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Ken and Raven Ch. 02

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(Author notes – in part 1 Raven decided to try to spice up their sex life by mastubating for Ken. After watching her use her favorite dildo Ken walked out on her.)


Ken drove home trying to figure out what bothered him about Raven’s admittedly involved performance. He’d watched far worse porn and he knew her reactions were real.

He appreciated her attempt to spice up their sex life but was worried as to why she felt the need to do so. It wasn’t exotic by any means but one of the reasons he was attracted to her was her simple needs. Maybe she needed more.

Work sent Ken out of town for a couple of weeks. During that entire time he called Raven as he always did and nothing was mentioned from that night. She was disappointed when he didn’t visit the weekend between trips but it wasn’t uncommon for him to skip a visit when his time home was short. Things seemed to be back to normal.

A few days before Ken finished his traveling he knew what he would do. He was going to take back control from her and then maybe things could be like they were before.


Raven was in a horrible mood. Her husband walked out on her and while things were going smooth while he was away she still worried that she did something wrong.

After the first few days of joining him in pretending nothing was wrong she got angry. She didn’t do anything that she didn’t want to do. She tried to share it with Ken and got thoroughly rejected.

One evening after a few shots of tequila (something else Ken didn’t approve of and made it known) she pulled out her old favorite. The dildo called to her, gave her pleasure she never found in bed with a man. She had used it all the time she had been with Ken and he never knew the difference until she was stupid enough to show him.

The weekend he didn’t visit made up her mind. She wasn’t going to give up her pleasures for a part time husband. That one wasn’t her only pleasure either. Tonight she was going to come until she couldn’t move.

Smiling she prepared for her fun. Pulling out a box marked “Memories” she sorted through dildos of various shapes and sizes until she found the other one she wanted. It wasn’t as large as Big Boy but it was good. It was shorter but with a wide head and a heavily ribbed shaft. The pair went well together.

Disregarding the small tube of lube she had ready for the previous show she went to the bathroom and got the pump bottle she normally used. She thought the tube would be less imposing to Ken but it didn’t turn out to matter.

Lying down on the bed she put both dildos on her stomach to start Antalya Escort warming them. Just the sight and feel of them had her wet and aching with hard nipples. Pulling and twisting her nipples made her groan. Ken spent the minimal time on her breasts so it was up to her to indulge in rough play on her own.

Arching her back she lifted her breasts by the nipples, stretching them and twisting them at the same time. She already felt a puddle forming under her pussy and the wetness on her asshole. Tonight was going to be very good indeed.

Reaching down she took the smaller dildo and starting rubbing her clit with the head. The edge of the head caught it perfectly and started to pull it out from under the hood. One long stroke made her groan as she felt the orgasm build.

“Oh yes. Just like that. Harder, rub it harder.” Raven liked to talk as she fucked herself. It was part of her need to show off even without an audience.

Now she was using the dildo with full, long strokes over her pussy and clit. She was wet enough that it was a smooth motion and she could grind her clit hard. She did and the first orgasm ripped through her. She came screaming.

Without a pause she moved the dildo to her aching pussy and pushed the head into her. Every time she felt it stretch her and it caused her to come again. Arching her back and pushing she drove the fuckstick deep inside while she came, causing one long orgasm. She screamed again and held it as deep as it would go.

That head was in the perfect place to hit her g-spot and she took full advantage of it with a savage self-fuck. She lost count of her orgasms until her arm started to grow tired. Since she wasn’t nearly done yet she left it buried in her and rested for a few minutes.

Her pussy was still spasming around the dildo and keeping her on edge. This was perfect. It was what she wanted. And then the phone rang.

“Hey babe. Doing anything fun tonight?” Ken was in a pleasant mood on the call and she was in no mood to stop what she was doing to be a good wife.

“Hey dear. I’m not doing much of anything” she smiled broadly at the lie and gave herself a few more pumps “but I do have something that I need to finish. Can I call you later?” She felt another orgasm building and wanted him off the phone.

“You sound out of breath. Everything OK?” Ken suddenly had an idea of what she needed to finish so he decided to play with her a little bit.

“I’m fine. Just had to run to get the phone.” She started fucking herself slowly to keep the buzz. Damn him for not getting the hint.

“I won’t keep you Antalya Escort Bayan then. Call me when you’re done?” Done. Ken laughed to himself at the knowledge of what ‘done’ meant here.

