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J*Kohle Punishes Her Man

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Her breath caught slightly as she looked up into the face of inarguably the most beautiful man she’d ever laid eyes on. This was a man of dreams and stars. His hazel-green eyes, glittering with firelight were framed by endless lashes and wisely arched brows. His wide, flat nose and big soft lips were set in a square-jawed face the precise shade of light brown sugar. J*Kohle was struck with an alarming but -barely- controllable urge to reach up and rub her hands through the silky-curly hair edging his forehead. No matter how many times she saw him, she was captivated for a few seconds just by looking at him…

But tonight…

Tonight was different. Tonight…

He was laying in her bed with someone else.

The satiny shimmer of awe faded from the edges of her eyes and she gazed at the scene before her. Candle-light danced evilly on her face and she hissed, a base feline-like sound shooting from between her teeth.

The woman was beautiful, with hazel eyes and straight chesnut hair that spread around her shoulders on the sheets in a lovely way. This only made J*Kohle feel more rage bubble inside.

“OUT!” She whispered the word at the girl and was surprised, for she’d meant to scream.

“Leave my home and my husband. Leave. Now.”

The beautiful chesnut-haired girl grasped quickly a the sheet covering her and slipped around J*Kohle, almost slamming the door in her haste to follow the directions of those words.

Immediately, her husband began to speak. She didn’t hear his words. Maybe he spoke for 5 minutes, maybe for an hour. It didn’t matter. She crossed the room and stood over him. When she saw the plea in his beautiful eyes, she hissed again.

“You sicken me!”

This time J*Kohle did scream, and struck him hard. She hit him until she thought her hands would bleed. He sat quietly through it, head bowed, allowing her to spend her rage. She stopped finally, stepping back from the bed where he still sat naked under the scarlet-coloured comforter. Suddenly, her eyes focused and she recognized the lump at his waist. Disbelieving, she ripped the covers from him. “Oh, you liked it? You like being beaten and bruised? You like submitting to me?” She stalked around the room, then, almost ranting.

“Did you LIKE it?” she screamed again, grabbing his chin in her palm. “Then you’re REALLY going to have fun tonight!” She shoved him hard down onto the bed, forcing his muscular legs apart. The realization of how much power she had over this man… this man twice her size and ten times her strength aroused her. She stared down at him.

“Eat my pussy, you worthless man!” she ordered, stripping out of her clothes as she spoke. She sat down hard on his face, facing his cock. He began to tentatively lick along her slit, nervous and unsure. xslot She smacked his thick, hard cock with the back of her hand and he winced.

“Suck my clit! Act like you know what you’re doing, bitch!” She reached forward and squeezed hard on his big, heavy balls. He moaned against her and she did it again.

“Does it hurt? Does it hurt, baby? Let mommy make it feel better.” Leaning forward, she began to suck hard on the head of his shaft, feeling him buck and squirm with pleasure. Immediately, she rose up. He sighed and continued his ministrations. She was enjoying his big tongue licking her and began to thrust herself up and down upon it, occasionally smacking his cock or tweaking his balls. Suddenly she rose off of him.

“Good enough,” she announced, and promptly turned around to sit, allowing him to enter her in one smooth motion. She began to bounce up and down, moaning and exclaiming as she did so. Her pussy walls rubbed and caressed his cock beautifully. When her orgasm came, she threw back her head and laughed. He felt her contract hard around him.

“I-i-i’m going to cum!” he stammered and she got up and stood away from him. He moaned and thrust a little, needing just one more stroke to give him a nice cum. She slapped his face.

“You will not cum without my permission. You will ask every time you even THINK you want to and I will tell you whether or not you can. Hell, you may never cum again.” She laughed savagely at him and pressed hard on his hip, rolling him over.

“Get on your hands and knees, boy,” J*Kohle ordered. “You’re about to have the time of your life.”

Her sarcasm resonated inside him and he began to shake a little. Sure enough, he felt the hard plastic of a dildo laying against his asshole.

“I’m going to make this hurt. I’m going to make you beg,” she giggled, and shoved hard. He arched away, hitting his head on the headboard in his haste to get away from the awful burning pain. She only laughed and whacked his asshcheek hard. Again, she thrust and he moaned again desperately.

“Please, J*Kohle,” he gasped desperately, “A little lubricant. Please.” She smiled at his pain and yanked the dildo from his ass, waving it in front of his face. “Lick it, you slut,” she ordered. “Lick it and get it wet with your spit. And remember, if you don’t lick it, it’s YOUR ass!” He thought her laughter sounded insane.

Desperately he licked and spit on this huge fake cock until she felt satisfied. She shoved it in his ass once more and he moaned again. In and out she thrust, and the pain began to subside somewhat. Slowly he felt something begin to awaken and he began to thrust back. The harder he responded, the more tingling pressure he began to feel.

