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Keeping up with the Joneses Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Sorry about the long break between chapters, but don’t worry, the Joneses have not been forgotten! Hope you guys like it.


The past few days had been pretty strange. I’d found out my parents were swingers, I was pretty sure my mom was flirting with me and my sister Isabel had so far given me an earth shaking blow job and then fucked me almost senseless. It was hard to imagine that only a few days ago I had thought my family was pretty ordinary. I definitely didn’t think things could get any weirder. However, it seemed the universe was out to prove me wrong in spectacular fashion.

“So, my flight out is at eight tomorrow morning,” said dad. Mom, dad, Izzy and I were sitting at the dinner table. Dad had made his famous spaghetti for supper and I was wolfing it down. The day’s activities had left me ravenous – after my morning swim and getting fucked silly by my succubus of a sister, I had slept through lunch and was trying to make up for it. “You think you could drive me to the airport, Alex?” he asked.

“Sure dad,” I replied. Dad drove a BMW and didn’t mind us kids using it when he was away, as long as we were careful. I loved it, and jumped at any chance to get behind the wheel.

“Oh yeah, and Catherine said she’d probably need a ride back from town at some point this week. Seeing as you’ll have my car, I told her to send you a message.” Catherine was my second oldest sister. She was three years older than me and lived a couple of hours away, downtown in the nearby city, where she was studying acting at a drama school. Even when I was little, I’d always thought Cat was the coolest person in the world. She was smart, athletic and creative – she could have done pretty much anything she wanted. I’d also considered her one of the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen. With a tight, toned body, a huge pair of tits and a round, juicy ass, the one time I’d snuck a peek at her getting dressed had ended up fueling my fantasies for most of my teenaged years.

“Yeah, no problem,” I said. Cat usually came home for a couple of months during the summer, although she had an apartment in the city.

Mom said she’d clean up supper and I volunteered to help her once we were finished eating while Dad and Izzy went downstairs to the tv room to watch one of those British detective shows they loved so much. “How many murderers can one tiny English village have?” complained mom as she bent over to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher. I was meant to be washing a frying pan in the sink, but I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her ass as she reorganized the dirty plates.

After helping with the dishes, I played some online games in my room while mom joined dad and Izzy for the tail end of the show they were watching and was just getting into bed by the time I heard them coming up the stairs. Sleep came quickly and I soon found myself dreaming of the past few days activities, only to awaken suddenly just as I was getting to the good part. I lay there for a while trying to get back to sleep, my throbbing erection tenting the comforter, until I gave up and got up to grab a glass of water. On the landing outside, I paused at Izzy’s door, wondering if she’d be up for a fuck, but when I lifted my hand to knock, I heard quiet moans and grunting and the slap of skin on skin. Figuring she was watching porn, I decided to surprise her, but when I tried the door handle, I found it was locked.

Oh well, I thought, back to my original mission, and I went downstairs to the kitchen. I didn’t bother switching on the light when I entered – I knew my way around well enough to grab a glass and fill it in the dark. As I stood by the kitchen sink, I absently looked out the window, remembering the sight of mom beside the pool, getting fucked by two cocks. My hand drifted down to my boxers, and before I knew it, my shorts were down around my knees and I was jerking my cock furiously to the debaucherous memory.

Then the lights flicked on.

I started, splashing water all over myself, as I struggled to yank my boxers up while holding a glass of water only to snag the waistband on my prodigious boner. I stumbled and tried to steady myself by grabbing at the counter top. Unfortunately, my hand was gripping my now half empty glass. The glass cracked neatly in two as I slapped it down on the granite counter, the razor sharp edge cutting me sharply across the palm. I swore.

“Language, Ale-” began mom. She was standing in the doorway, dressed in her short, white satin robe, watching my ridiculous dance with amusement, but her grin faded once she saw the river of blood beginning to course down my arm. It wasn’t a bad cut, but it managed to produce a flood of blood that made it seem much worse. “Oh damn, you silly boy!” she finished. “Hold it upright and follow me.”

Mom practically dragged me to the bathroom. There was a lot of blood. It was pulsing out of the wound to flow down my arm in a bright red torrent. By the time we’d made it to the bathroom, I’d Escort bayan even managed to get it on my shorts. Mom sat me down on the toilet, opened up the bathroom cabinet and began hauling out various first aid supplies. With the practiced efficiency of a mother who had raised four kids, she cleaned the wound, applied disinfectant (which stung like hell) and wrapped my palm with gauze which she then taped in place.