“Sure. It will be a while so it may be late when I call.” She promised herself it would be late, very late, when she was done.

“Don’t worry. I’ll look forward to chatting when you have time. Lots happening at work.” Ken hung up and knew what he had planned was the right thing to do. Or at least the thing he would enjoy even if she didn’t.

Raven viciously pressed the end call button and fucked herself to another orgasm. She wasn’t as horny as before but it wasn’t a bad thing since she could go longer this way.

“Time for more. You ready to do what I like best?” She talked to the dildo as she pulled it out of herself. Her latex lover felt so good as that head dragged itself down the length of her pussy. Pausing to rub her clit with it a few times she slid it down her pussy to rest at her asshole.

She reached over and pumped some lube into her hand. Lovingly she spread a thin layer over the toy, mixing it with her juices. She rubbed a little around her asshole and groaned at the feeling. Normally she would play a little bit to stretch her tiny hole for this large of an invasion but she wanted the pain tonight. The feeling would only make it better.

Shifting her grip she centered the head and started pushing. Immediately she knew this was going to be intense.

“Don’t stop. Force that head into me. Make me take it, all of it.” Taking her own advice she pushed harder and felt her body start to yield to the intruder. “Ahhhhhh!!!” she cried out as the head opened her ass. With the determination of the true slut she was she kept pushing until the wide, wide head lodged inside of her.

“Shit! Shit! Oh god that hurts! I can’t take this!” She was screaming at her imaginary lover, the one who would ravage her the way she ravaged herself. Her toys were now her lover.

Leaving that dildo with the head lodged in her ass it was time for the real fun to begin. Big Boy would get to play now. She put some lube on him even though she still felt her pussy dripping down to her ass. Tonight was about pleasure and lube would make it certain. Taking a deep breath she put the head of the massive toy at her pussy and thrust it into her.

“FUUUUUCK!!!!” She screamed at the feeling of being stuffed full. Her pussy was tighter with the dildo in her ass and the one in her pussy was her limit when used alone. Using them together was pain and pleasure in one.

Panting she Escort Antalya grabbed both shafts with the practice of long experience and alternated forcing them into her body. She came more times than she could count before she had them as deep as they would go. The one in her ass rubbed hard against the one in her pussy and both of them stretched her holes.

“Yes! Yes! That’s what I need! Fill me with cock! Use my holes and fuck me hard!” She did just that. She fucked herself in any way she could think of – alternating strokes, both driving deep at once, pulling them out and forcing them back in. She was a sweaty, exhausted mess by the time she couldn’t take any more.

“Noooo… It’s too much….” She moaned as she pulled them out slowly. The one in her pussy slid out with only a small orgasm from her but the one in her ass stopped when the head was still inside. Her body didn’t want to open that one last time to let it go. But it had to come out.

Panting and tired she took a solid hold just where it was lodged in her body. “One hard pull. That’s it. Just one more time. You can take it.” She encouraged herself to force it out. Straining her muscles to reject the intruder she pulled hard. “Fuck!!” Screaming she felt the head rip her open as it came out. She loved this thing.

On weak legs she went into the bathroom and cleaned up. Even the feeling of the washcloth on her sensitive clit caused a mini orgasm. Leaving the well used toys on the sink where she could see them she called Ken.

“Did I call too late?” She was hoarse from screaming and her exhaustion was obvious in her voice.

“Of course not. I told you to call whenever you were done. I take it you’re done?” Ken let his knowledge flow into his voice. She needed to know she couldn’t fool him any more.

“Um, yes. I’m done. It was one of those necessary things but it’s done now.” Raven was more cautious but heard something in his voice she hadn’t heard before.

“I understand. It’s too late to talk about work so I’ll just say I’ll see you in a few days.” Ken purred into the phone with thoughts of what he was going to do running through his head. His cock was fully hard imagining it.

“Well, goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.” Raven was really tired and just wanted to sleep. Her bedroom reeked of sex and her body was demanding rest.


“That dirty little bitch. All this time I thought she was so good, so nice. Turns out she’s a slut. I’m going to use her as she deserves.” Ken muttered to himself as he used the hotel lotion to rub his cock.

“She’ll know who owns that pussy in a few days.” With that thought he came hard, ropes of cum spurting onto his stomach. He kept stroking until he was hard again using his own cum as lube this time. The second orgasm was harder and stronger.

Wiping the cum off his body he looked at himself in the mirror.

“That bitch is going to pay.”

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