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June Meets Evan

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June was furious with her boyfriend. ‘How dare he treat me like this,’ she thought to herself. He had just blown her off on the third Skype date in a row, after telling her that he would not be transferring to her college the next year as he has promised he would.

June and Tom had been dating for nearly two years, starting their junior year in high school, and they had been hooking up even before that. They were in the midst of their first semester in college, at separate schools. They had both wanted to go to the same school, but because of Tom’s slacker attitude through his early high school years, he didn’t get past admissions. So June went to the prestigious state school that they both strived for, while Tom settled for a small private university where he could focus and get his work done so he could transfer as soon as possible. The two were split up by two and a half hours of highway in rural Virginia, not a great distance, but it was expanded by the fact that neither freshman was allowed to have a car their first year.

They had stayed strong in their new long-distance relationship for nearly three months until things began to get difficult. June had always been high maintenance, something that Tom didn’t mind when they were together, but since moving apart Tom had had trouble keeping June happy. He had taken on a huge workload in addition to a very time demanding major in theatre, and had a very hard time keeping up with June’s increased neediness. Despite the loads hard work, Tom made a circle of very close friends, and learned to love the school. He decided that the small quiet school would be much more conducive to his life’s aspirations and that he should stay there.

A long story short: Tom told June about his decision to stay, June got upset, June cried a lot, June and Tom argued a lot, things got hard.

A week with tons of schoolwork, frequent fights with June, and little sleep left Tom on edge. He blew off the normal times they would get on video chat and talk, and rarely answered her calls.

It was Friday and June was preparing to go out and party, like she always did on weekends. She hadn’t heard from Tom in three days, and she was at the point where she had nothing good to say about him. He was ignoring her and she was not going to put up with that. She didn’t have to put up with that. ‘I’m incredibly sexy, and can pull any guy from a party that I want,’ June reassured herself. She picked out a green dress that Tom had bought her for her birthday a year ago. It was very low cut, so June would normally wear a white shirt under it to help hold back her big tits. When ever she didn’t she noticed that all of her guy friends’ gazes would drift a little lower than her eyes when she would talk to them. She found it flattering and loved all of the attention, but preferred to be respected more, and wanted to save that view for Tom only.

As June held up the dress to her naked body, she decided that a little male attention might be nice tonight; after all she wasn’t getting any from where she should be. She picked out her sexiest underwear: a black lacy bra that held her bountiful tits up perfectly to her chest making them look huge yet stunningly firm and a matching black thong. She slipped the dress over her slender body, opting out of the usual shirt underneath. She stepped back and marveled at herself in the mirror.

June looked good. June looked damn good and she knew it. Her beautiful blonde hair framed her pretty face, which was adorned with two big, gorgeous blue eyes. Her hair was a little messy, but in a good way, it gave the image that she was sexy, and knew how to have a good time, yet still sophisticated. Her face attached to her long, slender neck, which was punctuated by her well-defined collarbones, a trait that she knew drove Tom crazy. Below her sexy, well-defined neck was her tits. They looked better than they ever had right now, cradled in her lacy bra that stuck out just a little above the tight, skimpy dress. If the dress were to be pulled aside just an inch her nipple would be exposed; she knew because she tested that. She pulled her dress aside, exposing her nipple, and pinched it. It excited her to see her looking so good, not in a narcissistic way, but in the way that she knew if Tom saw her like this he would fuck her brains out. She thought that to herself, but quickly pushed it out of her head, she wasn’t going to think about Tom at all tonight.

June added the finishing touches to her outfit. A colorful sun necklace that laid right between her tits, to attract a little extra attention to her prized region, and her favorite pair of black heels. She loved what they did to her legs; they made them look so long, slender, and sexy. She admired herself for one moment, and wondered what was coming over her. Tonight she was leaving her usually reserved self behind, and going out as a different person, a new, independent, sexy, and powerful person. She added some dark mascara and eyeliner to complete the look to accent her beautiful eyes. Then, with one final check of herself she left her room to meet up with her friends.

