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Keeping It in the Family (Sisters) Ch. 02

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The story continues after it left off. Enjoy!


Meanwhile, Naomi was grinding her wet pulsing pussy on her sister’s face. Facing the headboard so that when she looked down, she could see Anna feasting on her, she leaned back to reach and play with Anna’s needy little cunny. Anna moaned in Naomi’s wet folds sending vibrations through her, causing her to buck and jerk against Anna’s face.

“Im gonna…gonna CUM!!” Naomi wailed as she thrusted her fingers harder inside Anna.

“Me too” Anna moaned. The two sisters came in unison. Each stretching their orgasms out. Naomi kept pounding her finger in Anna’s pussy as she lightly rubbed her clit with her thumb. Anna enclosed her lips around Naomi’s clit and lashed at it while she lightly sucked up most of her juices. Naomi’s constant thrusting and Anna’s relentless tongue eventually elicited yelps from both girls as they received their second orgasm as it shot through almost painfully throughout their bodies. Both girls found themselves to be dizzy, and panting as their limbs went limp. Naomi fell beside Anna with her eyes closed and her arms splayed out on the bed.

The whole room smelled of pussy and both of them were covered with a light sheen of sweat.Naomi looked over to find Anna looking at her lovingly. The both of them wrapped each other in a passionate embrace as their tongues were re-acquainted with each other. Anna was the one to pull back that made Naomi whine out of disappointment.

“Come on don’t be like that. We have to leave before mom gets suspicious.”

“Aww but you’ve said that for the past 5 years, and no has caught us yet.”

“Yeah, because we’ve left every time.”

“Ugh, whatever.”

Anna rolled over and stood up over the bed to put her clothes on. Naomi followed soon after and they both walked out hand in hand to the kitchen to meet up with their mother.


Emma was just finishing up setting the table when she had heard her two daughters laughing and talking as they came in.

“You want us to help, mom?” said Naomi. Emma had her back turned to them as she was picking up food to bring over to the table. She turned around with a big plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs in her hands and started walking toward the table. On her way, she saw that Anna and Naomi were holding hands and standing significantly close together. Under regular circumstances, she would had paid this no mind but now Emma’s mind was like a swarm of bee’s all trying to figure out what her two daughters relationship meant. Getting distracted, Emma tripped and dropped the hot plate on herself. Anna and Naomi rushed by their mother’s side to try to see if she was ok, before Naomi went to the sink and watered a rag to clean off Emma.

“Oh gosh, mom, are you okay?” Anna asked helping Emma to a chair.

“Im fine, Im fine I… just distracted myself.” Emma nervously answered.


“No need to get into that. Just help me clean this mess.”

“Here.” Naomi said as she rounded towards Emma. She voluntarily started wiping crumbs of bacon and egg residue from Emma’s lap. With every wipe Naomi gave to her mom’s inner thigh, Emma felt hotter and hotter. She had the sudden urge to hump against Naomi’s soft, dainty hands.

“Mom, you’re sweating, are you okay?” Anna asked concerned

“Alright!” Emma said abruptly standing up and facing both her daughters. “A little while earlier, I came up to try and tell you that I was making breakfast and when I came up…” Emma pause and looked down at the ground at this. ” I heard sex sounds…and you, Naomi, saying… ugh.” Emma looked up to find both of her daughters tearing up.

“W…we’re sorry mom, we ju…just…we’re in love.” Anna managed to get out while squeezing Naomi’s hand. Emma stood there stunned. It was then, when she realized her daughter’s weren’t just experimenting, they were lovers! Emma started to get a little jealous. *How come they get to have a love life and I don’t.* Emma thought. She did have a husband, but he never really made her feel horny. The last time that happened, they were in their 20’s. Now they’re both 35 and the spark was gone. Now their sex life consist of him cumming too fast or her not being in the mood. Emma decided to take her anger out on Anna.

“So what? you think you can come in here and turn my daughter into gay little slut?” Emma yelled coldy.

“Mom its not her fault.” Naomi said in Anna’s defence. “Im the one who came to her…5 years ago I-“

” 5 years? you’ve been fucking my daughter for 5 years?”

” I-I thought I was y-your daughter too.” Anna said breaking down.

“You were until you decided to turn my daughter into filthy carpet muncher!”

Anna stood there stunned and betrayed. She had hit her last straw. She walked over to the counter and grabbed the drying towel mumbling to herself. When she came back she forcefully took Emma’s hands and yanked them behind her back.

“Anna, what are doing!” Naomi said urgently.