“Well, it looked worse than it was,” she said once all was said and done.

My hand still hurt like crazy, and I told her so.

“Oh, calm down,” she said, comfortingly. Then she noticed she’d managed to get a few spots of blood on her robe. “Dammit Alex, I liked this robe,” she said. What happened next caused a severe disconnect between my eyes and my brain. Without any fuss, she uncinched the cord holding the robe closed and undressed. I was then treated to the jaw dropping view of her completely naked body. She hadn’t been wearing anything underneath the robe. My cock let its appreciation be known and began to throb. “You’d better get your boxers off too. I’ll soak them with my robe. You managed to get blood everywhere,” she said, sighing.

Still not quite believing what was happening, I fumbled my way out of my boxers until my mom and I were standing in the bathroom together, totally naked. She turned and put the robe and my shorts in the sink and turned on the water. I simply stood dumbly behind her, my eyes traveling the length of the body, from her long, shapely legs up to the heavy, round curves of her buttocks and then further to the smooth arch of her waist, the sweep of her back and the pale slope of her neck. I don’t know whether it was because I’m just an idiot, or if it was the blood loss, but for some reason, standing behind her and soaking in the view, my hand wrapped itself around my still engorged shaft, and I began to masturbate.

It only dawned on me that I was stroking my cock behind my mom’s back when we made eye contact in the bathroom mirror. The goddamn bathroom mirror. I had completely forgotten it was there.

“If you need to make it go away, I understand, hon,” said mom, her eyes locked to mine. My hand flew back from my turgid penis.

“I didn’t.. I really..” I couldn’t get the words out. It was all too much for my brain to handle, so it had decided to pack up and take a hike.

“Would it be easier if I left?” asked mom.

Fuck it. I decided to go with the flow. If the universe was going to throw curveballs, I might as well take a swing before getting struck out. “I, uh, have trouble getting it to go away when it’s like this,” I said, my mouth dry as a desert.

“Your father’s the same way,” said mom. It was a good thing my mind had decided to take a vacation, for what was coming next would have destroyed it. “When he gets to a certain point, it really takes a lot of work to get him to cum. Do you need me to help?”

All I could do was nod.

“Alright hon, come over to the sink.” said mom, turning off the water and hauling our combined clothes out of the sink and placing them on the counter.

I did as I was told and moved over to stand in front of the mirror. Mom moved behind me, never taking her eyes from mine in the mirror. My cock throbbed desperately as I felt the hard nubs of her nipples rub and then press against my back. The warm, soft sensation of her breasts followed soon after and another pulse of pre-cum oozed from my glans. Mom hooked her chin over my shoulder so that her lips were at my ear. I could feel her breath hot on my earlobe.

I gasped as I felt her hand reach around to remove my own from my engorged shaft. I gripped the edge of the counter tightly, ignoring the throbbing ache of protest from my bandaged left hand. The hot flesh of my cock pulsed with need when I felt my mother’s cool fingers encircle it. With her tits mashed against my back, she snaked her left hand around my waist and wrapped it around the base of my needy shaft, her fingers cupping my heavy balls. Then, with exquisite slowness, she began to pump her hand up and down my rampant erection. My breath slid past my lips in ragged pants.

“Is that okay?” she asked, matter-of-factly.

The veins on my cock stood out like cords of iron. My eyes were fastened to the sight in the mirror before me – my mom was steadily wanking my swollen shaft while whispering obscenely into my ear, her heavy breasts pressed tightly against my back. Mom ran her fingers out to the tip of my desperate phallus, letting the plentiful pre-cum it was leaking smear all across her palm, before sliding her slick hand back down my throbbing column of cock-meat. Her grip was light, but exquisite in its tenderness.

“Are you going to cum now?” Her voice was lewd honey in my head.

Her grasp tightened on my aching cock and her strokes became quicker, lubricated by my own obscene discharge. The muscles in my groin tensed and I could feel my orgasm approaching. “Mom,” I gasped, “I’m gonna Bayan escort cum!”

