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Judy Ch. 02: The Second Step

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For a better understanding I suggest that you read Chapter 1.


Judy awoke from her dream. It had been weeks since her chance meeting with Jim that day as she hiked around the lake. She had dreamed about it again and had the same reaction. She felt flushed with excitement and aroused. It left her wanting more. It had almost been that long since her husband had tried to satisfy her. They still had occasional sex; but not the passion they once had or what Jim had ignited within her.

She lay there alone. Her husband had left for work. In the old days, they would get up together. She would prepare for her teaching while he brewed the coffee for them. When Judy retired, she thought they both would spend days together, maybe all day in bed fulfilling the dreams she had read about in the novels and only imagined. He worked hard and tried to make her happy. Something deep inside her wanted to be let loose; a wild side that only her imagination ventured into. Outwardly she was the puritanical wife living the suburban dream. Something deep within her wanted wild, unabashed adventure; and that included wild sexual pleasures. Ones she could only imagine, until that day hiking at the lake. Jim had opened the door to that hidden pleasure.

As she lay on her back, her hands rested on her stomach. Her shirt had ridden up and her fingers were lightly stroking her skin. Judy remembered how Jim’s fingers felt against her skin and the involuntary reaction her body had. She felt it again, the tingling between her legs, the moistening of her vagina. “God, it was so large and felt so good,” she thought.

Her right hand slid upward to her B cup breasts. She traced a line in the cleavage between them. Her skin was soft and the touch made her feel sexy. She moved her fingers up the right breast to her right nipple. It was already hard from her thoughts and in contrast to the softness of her breast.

Judy’s left has slid under the elastic of her panties. She felt the soft curls of her full, old school pubic bush.

“I wish…” she though as the alarm clock’s buzz crashed her back into reality. I’ve got chores to do before the holiday she thought. And the repairman was due today to fix her stove. Too many holiday treats and dinners to prepare with only half of the electric burners working. Her pleasures and fantasies would need to wait. Her retired, suburban reality was calling.

She jumped from bed and headed for the shower. Soaped and lathered, she still felt that sexy urge. The sexual adventures would have to return to the deep recesses it occupied for most of her life; repressed deep in her subconscious. As she finished, she returned her razor to the tray. Since the lake, she indulged herself to make sure she was ready if she ran into Jim again. It was only a fantasy; but it was the only ray of hope at unleashing her repressed sexual desires.

She dried off and combed her shoulder length, blond-brunette hair. She put on her panties. Plain old panties, she thought. I should buy something a little risqué. No, her husband would wonder what was up. She looked for a plain white bra. She had a drawer full of them, but not today. It was laundry day. She settled for the only bra she had left, a black one with “sexy” lace trim that she rarely wore. Her strict upbringing usually didn’t allow for carnal thoughts and pleasures. She slipped on her jeans and grabbed an old, black fleece sweatshirt. It had a logo on it from a different hike in the mountains many years ago. She zipped it up to her neck. Then she felt a tingle, be wild she thought and lowered the zipper to just above her cleavage. She felt a twinge of wildness, Ahh; she yearned for her hike with Jim.

She went to the kitchen and fixed a cup of coffee. He husband had set the timer so it was freshly brewed for her. He was so thoughtful. She sat on the stool contemplating the days schedule when the doorbell rang. She noticed the repair truck in the driveway. At least he’s early. Maybe I can get some holiday treats prepared.

She opened the door. Before her stood a short, but well-built man. “Hi, I’m Alejandro. I’m here to repair your stove.” He said in a slightly Spanish accent.

Judy glanced at his navy blue shirt. Over the pocket was a name tag. It said AJ.

“Alejandro?” Asked Judy.

“Yes, but everyone calls me AJ. It’s easier.”

“Ah, we’ll come in AJ. My name is Judy. There’s work to be done.”

Judy showed him to the kitchen. He placed his tools on the floor and began to examine the stove. She returned to the stool and watched. AJ poked and probed with his tools. She noticed that he was rugged but handsome, about 50 years old. She did notice that as he picked up his tools, he would glance at her. She felt a little self-conscious.

“I’ll Antalya Escort need to turn off the power to the stove. Where is the circuit breaker?” He asked.

