking with you. It’s going to be sooo easy to make momma’s pussy cum.”

“No honey me and Mike were not swingers, it was more complicated than that. You see sweetie as you can guess your mom was born with a very large sex drive. I started fucking at a pretty early age and by the time I met Mike I had quite the reputation on campus as a party girl. Mmmmm, mmmmm, your mouth feels like heaven lover”

“Me and Mike met a frat party as we have told you , but I never told you why I let him pick me up. I was just getting over a football player named Colin and felt tired of dating the same old jock asshole types. Oh yeah honey nibble that nipple a little bit. Oh yes! bite it, then suck it! You are doing such a sweet job with mommie’s tittie.”

“Well, Mike came over and gave me the strangest pick up line a girl ever heard and I was about to walk away when he asked me out to a concert. It was a concert for a band everyone wanted tickets to but no one could get them. Well he had my attention then and I agreed to go with him. The rest of the night we talked and sat outside and watched the sunrise. He was soooo different than all the guys I had been out with I think I started falling in love with him right away. Honey can you switch to the other tittie, they like equal attention. Oh yeah that’s nice sooooo nice.”

Jesse listened intently to her mom while sucking and nursing on her tits. Then she took one finger and just started drawing little circles on her mothers clit.

“Oh sweetie so nice!” Jenny moaned.

“Where was I,” Jenny said, ” Oh yeah falling in love. You better be careful lover if you keep treating my body this way you just might make your own mother fall in love with you. She told her daughter while staring her in the eye and stroking her hair, she wanted her to understand she wasn’t just saying this idly.

“Let it happen mommy, I think I could fall in love with you too,” she said as she took her mouth off her mothers breast and moved up to kiss her deeply. Then she moved back down and continued her nursing and finger manipulation.

“Oh god honey you make my toes curl with a kiss bursa eskort like that, keep rubbing my clit! I don’t want to cum till my story is over so go nice and slow,” Jenny moaned.

“So me and Mike started dating and then something happened which would become the definition of our relationship right up to the time you were born.”

“One night we were sitting in his dorm room making out when his roommate Ricky came in. We were going at it pretty hot and heavy and he just decided to stay and watch the show. Mike didn’t even try to ask him to leave. I was so turned on at the moment that I accepted it too. Well we kept going and were actually starting to fuck, when all of a sudden Ricky took his cock out!”

“Oh shit honey, rub it, rub mommy’s fucking clit. Bite my nipple too … Oh shit I’m going to cum quick get your fucking mouth on my pussy!!”

Jesse hearing this pushed her face right onto her mother’s pulsing cunt and drove her tongue into her snatch. Instantly she was tongue fucking her and slurping up her juices as they poured out of her. She loved the taste of her mother’s pussy and knew she would never get tired of her cumming in her mouth.

“Oh dear Jesus, Oh my god, you are the answer to my prayers honey, I am going to get addicted to you very quickly. Not as my daughter but as a freaking amazing lover!” she said as she pulled her up to share another long deep kiss.

“Can I just lick your pussy a little more Jenny while you keep telling me your story? I’ll do it nice and slow and tease you some,” Jesse looked up at her with those beautiful big eyes.

“Honey I don’t think I will ever be able to deny you anything you want to do with this body, its all yours, enjoy yourself,” Jenny told her while lightly pushing back down towards her cunt. “Just make sure you keep looking at me while you lick me. I love looking into your eyes and seeing how happy sucking my pussy makes you.” she added.

“Ohh yes mommy, I love looking into your eyes too, they are so beautiful just like the rest of you,” Jesse said before lowering her face back down to the vagina that gave her life.

“Wow I can’t remember where I was, I’m never going to get this out.” Jenny said.

“Dad’s friend had just taken his cock out mom” Jesse said lifting her head from her mom’s pussy.

“How sweet are you baby, not only are you taking care of mommy’s pussy but you are hanging on my every word too. I think I raised a rare catch. Now get those lips back to work cause I think I want another cum soon!” Jenny said taking her hand and guiding her daughter’s mouth back to her quivering lips.

Ok, so Ricky had just taken his cock out and when I looked over I almost choked, he was huge. At least twice the size of Mike and two or three times was wide. Before I started dating Mike I always went for the guys who could deep fuck a girl. God I cant believe I’m telling you about deep fucking. Well, I guess why the hell shouldn’t I, you do have your tongue swirling around my pussy don’t you baby?” Jenny smiled looking into her lover’s eyes again.

“Yeah I do mommy, please tell me what deep fucking is. It sounds so sexy coming from your lips,” Jesse said in a mock childlike voice.

“Oh baby girl, someday I will make sure you find out what deep fucking is, and that someday might not be too far away. Would you like that darling, would you like me to help you find out what deep fucking is?” Jenny teased her.

Jesse’s eyes opened wide and she vigorously nodded her head yes.

