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Journey to Incest Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Lynn stood in the doorway of Mum’s house wearing the black leather miniskirt I’d bought her last Christmas. Somehow Mum had kept her promise and persuaded Lynn to loosen up and wear the leather skirt for a night out. I was about to say something when Lynn silenced me with a look. ‘Don’t say anything,’ she said. ‘If you want me to wear it out again just don’t make a fuss.’ I kept quiet.

It was exactly a week after Mum and I had had that drunken conversation. The one you never expect to have with your mother when you begin to confess about your fantasies and tell each another about your sex lives.

Only we didn’t stop at the conversation. We got carried away and sat opposite each another, ferociously masturbating. I rubbed the shaft of Mum’s boot over my cock till I came. Really till Mum and I came together. Our journey to incest was halfway there. Though at that moment, when I arrived at Mum’s house to collect Lynn, I still had little thought that we would go that far. Fucking Mum seemed impossible, a half formed fantasy even after what had happened just a week ago.

I followed Lynn into the the living room. Mum stood up when I walked in. ‘Hello Darling,’ she said leaning for to kiss me on the cheek. ‘Would you like a coffee? There’s plenty in the pot.’ Mum was pouring before I could even answer. She stood there looking elegant in a straight, black, knee length leather skirt.

I wanted to say something. If we’d been alone I’d have been praising Mum to the heavens. She looked so hot. The sleek black leather sheathed her hips and legs stopping just across her knee. When she sat down it rode up a little showing just enough bare thigh to tantalise. Her impossibly long legs tapered down to a pair of high, patent black stilettos.

My attention should have been on Lynn. It was the first public outing for her leather skirt. It was so much shorter than Mum’s. My wife’s legs were the equal, perhaps even better than Mum’s and ended in her high heeled ankle boots. Normally I’d be close to cumming just looking at Lynn dressed like that yet my eye kept being drawn to Mum. All the time I was aware of Mum glancing at me, taking note of my furtive looks at her.

I’m twenty six years old, I thought, and I didn’t know who I wanted to fuck most, my twenty four years old wife or my forty nine year old mother. I loved and desired them both. A threesome? A great idea until I remembered my reserved wife would refuse, divorce me and report me to the police. Mum? Mum was different. After what she told me a week ago it occurred to me me she might be up for it. There was just something about her that made me wonder as we sat there.

We sat chatting and I heard about their day. Mum and Lynn went out for lunch then shopping. That’s when Mum bought the leather skirt and Lynn told her that she had one too. I don’t think she told Mum I’d bought it for her in fact I was very surprised she told Mum at all but guessed that the cocktails at lunch and Mum’s openness when buying the skirt emboldened her. That and Mum’s encouragement. I couldn’t wait get the story from Mum.

I was glad when Lynn wanted to get home. The tension was too much for me, having my fuckable mother and wife in the same room. I still wanted to talk privately with Mum so I left my phone in Mum’s only to notice when Lynn and I were in the car. I had to go back in to get it. Lynn was completely unaware that it was deliberate, why should she?

I let myself back into Mum’s house. ‘You left your phone,’ she said as I walked into the room.

‘Yes, thanks.’ I took it from her, paused, then, ‘Thanks Mum.’

‘What for?’

‘You know what for…’

Mum laughed interrupting me. ‘Of course I know. Once I’d got some wine and cocktails into her and told her I was shopping for a leather skirt for myself she told me about the one you bought her. So what do you think of mine?’ She did a twirl in front of me.

‘Mum you are sensational.’ I took a step toward her. ‘May I?’ I put my hands on her hips feeling the soft slither of the leather.

‘Behave,’ she whispered. ‘We can’t play bad mother and son tonight. You have a sexy wife to see too.’

I put my hands round onto her ass and pulled her toward me. ‘Perhaps another time then,’ I breathed the words into her ear.

‘Perhaps.’ Mum paused. ‘I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about it. I’m your Mum. We need limits.’

She was looking into my eyes. Our faces were so close that I couldn’t stop myself. I kissed Mum open mouthed. She surrendered to it for just a moment her open mouth welcomed my tongue. I pulled her to me, grinding her against my trapped erection. The swell of her breasts pressed against me felt so… womanly compared to my wife’s small boobs.

She pulled away. ‘We can’t. Lynn’s waiting. You’d better go.’ Mum’s face was flushed and her breathing rapid.

‘Yes..’ I dropped my hands. ‘I love you Mum.’

‘I know. I love you too.’


‘Don’t say anything.’ Mum stopped me. ‘We’ll talk during the week. I’ll call you. Lefkoşa Escort Now go.’

