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July 14, 1928 in an Erotic Novel

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This is an entry to the National Nude Day contest. Votes are what count. Comments are also very much appreciated. The younger women in this story are all at least 18 years old, and also were at the time of incidents referred to that preceded the date of the story.

* * *

This is just one chapter from a 1920s erotic French novel set in that era, the “decadent twenties.” The anonymous author, who used the nom de plume “Le Bonhomme,” is not just a voyeur but also a participant in the action. He seems to be in his early thirties and apparently from a well-to-do family, living comfortably in the family’s large flat in the best part of Paris. Some background first, to let the reader understand where and what and whom.

The novel describes events in a private club in a chateau near Paris. The chateau had been built by a very nouveau rich industrialist in the last quarter of the 19th century. He had done a good job, while his money lasted. The chateau was in the style of castles in the Loire valley, many rooms with “backstairs” access to rooms for the servants. In the basement, there was a not so small indoor swimming pool – very modern at the time. The industrialist had also included a “real tennis” court, or “courte-paume,” as the French call it, like the one at Hampton Court Palace. There were also two clay courts surrounded by a ten foot high wall, and also a squash court.

When the industrialist went bankrupt during WW I, a group of rich young counts bought the complex and made it into a racquet and swimming club, allowing non-noble members to join for double the initial fee and annual dues. For a few years, the club was very popular and proper, but then some hanky-panty started in the unsegregated changing area for the pool. Some staid members leave the club, but others – Josephine Baker had just appeared in her banana skirt in Paris – like that the club’s board rescinds all rules about bathing apparel. Naked swimming becomes almost “de rigueur” for both sexes. Some older men continue to wear something, but then don’t in the first chapter with a description of group sex. In the next chapter, the author has sex with the daughter of an somewhat older men, who had been in the pool, letting her father see her cavorting naked.

The author excuses himself with the explanation that he wanted to avoid their starting a incestuous relationship. In the following chapter, however, he overhears two men discussing what they have done with the sister of one of them with appropriate erotic details about her figure, about how she sucked their cocks, about her tight pussy. In another chapter, an older man admits that he has had fun with the other man’s daughter, and is urged by her father to tell about everything they did. When he has, the father chuckles and admits that he has dreamt about having sex with her. The other man nods with a grin and says that he has already been thinking about doing it with his own daughter.

It is left up to the readers of the novel to imagine whether all this happens in the club.

Male homosexual activity was maybe too much for even the decadent twenties, but the author apparently thought that his readers wouldn’t mind his describing what women did with each other, nor object to his describing with details incestuous activity.

In another chapter, three men and three women have group sex, exchanging partners. The author lets them cool off with a chapter in which they just tell each other all about how good it was, with comparisons of breasts, pussies and cocks. The girls agree that size isn’t as important as technique, and the men compare impressions of how tight their pussies were. Their conversation is at least as arousing as his description of what they had done. In the course of the conversation, it comes out that two of the women also sleep with each other, to the surprise of the men. But the big surprise for the reader is the last sentence in the chapter, in which it is revealed that they are the sisters of two of the men.

Inspired by all this, the author wants to get his three year younger sister involved, just telling her about the nude bathing. She is very reluctant. That is a background theme for a couple of chapters, while he fucks a woman a few years older than him, who is very experienced. He has seen her with younger and older men. There are passages about his sister: their conversations, his descriptions of what he can see of her, more when he discovers that her bed is visible through the keyhole, and then that she masturbates.

Meanwhile, he enjoys the company of a couple of women in the club, one a waitress in the club. He isn’t the first member to fuck her, and she is very, very good, came with a recommendation from two other members. “Came,” like that, a couple of times, and he did too, of course – in her pussy and in her mouth. The description of her pussy – her hair almost as soft as peach fuzz – and her orgasm and how she tastes is really arousing.

The author is still try to convince his sister that it is görükle escort just about nude bathing, but it isn’t by then. A couple of men play tennis on the real tennis court. Three couples and the players’ women watch them, also nude, watching their flopping cocks and balls. Before the match is over, the couples are not just watching. When the players notice, their cocks aren’t flopping, just wagging, which seems to inspire the couples to do more with each other, and the two women start fondling each other’s breasts. When the match ends, another group sex scene finishes that chapter, five couples doing everything they can.

The author has trouble describing everything they all are doing, but his sister – next chapter – finally agrees to come and use the pool, knowing that they will be nude. When they finally are, she blushingly admits that she has always wanted to see his cock. She does, seeing it more aroused than she had expected. Of course, she is quite attractive, and her aroused nipples are too, to the delight of the other men. When she realizes that not just his cock is aroused, she murmurs:

“Better with yours than with all theirs.”

The others grin and nod as they leave the swimming pool. The next chapter is very detailed about their incestuous evening together back home. She has just been waiting to do it with him since she knew what a man and woman could do. It sounded like she could still be a virgin, but his description of her eagerness to suck his cock and her skill at doing so suggest that she isn’t. He has been – obviously – more than eager to see her pussy and doesn’t just see it. Does he really do it better from all his experience in the club, better than with the several other women? In his novel, he lets her have an orgasm that is better than anything he described before.