“For now though I will just tell you that deep fucking is when a guy has a cock at least 9-10 inches long. So long that it reaches all the way up inside of you. When he starts fucking you he takes longer and longer strokes with that beautiful piece of meat. Then on every stroke he is almost pulling all the way out and slamming it back in. Yum, yum baby it is such a delicious feeling, I can’t wait till you experience it,” Jenny said while taking both hands down to stroke her daughter’s head as she kept casually licking her mom’s cunt.

“Oh god mom your juice is sooooo sweet,” Jesse told her while taking one long slurp straight from her moms hole.

“Damn you I’m trying to concentrate here you slut,” Jenny giggled at her.

“So there’s Ricky’s huge cock in front of my face while your fathers tiny one is inside my pussy doing its best to fuck me. I couldn’t help myself and I leaned over and just started sucking your father’s roommate’s cock. When your father noticed he didn’t try and stop me or him he just kept fucking me. He came so quick after seeing Ricky fucking my mouth that when he was finished and pulled out Ricky just stepped in and started deep fucking me. I started cumming all over his beautiful cock almost immediately. He must have fucked me for over 30 minutes. While he was, I forgot about Mike till I looked over and saw him pulling on his tiny dick while watching.”

“Hey you! Why the hell did you stop licking?” she yelled at her young lover.

“God mom I’m sorry but that is so fucking hot, dad got off bursa bayan escort on watching his friend fuck you? I can’t believe dad’s dick is that small, really? How did you handle all those years after you were married if you love large cock so much?” Jesse said.

She had her attention now and she needed to take the next step in her plan tonight, even if it meant letting that beautiful mouth leave her pussy for a bit.

Laughing out loud Jenny said, “Yes honey that is Mike’s kink, he gets off on knowing I’ m getting fucked by a large cock. Yes your dad IS that small, erect he’s lucky if he is 5 inches when he’s soft sometimes it doesn’t even look like he has a dick. Do you want me to prove it to you?”

Jesse couldn’t help herself, she started laughing at the thought of her dad’s puny dick. “Damn mom how would you prove that to me?” she said still giggling.

“I want you to go into my room and go in my nightstand, in the bottom drawer under my panties. I want you to bring back the two things that are in there. Can you do that for me Honey. Mike is out cold so there is no chance of him hearing you or waking up. I made sure before he passed out the covers were drawn on the bed and he is naked, take a good look where his dick is supposed to be but try not to laugh,” Jenny encouraged her.

” Hell yeah I can do that mom, give me 5 minutes. What’s in the drawer?” Jesse asked jumping up from in between her mom’s legs.

“Only way you find that out is going to get it,” Jenny laughed. “But we will both have fun with what’s in there.”

“Should I put anything on?” she said as she twirled in front of her mother’s hungry eyes.

“No you won’t need to, like I said he is out cold. Besides I want you to get used to parading around the house naked. If I get things my way you will be able to do that all time very soon.”

“Oh god my mom is so dirty minded and I love it!”

“Scoot little girl, go take care of the mission I gave you” She said as she slapped her daughter’s butt.

“Ooooo spank me mommy I’m such a bad girl!”

“I will spank you plenty later if you like GO!”

As Jenny looked at the clock she smiled, only 11:00. Still plenty of time for talk and pussy play.

Jesse skipped out of her room smiling at her mom laying naked in her bed when she did. She went next door to her parent’s room and opened the door. Her mom had left the lamps on so she could see clearly. Before the drawer she had to check out what her mom had said about her dad.

She walked over to the edge of the bed and looked down at her fathers crotch. Oh shit her mom wasn’t lying staring back at her was the smallest penis she had ever seen! She couldn’t help herself, she burst out laughing. How the hell could a woman as sexy as her mom have been happy with that for all these years. When she stopped laughing she went over to her mom’s drawer. She opened it and picked up the underwear and she understood all at once. In the drawer was a massive fake cock, it had to be 12 inches long and 4 inches wide at least. Her mom must have been using this on herself all these years to make up for her father’s shorty. She called it that because that was the name the girls in school used to describe a date that had been under endowed. She doubted that any of her friends had ever seen one like this though. Next to the dildo was a dvd case, that one had her puzzled. What could be on those dvd’s? She knew she would soon find out if she wanted to.

On the way out still giggling she wanted to do something just for fun. She took her forefinger and flicked her dad’s shorty, not once or twice but three times. It started to grow a little bit but was still woefully inadequate by any standards.

She turned and left the room with her two prizes in her hands and went back to her room and the waiting arms of her lover. When she walked back into the room she was giggling still and she waved the big cock at her mom and said, ” I found your secret boyfriend mommy!”

“Now you understand how I could cope with your fathers tiny dick. When the two of you would be out I would open my legs and fuck myself silly with that. Give me the dvd case too honey. You took a little longer than I expected what took you so long?”

“I’m sorry mom, when I saw dad’s shorty I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing and I leaned over and flicked it 3 or 4 times with my finger. You know like kids flick each other’s ears. It was just so tiny I couldn’t believe it.”