I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek taking the chance to swipe my hand over her leather covered ass before heading out to the car.

‘Got it.’ I held the phone up so Lynn could see it as I got back into the car. I leaned over and kissed my wife as intimately as I’d kissed my mother a few moments before. My hand found Lynn’s bare thigh and inched up under the leather, right up till I could put a finger on her pantie covered slit.

‘Stop. For God’s sake.’ She pushed me away. ‘Anyone could walk pass. Your Mum could be looking out the window and see us. Let’s get home.’

‘Ok. Sorry.’ But I wasn’t. I felt reckless. I wanted Mum to see and imagine what Lynn was about to get when we got home. I ostentatiously adjusted my erection so that I could drive and took us home.

I was all over Lynn as soon as the flat door closed behind us. By the time we got through the hall into the living room Lynn’s top and black lace bra were off and I was bending over her teasing and inflaming her nipples with my mouth. I pushed her onto the sofa. She was splayed out on the same spot where Mum sat when she masturbated to orgasm in front of me a week ago. I stood over her and stripped off. My free cock throbbed in front of her eyes.

‘My God!’ Lynn said. ‘What’s got into you?’

‘I’m getting into you darling. Ready?’ I put my hands under her skirt and pulled off her black lace panties.

‘Yes. I’m wet.’

‘So you are.’ I looked at the glistening juices on her panties then rubbed my finger along her cunt entrance. ‘Ready and willing?’ I pressed on her bud.

Lynn gasped. ‘Yes.’ She lifted herself to try and wriggle out of her skirt.

‘No.’ I stopped her. ‘Keep it on. Your ankle boots too.’ I pushed the skirt up her hips to expose her pussy, mounted her and inserted my cock gradually, savouring every moment. I fucked her slowly so that I didn’t cum too quickly.

Lynn’s legs lifted and wrapped round me as her arms wound round my neck pulling me in to kiss. All the time I gradually picked up speed and pressure. ‘Ah. Ah. Ah.’ She panted into my ear. She was getting close, thrusting up to meet me. I wanted my wife to cum and cum well.

When the moment came I began to bang her hard. ‘Cum for me darling. Cum on my cock.’ It was like an order.

‘Ooooohh Yes,’ she gasped. Her hips bounced up and down as her climax took hold. I was ramming hard now eager, to spew my seed. I came with my wife wrapped round me making mewing encouragements. My eyes were closed. I imagined it was Mum underneath me, Mum urging me on, Mum demanding my seed as I pictured her face right under mine howling out an ecstatic orgasm.


I couldn’t forget it. It had become an obsession. I needed to fuck Mum. Not just fuck her but drive her, drive us, to the limits of sensual pleasure. But how to do it? Would she want too? Gut instinct suggested that she did but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t want to call or message her. “Hi Mum, I think we should fuck each other.” It’s not for a phone call or a text. My dilemma was solved the next later. Mum called and asked if I could help her in her studio. She was booked for a family portrait session and her regular assistant was on leave. She asked me to go over the night before to set up the lighting rig and stay over to help the next morning. I was with Lynn when the call came through and put it on speaker so she could hear Mum as well. Maybe I was getting paranoid but I wanted my wife to know that that it was a simple request from Mum. Not that Lynn would ever have suspected but my obsession clouded my thinking.

I thought hard that day about how to approach or seduce Mum. It made me distracted and Lynn wondered why I was so cranky. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do seduce or just ask Mum. It came to me the next morning when I woke. I would buy her a gift. She’d told me that she was planning to add boudoir photography to her range of photography services and wanted to try some practice set ups. I remembered Lynn’s basque that Mum had discovered in our wardrobe the other evening, the discovery that set all this off. The look on Mum’s face, the very sound of her voice as she held it in front of herself and imagined wearing it had told me how erotic it made her feel. I’d buy one for Mum and suggest we try some pictures. I had a plan forming.

I was shaking when I returned to the lingerie store. The staff didn’t recognise me. Why would they? It was at least three months since I was last there. I remembered the pretty blonde lady who came across to help me. I told her Mum’s size and she soon found one that would suit. It was slightly different from Lynn’s. She found matching panties and a thong. I couldn’t decide so I got both pairs. It was the same with stockings and I ended up with three pairs all black, fishnet, sheer with a seem and sheer plain.

‘Is it for your wife… girlfriend?’ The lady asked. I was so charmed Kıbrıs Escort by her and she’d put me at such ease that I nearly said “Neither, they’re for my Mum.” The sentence was formed and almost at my mouth when I stopped myself. I didn’t need her calling the police when I left the store but the thought of saying it was an enormous thrill.