“Downstairs, I’ll show you. First, let me get the laundry.” She went to the bedroom. She glanced at the bed and had a flashback to her dream. “Ahh” she thought woefully.

As she carried the full hamper into the kitchen, AJ said, “Let me help with that.”

AJ took the hamper and followed her down the stairs. The circuit panel was near the washing machine. She bent to pick clothes from the hamper as he examined the panel. She noticed his eyes strayed to watch her. She realized that her partially open sweatshirt hung down off her chest, giving AJ a great view from his vantage point. AJ smiled. She blushed and felt a twinge of embarrassment and then, excitement. Almost always prudish, she felt the inner door crack open to let out a little carnal pleasure of showing off her womanly assets; it felt wonderful. Instead of covering herself, she smiled at AJ and continued her work, and showing off.

Both of them finished and she followed AJ back to the kitchen. Instead of raising the zipper of the sweatshirt to cover her, she lowered it an inch, then another one. When she was standing, her lace black bra was noticeably visible without being fully open. She felt a jolt of excitement.

Both of them returned to their places. Judy couldn’t take her eyes off AJ as he worked. She did notice that he stole peeks of her whenever he could. She enjoyed the sexy feeling knowing it would only lead to a fantasy session, alone later. She strayed once, and it was great, but she never followed up on it.

AJ was almost climbing into the stove. His body was twisted as he struggled to make repairs. She took perverse pleasure watching him. He was short but well built. She could see no hint of fat as his shirt rode up.

Just then her phone beeped with an incoming message. It was from Tim, her husband. He asked if the repairman had arrived.

She responded that he did.

“Is everything going ok?” He texted to her.

“Going great! He’s tall dark and handsome. What more can I ask for in a repairman?” She texted back jokingly.

“Well,” he texted back, “When you’re done reading this you should take a shower, put on something sexy and sit by the fire place and plan something kinky to do!”

“Haha, I just might.” With that reply, Judy’s mind kicked into a higher gear. She felt a moistness forming in her panties.

Judy read the paper on her iPad and ran her fingers through her hair. Soon her fingers were stroking her neck, it felt good. She spent more time watching AJ than reading. Her fingers soon traveled lower to the top of her chest. It was getting harder to concentrate on the paper.

“Excuse me Judy. Can you hand me my curved needle nose pliers? I’ve got the relay and don’t want to let it go or I’ll have to start again.”

Judy moved to his tool bag. She bent over. Her sweatshirt hung wide open. “Unfortunate.” she thought as he was not in a great place to see it. She found the tool and handed it to him. “Strong hands and nice muscles in his arm” she mused to herself. She stayed by the stove, bent to view his work. And to let her sweatshirt hang open. She felt jolts of excitement surge through her. She was enjoying the thought that someone viewed her assets and she hoped he thought of her as sexy.

AJ continued his work, occasionally being in a position to see Judy’s display. He crawled from behind the stove and buttoned it up. “Let’s see how hot we can get this.” He uttered in a provocative way, his eyes glued to her tits covered only in a thin, lacy black bra.

Judy made no effort to cover herself. “I’m getting, I mean the burner is getting hot” she muttered. So much for Freud and his slip she thought to herself. “You’re very good with these electrical gadgets. Maybe you could help me with something else? I have a problem with the TV. Want to give it a try?” Judy reached out to touch AJ’s arm. “Firm muscles,” She again thought. “I wonder what else is firm?”

AJ, like any man, wanted to spend as much time as he could admiring Judy’s hot titties. “Why, yes I will try.” In a reciprocating fashion, he touched her arm and slid it across her back.

Jolts of excitement ran through both of them.

“Good.” Replied Judy. “Follow me.” With that she took him by the arm and led him down the hall to her bedroom. “It’s right in here.” She handed him the remote control and said, “Maybe you can get it to play. I was going to watch a movie and can’t get the damn thing to work.”

The TV was against the wall about 5 feet from the foot of the king size water bed. They stood with their backs to the Antalya Escort Bayan bed; but Judy’s legs were resting against it.

Judy studied AJ intensely, looking to see if he really had an interest in her or was just being nice. She stood close to him at an angle. She made sure he could see her now fully exposed lace bra. He noticed and fumbled with the remote, all the while ogling her tits.