Mom slowed down slightly and clenched her left hand around my tightening ball sack and the base of my shaft. Her right hand pumped steadily, milking me like some sort of exquisite, incestous machine and I could feel the orgasm creep slowly along the length of my cock until, with mind blowing force, a volcanic torrent of seed erupted from my overstimulated organ. My hips bucked uncontrollably and I leaned forward heavily as ropes of jism spurted out of my cock to splatter the sink in front of me, but mom never stopped stroking her hand up and down, calmly pumping my shaft like it was the most natural thing for a mother to milk the seed from her son’s balls. My chest heaved as I gasped with pleasure and the final few spurts of cum pulsed from my shaft. As I stood there panting, mom released her grip from my spent tool and leaned forward to turn the faucet on, her bare breasts mashing hard against my back.

“All better now, I see,” said mom, glancing down at my deflated organ. She turned away to dry her hands on the towel by the sink. “Go back to bed, hon. I’ll finish up here.”

In a bewildered stupor, I stumbled back to my room and collapsed in bed. Sleep came quickly, despite my state of mind, and soon I was drifting between flickering dreams of incestuous hand-jobs and bikini clad sisters. When my alarm went off at four thirty that morning, I almost slapped it silent and went back to the warm embrace of my dirty dreams, but instead I managed, somehow, to crank myself out of bed and into the shower. Still, it was almost four thirty by the time I stumbled downstairs – no time for breakfast – to find my dad with his suitcase waiting for me near the door.

“Was about to head up and see if you were still alive, champ,” said dad as I staggered over to him. “Geez, you look bushed. C’mon. I’ll drive us there – we’ll grab a drive-thru coffee and breakfast sandwich en route.”

With a mumble of acquiescence I followed him out the door.

The sandwich helped, the coffee even moreso, and eventually, as the fog of desired sleep receded, I realised that we weren’t actually on the way to the airport. I mentioned this to my dad.

“Yep. Gotta make a quick stop to pick up Hank,” replied dad. Makes sense, I thought to myself, what with dad and Hank being partners at work.

Moments later we were outside the Bragg’s house. Hank and Mia were waiting outside. Once we’d stopped at the foot of their driveway, I opened the door to move to the back seat, but Hank stopped me as I was climbing out of the car.

“Hey bud – nah, you keep shotgun. I’m good in the back.” Hank was his usual friendly self and moved around the car to put his own luggage in the trunk.

As I settled back into the chair, Mia walked over to the car. She was wearing a very low cut blue flower print sun dress, and when she leaned to say hello to my dad and me, a struggled mightily to avoid staring at the incredible sight of her large brown tits as they themselves struggled mightily to remain concealed by the plunging neckline of her dress.

“Morning Lewis, Alex,” said Mia, flashing us her warm smile.

“Morning Mia” said dad.

A vision of Mia eating out her husband’s ass while he dp’ed my mom with my dad flashed through my mind. “Uh, hey Mrs Bragg,” I stuttered.

“Alex, glad you’re here,” continued Mia as Hank opened one of the back doors and settled into his seat. “With Hank gone I could use a hand with a couple of things around the yard – think you could stop by after you’ve dropped them off and help out? I’ll compensate you, of course.”

“Uh, sure thing ma’am,” I stammered. “No need to pay me though!”

“Lewis, you’re raising a true gent,” said Mia, filling the car with her warm smile once more.

“Alex, bud,” said Hank from the back seat, “when a lady offers you recompense for a favor, you’re a fool to turn her down. Don’t bust ass for free, man.”

“Oh hush, Hank. Don’t bully the poor kid,” quipped Mia. “Thanks Alex. Just give me a shout after you’ve ditched these two at the airport.”

With that, Mia blew a kiss to her husband and told my dad to take care of him on their trip and a moment later we were pulling away.

“Mia seems well,” said my dad, waving to the rearview mirror as we departed.

“Yep,” agreed Hank. “She’s a fine woman. Hope you don’t mind getting voluntold into doing some manual labour for her while we’re away, Alex.”

“It’s no problem at all, Mr Bragg.”

“You know, Lewis, the only time I manage to get your boy to call me Hank is after I’ve fed him a couple of beers and smashed him in Mario Kart a few times.”

“What can I say, Hank,” replied dad, chuckling, “I raise a polite family.”

“Yeah? Your daughters don’t seem to mind calling me Hank,” laughed Mr Bragg in reply.


After seeing my dad and Hank off at the airport, I settled into the driver’s seat of the BMW and pulled Escort out my phone. Pulling up the Bragg’s number, I hit the dial button. It only rang a couple of times before I was greeted by Mia’s voice.


“Hi Mrs Bragg, it’s Alex.”

“Oh, hi Alex. Did Lewis and Hank get away okay?”