I hid the gift wrapped parcel in the garage at home until the day I went over to Mum’s. I moved lighting rigs and props as Mum tested light levels and made small adjustments. It was all very businesslike. Finally we were done and settled down to have a late lunch. Mum opened the wine, not one of the bottles I’d brought but one she’d chilled earlier for us.

‘So,’ Mum finally said. ‘How was it with Lynn the other night? A bit less vanilla?’

My cock began to swell as soon as Mum asked the questions. ‘Yes, a bit.’ I stopped both to tease her and to work out how much I should say. ‘We were all over each other as soon as we got home. I stripped her till all she had on was her leather skirt and ankle boots. She went to take them off but I told her… ordered her more like to keep them on. I fucked her there and then on the sofa, on the same spot that you came the week before.’

‘You fucked her while she had the skirt and boots on? Did she like it?’ Mum leaned over the table, her eyes bright.

‘She came. She came hard.’ I looked at Mum checking that I wasn’t saying too much. ‘I… I pictured you cumming in the same spot.’

‘While you were fucking your leather clad wife? I’m flattered.’ Mum didn’t blink. She was involved and enjoying our chat. So much of communication is body language and facial expression and everything about Mum told me she was into our conversation. I was so relieved. I didn’t tell Mum I’d imagined I was fucking her, that might have been too much but I think I’d said just enough.

‘You made a big impression on me last week Mum. And thank you for, you know… encouraging my wife.’

‘It’s my pleasure and Lynn’s.’ Mum laughed. She took my hand and kissed it. ‘My lovely darling son. I hope Lynn knows how lucky she is to be taken like that.’

We left the dining room and went through to lounge on the sofa. ‘I did mention to Lynn that she could pose boudoir for me as I tried it out but she was noncommittal. I’ll try again.’

‘Thanks. Speaking of which I have a present for you.’

‘Lovely. Thank you. What is it?’

‘Just a minute and I’ll get it.’ I went up to my old bedroom where I’d left my bag and fetched the gift wrapped box. My hands were shaking when I handed it to Mum. I was crossing the river, when Mum say her present she would know I wanted to fuck her, surely.

‘For me?’ Mum asked. ‘That’s lovely. Did you wrap it?’

‘No. I got the shop to do it.’

‘But what shop?’ Mum laughed. ‘I wonder. Will I guess?’ I didn’t reply. ‘I’ll guess in my head and I’ll tell you if I get it right.’ Mum slowly unpicked the ribbons then carefully removed the paper. ‘This is too pretty to spoil. It needs care.’ She looked up at me.

Eventually, it felt like ages, Mum released the box from its covering. ‘Oh! This looks… interesting.’ She could see the store’s logo discretely stamped on the corner of the box lid. ‘I’m beginning to think I’ve guessed right.’

I swallowed, not daring to breathe.

Mum lifted the lid, teased away the tissue paper inside and gasped. ‘Darling that’s lovely. For me?’ She looked up to me as if seeking confirmation.

‘Yes Mum. It’s for you. I saw how much you liked the one I’d bought Lynn and felt I had to buy you the same.’

‘I… I don’t know what to say. Nobody has ever bought me a gift like this. Thank you so much.’ She stood and gave me a huge hug. Her eyes were moist.

‘Mum, are you ok?’ I asked tentatively.

‘Yes. I’m More than ok. Just a bit overwhelmed. I did wonder when you gave me the parcel that it might be something sexy to wear after all that’s happened between us but this… God! I’m delighted. Thank you.’ She kissed me fully on the mouth. A slow exploring lovers kiss. My hands cupped her ass pulling her to me, weaving us together. I had no pretence of limits now and was sure Mum had none either.

‘Will I try it on?’ She asked.

‘Yes. Please. I’ve been looking forward to this.’

‘Alright then.’ She finished her full glass of wine, gently picked up her parcel and, with a big grin, left the room.

I sat for a while trying to control my excitement when Mum called, ‘Darling can you come up here and give me a hand?’ I ran upstairs and knocked on her bedroom door. ‘Come in,’ she whispered. My hand shook as I put it on the door handle. The room was dark with one small lamp on in the corner opposite Mum. She sat in the shadows with her back to me. ‘Don’t put the light on,’ she ordered, guessing what my hand was about to do. ‘I don’t want you to see anything till I’m ready. Can you just come over here and fasten the clips down my back. There’s a lot of them. It’s not like Girne Escort putting a bra on.’

I went over. Mum kept her back to me. She’d spread a rug over her knees and held a towel up over her front so all I could see was the back. She turned her head a little. ‘I want it to be perfect before you see me.’