“Giving bursa eskort this bitch what she deserves. She doesn’t get to talk to us like that and get away with it.”

“Get her off me!!” Emma said trying to squirm out of Anna’s grasp. Anna harshly wrapped Emma’s arms around the chair. Still mindful that her arm can’t move a certain way when behind her, she tied her hands around the bars on the chair.

“Untie me NOW!” Emma furiously and violently rocked back and forth making the chair scrape against the wood floor. She started screaming and yelling and cursing and started rocking so much that her chair fell over. “Shit!”

“Serves you right.” Anna said triumphantly. She turned around to see her sister flushed from head to toe.



“You okay?”

“Anna? You know how a while back I told a fantasy of mine? About a certain person being tied up.”

“Yeah, but you never really said who thoughhhhhhh…OOOOHH MYY GOD.” Anna turned to her mother then looked back at Naomi.

“Mom?” Anna asked to confirm what already was.

“Yeah.” Naomi said closing her eyes and nodding her lightly pink head in embarrassment. She refused to open her eyes and face her mom and sister with her dirty little secret. Anna, on the other hand was ecstatic at with this newly revealed news that just seem to drop on her lap. Anna quickly thought of a plan to punish her mother for her ignorance.

“Baby, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” Anna said in the most innocent voice she could muster up. “I’ll gladly fuck mom with you.” In a swift motion Anna untied Emma and dragged her to the living room floor.

“Anna, I don’t think this’ll be a very good idea. I mean, what if dad comes home.”

“He said he’s working late tonight. We have the whole house to ourselves. Now go get the duct tape.” Anna ordered. She held Emma down while she waited for Naomi to come back.

When Naomi came back with the tape, she found her mom and sister wrestling on the living room rug trying to gain control.

“A little help here!” Anna said struggling to keep Emma down. She quickly ran to the two and helped pin down her mother.

“Sorry mom.” Naomi said apologetically. Before Emma could say anything, Naomi put tape over her mouth to silence her potential screams. Later, Anna wrapped Emma’s hands behind her back and taped them there. What was left were her legs now. Naomi was about to tape her legs together when Anna stopped her.

“Wait!…let’s get her pants off first.” Emma started kicking relentlessly but her effort proved useless when Anna yanked her pants and house shoes off. Anna lastly spread Emma’s legs to either side of the carpet and taped them to the ends. Anna and Naomi stood back to look at their

masterpiece. Emma still had the freedom to sit up on her bottom, but that was about it.

“So…what should we do with her now?” Naomi asked.

“I don’t know, this your fantasy.”

“Well…I wanna torture her. Not in a painful way though. I wanna tease her.” Naomi crawled up next her mother’s face and stroked one finger along her cheek. ” I wanna make her beg for it, to turn her into a desperate little whore who wants her daughters to make her cum.” Naomi placed her hands on Emma’s tear filled cheeks and looked deep in her eyes. “You’re gonna be our little cum slut aren’t you?” All Emma could do was quietly whimper and incoherently mumble forgotten pleas.

Naomi sat up and took off her shirt followed by her pants and gave Anna a look to tell her to do the same. Once they were both in their underwear, they quickly molded into each other in a passionate kiss that landed them on the rug with their mother writhing next to them. Anna ,as always, took control and pinned Naomi’s arms on either side of her head while she positioned herself so that her crotch was aligned with Naomi’s. She slowly began to grind against her sister which ultimately led to them grinding harder and faster eliciting loud moans and gasps. Meanwhile, Emma is next to them feeling the unmistakable drip drop puddle of arousal forming in her panties and her nipples straining against her shirt aching to be played with. *I can’t believe this is actually happening? My two daughters tied me up and are now fucking…right in front of my face…well beside my face, but that’s not the point. But why am I so horny. God, I wanna fuck so bad. I wanna fuck them so bad. I mean no I just wanna fuck…not them. I can’t fuck them. I can’t-* Emma’s thoughts were interrupted by the orgasmic cries coming from her daughters.

“Oh God Anna don’t stop fucking me, please don’t stop FUAAAAHHHHK!”

“Im so fucking close…SHIT!” Anna moaned. Both of their bodies jerked and writhed together beside their mother. Their lips clashed together as they let their orgasms wash over them. Anna went to her neck and lick and sucked on the sweaty skin tasting her sister’s flesh. Her arms started to weaken and she fell against Naomi’s sticky wet body while bursa merkez escort still sucking her neck. She raised her head up and gave Naomi one last kiss before turning towards their mother.

“You ready mom?… or should I say whore?”