“Ooh, are you liking this good, hard fuck? xslot Giriş Is it nice to be fucked like the little sissy GIRL that you are? Look at how hard your cock is.” She taunted him but he could not stop moaning and arching as the tip of the dildo rubbed against his prostate over and over.

“This little sissy-boy has been bad today. Mommy’s going to spank your ass hard and punish you so you won’t ever make her mad again.” J*Kohle grabbed a belt from the chair and leaving the dildo in his ass, she began to hit him hard with the belt.

His asscheeks turned bright red with her strokes. He screamed out and moaned and with each sound she hit him harder. His cock began dripping precum. She pushed him over, returning him to lay on his back and spread his legs wide.

“Grab your ankles,” she ordered him, and she began to whip his balls. Tears squeezed out of his eyes. “Go ahead,” she sneered, “Scream or cry and beg. You. Will. Never. Cheat. On. Me. Again.” Each word flew out with a stroke of the belt against his most sensitive parts.

“Never!” he wailed. “I promise!” She was surprised to see the even with the horrible pain she was causing him, his cock was still hard as a rock and now steadily leaking precum. She stopped torturing his balls and reached around his shaft gently with her fist and began stroking it lightly, barely touching it at all. With her other hand, she reached and started fucking his ass again. He moaned and tried to thrust harder against her hand. “Please,” he whispered when she took her hands away. “I’m so close. Please let me cum.” She shook her head.

“I think I’ll cum instead,” she decided, sitting on the far corner of the bed facing him. Her pussy was dripping and she couldn’t wait to cum. “Crawl over here and lick my nipples, you sissy-boy. Do it right or I will not let you cum for weeks.”

He moved quickly in spite of the soreness in his ass and balls. With a hopeful air, he leaned in, licking and sucking her beautiful soft breasts as she massaged her clit. Her movements became more frenzied and he could smell her pussy juices and her the squishing, wet sound of her fingers as she came closer and closer to orgasm. He was desperate to fuck her. He moaned and began to rub his cock against her thigh, hoping somehow she wouldn’t notice. Suddenly she reached out her free hand and squeezed his sore balls in a vice grip. Without missing a beat, she whispered matter-of-factly, “Don’t touch your whore-cock to me again.” He returned to licking and suckling her nipples until she ordered him to talk to her. “Use your hands to stimulate my nipples and look at me.” She stared directly into his eyes. “Tell me how much you want to cum.”

He licked his lips nervously, concentrating on rolling her nipples in between his xslot Güncel Giriş fingertips perfectly. Too hard, she would be angry. Too soft, she would be angry. He knew this from times past. “Tell me!” she hissed.

“I want to cum,” he whispered, getting louder as he spoke. “I want so badly to feel your soft, tight pussy around my cock. I want to spurt inside of you and feel you cum on me. I want to. Please let me. Oh, god, I can smell your pussy juice. I can imagine my cock where your fingers are. Please…”

She came hard as she listened to him beg, moaning and arching.

He stopped and sat back. She smiled and bent, licking his cock up and down with the very tip of her tongue, lower and lower past his balls, gently fucking his ass with her tongue and swirling it around his hole, then back again. With her mouth closed around his cock, she pressed the dildo into his ass and twisted the end to activate the vibrator. Immediately he began to squirm and pant. She bounced her mouth up and down his shaft, sucking hard and twisting his balls cruelly with her fingers. He was helpless in pain and pleasure over which he had no control. She looked up.

“If you cum before I say you can, there WILL be hell to pay,” she warned him. Feeling the pain in his balls, he believed her. She went back to sucking his cock. He loved her expert tongue and her strong, perfect mouth.

“Please,” he moaned, “can I cum now?” She laughed against his cock and told him no. He whimpered and squirmed. “I can’t stand it much longer. Oh, please,” he whispered again. The vibrator in his ass was making it almost impossible to stay in control and her mouth was making him insane. He was sweating and panting and whimpering like a child.

He begged again and she smiled, turning the vibrator’s end again to change the setting to high. He almost yelled in desperation to let go and finally cum. She took her mouth from his cock and watched him whimper and squirm, needing so badly to cum. He thrusted in the air and she laughed, continuing to cause his balls severe pain.

“Do you want to cum?” she teased him, breathing her words on the swollen purple head of his dick.

“Yesssss…” he pleaded.

“Then cum,” she said finally, lowering her mouth onto his cock once more. He came at the first stroke of her mouth, screaming out and arching as hot cream shot into her mouth. Spurt after spurt of it filled her and he arched and trembled and yelled.

Finally spent, he flopped against the bed, sweating and trembling. She smoothed his hair.

“I love you, J*Kohle,” he whispered. “No woman could ever do that to me.” She looked at him and her gaze softened.

“Things are going to be a lot different in this house from now on,” she told him. “You will never be with any other woman again. From now on, you will do as I say… and only when I say it.” He nodded, nestling his head against her soft breasts.

“I will,” he promised. “I could never love anyone else but you.” She watched his face as he drifted to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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