I started to fasten the clips. The corset was tight, even on the loosest fastening. Mum decided to go for the middle one. She wanted it to sit well but still let her breathe. I fumbled a little at first but soon got it. It helped that I’d done this before when my wife had tried her’s on for me. I enjoyed the feel the basque tightening as I slowly worked my way down Mum’s back. She gasped a little as I fastened each clip. ‘How does that feel?’ I asked as I finished.

‘It feels good. I feel different, in a good way. Now go downstairs and give me time.’

I did as I was told. I waited for about half an hour trying to keep calm but it was impossible. Eventually I heard her footsteps on the stairs. I stood up and faced the door. My mouth was dry and I felt my blood pumping through me.

Mum came in. She was shrouded from the neck down in her brown musquash full length fur coat. I’d forgotten she had it. It had been her aunts and passed down though now it wasn’t PC to wear it. She stood in front of me an enigmatic smile on her face. Her make up was perfect, just enough to highlight but not overdone. Her eyes were shimmering, dark and sexy.

‘Are you ready?’ She purred.

‘Yes.’ I gulped. I felt as clumsy as a teenage virgin.

Mum unclipped the coat and pushed the front aside. She stood there arm’s akimbo, hands on hips her elbows pointed and holding the flaps of the coat back.

‘Mum. Fuck!’

‘You like it?’

‘For fucks sake yes. You look amazing, like a sex goddess. I’ve never seen any one look so fuckable.’ The tight black, basque pulled her figure together in a perfect hourglass. The lace giving just the right hint of flesh underneath. There was just a hint of the pink of her nipples under the lace. I wanted to have a closer look but not yet. This was something to savour. My eyes travelled up and down her body. I saw the shadow of her hair under the matching lace panties. The suspender straps ran down her legs to grip the black fishnet stockings. The look was finished with a pair of sharp, shiny black high heels.

‘Well that’s some way to describe your mother.’

‘Sorry Mum. It’s just… how I see you dressed like this.’

‘It’s ok,’ she laughed. ‘I’m flattered. I’d feel bad if I didn’t have such an effect. I just didn’t expect you to be so… upfront.’ On the last work Mum’s eyes dropped to look at my crotch where the outline of my erection was constrained by my jeans. Mum blushed then did a full turn so I could see her front and back.

‘How does it feel to wear it?’ I asked as she completed her pirouette.

‘Honestly? It feels exciting. I don’t know if it’s the constriction but I feel all warm down below.’ She paused. ‘I mean it’s very arousing. It feels like if I was, touched I’d loose control.’

I gently stretched out my arm.

‘No,’ she said. ‘Not yet. I don’t know. I enjoyed the other night, you with my boot and I’m enjoying this but I’m not sure how far we should go.’

‘Ok,’ I said. ‘I’m enjoying it too. Would it be better if I called you by your name? Evelyn or Eve?’ I’d always used mum before, never her first name.

‘No Mum’s fine. It feels more…’ She let the sentence die away and I didn’t push things. I sensed that what I said and did in the next half hour would either end in tears or ecstasies and I so wanted the latter.

‘Mum then. May I have a closer look?’

She nodded. Yes.

I stepped closer. The room seemed to hush as I stepped around Mum. I took my time. I needed to imprint her image on my memory. ‘May I?’ I’d put my hand up on her shoulder and gently ran my thumb across the black strap of the lingerie and her soft skin. Her breathing quickened, it was a steady regular sound. ‘Relax,’ I whispered. ‘Let’s just enjoy this. I’d like to explore you a little. Just say if you’re not comfortable.’ I leant over and kissed the spot where my thumb had been, across the black strap and her shoulder. It was just a peck. ‘Remember I love you.’ I murmured into her ear as I lifted my head.

I was still behind her running my arms up and down her sides feeling the shape of her body, the contrast between the lace corset and the bare skin. I hugged her from behind now, my arms round Mum’s waist as I gave her small micro kisses on her neck and the top of her back.

I felt her relax. Mum leant her back against me with a small sigh. ‘That’s nice. You have a lovely gentle touch. Does that sound corny?’

‘No Mum. It’s nice to hear.’ My hands kept rubbing her front. I put them in a V shape pointing down to her black lace panties and slowly slid them down.

‘No darling. Not yet anyway.’ Mum lifted my hands and placed them on her encased tummy again.

‘It’s ok.’ I continued my caresses. Up and down her side again now a little bolder, rubbing the side of her breasts then down across her tummy and up to just begin to cup her breasts. She leaned back against me, relaxing. All the time I kept kissing her on her shoulders and neck. ‘You like?’ I murmured.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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