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Katrina and Mama Ch. 02

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We must have lain there for about 2 hours sleeping in each other’s arms. When I awoke, for a minute, I thought it had all been a dream. My head was a little foggy between the nap and the mental exertion from the whole day. I opened my eyes and ran my hands over a firm naked back. I smiled when I looked down at the sleeping beauty that I had in my arms. She was nuzzled in between my tits and resting her head on my right one. I breathed in deeply and watched as her head rose with my lungs inflating just beneath her. She opened one of her eyes and looked directly at my erect nipple right next to her. She smiled and then leaned up and looked at me. I glanced at the clock on the other side of the room and was amazed that it was only 9:30 pm. We had the whole night ahead of us and she had a look in her eye that told me that she was ready to start being the dominatrix of her dreams.

“Did my sex slave have a nice little nap?” she asked me.

“Yes Mistress, that nap was enough to energize me for quite a few more hours. I am here to be at your beck and call, Miss and I will not disappoint.” I looked into her lust filled eyes and she grinned at me. It was the same kind of grin that the Cheshire cat had on his face in the story.

“Go ahead and get up while I go and get a few things from my room. Why don’t you pour us another glass of wine? It seems to have quite an affect on you. I need you primed and ready for my little experiment. I am not quite sure how to go about all of this dominating stuff but I know what I want to do to you. I hope you’re up for it.”

She got off of being on top of me and walked up the stairs to her loft. I got off of the couch and poured us some more wine. My cunt was still wet from earlier and it had a charge to it now. I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for me. I walked back into the living room as she was coming down the stairs with a bag in her hand. She looked pleased with herself and with me at the same time.

“Well, you have done well so far. Let’s see how you respond to this.” She took a riding crop out of her bag and whacked my ass with it, hard. I didn’t flinch and I didn’t even slosh the wine that I was holding. “That’s exactly how I hoped you would respond. I knew you could take a hit like that and not even flinch. I remember hearing the strength in the slaps on the ass that Uncle Dirk would give you in the middle of your orgasm. If I’m not mistaken, I saw a riding crop very similar to this one in your room at one time or another. It made me hot and wet just seeing it lie on the side of the bed. Now, let’s get back into your bedroom. I figure that with your submissive attitude that you probably already have some props in place. I knew about the eyebolts that you had back home in your bedroom. So I figure that you probably have some sort of restraining system in your bedroom now. Is that right?”

“Yes, Mistress, that is correct. That was the first thing that Dirk did for us when we moved into this house was to set up some things for our fuck sessions. Wait until you see the outbuilding that we have in the back with all of the amenities that you would ever think of needing for an orgy.”

“Oh, you will have to show me that tomorrow. I want to know everything about you and what you like when it comes to fucking. I want to turn you into my submissive little fuck slave. How does that sound to you, bitch?”

“That sounds absolutely wonderful Mistress. I will be yours for as long as you’ll have me. I promise to show you the building tomorrow and maybe give you some ideas of what I like and what you have to work with. Thank you Mistress.”

“You are welcome, my little whore. Now, let’s go into your bedroom and see what I’ve got to work with. I have a few different items for use tonight and I want to see which ones I will have to go with depending on the system you have set up in there.”

I led the way to the back bedroom and into what I knew was going to be a very erotic adventure. I could not wait to share with Dirk when I next talked to him. With every step that we took, she brought that riding crop down on my ass cheek. She alternated cheeks and severity of hits. She had it stinging pretty damn good and I was creaming my pussy, once again. When we got to the bedroom, she slapped me on the ass rapidly and without hesitation. I cried out just a little bit at the intensity of her slaps and then looked back at her quickly. Yeah, she had heard it. She slapped my ass harder and faster and mentally dared me to cry out again. I bit my tongue and took it well. She momentarily stopped and rubbed my cheeks, gently.

“Well, now we know how I feel about you making a sound when I beat your ass. I didn’t even know that until you did it. Apparently, you must be silent until told to do something or say something. Apparently, you will be punished for disobeying me in that aspect. You see with your reaction to my beating, my cunt is dripping wet. It made me completely hot beating your ass like that. That will become a daily function if I have anything bursa yabancı escort to say about it. You are one hot little slut to take that and not scream out.”