“Yep, no problems. I can head over now if you want.”

“That would be great,” she replied. “Just head on round to the garden. If I’m not out there already, the backdoor should be open.”

“Yes ma’am. See you soon.”

Mia chuckled at my politeness as she said goodbye and soon I was zipping through town on my way back to the Braggs’. With some good tunes playing in a nice car, I made good time and was feeling much more awake and pretty cheerful by the time I pulled into their driveway, so it was with a peppy step that I walked around the side of their house and opened the gate into the yard.

The sun was climbing higher and the day was heating up, so when I saw a sapling with a burlap sack over it’s roots and a shovel leaning against the back fence and figured I’d be digging a hole or two, I was glad I’d decided to go for shorts that morning instead of my usual jeans. Mia was nowhere to be seen, so I headed over to the sliding doors on their patio and went on inside.

“Mrs Bragg?” I called out as I entered. “It’s Alex!”

“Hey Alex!” came a shout from upstairs. “I’ll be down in a minute! Help yourself to some coffee or the OJ in the fridge!”

By the time I’d poured a glass of juice and was sipping it, perched on one of the stools at their kitchen island, I heard Mrs Bragg’s footsteps on the stairs. I turned to give her a smile as she entered the kitchen, soaking in the view that was the tall, stacked woman with dark brown skin, filling out her sundress in incredible fashion. As I finished my drink, Mia explained how she needed a hole dug for the cherry sapling in the backyard and then led me out to show me exactly where.

It was hot work, but I made good progress, distracted only occasionally by the vision that was Mrs Bragg on all fours, planting a row of perennials in a nearby flowerbed. Each time she shifted to deposit another plant in the small holes she had dug, her dress hiked up tantalizingly to reveal her incredible legs and display her large, round ass perfectly. The sight more than compensated for the sweaty labour and by the time the hole I was digging was deep enough, I was struggling with a prodigious erection under my shorts.

“Uh, is this big enough for you?” I asked, leaning on my shovel and wiping my brow with the back of my hand.

Mia stood up and shimmied her dress back down before wandering over to take a look at my handiwork. “Oh yeah, that should be fine. If you could just lift the sapling into the hole, I’ll see about making sure it gets seated properly.”

The young tree was a bit heavy, but with a bit of straining I managed to get it in. I held it upright while Mrs Bragg squatted beside it and began filling in the edges so it would remain upright. Once more, I was treated to an incredible view, my vantage point allowing me to see right down the front of her dress to her large brown titties, unrestrained by a bra and covered with a sheen of sweat from the heat of the day and the manual labour. My cock tried valiantly to tear its way out of my shorts, forcing me to shift and fidget in an attempt to conceal the raging inconvenience before Mia looked up and poked an eye out on it. I wasn’t having much luck at all when Mrs Bragg bent over even further to fill in the edges on the far side and I suddenly heard a wet, squelching pop.

A large, clear buttplug shot out from under the hem of her dress to land in grass behind her.

“Ohmygod,” blurted Mrs Bragg as she quickly sat back on her knees and looked up at me.

My eyes were round as dinner plates. If it had been physically possible, my dick would have done a backflip out of sheer joy. Instead, it settled for creating a tent worthy of a three ring circus out of the front of my shorts.

“I’m so sorry, Alex!” exclaimed Mia, hurriedly reaching back to grab the massive anal toy. “You should not have seen that!”

“I… uh… buh…” was all my stupid, disconnected brain could manage.

“I’m going to go in and, um, clean up,” mumbled Mrs Bragg as she stood up quickly and turned heel for the door.

When my body finally decided to follow my instructions, I hustled after her to find her sitting on a kitchen stool, elbows on the counter and face in her hands. Worried that she was about to cry out of sheer embarrassment, I stammered out condolences.

“It’s, uh, okay, Mrs Bragg! Shit happens! I don’t care!”

Mia lifted her face from her hands and I realised that, instead of being close to tears, she was struggling to fight back a shamefaced smile.

“Oh, Alex,” she said. I noticed the buttplug was standing on the table in front of her. “You’re a good kid. Are you sure I didn’t scar you for life – seeing an old hag’s sex toy?”

“C’mon Mrs Bragg – you’re definitely not an old hag and I’ve seen way worse on… the… internet…” my words trailed off as I realised what I was saying. “I mean, not that seeing that was bad!” I decided to shut up before digging myself any deeper.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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