“Mmmm whore has a nice ring to it.” Naomi added.

“Whore it is then.” Anna bypassed Naomi’s panties and stuck her finger in the sensitive pussy making Naomi slightly jerk and hiss at the early contact. Anna pulled her finger out and rubbed it on dip of Emma’s lip giving her an everlasting smell of her blood daughter’s gooey cunt juice.

Her scent was intoxicating. Emma tried to resist the urge to moan at how pungent Naomi’s smell was. The true crime was that her mouth was taped up, so she couldn’t lick it off.

Anna straddled Emma’s legs and kneeled over so she was face to face to her. She first kissed her nose and left a trail up to her forehead, down to her cheeks and over to her ear. She lingered more on her ear and neck, harshly biting on the flesh before lovingly replacing them with little licks and kisses. She came back around to the front of her face and quickly ripped the tape off of her mouth and attacked Emma’s mouth. Emma’s tried her hardest to keep her mouth shut. “Oh come on. don’t you wanna taste me?” Anna said in a teasing tone. Emma replied with a simple “Nuh uh,” until Naomi came around and started rubbing Emma’s clit over her panties, causing her to gasp and almost moan from pleasure of feeling her daughter’s fingers on her wet cunt. Anna took the opportunity of Emma’s gasp and let her tongue explore her mouth. Emma’s tongue laid dormant, but the feeling of Anna’s tongue working her mouth was like heaven. Anna pulled out abruptly and put the tape back on Emma’s lips before rolling off. “I think she needs a little more convincing, don’t you think,” Anna said looking at Naomi.

“She was wet when I felt her pussy. I think she’s almost there.” Naomi went over to the kitchen to get scissors. She came back and kneeled over Emma and cut her shirt open straight through the middle followed by her bra. There laid her fully endowed D cup breasts, with nipples just ready to be kissed…licked…bit. Naomi eagerly grabbed both breast in her hands and started kneading at them rather roughly. However Emma didn’t totally mind. She always loved it when her husband would grow a bit of balls and take her by force. She especially loved when he would grab her breast and pinch her nipples as hard as he could. she could almost come from nipple play alone but then as soon as the rough tittie play would start, the sooner his cock was begging for it and would cum in her mouth instead. When she felt her daughter’s hands gripping on her tits, she couldn’t help but loudly moan and writhe in her spot. Naomi took the signal and pinched Emma’s nipple which elicited a cry of pleasure and made her arch her back. Emma knew this wrong. To want her daughter to pinch her nipples harder and harder until she came all over her panties.

“Nnnnnn” was her pathetic excuse of No.

“Ohhh mommy likes having her tits played with doesn’t she,” Naomi teased.


“Check her pussy, will ya babe?”

“Mmk” Anna said as she quickly but gently placed her fingers on Emma’s wet lips. “My god, she’s soaking. I think we need to get these panties off before she gets a rash.” Anna grabbed the scissors from the floor and cut her panties off. Anna was just about to throw them off to the side, when Naomi stopped her.

“Wait…I want her to taste how perverted she is. To know what she tastes like when her daughter is playing with her tits,” with that, Naomi took the tape off and tried to stuff the soaked panties in Emma’s mouth. Again, Emma put up a fight and tried her hardest to keep her mouth closed. Knowing exactly what to do, Anna came around and wrapped her lips around Emma’s nipple.

This made Emma open her lips but her teeth were still clenched. ” Aaahhh god” Emma said in between her teeth.

Anna started sucking harder and harder causing the moans and cries of a woman about to break. Anna finally enclosed her teeth in between Emma’s nipple. Slowly, she started biting down harder as every second passed. Emma couldn’t take it any longer, she yelled and moaned and cried as loud as she could until she was silenced by her own cum filled panties. Making sure the panty was securely inside her mouth, Naomi taped it again.

“OK, now she’s ready.”

Naomi laid comfortably in between her mother’s legs and gazed at the wonderful sight of her glistening pussy.

“It’s so pretty. I can’t believe I came out of this beautiful pink wet hole.” Naomi said as she ran her finger over Emma’s pulsing slit. “I bet she tastes as delicious as she smells.” Naomi starts to slowly rub up and down with her three fingers over Emma’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Anna is happily nipping and sucking at her mother’s highly sensitive tits. She switches from both breasts giving each of bursa sınırsız escort them equal amount of attention.