She turned me around and planted a passionate kiss on my lips and forced her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on her tongue like I would suck on a cock. She tasted so good. There were still remnants of me on her lips and I licked and sucked what I could off. She made me hot and wet. My cunt was dripping down my thighs and she hadn’t really started yet. Man this was going to be hot!

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair so that she pulled my face away from hers. She looked me in the eye and said, “Now, where are your restraints? And what do you have this bedroom equipped with? Don’t hold anything back because if I find out that you didn’t reveal something to me, I will punish you severely once Uncle Dirk comes back. Do you understand me?”

I gazed toward the floor and said, “Yes Mistress, I will tell you all that we have in here. I will not deceive you.” She yanked on my hair and tilted my head back so that I was looking at her again. “I promise, Mistress.”

“Good girl, now go ahead and walk me through.”

She let go of my hair and I straightened up. I turned toward the bed and she followed my every move. “Okay, we have eyebolts but they are not as noticeable as when we had them back home. They are over here on the inside of the bed frame, at all four posts. I have ankle and wrist cuffs in the closet, very easily accessible. There is a compartment in the top of the bed that has a spreader bar hooked to a pulley system for you to be able to spread my legs as far apart as you want and raise my legs up and down at ease. We have a variety of restraining devices in the drawer underneath the bed. Would you like to see the drawer or the closet first?”

She was very interested in seeing what kind of devices and toys that I had. “Let’s look into the drawer first.”

I led her over to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. This was Dirk’s side of the bed and very convenient for when we wanted to get kinky. He always dominated me, never the other way around. He had such a knack for telling me what to do that I was always submissive to him. No matter what role we were playing out, I never dominated him. I loved being his little sex toy to do with what he pleases. Same goes for little Katrina. I will always submit to her unless she requests otherwise. I kneeled down and pulled the drawer open. It was very neatly organized and everything clearly had a place. It was divided into sections with each section clearly marked. Her mouth dropped open.

I looked at her and smiled. “Why Mistress, is there a problem?”

“No, no, there is no problem. I just can’t believe the collection you have here. I think that I know what everything is, but I have only read about such items and seen them on the internet. I have never seen most of these items in the flesh before.”

“Would you like for me to explain all that’s in here?”

“No, that’s fine. If I don’t know what something is, I will ask. Now, let me see your closet.”

I closed the drawer and got up to walk toward the closet. I felt the riding crop come down on my ass and I lunged forward slightly. Damn it, she caught me again and she wailed on my ass for a few minutes. “You stupid cunt, you are not to move when I smack you, ever. Do you understand me, bitch?”

“Yes, Mistress, I apologize for my actions. Please, Mistress, don’t be upset with me. It would break my heart if I knew that I had caused you any grief. I won’t flinch again, I promise.”

“You had better not. I will not stand for it from you. I hope you understand completely because next time I will not be merciful.”

We walked into the closet and I turned on my spotlight on the section that Dirk built special for my toys and accessories. Her eyes grew wide. “Wow that is amazingly awesome. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. You have everything that I can imagine. And you have some things that I would have never thought of. Alright, I know what I want to do with you. Everything that I need right now is out in the drawer. Let’s get back out here and get you set up. I’ve got big plans for you this evening.”

She lead me back out into the bedroom and sat me down on the bed. She opened the drawer and pulled out my pink leather wrist and ankle cuffs and attached them to my arms and legs. She pulled out a pink blindfold and put it over my head. She leaned down to kiss me and look me into the eyes one more time.

“You are absolutely the most amazing woman that I have ever known. You turn me on to submit to me like this. To trust me so much means a great deal to me. Let’s see about getting you locked up where you can’t move so I can fuck the hell out of you. Scoot up on the bed and spread your arms apart.” She pulled some small lengths of rope out of the drawer and crawled up on top of me. I could feel the heat coming from bursa sınırsız escort her cunt onto my stomach. She reached up and pulled the rope through the eyebolt and then through the loop on my wrist cuff. She pulled it tight and tied it professionally. I couldn’t move my right arm for anything in the world. She repeated the process with my left arm and there was no slack whatsoever. I pulled on them and they were tight.

