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Jennie – Painting the Condo Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Part 1 of this tale detailed how the two lovely MILFs spent their day scraping wallpaper, re-painting the condo, and stumbling into a sexual relationship. I would highly recommend going back and reading Part 1, before starting this chapter, but that’s certainly up to the individual reader. This second chapter details the celebration after the epiphany of their new relationship. Enjoy!

Both Marcy and Jennie were silently basking in the afterglow of their newly established relationship as lovers, albeit in different ways. Marcy felt like Sylvester the cat after finally capturing her “Tweety-Bird”. She had had latent (and some not so latent) fantasies of seducing Jennie for a very, long time, and was euphoric over the fact that her dreams had finally come true. Jennie’s reaction, while just as euphoric, was more about the sudden surprise of it all. She was emotionally shocked that the incredible sexual pleasure she had just experienced was derived via the hands of a woman, but totally pleased that the woman was Marcy, her friend since childhood. And, notably, Jennie’s pussy was still tingling; she wanted more, while not yet knowing that Marcy was totally determined to give it to her. Different perspectives, but both extremely happy about their shared experience, and the possibilities for the night ahead.

As they lay naked in each other’s arm, both ladies were lost in her own thoughts and desires. Jennie, lying on her side, scrunched up into a fetal position, felt Marcy spooned up tight against her back, grinding tight into Jennie’s ass, pushing her full, naked breasts and hips against Jennie’s backside. Marcy also had her arms draped around Jennie, gently thumbing her nipples as they both feigned at sleep. Sleep had no chance however, on this passionate afternoon.

As Marcy continued the gentle tweak of Jennie’s nipples, a slow, but intense fire began building between Jennie’s legs. As the fire grew, Jennie began to subconsciously grind her thighs together, while gently pushing back against Marcy’s gentle thrusts. “I want to fuck you again Jennie,” Marcy whispered softly into her lover’s ear. Jennie’s response was to grind back even harder, while mewling in pleasure. “I want to twist your nipples, Jennie, and enjoy watching you cringe in delight,” Marcy added teasingly.

“Please Marcy,” Jennie responded meekly. “Please do all that,” she added while spreading her legs to allow Marcy access.

“AAAAAAHHHH,” Jennie gasped, as Marcy twisted a nipple, while at the same time working her other hand between Jennie’s legs to begin the assault of her tingling pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you one more time before we get dressed Jennie,” Marcy advised her friend. “But it’s going to hurt a little bit… just the way you like it,” Marcy added as she squeezed Jennie’s nipple and pussy in harmony.

“Do it Marcy! Fuck me hard and make me cum again please. Make me cum again, PLEASE MARCY MAKE ME CUM AGAIN,” Jennie begged.

Watching her beautiful friend melt in her arms, moved Marcy into her instinctive “Dom” mode. She had dreamt of dominating Jennie for years and was so ready for this moment. She tossed the sheet aside, laid Jennie on her back, and splayed her body at full extension; arms and legs pointed at each corner post of the bed.

“Now Jennie, I want you to keep your legs spread and hold onto each post with your hands; don’t let go,” Marcy directed, as she got out of bed and walked over to her bureau. Returning with a handful of goodies, Marcy again directed Jennie to keep her arms fastened to the bed posts. “Don’t let go Jennie, or the pain will get real,” she threatened.

Marcy took two black, office paper clamps from her hand and proceeded to squeeze one onto each of Jennie’s sensitive little nipples, resulting in and loud, exhaling “UUUGGGHHH” emanating deep from within Jennie as each clip was pressed hard onto her nipple.

“Oh, fuck it hurts Marcy, please rub my pussy… please Marcy,” Jennie begged.

Understanding Jennie’s need, Marcy reached down and spread Jennie’s pussy lips wide, to reveal the depth of her wet cunt. “You’re soaking wet Jennie,” Marcy commented. “You want a hard fucking don’t you girl? Tell me what you want Jennie,” Marcy demanded as she teasingly baited her friend.

“I want to be your cum-subbie Marcy. I want you to own me and make me cum Marcy! Please!”

Marcy’s response to that request was a lightning-quick slap onto Jennie’s spread thigh. And then another to her other. “I’m going to make you cum Jennie, but it’s going to be on my terms. I’ve wanted to be your mistress forever, so I’m thoroughly going to enjoy making you hurt a little before you cum again my dear.” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK; the sound of Marcy’s hand spanking Jennie’s belly and thigh’s again, and again, filled the room. “Keep your legs spread and your hands holding that Post Jennie. The pleasure will follow the pain,” Marcy promised, as she climbed astride her spread friend, istanbul travesti reverse cow-girl style, putting her own sloppy pussy just inches from Jennie’s face.

