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Jo, Girlfriend’s Mum Ch. 02

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The next morning, Jo slipped out of bed just after seven, she had asked Jack what he wanted for breakfast, he wanted a Full English, so Jo needed to get to the Supermarket. Jack had woken up; he was surprised that Jo wasn’t there, then he saw a note that she had left on her pillow. It read, “Baby, mummy has gone to the Supermarket, stay in bed as mummy will be back soon, and mummy’s cunt is hungry for your big cock, I feel so good, I need to be at the Centre at ten, when do you need to start work? I’m missing you, and I haven’t left yet, long hot kisses wherever you want, love Jo xx.”

Jack smiled as he read the message, Jo was something else, she was a woman that cared, she was also excellent in bed, the sex was unbelievably good, but he felt that he was being loved. After their delicious steaks, they had made love again; Jo had gone on top in the cowgirl position, that had been incredible. Jo had been on top for over an hour, pounding Jack’s cock relentlessly then they had cum within seconds of each other.

The other thing that surprised Jack was that they were always kissing and touching, Kate hardly ever kissed Jack, when she did it was though she felt forced to do it. Jack wanted and needed to know about Jo’s husband as Kate’s personality was nothing like Jo’s.

Jo arrived back; she was taking her clothes off as she came into the bedroom, Jo said, “Jack, are you busy this afternoon as I have a house clearance to do, the man that usually helps me is on holiday, could you help me?”

Jack replied, “No problem, I’m can be free all day, if that’s any good for you?”

As Jo climbed on to the bed, she smiled and said, “That would be wonderful, my receptionist is on holiday, I’ve so much work to do. We can eat tonight in the Bistro in the Centre, as I’ve got to lock up tonight. It would be great if you could help me today.”

They kissed and touched, soon Jo was ready, Jack put her on all fours on the bed then slid inside her doggy style, it was the first time that they had done this, Jo loved it, Jack was doing her so deep and hard, Jo’s massive tits were wobbling in every direction. They both climaxed within seconds of each other; Jo said, “What a wonderful way to start the day.”

They showered then breakfasted, over breakfast Jo suggested that Jack should leave some clothes with her then he could stay over whenever he wanted. After breakfast, Jack went to his apartment; he packed a small suitcase then later went to the Centre.

This was the first time that Jack had visited the Centre; he was impressed with what he saw. Jo had inherited the property when her husband died. He had used the building as his storerooms and offices; he had a Painter and Decorators business. He had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour. He then sold the company to a friend who was also a Painter and Decorator but with a much larger firm. Jo’s husband was selling his customers in the so-called amalgamation. It worked well for Jo, she had developed it into the Antique Centre which it was now.

It had a trendy Bistro which did home cooking and baking; people would come for a Beylikdüzü escort meal then wander around the Centre looking for Antiques and Collectables. One of Jo’s dealers had died, he had been ill for over a year, he had very little stock left as he hadn’t been buying anything for over a year. He was an old soldier who was an expert on Military Collectable. He had died and left the contents of his house to Jo.

His house will be sold, and the contents would go to a military charity. Jack and Jo then went and did the house clearance. Jo was surprised at the quality and quantity of the things that were in the house. She told Jack that she would donate the money that she would get from the sale of these things to the charity that was benefitting from the sale of the house.

They finished the clearance then unloaded the contents into the Centre. Jack enjoyed working with Jo; he loved how her business ran. It made a complete change to his typical working day. Jo then showed him how to price and catalogue the articles. Jack noted that Jo was not taking the full price; Jo said, “The secret in this business.”

For the next two weeks, Jack stayed at Jo’s and worked in the Centre. He was still able to compose music and write songs. He just felt he had much more freedom. He and Jo were becoming an item; their lovemaking was excellent, they were taking time for each other. Jack had told her that he was interested in taking some space in her Centre, Jo had said to him that she would let him have some of her areas, but space was now limited. Jo also told him that she had over one hundred dealers looking for space.

A couple of days later an elderly lady came into the Centre, Jack and Jo were both at reception, the lady told them that she had a watch collection that she would like to sell for cash. Jo then took her into the office, along with Jack. The lady had a collection of over eighty Swiss watches which included Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantine; they were all in perfect condition.

Jo and Jack both scrutinised the watches, they had never been worn. Jo said, “I’ve never seen a collection like this in my life, I believe that the best way to proceed is if we make a list of all the watches them research them all then we should have another meeting to discuss things further?”

The lady replied, “I’ve brought a list of all the watches with their model numbers, I have removed the original price which my husband paid for the watches, which I would be happy to give you if your offer is successful.”

The lady then gave two pieces of paper with full information on each watch. Jo thanked her and told her she would be in touch.

Over a coffee, Jo said, “There’s a lot of money in those watches, I would suggest that they’re worth over two hundred thousand pounds. I would have to borrow money to buy them, I don’t want to do that, I have never used a bank loan in my life, and I’m not going to start now, I think that we are better to leave it alone.”

Jack didn’t reply; Jo had several things to do. Jack then started to research the watches. Beylikdüzü escort They were purchased in the ’50s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the cost of the watches new was just under sixty thousand pounds. Jack then added the weights of the watches, two of them were platinum, but he counted them like gold. The scrap metal value of them was a fraction over ninety thousand pounds. Jack then knew if he could buy them for one hundred and fifty thousand pounds, he would be getting a bargain.