A thought went through her head, “This is the closest I’ve been to having another man in my bed. The bed my husband Tim and I have shared exclusively.” For a moment, she thought of the consequences of her actions. Then a jolt of excitement burst her thought into oblivion as AJ brushed his elbow against her exposed bra.

“Sorry.” He blurted.

“No need to be sorry.” Rushed from her lips. She inched closer till her bra covered left tit again touched his arm.

AJ pressed a few more buttons on the remote. “I think the batteries may be weak. I’ll be right back.” He said as he left the room and went out the door to his truck.

Judy’s mind raced. “It’s now or never.” She thought to herself. Judy kicked off her slippers and stripped off her fleece sweatshirt. “The bra stays.” She thought. Next she unsnapped her jeans and wiggled them to the floor. “Oh god, these panties are awful.” She began to pull them off. She noticed the crotch was damp with her excitement. She quickly and unceremoniously whipped them off and threw them in the corner. She hopped onto the bed. “Fuck I’m so horny.” She muttered to herself. With her head on the pillow she splayed herself and relaxed. She slid her right hand over her stomach and probed her soft blond pubic curls, finding her hooded clit. She felt the juices of her excitement with her middle finger. “Ahh,” escaped her lips. She coated her finger in her juices and stroked her clit. “Oh god that’s good.” She thought. Judy heard the door of AJ’s truck slam. She spread her legs slightly and raised her knees; she faced the open bedroom door. “What will he think? What will he do? Will he be turned off and leave? Fuck I hope not. Not till I get what I want: what I need.” Judy heard AJ’s footsteps as he walked to the room. He seemed to be hurrying, good!

As AJ rounded the corner, he froze in the doorway. He dropped the batteries. Before him, laced out in the bed, was a very sexy, nearly naked woman. She had one hand massaging the tuft of hair between her legs and the other motioning him to come closer and patting the bed seductively. She wore a lacy black bra and nothing else. He instantly felt his pants getting tight in his crotch.

“I have something else that needs attention. A little something that needs fixing, can you help?” Judy purred.

“Ah, ah um, Yes!” Was all AJ could muster in reply. In all his years of home repairs he could only imagine this. Now it was actually happening to him. “What should I do? I’m married.” He thought in a very fleeting moment. “I’m a man of action,” he walked to the bed.

“Strip!” She ordered. He yanked his shirt over his head without unbuttoning it. He kicked off his shoes and socks next. He unsnapped his trousers and lowered them to his knees.

Judy’s eyes were fixed on the tent pole in his underwear. Her fingers, wet from her sexual anticipation pulled the hood of her clit, allowing for full exposure as she strummed her excited pleasure button.

AJ climbed into the middle of the bed and knelt next to Judy. She reached out and grasped her erection, squeezing it through his boxers. “You’ve got a pretty big tool there.” She said. “Can you use it to fix what I need now?”

All AJ could do was mumble as Judy slowly stroked his pole.

“I think this is heating up my little oven. I think I want to prepare it properly before putting it in. Would you mind if I suck your nice hard cock?”

Again, all AJ could do was mumble as he stared at the hot little housewife before him.

AJ continued to kneel beside her. Judy peeled his boxers to his knees. AJ’s cock sprung forward as she grasped it by the shaft. Looking up into his eyes, she leaned in to kiss the head of his erection. Not satisfied, she slowly licked the head, swirling her tongue around it like an ice cream cone.

“Ahhhh.” Was all that escaped his lips.

Just squeezed the shaft of his dick and inserted the head slowly into her mouth. Savoring the musky scent she continued to swirl her tongue around the mushroom head. “Not as long as Tim’s but definitely thicker.” She thought to herself. Leaning forward, she slowly slid his cock deeper into her mouth. She moved her hand to cup his balls. She continued to slide his cock deeper until her nose was buried in his pubic bush. She deep throated him with ease and it made her feel both sexy Escort Antalya and powerful. She felt a jolt of excitement between her legs. She slid his cock out until just the head was to her lips.

AJ slid his hand down her neck, across her chest and slid his fingers into her bra and gently squeezed her left tit. With his other hand he grabbed her hair near her neck and pulled her toward him, until his cock was buried in her throat again.

