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Jury Duty

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“Mrs. Stark do you know the defendant?” Asked the states Attorney.

Mrs. Stark paused seemed not to want to answer then said “yes.”

Asked: “Really! And how is it you know this man?”

Answered: “I met him once at an open house and garage sale. We talked some about prices.”

Question: “Did he introduce himself to you?”

Answer: Pause “Yes. We exchanged names.”

Question “Was that all you exchanged?”

Answer: “Well I gave him my phone number.”

Question “Did he ever call you?”

Answer “Yes.”

“Mrs. Stark I think you better tell the court to what extent you really came to know Mr. Jordon.”

Mrs. Stark “Mr. Jordon came by my house for dinner once?”

Question; “So you’ve meet Mr. Jordon socially and more than once?”

Blushing; “Yes. I’m sorry. I lied. At the time I thought Danny. Mr. Jordon was a really nice guy.”

Question: “How long did Mr. Jordon spend at your home after dinner?”

Blushing “Two days and three nights.”

“I see. So you slept with the defendant?”

Really blushing: “yes.”

“This is very interesting. Much of this case has been brought by Mrs. Barns because she has identified Mr. Jordon because of a birthmark on his inner thigh. Did you see such a mark?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Question: “Under what circumstances did you see this birthmark?”

Answer: “He pushed my head down to his crotch. I saw it then.”

Question: What were you doing at the time you saw this mark?”

Answer: “Danny wanted me to give him oral sex?”

Question: “How old are you Mrs. Stark?”

Answer: “Fifty Eight.”

Question: “You’re a widow is that right?”

Answer: “Yes.”

“So having sex with a near total stranger is what you were doing? Is that right.”

Answer: “Yes. I guess. I found Mr. Jordon to be a very nice man and we drank some wine he brought then he kissed me I let him touch me and it kind of went to hell from there.”

Question: “Where did he touch you first?’

Answer; “He fondled my breasts.”

The attorney took a long look at Mrs. Stark’s large round breast that were properly displayed in a snug fitting sweater. Snickers came from the court room. The judge also leaned over the edge of his bench and looked down smiling slightly.

The Judge said “Get on with it Mr. Boston.”

Looking up Mr. Boston said “Yes. Your Honor.”

“Tell the court what happened after that.”

“It a long story. Must I tell you every thing? Every detail. I mean?”

Mr. Boston “I think that would be best. It may bring out the truth in what Mrs. Barns has said.”

Mrs. Stark smiled licked her lips and started to relate her three days and night with Mr. Jordon,”

“Danny kissed me and slipped his hand under my blouse Tekirdağ Escort grabbing my nipples and twisting them. This had a very strange effect on me.

So I slipped my hand down to his crotch and grabbed his rather astounding erection. He is very well hung you see.

I had not felt or touched a man for a couple of years and just feeling his cock turned me on so I nearly had a climax right then.

Danny told me I had great tits and he wanted to see them and suck on my nipples. I let him pull my blouse off and unhook my bra. There are five snaps on my bra and he was having a hard time so I turned around so he could do it easier.

When I turned back around Danny had unzipped his trousers and pulled his cock out. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised to see his lovely cock. It was all swollen up and standing out proudly. I told him he had a lovely cock and he said I had the most gorgeous tits he had ever seen. He grabbed my tits and I grabbed his cock.

Danny lowered his mouth to my nipples and sucked on them. First one and then the other. He had also slipped a hand up under my skirt.

I was really getting hot jerking on his cock. I do love to feel a good hard cock in my hands. I think most women love to feel great hard cock.

It’s kind of like touching a sweet melon at the market you feel in and think of how it will feel in your mouth later. How sweet it will taste and how you’ll suck the juice out of it to savor the flavor before you let your lover watch as you swallow it for him. I’ve been told I’m one hot cocksucker.

Danny managed to slip two fingers around the edge of my panties and into my wet cunt. I had my first climax right there in the kitchen. Danny finger fucked me to my first while sucking on my nipples.

We moved to the Den so we could sit down. But before we sat on the sofa Danny and I undressed each other. That was when Danny pushed my head down toward his crotch. We were naked Danny kissed me and then pulled back placing his hands on my shoulders and head.

I of course knew what he wanted and I was happy to do it for him. At this point Danny sat on the sofa and I squatted on the floor in front of him. Danny gently took my head in his hands and guided me toward his throbbing cock. That was when I saw his birthmark. It’s shaped like a birds head with its beak open. I smiled as I saw it because I was opening my mouth too.

Grabbing Danny’s cock I placed the large smooth head in my mouth so I could lick it and run my tongue around the helmet.

Danny moaned and I knew he liked my way of sucking his lovely cock. I lowered my mouth slowly down until I had nearly all of his cock in my mouth. It was touching my throat. It has been a long time since I tried deep throat so I just let the head touch Tekirdağ Escort Bayan my throat. I must have moved my mouth up and down his cock a hundred times as I held his balls.