He devotes another chapter to telling about how much they enjoy doing it at home – with the threat that they could be discovered by servants or their aged parents. They do, every night until she has her period, not any better, but with lots of talk about how good it is, how it is feeling for each of them: how much she likes to feel him come in her mouth and taste his cum; how much he loves to lick her pussy and make her flood his face; how she loves to feel her pussy squeeze his throbbing cock, and he loves to feel it squeezing it.

Back at the club, by now, all the active members are confirmed nudists and sexually active. Nude swimming and playing tennis or squash are just a prelude to having sex. No men do anything with each other, but when two younger women do, other women also do. At first, just other younger ones, but then older ones, and then younger and older together. The author is discretely just a peeking voyeur, but holding his cock and having an orgasm as he watches them, not all of them, of course, just two pairs; the others have gone somewhere else in the chateau, like he had with the waitress and other women.

The next chapter is about preparations for Bastille Day, July fourteenth. For a change, there is no sex in the chapter, but lots of anticipation and planning for the big holiday, wanting it to be a fucking grand event. The author didn’t use that expression, but it describes what happened.


Bastille Day, July 14, 1928!

My sister was dubious about accompanying me, after I had told her that it sounded like the party was going to be more than what she had seen before. She had seen a lot, since we had been at the club a couple of more times, and then gone home and done everything we could, after being aroused by watching others.

“Bleu blanc rouge,” blue white red, banners had been draped on the wall around the tennis courts, where the party would take place, and tables and chairs set out. Midsummer. Of course we were naked, like the other members and their guests, who obviously knew that they should be too, but looked a little uncomfortable, especially those with no suntan, but they were there. A few others obviously had good tans, letting us wonder where they had got them. The first glass of champagne helped the pale ones relax. There was a large buffet waiting along the wall. But first the chairman of the club held a speech. After just a mild remark about our lack of attire, greeting guests for joining us that way, spoke about the significance of Bastille Day for France. Some of us found that a little funny, since so many members were of noble descent, their families’ having lost their political significance in the French Revolution.

Finally, he finished with a call of “Viva la France”, and someone started to sing “La Marseillaise”, all of us joining in. He announced that the buffet was opened, but we were already crowding towards it, bunch of naked people crowding hip to hip. My sister said something about the French not knowing what an English queue was, but she didn’t mind that my hips were rubbing against hers. How could she? She had liked feeling them there often enough before, only now my cock wasn’t trying to get between bursa sınırsız escort her thighs.

But as we waited for others, noticing that other couples were in the same position, my cock was beginning to want to. When we finally got to the buffet and had filled our plates, turning back, I saw that a couple of other cocks felt the same way. A guest looked a little chagrined that his was, but the nearest couple of members just grinned. My sister must have also seen them, giving me a grin.

She had seen plenty of aroused cocks already; couldn’t surprise her, but she didn’t have to give me that grin. Did she want to do more than just see them? If she wanted to; we had spent the night before together in bed. If she wanted to, a brother didn’t have a lock on his sister – as arousing as it was with her – luck man, if she did. If she wanted to with him, or him – or her, his sister?! She had seen that too and told me it was arousing to see two women like that. And me? What about his sister? We had done it before. Had he? Would he want to with mine? Why not? Had her nipples popped out, when he grinned at us?

We began to eat, making small talk, including the guests at our table. The younger man’s eyes kept returning to my sister’s breasts. Had he looked elsewhere before we sat down, seen that her light brown hair that hardly concealed her pussy.

The staff serving the buffet were also nude, as at other times in the club, sort of a reserve, if anyone was left without a partner or preferred one of them. More often, it was one of the older women then choosing a young garcon, usually the one with the longest cock. He and the other staff came around refilling glasses and getting appreciative glances as people thanked them. The waitress I had been with, gave me a slight smirk, which was nice, even though I noticed that she also gave a couple of other members one. One of them even raised his glass slightly to her in a silent toast, and got a sweet smile and nod in response.

We were all surprised when an older man tapped his glass and called out: “Viva la France! Viva les belles françaises!” The men all immediately responded, of course, raising their glasses to their partners and the other women at their table. I recognized then that he was one of the most sexually active older men. I had seen him with women his age and ones who could have been his daughters, and even a couple who could have been his granddaughters. Then men were toasting individual women at their tables: “la belle française.” The young man with us toasted my sister.

We all had more to eat, not having to crowd together at the buffet, but some took the opportunity to do so: rubbing hips, sliding a hand around his or hers waist, or down further. Louise, who always came to the club alone, but never was for long, as I mentioned a couple of times, smiled when a man’s hand slid around her derriere.

As we were finishing eating, someone mentioned that it was getting very warm on the tennis courts. It was, and my sister’s shoulders and breasts were pinker than they had been. Someone else suggested that we could cool off in the pool. There was a general murmur of agreement, and people at one table stood up. Then people at another and another table rose. Some pale ones, apparently guests to the club, seemed reluctant at first, but then joined the others as they moved towards the door in the wall back to the chateau.