“Lick my cunt Jennie, while I rub you down with this oil,” Marcy ordered, as she squatted her crotch directly onto Jennie’s face. Marcy began grinding herself onto Jennie’s face, while at the same time soaking her tits, belly, and cunt with the oil. “Keep licking Jennie; you are an excellent cunt-lapper my dear,” Marcy quipped while grinding her crotch and laughing under her breath.

While Jennie’s cunt-lapping felt great, Marcy’s true pleasure was derived from pleasing Jennie. Marcy used her right hand to slowly, but forcefully, work two, then three, then four fingers in and out of Jennie’s oil-drenched sex, while simultaneously strumming her clitoris with her opposing thumb.

“Oh, fug me Arcy,” Jennie wailed incoherently, due to the cunt pressing hard onto her face.

Marcy had found a rhythm between grinding her pussy firmly into Jennie’s mouth, forcefully finger-fucking her friend’s sweet pussy, strumming her clit with her thumb, and occasionally finger-tweaking the torturous clamps still firmly attached to Jennie’s now purple nipples.

“OH FUG, OH FUG, OH FUG ME ARCY,” Jennie continued her muffled pleading, while Marcy showed no signs of letting up. “I’M UMMING ARCY, I’M UCKING UMMING, “Jennie finally screamed while thrashing under the full weight of Marcy’s sex drive.

I’M CUMMING TOO JENN; OH FUCK, LICK MY PUSSY JENNNNNNIIIIIIIEEEEE”, Marcy shrieked loudly. And as she did, Marcy’s pussy released a gusher of girl-squirt all over Jennie’s mouth, face, and body. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCKIN LICK ME JENNIE” Marcy wailed as her thrashing hips bounced on and off Jennie’s drenched face for what seemed like minutes, until finally, the shaking dissipated, and her body crashed limp atop the overwhelmed Jennie.

“Jennie? Wake up Jennie,” Marcy said as she rolled off Jennie and shook her awake. “How do you feel dear,” she asked?

“I feel as if an orgasm bomb went off in my soul,” Jennie responded. “Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me Marcy. I never would have admitted it to myself, but my feelings for you run so deep, and the sexual desire is so surprising, but also so wonderful. I’ve truly loved this day with you, and I’m so happy to have discovered this new side of myself, and our relationship,” Jennie confided.

“Ha, Ha” Marcy retorted. “And the night is still young,” she added while giggling and feeling tremendous love for her friend. Let’s get showered, and dressed, then head out to see that sexy little maître-d, I told you about.

And so, the girls did just that. It was agreed that Jennie would shower first while Marcy did some of the dirty work changing the sheets on the bed, and preparing it for sleep, and maybe some other activities in the evening as well.

While in the shower, Jennie scrubbed herself thoroughly, trying to remove the residual paint, wallpaper, sweat, makeup, and lingering smell of sex. She felt great after cleaning herself, but while soaping and rubbing her sensitive parts, it also became clear to Jennie, that her sex drive was no-where near fully satisfied. While cleaning her intimate parts, she also caught herself sliding three fingers into her soapy pussy, simultaneously teasing her hard, but achy nipples. “Oh fuck, that feels good”, Jennie moaned to herself.

At the very moment Jennie was three fingers deep into her own pussy, her naked, beautiful, and busty friend elected to join her in the shower. “Oh Jennie, you are sooo fucking HOT girl,” Marcy cooed seductively.

“MARCY, you are not supposed to be watching me,” Jennie play-shouted at her friend.

“Jennie, I could you watch you masturbate all night long girlfriend.” Then, as she reached out to help Jennie with some soap on her tits added “but I do hope you save some to share with me later.”

“Oh Marcy, you do know how to take control of a situation,” Jennie admitted, while closing her eyes to enjoy Marcy’s teasing of her beautiful MILF titties.

Marcy, sensing the shower games would lead to an extended session if she didn’t nip the arousal in the bud, let Jennie know it was time to move on. “All right Jenn, enough of this for the moment,” she advised. Let’s save our energy for this evening. I have so much I want to show you tonight, and I want you to be dripping wet when I do it,” she added while leaning in to kiss Jennie softly on her lips.

After showering, the girl’s worked around Marcy’s bedroom in robes, doing their hair, makeup, and nails. As they each worked to perfect her own “best-self’ version of a sexy MILF, they chit-chatted about life, family, and aging, ultimately getting around to more sensitive curiosities. “Marcy, can I ask you a personal question,” Jennie asked somewhat sheepishly.

“Go ahead girl,” Marcy responded. “Tonight, I have no secrets”, she added.