“There that should do you for a little while. You are here for my pleasure and I am about to use you like a fucking whore. The only difference will be that you won’t get paid at the end of the night. That’s what it is about, being a sex slave. I have read many books on the subject and masturbate often to the thought of dominating another woman. Now, I will get the spreader bar down and get that hooked up. And then I am going to have me a little fun with my newest sex toy.”

She stood up on the bed and found the door into our secret compartment, immediately. She pulled the bar out and released it to the bed. She knelt down and hooked my ankle cuffs to it. Widening the bar slowly, she watched my expression until my discomfort was shown. Then she added three more inches and I bit my tongue. My legs were spread farther apart than I have ever have had them spread apart. She stood back up on the bed and began raising my legs upward. It was a very erotic sight and I was thrilled to be a part of it. She raised them up just high enough to lift my ass off the bed. I was completely immobile and she was going to be able to do anything that she wanted to do to me and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. She saw that the track, that the pulley was attached to, was mobile as well. Mistress then pushed my legs back so that they were even with my stomach and my cunt was wide open for her. I was getting wet just lying there watching her get me ready.

“That should do nicely for what I have planned for you. Now, we will pull that blindfold down over your eyes and I will begin.” She did just that and I could not see a thing. “You are one hot little whore to submit to me like this. To trust me this much must be kind of weird for you, huh?”

“Not at all Mistress, I trust you with my life. I have known you longer than I haven’t known you. You are my other third that I have been searching for and if you want to do something to me, then so be it. I am yours to take Mistress.”

She moved over to the side of me and I could feel her presence nearing my face. I felt her lips brush against mine and then lock onto my lips and give me a kiss that had my juices flowing down the crack of my ass. She reached up and began twisting my nipples and making them stand up on end. I could feel them growing and getting harder with every twist and pinch that she gave me. Then I felt the clamp latch onto my nipple and she just kept getting it tighter. I squirmed a tad when she got it as tight as she wanted. She repeated the process for my right nipple and I could feel that they were attached by a chain. My cunt was soaked. In the short time that we have been lovers, I have found that she listens well and takes heed to what I have to say. She definitely did concerning my nipples and the lack of sensitivity. The nerves in my nipples were being tested and failing miserably. They were tingling and with every tug of the chain that she gave, my breath caught in my throat.

“I love doing this to you, my little sex slave. Now that I have your nipples’ attention, I am going to get busy on the rest of you. God you look hot, I wish I had a camera to capture this picture. It is incredible.”

“There is a camera fully charged in the top drawer of the nightstand. Your uncle Dirk and I love to take pictures of our sexual adventures. I wasn’t sure how you would feel about photographs so I haven’t brought it up. You are more than welcome to take any pictures you would like.”

I heard her get off of the bed and open the drawer. I heard the camera turn on and she started snapping pictures left and right. “God, you are HOT! This is a wonderful idea. That way Dirk can share in the good times. Think we could send him some to keep him in the loop?”

“He would love that. He loves porn and really loves it when he is looking at people he loves and lusts after. Go ahead and take all you want and we will send him some in the morning.”

The camera started flashing and whirring and I could hear her walking around the room getting different angles of my being spread wide open. I felt her get on the bed between my legs and, still taking pictures, she lubed up my ass with her middle finger. It felt so good to have her finger slide in and out of my tight hole. I started moaning with pleasure as she got my ass lubed up well. She took her finger out and I moaned with disappointment and she smacked my ass with her wet hand.

“I will say what and when you have something in one of your many fuck holes. You are not deciding anything here so chill out and lay there and relax görükle escort bitch!” Then, without warning, she shoved an anal plug deep into my ass. It hurt but then it felt awesome.

“Oh god that feels good! Thank you, Mistress, for thinking about me when choosing toys. I love having my ass filled. It is such a turn on.”