I waited for someone at our table to suggest that we follow them, returning my sister’s quizzical expression. The younger man glanced around the table, shrugging. Had he heard more about what happened at the club than a guest should know? Did he glance at her breasts because he wanted to see more of her, what he couldn’t see below the table? Or had her nipples popped out, attracting his attention? They could, when they did, even if one wasn’t looking directly at them. And when they did, one could only want to suck them. I knew; I had! I tilted my head forward enough to glance down past her shoulder. It was sticking out.

He must have taken the movement of my head as a nod. He looked at me with a smile and shrugged again, nodding with a glance towards where the others were going. Did my sister have to move her hand from her thigh to mine under the table? Have to move her fingers on it? My cock liked that she had – like she had sometimes at home, furtively, when our parents weren’t looking at us. I knew what happened after we all went to bed, and my cock did too. Maybe the other club members at the table wouldn’t be surprised when we stood up, but the other guest would be. The two of them knew each other, so did he also know what could happen if we all went to the pool?

Oh, the nipples of the two other women at the table were also aroused. Merde! Another man at the table smiled wryly and remarked: “May as well, too; cooler than out here.”

My sister’s fingers gripped my thigh. As we started to stand up, I could only hope that my cock wasn’t nilüfer escort the only one that was aroused. At least, it didn’t brush against the edge of the table, and theirs didn’t either, but theirs were aroused enough that they couldn’t think that it was inappropriate that mine was. They didn’t, and men’s cock at another table were just as aroused, when they and their women-friends – all club members – stood up and joined us on the way to the door in the wall.

There were going to more people in and around to pool than I had seen before, others following us. At least, my cock had a little time to relax. My sister whispered:

“You were right. Don’t know about this.”

“They don’t know who you are,” I whispered back, recalling the she was also a guest, but that some other members did know that she was my sister, wondering if she also knew that.

If she didn’t, she probably wouldn’t have a problem with doing anything others would do. If she did, and didn’t want to? My cock had liked the first idea, but luckily the question let it relax again. What was it going to be like? Would anyone already be doing more than just showering and swimming?

No one was, but the two couples under the two showers were enjoying washing each other with unabashed delight. Maybe one could have just assumed that they always did it like that, but I couldn’t, and others also couldn’t, smirking as they watched them, especially the two couples waiting for them to let them shower. They were snickering and fondling each others derrieres. I couldn’t see the men’s cocks, but could see those of the men under the showers. They looked like they should be, considering that their female friends were fondling them. Was everyone going to wait for a shower?

There were a few couples already in the pool, but they weren’t swimming. The pool didn’t have a shallow end, so they were all treading water or had a hand on the edge of the pool. Either way, they were chuckling and smirking at each other. Those with a hand on the edge were obviously embracing. The others were trying to get as close as they could. A couple behind us moved passed us and jumped in the pool, and then others followed them, and then no one waited to shower. My sister took my hand, and we also jumped in.

The cool water was good for my cock, if I didn’t want it to stick out, like it was beginning to, but only until my sister’s warm hand found it. She grinned and murmured: “If they don’t know.” I sure wasn’t going to tell her that some members did, and those who did, couldn’t be too surprised if we did anything. I fondled both her breasts, and we sank down over our heads for a few moments, until our feet touched bottom, and then pushed ourselves up for a breath of air, chuckling and grinning. With a big breath, we did that again. Could I really hear her hum underwater, when my hand found her pussy? She did, when we came up for air again.

When we had done that a couple of times more, we tread water for a moment, glancing around. Other couples were doing the same, but some along the edge were kissing – most of them – either in a tight embrace, or a looser one, just one of their arms holding them together, while the other one’s free hand was doing something between them. For a moment, I wondered what the two male guests from our table were doing, but forgot about them when my sister embraced me and we sank down again, this time kissing, until we had to come up for air.

Was the water warmer from all the people in the pool, or was my cock aroused despite the cool water from what they all were doing, what we were also doing? The next time we sank down, not just her arms were around, her legs too, and she obviously wanted to feel it on her pussy. Her legs stayed locked around me, when I had to push us back up to the surface, and when we sank back down again. Was she really so aroused that she thought we could do it that way? One of her hands was behind her hips trying to help my cock find her vagina. We had to come up for air again, had to take more than one breath, treading water again.

A glance around showed that we weren’t the only couple who wanted to do more, who already were. One woman was sitting on the edge of the pool with her friend’s head between her thighs. A man was sitting on the edge, and his woman was sucking his cock. As my sister murmured: “Oooh, that’s a good idea,” a couple of other couples started to do the same.

“Um-hmmm!” I agreed, asking: “Which way?”

“Me first.”

“Which way?”


Before I could get up on the edge of the pool, most of the other couples were, men and women chuckling as they found space between others, watching their partners begin to suck or lick, but then glancing at what couples next to them were doing, even exchanging grins.

I was too, appreciating that she had wanted to suck my cock first, letting me watch the others on the four sides of the pool. How many couples like that around the pool? Dozens? There had been tables for at least a hundred. Not that many at the pool; where were the others? Oh, a few very latecomers came in, very surprised, but snickering and grinning. They immediately went to the open dressing stalls along the wall and joined in our oral group sex, he or she sitting on the bench at the back of the stall.

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