“How do you squirt?” istanbul travestileri Jennie asked rather bluntly. “I mean, I’m a woman, but I don’t understand the process,” she confided. “I find squirting so erotic, and I want to squirt on you,” Jennie admitted unashamedly.

Marcy was a little surprised at Jennie’s curious admission, but also very pleased with the line of conversation. “I’d like that,” Marcy admitted, “but I’m not really sure how to teach you,” she added. “When I squirt, I am always super turned-on and energized. I don’t always squirt when I cum, but when I squirt, I always cum, and the orgasms are super powerful. I mean, like, total mind-blowing orgasms, that shake my body for minutes, and zap almost all energy” she added. “This afternoon was a perfect example, Jen. I have wanted to play girl-girl games with you almost forever, and watching, and playing with you today, my pussy was buzzing with erotic energy. Seeing your wet titties, and watching you strut around naked in the heels, had my pussy gushing. Then getting to spank you, and have some rough sex, and playing dominant-submissive games like we did, truly took me over the top, and hence the big squirt,” Marcy added. “I’m sorry I didn’t warn you, but I really can’t control it, and I hope you take it as the compliment that it is,” she added apologetically.

“No, no, no, don’t be sorry,” Jennie clarified. “I loved it and want you to squirt on me again, and again,” she added. “But I also want to understand the process, and how I can squirt too. Is it like peeing?” Jennie asked, “or is it something different?”

“I don’t think it’s pee,” Marcy started. “Pee would be more yellow, and certainly have a stronger urine smell to it. Squirt is mostly a clear liquid, with very little odor. Although, I do think it’s released from your body from the same exit as urine. So, to answer your question, I don’t think it is pee, but I do suspect the two have similar properties. But Jennie, I must tell you,” Marcy continued, “you’ll fucking love it, when you figure it out,” she boasted. “Squirting orgasms just totally zap your body and your mind, and they last forever. You’ll be shaking and spasming like never before, my dear.” she promised. “And truth be told, I’d love to taste your pussy squirt as well. “The warm, wet, spray of your cum will really get me off,” Marcy promised. “I am sooo fucking excited for that to happen,” she divulged.

“I was never a big fan of the whole ‘golden shower’ phenomenon,” Jennie admitted, continuing the dialogue. “But I want to cum and squirt at the same time, and I want to cum and squirt on you,” she added. “The mere thought of squirting with you Marcy, has me tingling right now. I think I’m becoming a lesbian cum-slut for you,” she added only somewhat jokingly.

“Oh, that is so precious, Jennie. You are truly my little submissive cum slut, and you cannot even imagine how that works for me,” Marcy shared. “My plan tonight is to fill you up with wine, water, and love until your tank is filled with each, and then fuck your cunt, clitty, ass, and g-spot until it all explodes. How’s that sound my love?”

“Oh my,” Jennie said while moaning involuntarily.

“Let’s get dressed and go Jenn,” Marcy suggested. “I’m not sure how much more of this teasing we’ll be able to endure before we forget everything and dig into the feast right now.”

Jennie’s pussy was suddenly dripping with her juices as she considered the possibilities ahead, and she truly regretted the decision to go commando for the evening. But, without any option, commando she went. It only took her about two minutes to dress herself as all she needed to do was don her little dress, and strap into her lovely sunburst, 4.5″ tall, stiletto heels. “How do I look Marcy?” Jenny asked somewhat rhetorically.

“Holy fuck Jennie, you look amazing,” Marcy gushed over her friend. “Walk a little bit and do a couple twirls for me hon.,” she requested. Jenny, responded with a performance similar to her earlier show, once again strutting up and down Marcy’s living area to show off her assets. This time, with her golden hair piled in a bun on top of her head, revealing her narrow neckline, in her sexy, Jenny truly did look amazing. Her beautiful feet were showcased in the, 4.5″ tall, strappy, heels, legs naked up to the middle of her thigh, backless, little-white dress showing a lot of naked skin, as well as a flash of side tit from bouncing braless boobs, and the incredibly sexy, midriff cut-outs, accentuating her firm abs. “Jenny, you are sooo fucking HOT,” Marcy cooed!

Jenny smiled and radiated in the compliments of her friend, hoping that Marcy’s sex drive was screaming just like her own. At the end of Marcy’s living room runway, Jennie twirled once, lifted her skirt above her hips to flash her naked ass, then spun herself around for her lover’s visual delight.

“You are a total cum-slut girl, and I fucking-love you,” Marcy said, almost panting for her friend.

“Your travesti istanbul turn to show off now Mistress”, Jennie submissively requested.