Jenny got furious with her daughter, she glared at her and said “I am not sharing all of this information with you so you can lose respect for your father, don’t you dare ever disrespect him again. He loves you with all his heart and no matter what our relationship was and is you should still treat him like such. Maybe later on down the line if things work out the way I would like for you and I you can get a feel for what your father can accept verbally and can’t. Then you can have fun with him in that area like I do. You and I can laugh about bursa ucuz escort it cause its between us but when you think of Mike please think of him for everything he has given you through the years.”

Jesse all of a sudden feeling embarrassed and a little ashamed of what she had done to her dad looked down at the floor and said softly, ” I’m so sorry mom, I do love daddy. I guess I just got caught up in the moment. Please don’t be mad at me”

“Caught up in the moment,” Jenny thought. How many times had that happened to her in the years they had played the game. Jenny still was angry but softened her demeanor a bit and said to her daughter ” I don’t know Jess, maybe you aren’t adult enough to handle this. Maybe I misjudged you. I think maybe I should go back to my room and give this some thought. Then she started for the door, dildo in one hand and dvd’s in the other.”

Jesse burst into tears, the last thing she wanted to do was fuck up what was starting to blossom between her and her new girlfriend. She didn’t even think of her as mom at that minute, she thought of her like she would if she was going to lose a boyfriend.

“Please don’t go Mom, I am so sorry and I promise I will never let anything like it happen again. I love you so much. I love the things we are starting to do together, I don’t want to lose you as my new girlfriend.”

Jenny stopped in her tracks, she couldn’t stand to hear her daughter or lover so distraught. She put the dildo and dvds down and put her arms around her angel and told her it was ok and she would stay.

She pulled back a little bit, dried her daughter’s tears and looked her in the eyes and said with a smile on her face ” Now I get to teach you about how good makeup sex can be”

They both started laughing and hugging each other, then they started kissing. But before things went further Jenny told her to get back in bed with her so she could finish telling her what she needed to.

“But what about the makeup sex?” she said looking expectantly into her mom’s eyes.

“It’s early yet darling it won’t take long for me to finish then we can have all the makeup sex you can handle,” She said kissing her daughter’s forehead.

” I don’t know mom I think I can handle A LOT of makeup sex, you might have to stay up with me all night long,” she said as she snuggled up to Jenny again.

“Mom, are you going to fuck me with that big cock tonight? Are you going to take my cherry tonight?” She said with a hopeful look on her face.

“No sweetie that cock isn’t for you, that cock is for mommy. I’m going teach you how to deep fuck my pussy with it in a little while. Would you like to do that would you like to deep fuck your new lover tonight?”

“Oh god yes, I want to make you cum and cum an cum mom. But will you make me a promise?”

“What is it darling?” Jenny asked curious what was so important that Jesse wanted a promise about it.

“Will you promise me that it will be you who takes my cherry for me, I have been saving it for someone special. There is no one more special to me than you. I love you Jenny and I think I’m going to fall in love with you too!”

Touched by her little girl’s words she held her close and said, ” I promise honey, it will be my honor to be your first. I love you also and I think I have fallen in love with you already!”

So as the two lovers cuddled with each other in Jesse’s bed, her mother picked up her story.

“So now that you know I was telling the truth about Mike…” Jenny started saying.

“You mean shorty,” Jesse said giggling and just as she felt her mom starting to react, she added, ” mom, I do love daddy and that will never change. I don’t care about the size of his cock cause I don’t have to worry about riding it. So if I call him shorty it’s just a new term of endearment for him, ok?”

“Well ok, I guess he is kind of a shorty,” Jenny added her laughter to Jesse’s giggles. “Please promise me you wont get verbal with your dad till I tell you to, once I tell you its ok then you can call him whatever you like right to his face. He will get off on it honey trust me.”

“Ok mom you have my word. Now hurry up and finish what you need to tell me because I need to cum again soon and I cant wait to deep fuck your beautiful pussy.”

“You little minx, I don’t think either of us is going to get much sleep tonight if any,” Jenny said. “Do you have anything pressing in school tomorrow?”

“I have one class I absolutely have to go to, it’s in the afternoon. The rest I can skip if you want me to.”

“Ok I think it might be a good idea, because I’m not going to let this pussy get any sleep tonight!” She said as she slid 2 fingers deep inside her daughter’s cunt and wiggled them around.

” OOOOOOO No fair, you said no playing till you are done with the story.” She yelped as she thrust her hips up against her mother’s hand.

“Ok then,” Jenny withdrew her fingers and petted the pussy lightly and continued…

“So Ricky was the first guy that Mike watched me with, he even made Ricky be the first man to fuck me on our wedding night. It’s what turns your father on, he has some inner need to feel like his woman is getting pleasure elsewhere. Not only that but he likes it thrown in his face, he likes to be told how much better a fuck the other men are then him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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