*Oh my god. This should not feel this good. My little girls. My beautiful little girls forcing me to take their wandering fingers and teasing tongue. They’re fucking me so good. Darek has never brought me this much pleasure. But they’re my daughters. And…why do my panties taste so sweet. And it’s so wet.* Emma couldn’t help but suck in a little of her juices with every breath she took. *They make me taste so sweet This is so wrong… But…I reeeeally want to cum. I wanna cum soooo bad.*

“Babe, I think she’s close.” said Naomi. ” I can feel her hole pulsing. It’s trying to suck my finger in. She really wants it”

“Is that what you want you little whore…huh…you wanna cum?” Anna said with her tongue buried deep in the cleavage of her mom’s bosom.

“Nnnnnnnn” Emma screamed out the last ounce of apprehension she had left to stop her daughters from doing the most unspeakable thing. She braced herself knowing her pleas would go unnoticed and as soon as she felt her orgasm peaking over to drench her in an everlasting wave of pleasure, she felt both Naomi and Anna slow their motions down.

Every other second or two, Anna would flick her tongue over Emma’s nipple and Naomi would gently place her thumb on the outside Emma’s asshole while she lightly caressed her engorged clit. They kept at this for another 5 minutes keeping her at the height of her orgasm but never really, fully accessing the key to unlock the door of pure ecstasy.

Emma was in a state of limbo. Every time she thought her daughters would finally take her over the edge, it never came. She found herself wishing, no…praying, for her daughters to make her cum.

“Oooooooohhh mmmmmmmhh” Emma moaned freely and emotionally, trying to tell her daughters to stop teasing her. She was almost in tears trying hump her pelvis against Naomi’s caressing finger hoping she could rub her nub hard enough to make her cum.

“Im gonna ask you one last time,” Anna barely whispered in her ear. “Do you wanna cum, you little fucking whore?”

Emma nodded teary eyed and wild with lust, she looked at Anna with utmost urgency. “MMmmmmmmmmmm” Emma groaned showing her desperation.

“What do you think babe?…should we let her go?” Anna asked turning her head to Naomi who was still running her fingertips over the red pulsing bead.

“Oh we should let her go alright.” Naomi ran a finger over the length of Emma’s clit and down her slit before lifting that same finger and putting it in her mouth. She wrapped her hand in Anna’s hair and pulled her back from her mother’s breasteses and threw her on the ground. Anna was about to get up until Naomi pounced on her and pinned her arms to the ground beside her head.

She leaned down to Anna’s ear, brushing her long mane over Anna’s nipples in the process.

“Let’s tape her in a chair…bent over.” She whispered while occasionally nipping at her ear.

“Mmmhhmm” Anna managed to say. Seeing her big sister handle her in such a way that was very uncharacteristic of her, was a huge turn on to her.

Naomi leaned back and pulled Anna up by her hand with her so they would both be sitting upright. Naomi looked over to Emma who was quietly whimpering trying to finish what she and Anna started by reaching the her fingers to her butthole plunging the tips in and out of it.

” Awwww that’s so cuuute. It’s trying to cum,” Naomi said adoringly. Right as soon as Emma was this close to cumming, Naomi smacked her hand away and pulled her up from her tits making her sit upright. “Good news whore, you don’t have to wear the tape anymore…but… on one condition.” Naomi ran her finger down Emma’s stomach and stopped at the top of her clit, lightly tickling it. “You scream,…no cum, if you cum without me specifically telling you you could, you get punished…understand?”

“Mmhhmmm” Emma hummed relieved to know that there’s a chance that her frustration would be over and that she won’t have to taste her mixture of saliva and pussy juice anymore from her panties. In a swift motion Naomi ripped the tape off eliciting a yelp and and “Aak,” from Emma who was now moving her tongue around her mouth trying to get the taste out. Once Emma was done with her initial response to her face freedom, She looked up at Naomi and Anna looking at her with a mischievous look on their faces. “What?”

“Untie her feet, then get her arms,”

Anna followed her orders and helped Naomi bend Emma over the couch. “So you like your ass being played with, huh?…”

When Emma didn’t respond, Naomi harshly slapped her ass and stuck her thumb inside her asshole. “I said, you like having you ass played with, don’t you!?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck!” Emma screamed feeling pain and aroused all mixed up in a batch of ‘FUCK ME NOW’ syndrome.

“Better.” Naomi said sweetly as she pulled her thumb out, only to be replaced by her index finger. Slowly she penetrated deep inside Emma’s asshole. Emma found a nearby pillow and pushed it up against her face already knowing her shit is about to get fucked up. Naomi kept at the agonizingly slow pace making Emma wetter and hornier. She started moaning in frustration wanting to get off so bad, she thought she might die.

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