Jo and Jack went home; Jo cooked an excellent dinner; they then went into the lounge. They were both naked; Jack’s massive cock was rock hard. Jo was having her first period since she and Jack had got together. At breakfast this morning she had asked Jack if she could suck him off tonight as she didn’t enjoy penetrative sex during her period, Jack loved when Jo sucked him, he had been looking forward to it all day, Jo had told him that she wanted to swallow every drop of cum then she would lick his cock clean.

Jo was teasing her nipples with the head of Jack’s cock; there was a little precum on the slit of Jack’s cock, Jo transferred the precum onto her nipple which now had all his precum around her hard nipple, Jo then raised her massive breast to her mouth and sucked and licked the precum away. Jo was staring Jack in the eye as she did this, she then continued to suck his cock, Jack said, “Jo, that’s wonderful, I love how your tongue’s teasing my cock.”

Jo replied, “Just you relax and enjoy what I’m doing to you, I’m sorry about the watches, I know that you liked them, but they are too rich for me, if I had the money then I’d buy them tomorrow.”

Jack replied, “Jo, I’ve been thinking about the watches. I have some money which is earning me nothing in the bank. I would be interested in buying them, Mrs Kemp wants to be paid in cash, I can pay her in cash, I’d like to talk to her and see if we can come to a deal.”

Jo raised her mouth off Jack’s cock and said, “You should do that if you have the money, Sal Kemp, is a wealthy woman, I wouldn’t be surprised if her income is restricted to what her share income gives her which is probably the reason she wants cash. Give her a call after I’ve finished with you, how much would you be prepared to pay her?”

Jack told her the numbers he had come up with from his research then told her one hundred and fifty thousand. Jo replied, “Start low, offer her ninety but be prepared to go to one hundred. Tell her that you are just starting as a dealer, that you’re using an inheritance, she likes you, she was pushing her big tits out for you today, but you were more interested in her watches.”

Jack had noticed her big tits, he laughed then said, “I will phone her after you make me cum, do you know anything about her?”

“Let me finish you off first, I’ve cum with just sucking your cock; I feel another good one coming.”

Two minutes later Jack shot his load in Jo’s mouth and throat, Jo was trembling with an orgasm as he came, but she kept on sucking, it felt so good for Jack, Jo knew how to give pleasure.

As they sat on the Escort Beylikdüzü sofa, Jo told Jack that Sal had first appeared at the Bistro in the Centre with her husband over two years ago, they enjoyed the food. Her husband was maybe ten years older than her; it was apparent that he controlled the purse strings. Then he had a stroke, luckily we had a ramp leading into the Centre, and Sal was able to bring him in on his wheelchair.

Jo told a Jack that she liked Sal, they had no children, Sal’s husband had been a stockbroker, Sal had been his secretary, this was how they had met. Jo had found Jo’s husband a little effeminate; he didn’t like to do the garden or any form of manual labour. He was always so particular about his appearance. Then Jo gave Jack Sal’s mobile number and said, “Give her a call, I think that she’ll be interested, flirt with her a little, I’m sure that she will appreciate that.”

Jack dialled the number, Sal answered on the second ring, Jack said, “Good evening Mrs Kemp, I hope that I’m not disturbing you, we met this afternoon, I’m phoning in connection with your watches. Is it possible we can have a chat about them?”

“Yes Jack, it’s so nice of you to phone. I’m watching television, of course, we can have a chat, how can I help you?”

“Thank you, Mrs Kemp, Jo and I have had a long chat about your watches, we both believe that your watches are worth around six figures, sadly Jo is not willing to spend that amount of cash on the purchase. I am new to this business; I was impressed with your watches. I am in a position to pay you cash for your watches, would you be interested in me making you an offer?”

Jack had his mobile on speakerphone, Jo was sucking his hard cock again, Jo gave him a thumbs-up sign, Sal replied, “Jack, please call me Sal, I know that it’s a lot of money, especially if it’s cash, what would you be prepared to offer?”

“Sal, how would ninety thousand sound to you?”

“Jack, could I squeeze a little more out of you?”

“Sal, how about ninety-two thousand?”

Jack could feel his cock getting harder; this was exciting him as he thought of the watches, Jo sucking him and Sal’s big tits.”

“Jack, could I push you to ninety-five, then I can have a nice holiday. I’m sure that you’ll do well from them.”

“Sal, you have a deal, this is my first ever deal, I’m so excited, I must phone the bank in the morning to find out if they have that amount of cash available, once I know then I can let you know. Where would you like to do the transfer?”

“We can do it anywhere that you want, I have a safety deposit box at my bank, maybe we should do it there. Jack, I’ll be downsizing soon perhaps you can have a look at the house as I’ll need to get rid of a lot, we can talk about it tomorrow you can come back home with me, and I’ll show you around?”

They agreed to do that. Jo was still sucking Jack’s cock; he was so close, Jack said, “Jo, I have had a look at the property next door to you, I can buy it cheap, can I set up another Centre next door to you, we can work together, and we’ll benefit from it, we have so much room there, we could even add an Auction House.”

Jack then came again in Jo’s mouth; Jo held his spunk in her mouth, then they cum kissed for sending several minutes, Jo said, “That’s a great idea, let’s do it, I’ve wanted an Auction House for years.”

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