At first Judy was startled and a little upset, feeling that AJ was just using her mouth to please himself. She felt a little used. That feeling soon passed as she felt her inner slut emerge. Judy was taking his cock deep, savoring the thought of her as sexy and desirable. Judy was used to taking control; but now, being used as a sex toy ignited deeper feelings long ago repressed. She relished the thought of being the object of sexual desire and satisfaction. Her puritanical facade quickly crumbled and her inner slut left forward with a passion long ago repressed. She craved the attention. It excited her and she sucked AJ’s cock deeper and harder as he pulled and pushed her head. His cock swelled and pulsated with the excitement of Judy’s aggressive BJ.

His dominance over her made her hotter. She wanted more. Judy pulled back and his cock sprung from her mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck me now.” She said as she took back some control.

AJ was quick to respond. He repositioned himself between Judy’s legs, lifted her knees and laid them on his shoulders. With one hand he positioned his cock against her pussy lips. He dragged the head from the curly hair covering her clit to her taint. His cock, wet with her saliva was not coated in a mixture of her vaginal juices.

“Give me your cock, fuck me, fuck me.” She cried.

AJ positioned the head at her pussy opening. In one motion he rammed his cock into her awaiting cunt.

“Ahhhh, oh god, yes, ahhhh.” She cried as his fat cock spread her pussy wide. She felt his balls slap her ass.

AJ pulled back as fast as he entered her, and then thrust his tool as deep as he could.

Judy again gasped, not at the depth of his penetration; but at the girth of his cock as he spread her moist cunt wide open. With her legs high over her head and her pussy spread wide, she felt so exposed, vulnerable, and, and sexy. Yes sexy and powerful. She had seduced this stranger, taken control and was on her way to satisfying her latent desires.

“Fuck me hard. Harder, harder!” Was all she could say. She felt slutty, alive and desirable. She felt an orgasm building deep within her. She reached one hand to pull AJ deeper into her and with the other, began to strum her clit. Judy pushed and pulled AJ until his timing matched hers. She felt the first orgasmic contractions of her cunt as AJ’s cum hit the innermost reaches of her pussy. She and AJ came hard and quick. Both slowing and stopping in unison.

As he lowered her legs, he rolled off onto the bed next to her. His seed was dripping from his cock and her pussy. AJ ran his hand down her stomach to her swollen lips. Her hole was gaping from his girth; cum clearly visible, pooling inside and slowly leaking to coat her pubic curls and leg.

“I think you fixed the stove, TV and my hot little oven. Thanks.” She said. “Hey, I hate to fuck and push you out the door; but my husband will soon be coming home. I’ll need to freshen up a little.”

“I’m available anytime you need a little fixing up. It’s not often I get to help a beautiful woman and I’d enjoy helping anytime.” He replied.

AJ quickly got dressed, picked up his tools and headed to the door. Judy was going to shower; but there was no time to. She quickly got dressed, his cum spilling into her panties. As she pulled on her fleece sweatshirt, she saw AJ waving to her husband as he pulled into the driveway.

“Wow that was close!” She thought to herself. A quick look around the room and straightening of the covers and she walked to the door to meet him.

“Hi Tim,” She said as she kissed him. “You’re home early. Is everything ok?”

“Yes it is. I just wanted to be sure he really fixed the stove. Maybe even see how he repaired it. Then maybe next time I can fix it myself. Some of the UTube ‘how to fix it’ videos are good; but it’s better to see it in person.

“Well as you can see, you’re a day late and a dollar short. Go get cleaned up and changed. I start dinner on our repaired stove. I’ll shower and change after you.” With that, Judy felt as if she dodged a fatal bullet. She thought, “So far, Tim doesn’t suspect a thing. Next time, and I really want a next time, I’ll be more careful.”

Judy and Tim carried out their plans. Tim’s mind was occupied on stove repair techniques. Judy’s was formulating plans to carry out some of her long ago repressed fantasies. “I haven’t felt this alive and sexy in years.” She mused. “I really didn’t know how much fun I was missing.”

With that, the adventures of Judy’s rebirth continues.

I appreciate all comments and story suggestions.

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