Danny kept talking to me telling me I was a great cocksucker and this only made me hotter. Finely Danny’s cock swelled up and the head got bigger and I knew he was about to cum.

I jerked on his cock so that his cum would fly out fast and hard. I pulled back so Danny could see his cum shoot into my mouth all over my tongue. He yelled for me to suck his fucking cock. So I took it back into my mouth and let him shoot off in my mouth until he was finished. Then very slowly I swallowed it all and licked the last drop that bubbled up.

Danny is very inch a man. His cock only wilted for a few minutes and then as I continued to lick it from balls to tip it grew hard again.

Danny told me to get on the sofa on all fours as he wanted to fuck me doggie style.

I got up and he got behind me. Danny said I have a beautiful ass. He fingered my pussy and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet cunt. He wiped his cock head on my ass hole and pushed just hard enough to let me know he was interested in fucking my ass later. I pushed back to let Danny know I would love to have his cock pushed up my ass.

Danny is a good lover and I enjoyed his playful nature as he rubbed my pussy with the head of his cock. I reached back between my legs to rub my clitoris. Danny held each cheek of my ass in his hands pulling them wide apart. He pushed his cock head into my pussy and then grabbed me by the hips and rammed his fucking boner to the hilt. I screamed with passion and we were off to the races to see which one of us would explode first. Danny was fucking me like a jack hammer. My tits were swinging and bouncing all around. I tried to talk but could not get the words out. I wanted to tell Danny this was the best fucking I had had in a long time.

I felt my climax start to build somewhere down in my guts. I felt the tension stiffen my pussy walls and tighten around his cock. Danny screamed he was cumming as my pussy closed like a vice around his cock. My climax shot up through my body making me loose all control. I pushed back and squeezed my clitoris between my fingers.

I felt the thick steady stream of warm semen fill my cunt. I screamed for Danny to fuck me harder. I surrendered to my own lust and nearly pissed. I cum so hard I felt my juices squeeze past Danny throbbing cock and run down my legs.

My head and arms collapsed driving my head into the pillows. I would have fallen forward except for the arm of the sofa.

Danny was jerking wildly as I drifted off into another world of passion and joy.

I don’t remember when Danny pulled his slim Escort Tekirdağ covered cock out of my pussy but I felt him press the bulbous head hard against my ass hole. I don’t remember relaxing but Danny’s cock passed the outer ring easily filling my ass with the largest cock that had ever been up there.

I slipped two fingers into my pussy so I could feel his cock going up my ass. I don’t know why but just then I wanted to have a cock in my mouth. I felt the need to have a cock in my mouth as I took this massive cock up my ass. I screamed out for Danny to drive it home and fuck my ass.

I must have been too excited because that is when I passed out. I woke with Danny wiping my face with a cool cloth.

I was on my back with Danny sitting next to me. He said “Guess you’ve had enough for a while. Or was it my cock going up your choice ass that made you pass out?”

We somehow managed to take a shower together and go back to the kitchen for a glass of wine. Still naked we compliment each other on our sexual lust and physical qualities.

Danny again told me how great a cocksucker I was and I told him he was a fantastic lover and had a lovely cock.

Looking at it hanging limp I wondered if it really was as long and thick as I had first thought. After all it had been along time and I was so in need I may have missed judged it. But as time would show I had not misjudged it at all. In fact I may have under estimated its size.

We took our wine back into the Den and talked like long time lovers. Danny told me of the many women he had enjoyed here in our fair city. I opened up and told Danny of the men I had allowed to join me in my bed and how Charlie down at the Riverside Lounge and motel let me use a room free if I gave him a blow job first. Charlie said his wife did not like to suck cock. I told Charlie she simply did not know what the fuck she was missing.

Much to my surprise Danny told me he had seduced four other women near of even older than I am. One was of course Mrs. Barns. Danny said he had been over there several times and Mrs. Barns told him she was in love with him and wanted him all to herself. But Danny did not want be locked into just one woman. ”

Looking up for the first time Mrs. Stark saw the Judge had his rob lifted up and was jerking off. She could not see his cock but the way he was jerking she knew very well what he was doing.

Mr. Boston was getting his cock sucked by the Court Recorder. She was a young chubby girl and she was fingering her pussy as she sucked him off.

There were people all over the court engaged in all kinds of sex. One old lady was taking on two men at the same time. The big tall black bailiff was behind her and a younger man that may have been a reporter was getting his cock sucked.

The whole court had gone wild. Mrs. Stark looked around and saw Danny standing up looking at her. She left the stand and walked out of the court arm in arm with Danny. Together they laughed all the way home…

Bebe Evers Jones….

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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