Her usual crowd of friends that she went out with was already waiting for her outside of her dorm. Her best friend Antalya Escort at school, Katherine, a busty redhead with a really cute face, was in the front of the group. She was not dressed like June, with a pair of tight jeans and a modest top. Katherine was standing with Michael, a boy who June and Tom went to high school with. He is a stocky guy, by no means good looking, but is funny and knows how to have a good time. There were several other girls there, but June forgot about them as soon as Katherine started praising her new look. “Oh my god June! You look so hot! I wish I knew you were going to dress like this and I would have worn something hotter!”

June questioned what she was doing for a moment. Was she dressed too slutty? Would this give guys the wrong idea? She felt bad that she had out-dressed her wingwoman that would be with her for the rest of the night. These notions were quickly forgotten when a group of guys walked past, obviously drunk already, and one hollered to her, “DAMN girl, you look damn good… tryina come with me tonight?”

“In your dreams,” June replied quickly, yet smoothly and incredibly sexily. The boy looked dumbfounded for a moment then stumbled on with his friends.

The group of girls and Michael walked to the bus stop where they caught a bus off campus to their party destination: an upperclassmen friend’s apartment. On the bus June found a seat across from two well-dressed black guys. They were both built and incredibly good-looking. June admired their strong, broad physique, her favorite thing in a man. She noticed one of them glance over to her and look her up and down, she pretended to not notice, but automatically uncrossed her legs to show a little more skin to hold his attention. This instinct shocked June, but she didn’t correct it. She had no intention of hooking up with anyone, as mad as she was at Tom, and didn’t want to be a slutty cock tease all night. But something about the way that the handsome man looked hungrily at her had ignited a flame in her, a flame that was further fed when the man nudged his friend and motioned to her so they were both checking her out.

The bus reached her stop and she got off, but not without adding a little saunter to her step, deliberately swinging her well-shaped ass a little more than necessary for her onlookers. June and her friends walked to the door of their destination, music could already be heard pumping from inside.

June opened the door to reveal an incredibly crowded party. To her immediate left was a beer pong table where a group of boys crowed around watching a game being played. ‘Maybe I’ll hang out over there tonight, they look like they would enjoy a lady’s company,’ June thought to herself as she headed to where all the drinks were, but she quickly changed her mind when she saw the crowded dance floor to her right. Dancing seemed like the perfect solution, she could dance with some boys, be as sexy as she wanted to be and get lots of attention, but still be able to leave without being a cock tease. June instantly knew that she would spend the night on the dance floor with some boys, but had to get drunk first, of course.

She made it across the party to the bar, Katherine close behind, and found a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. She poured both them a shot and they both quickly drank it. June promptly poured another for them to chase the first and they swallowed it even quicker than the first. After four back-to-back shots June was starting to feel drunk. Katherine was obviously feeling the effects and said, “I’m going to take a break. I don’t want to get sick tonight.”

“I’m going to drink a little more, then I’ll come find you,” June replied as she hugged her friend. Katherine walked away to Michael who was standing by the beer pong game with a newly acquired cup of beer from the keg. June had become quite the drinker since to attend starting this school that was known for three things: academics, football, and parties. She had the genes and had built up enough of a tolerance to alcohol that she could have more than 10 drinks without getting sick and would rarely have a hangover in the morning.

June turned back to the bottle on the bar to see a man pouring himself a shot. He was a bit taller than June, and very handsome. He was wearing skinny jeans and a flannel shirt. June had always been very attracted to guys that dressed like this; it was part of the reason she was so attracted to Tom initially. The guy had a great smile that stretched from ear to ear as he poured himself a shot. June took a step toward him so he noticed her and held the shot glass she was still holding up to him. His grin got bigger as he poured her a shot, and then before exchanging a word they threw the drinks back together.

“Do you want another?” the stranger asked.

“Yes, please,” Said June. The handsome man poured two more shots full to the very top of the shot glasses and then the both drank them down again, ignoring the burning feeling in their throat that got worse with every drink. June suddenly became aware of how drunk she was from all of the shots she had had in the short time since getting to the party. “What’s your name?” June smiled as she asked the man, leaning Antalya Escort Bayan in close to him so they could hear each other over the loud party.

“Evan,” he said into her ear, and held out his hand to shake hers. “How about yours?”

“June,” she replied taking his hand and shaking it. He had very strong hands, despite his slender stature. Tom was built much better than Evan’s slender body, but Evan had a charming handsomeness that Tom lacked. “How do you know the guys that own this apartment?” June asked making drunken small talk.