Marcy was dressed every bit as sexy as Jennie, albeit in her own inimitable style. Her curvaceous figure was adorned with a simple one-piece, white peasant dress, completely off her shoulders, braless, delightfully exhibiting her tremendous cleavage and pointed nipples, as well as hinting at the beautiful tan lines of her beach body. The skirt ended inches above her knees, legs were bare and inviting, her feet decorated with red, platform, 5″ pumps, and her belt, bag, and golden bangles on wrist, neck, and ears all accessorized perfectly.

“Walk for me Marcy, please,” Jennie again softly requested.

Marcy answered her friends request with a slow but seductive stroll across the living room floor, showing off every asset she knew she had. As she twirled the fluffy skirt from side to side, Jennie watched in awe as Marcy’s tits shook from seductively, her fully erect nipples near poking holes in the white material. When she got to the end of the runway, Marcy duplicated Jennie’s trick, by lifting her skirt to reveal a tiny, white, thong panty, with back strap deliciously tucked up her ass. After the full twirl, Marcy leaned forward at the waist, thus opening her top, revealing a full view of her hefty tits, and blew a kiss to her lesbian girlfriend for the night.

“Oh, fuck me,” was Jennie’s mumbled response.

“Jennie, I’ve got one more little surprise I’d like to run by you before we go,” Marcy started.

“Go ahead Marcy, I’m all in at this point,” Jennie answered.

Marcy repeated her stroll down the hallway, then entered her bedroom. Jennie heard some drawers open and close, a little shuffling of boxes and paper, then watched as Marcy re-entered the living area with a bag in her hand, and a small bottle of lubricant.

“What do you have for me now, Mistress,” Jennie asked in her best subbie voice.

“Well,” Marcy started, “I have a gift for each of us, and I’m going to let you choose who wears which item. In this hand I have a small golden butt-plug, with jeweled handle,” Marcy offered while showing Jennie the toy. “And in this hand, I have a vibrating pussy-egg with remote control to be manipulated at the user’s discretion. “What do you think Jenn?” Marcy asked.

“I think I might die from orgasmic delight tonight,” Jenny said while giggling. “But, If I must choose, there is no way in hell my bare pussy could possibly hold that egg in place while traveling commando all night, so I’m afraid that my virgin ass must accept the challenge of the plug. That, plus the fact that your little cum-slut, subbie wants to torment you with that remote controller,” she added.

“The decision has been made,” Marcy concluded. “Bend over my love, and I shall insert this challenge in your delightful little derriere,” Marcy commanded. Jennie bent over the arm of Marcy’s sofa, lifted her sexy off-white skirt above her hips, bent over, then craned her neck to watch Marcy lube the plug, then gently insert it into her virgin ass. “Sliding this plug into your beautiful ass Jennie, might be the sexiest think I’ve ever done,” Marcy mumbled as she slowly spun, and slid the golden plug past Jennie’s tight sphincter ring while simultaneously tickling her clitty.

“Oh, Fuck-me Marcy, that hurts sooooo fucking good”, Jennie moaned in painful delight. “I feel so stuffed”, she added while continuing to lightly pant and moan in pleasure.

“Your turn now Jenn.,” Marcy invited. “You want to slide that egg in my pussy, then test the remote?” she added teasingly to the invitation.

“Oh yeah,” Jennie responded with hunger in the voice.

“Good,” Marcy added. “I’m gonna lie back on the sofa Jenn, lift my legs to my ears, and give you full access. Enjoy the moment my love, half the fun is in the insertion,” she added.

Jennie was now insufferably horny, and fully immersed in Marcy’s game. At this moment she wanted nothing more than to tease Marcy in hopes of taking her desire up to her own level. Kneeling between Marcy’s splayed legs, directly in front of her naked gash, Jennie seductively placed the egg in her mouth, seductively slobbering all over it with dripping saliva. “I’m gonna really enjoy putting this egg in your pussy, Marcy,” Jennie teased.

Once the egg was dripping wet, Jennie used one hand to spread the swollen lips of Marcy’s outer labia, using the other hand to assist her mouth with insertion of the egg deep into her lover’s vagina. “And now for a little deep body egg fuck”, Jennie proudly announced as she slammed the remote to super-high vibration.

“OH MOTHERFUCK JENNIE,” Marcy screamed in shock as her entire inside was throttled with vibration. Jennie simply laughed a very satisfied laugh.

“OK,” Jennie stated. “I think we’re ready to go now,” she added while continuing with her happy giggle.

“I’m not sure I can even walk at the moment, Marcy questioned. But we’ve got to go girl,” Marcy concurred. “I’m starving, and I’m so fucking horny right now; plus, I don’t want anyone to beat us to my little Maitre’d friend, Marcello” she added, as she straightened her dress, and hair, before grabbing Jennie’s hand and walking out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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