She moved out from between my legs and over to the side of my head. She tweaked my nipples and I groaned. They were about a hundred times more sensitive than they usually are. I squealed out when she touched them and she smacked my face. It stung and my cunt started flowing like a stream out with my pussy juices. I needed to do something else to get smacked in the face again. That was erotic as hell. She grabbed onto my tits like she was hanging on for dear life and squeezed them with a vengeance. It hurt like hell and then I couldn’t take anymore and I screamed out. She reached over and slapped my face even harder.

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking whore. If I want to squeeze your tits, I will squeeze your tits. Or maybe you just like to have your face smacked. I knew about the ass but I didn’t know about your face. That’s hot on so many different levels! Let’s see what it has done to your cunt.”

She crawled around between my legs and shoved three of her fingers deep inside of my tight wet cunt. She stroked in and out deeply and harshly. I was soaked enough to cover her fingers and let them slide all the way in. “Oh man, are you soaked? You are so fucking wet I could fuck you with a ten inch cock and have no problem sliding it inside you. I think you really liked the being slapped in the face routine. I can accommodate that. It turns me on to slap you either on the ass or on the face. I like having that kind of control over you. I’ll bet you would like to have your clit slapped too, wouldn’t you? Let’s see what we can do about that.”

She took her fingers out of my cunt and began slapping the shit out of my clit. It stung and it was electrifying and it made me cum in about 30 seconds. I was so worked up and hot over her that I couldn’t stand it anymore. If I had to wait for her to tell me to cum, I was surely in trouble. I didn’t care, the release was intense and wet and I could hear the splashing of juices with every slap of her fingers.

“Oh that’s it, bitch, cum for me. I love when you cum for me. That tells me that I have turned you on until you couldn’t stand it. I love feeling your juices exploding from your cunt. I love the heat that comes from your cunt. You are such a nasty slut to want to be slapped and restrained like a whore. I love using your body to make you cum! I love you!”

She moved around me and straddled my face. I could smell her juices flowing as she lowered her cunt to just within reach of my tongue. I licked out and she raised her hips but lowered her body over mine. She smashed my tits against her body and took my clit into her mouth as she lowered her cunt to my tongue. She was thrusting her hips over top of my tongue and I just stuck my entire tongue out and let her hump my tongue. She was sucking the fuck out of my clit and had me up on the edge again in no time. I could feel her thrusts on my tongue getting faster and she was bearing down harder onto my face. I wanted to suck every drop of her juices down my throat. She was getting close and was about on the same track that I was with our orgasmic planes. Her mouth felt so good sucking on my hard little clit.

I could feel the flow of her juices change and I planted myself on her clit and sucked like my life depended on it. She moaned into my clit and started bucking her hips against my sucking. We climaxed at the same time and I sucked every drop that I could from this delicious little cunt. I can’t believe my lucky stars with having this pussy to eat anytime I want. That made me even hotter, thinking about never having to give this pussy up. She took advantage of my body’s reaction to my thoughts. She reached down and stuck two fingers from each hand into my cunt and just started slamming my fuck hole like a whore.

“That is amazing, you fucking slut! I can’t believe how tight you are with all of the fucking that we have been doing. I love having my fingers inside of you. Your cunt feels so fucking good wrapped around my fingers. I will never give this cunt up. Even if I don’t live here for a long time, I will always come back and visit. I will not be able to live long without this hot cunt in my life. But as of right now, I don’t plan on leaving. I feel that I have found the place that I need to be. I want to be in your cunt, always. Now, let’s see if I can get you off one more time. I have something planned for you that is turning me on so bad with the visions that I have in my head. I need to make it happen before I explode.”

She turned up the speed a notch or two and started fucking my cunt with a purpose. She leaned down and took my clit into her mouth and sucked while she fucked me. All I could do was tongue fuck her pussy and every once in while she would put her hips down close enough for me to lick her asshole a little bit. I would love to tongue fuck her asshole. Damn, what was she doing down there? It felt so awesome. Her fingers were wiggling inside my cunt and her tongue was sliding over my clit, back and forth real hard. I was going to explode in the next two strokes!

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