“I am one of those guys,” Evan said playfully, “I live here.”

“Oh,” June said feeling dumb and embarrassed. It dawned on her that she had previously only met three of the four occupants of the apartment, and that she had just met the fourth. “I’m sorry, I’ve never met you, I know your roommates Ben, Jake and Zack.”

“Its fine, now you know me too,” Evan said, reaching again for the bottle and two shot glasses. He started poring the drinks before asking, “want another?”

June knew she should probably take a break, but before she responded the shot was poured and handed to her. “I guess I do,” June said grinning drunkenly. They both drank. “Oh god,” June said gagging on her seventh shot. “No more for me.”

“I think I’m done for a little too,” Evan said. “Do you want to dance?” Evan asked very softly, a little too close to Junes ear. She could feel his breath tickling her ear, reminding her of the way Tom whispered dirty things to her while they fucked. This association sent shivers down her spine, and she excitedly said yes. Evan took her by the waist and led her from the bar to where everyone was dancing. “I don’t dance much,” June said nervously but still with a huge smile on her face. She had never danced much until she got to school, and she had never liked the way she moved, even though she never received a complaint from a dance partner, or sex partner for that matter. Since getting to school however, she had found that she loved how sexy dancing made her feel, and the attention it could get her.

“I don’t either,” Evan said handsomely grinning to June. June couldn’t believe how nice this stranger was being to her, she also couldn’t believe how attractive his slender body was to her, and she couldn’t believe how safe she felt in this stranger’s drunken arms. She was happy that she had found a dance partner that she liked without even trying, and was already moving her ass to the beat of the song playing before they made it to the dance floor.

After pushing through the wall of chatting partygoers in the center of the apartment, they made it to where everybody was dancing. An up-beat rap song with pornographic lyrics and an auto-tuned chorus sung by what sounded like T-Pain had all of the girls grinding on their men like sluts, in a trance from the beat and dirty words.

Evan pulled June in front of him and pulled her close. The thin cotton of the short dress allowed Evan to feel both of her nicely shaped ass cheeks pressed up against his crotch, and he began to get excited. It had been some time since he had been with a girl and this intoxicated beauty seemed to be pretty into him. Her fantastic ass pressed firmly against him as it swung back and forth to the song. He moved with her, pressing against her also and holding her at the waist. He slid his hands down her waist and felt both of her hipbones in front of her. They stuck out more than normal, and provided a very nice grip for him to hold her by as they rubbed against each other. He began to picture what this girl would look like if she were naked rubbing against him, the thin fabric covering her made it very easy tell how her body was shaped.

June started dancing tentatively, but as she began to feel the song’s beat and Evan pressing into her inhibitions weakened. She got more into her dance and swung her hips drunkenly and wildly. To keep up with June, Evan held her well-pronounced hipbones tightly. In doing so, he pulled down her dress a little so her big tits cradled in her black lacy bra were even more visible than before. In her inebriated state she didn’t even notice how exposed she had become. She leaned back and put her head on Evan’s shoulder so she could feel more of his tight body against hers. “You look so good…” Evan whispered softly into her ear, this time punctuating his nice words with a kiss.

The flame in June was huge now, being fed from all of the complements, stares, and alcohol she had been given that night. She responded to the nice gesture with a soft sigh, and pressed her ass harder into him than she had yet. His cock was beginning to get hard, and there was no hiding it in the tight jeans he was wearing. It had been weeks since June had felt a cock, and years since she felt one other than Tom’s. Feeling Evan’s growing member behind her made her incredibly horny. She smiled and grinded against him more to make it grow bigger.

Suddenly June felt her iphone vibrating in her pocket. Without stopping dancing she took it out and read the text message she had received and replied to it. It was Tom:

-Hey, what are you up to tonight? -I’m at a party, I’m wasted and dancing with a guy I just met. -Oh, Escort Antalya okay, I’ll let you keep doing that. Have fun. -Are you jealous? -Yup, but do what ever makes you happy. -I can feel the boner he has for me, it’ nice. He wants me.

June knew what she was saying would piss Tom off, that’s why she said it; in her drunken head that was the best way to get attention. Tom didn’t respond to her last text. He knew June was just trying to make him jealous for attention. He was also considerably drunk, and now mad at June for acting so immaturely.

June kept dancing with Evan with a new vigor from talking to Tom. If he wasn’t going to get mad, she wasn’t going to stop because she was enjoying herself so much. Evan’s dick was full size now, and June could feel how uncomfortable it must be for him in his tight pants. She leaned back and whispered seductively in his ear, “are you enjoying yourself?”

“I am so much, you’re very sexy.” Evan gazed down the front of her dress as he told her that. The black bra that she was wearing contrasted on her light skin so well. He longed to see her only in her underwear. His hard cock urged him to say more to June. He pulled her against the length of his body again so her head was right next to his. “I want you so badly right now June, I am so hard.”

“I know,” June replied. She reached behind him and squeezed the tightness in his pants to let him know just how she knew. She turned her head and looked him straight in the eye as she squeezed, and could see the pleasure she gave him in his eye.

The heat of the party and of the situation, in addition to all of the dancing she was doing had June breathing heavily. Her chest heaved up and down trying to catch her breath. She decided to give Tom one more chance to say he loved her and that he didn’t want her with a stranger before her hammered self did something she would regret. She took out her phone and texted Tom again:

-He told me he wants to fuck.


Tom read the text. It made him really mad that June was acting like she was going to hook up with some random guy just because he wanted to and she was mad at him. He thought she was bluffing and was going to call her on it. He replied angrily and somewhat sarcastically, but that didn’t read in the text.

-Then fuck him. Go suck his dick and be a slut for him.


The temerity of Tom’s response infuriated June. Did he not believe she would hook up with Evan? She really wanted to. Tom was neglecting her and not giving her the respect she deserves, while Evan had been incredibly kind and nice. If Tom was going to treat her like shit, then she was going to do shitty things to him also.

June spun around so she was facing Evan. She used her right leg to pull his left leg toward her, so it was between her legs. She started grinding her pussy on his thigh, and put on a little show for him. She put her head back so he could see more of her chest and released a little moan. She was now well aware of how much her boobs were showing, but didn’t care. If Tom wanted her to be a slut, she would be a slut. She snapped her head back to Evan’s, pressing her tits into he chest as she did so. She whispered heavily in his ear: “I want to fuck you also.”

“I know,” Evan said coolly and grinning. He ran a hand up her right thigh, under her dress, all the way up to her thong to show her how wet her pussy had gotten from rubbing on his leg. June suddenly became very aware now of how wet she was, and embarrassed that she had not noticed it before. She blushed, and stared Evan in the eye. The blush faded into a seductive, horny smile.

“Let’s go to your room.”

Evan grinned, spun June around, and started leading her off the dance floor from behind, his cock pressing against her ass again. On their way past the bar, Evan grabbed what was left of the Smirnoff they had been drinking. A third of the bottle was still left.

As Evan pushed June through the crowd of drunk college students, dirty observations about them came from all angles: “Someone’s getting lucky tonight!” “Damn Evan, nice pull.” “Use protection.” “Boy gon crush tonight!”

June felt so dirty knowing that all of these people knew she was about to get fucked, but it excited her also. They reached Evan’s door. He unlocked it, and pushed her in. Immediately once inside he closed the door, pressed her against it, and kissed her hard while relocking the door so they wouldn’t be disturbed. It turned June on so much to know how eager this cute guy was to get in her pants. He pressed his boner against her as their tongues danced together. Their lips separated, and he handed her the bottle of vodka again. She took a big swig and became aware of his hands on her. She realized how much she missed men’s strong hands squeezing her tits. She inhaled deeply and leaned back against the door again, enjoying Evan. She gave Evan a devilish smile when his caress got heavier, and thrust the bottle toward him. She pulled her dress over her head and off, shaking her hair out as she was left only her matching lacy bra and thong in seconds. Her iphone fell from her dress’s pocket as she tossed the green fabric aside. She pressed the bottle to Evan’s lips, making him drink more. She bent over slowly and rubbed his cock through his pants just as he had rubbed her tits while he drank. With her other hand she grabbed her phone and tossed onto Evan’s bed where it wouldn’t get stepped on. Evan finished drinking as June stood up again, still rubbing his dick.

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