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I first met Kiki in a youth hostel in New Zealand. I arrived late one afternoon at the hostel where there were several people in the kitchen, preparing an evening meal. I usually preferred Asian style food and so while I was travelling, I would prepare stir-fry dishes. I would pick up the ingredients, some form of meat and vegetables during the day. I carried oil and sauces in small bottles in my bag.

As I began to make preparations, I attracted the attention of an Asian girl who I thought to be Japanese.

She was about 165cms, very slim build, with black hair that had a fringe at the front, down to her eyebrows and half way down her back. At first She appeared to be quite young although I had a feeling she was older than she looked. When she spoke to me, it was with a Canadian twang.

She was interested in what I was cooking, scallops with vegetables and rice. She asked if we could share our meals. She was cooking a Japanese dish. I agreed.

She introduced herself as Kiki.

We shared our meal and afterwards, sat in the common room, talking. She told me that she was third generation Canadian and was a Law student. She was on a break from university and was doing some travelling.

We seem to hit it off from the start and this little Japanese doll like female intrigued me.

As we were going our different ways in the morning, we swapped addresses and I crawled into my bunk. Kiki was leaving early in the morning and I did not see her again.

Several weeks later I returned home. Some time later, I received a letter from Kiki who had also returned to Canada. We continued this correspondence for years while Kiki toiled away at her Law degree that she finally achieved. I arranged for a bunch of flowers to be delivered to her on her graduation day.

In our exchange of letters, we were not what you call intimate although we did share some of our secrets. I looked forward to each letter from Kiki.

Several months after her graduation and two weeks before Christmas, I received a letter from Kiki, saying that she was travelling to Sydney during Christmas and would like to see me. I telephoned her and was provided with her travel details. I must admit I was very excited at the thought of seeing her again.

It was as if we knew each other quite well although our only meeting had been for a few hours, four years earlier.

I waited at the air terminal on the day of her flight and was very relieved to see her emerge from customs. And there she was, my little Japanese doll, as beautiful as ever. She had hardly changed since when I had last seen her in New Zealand, four years earlier.

Kiki was pulling xslot Yeni Giriş a wheeled case. When she saw me she broke into a run and when she was close to me, let go of the case, jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck and kissed me. We remained in embrace for some time before she let go and dropped back on to her feet although we continued to hold each other.

When we had spoken on the phone, Kiki had asked if she could stay with me. I was OK with that. I carried her case to my car and we drove to my apartment.

Kiki remarked that she was really feeling the heat. When she left Canada, there had been deep snow on the ground with the temperature below zero. In Sydney it was 35 degrees.

On entering my apartment, Kiki gave me a repeat of what she had done at the airport. One thing I have not mentioned was that I was 181cms and Kiki was 165cms. There was quite a difference in our heights and size with me being 90kgs and Kiki, no more than 60kgs.

I offered to get Kiki a cool drink but she said, “Can I have a shower, I want to get out of my hot clothes.” She was wearing clothes that kept her warm in Canada but were highly unsuitable for the 35degree heat.

I gave her towels and left her in the bathroom while I made some cold drinks in the kitchen. As I made my way from the kitchen to the balcony, I noticed that Kiki had left the bathroom door open. I could not see her in detail but could see the form of her slim body through the shower screen.

I watched her momentarily before proceeding to the balcony. Kiki emerged shortly after, wearing a short, loose. light blue dress. With her wet hair, she did not look a day older that fourteen although I knew she was 23. She was a beautiful doll like creature.

I was seated in a chair on the balcony, where other chairs available but Kiki chose to sit on my lap with her arms around my neck.

“Tell me what you have been doing lately. You have not been doing anything dangerous, have you?” Kiki knew I was a Detective.

I told Kiki, generally, some of the cases I had been working on, mostly fraud and Kiki caste her lawyer eye over them. She told me what she had been doing, having started work in the prosecutors office.

I could not imagine a diminutive Kiki, prosecuting a case in a courtroom. I am sure she would have to stand on a box to be seen although she was a very assertive female and more than made up for her lack of height.

After a while, I looked down and saw her eyes closing. I stood up with her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. As I bent down to place her on the bed, she said with a sleepy voice, xslot Gir “Stay with me.”

I joined her in the bed and Kiki cuddled into my left side appearing to drop off to sleep immediately. I dropped off to sleep shortly after.

I awoke some several hours later with Kiki still cuddled to my left side. I brought my right arm over to find her dress had ridden up so her back was bare. I ran my hand up her back, not encountering any bra strap. Her skin was smooth and taut.

As I ran my hand up the small of her back, Kiki, keeping her eyes closed, cuddled up close to me as if to approve with what I was doing. She reached out to kiss me, saying, “Don’t stop.” She followed this with climbing on top of me, with her head resting on my shoulder. She had a very light sandalwood perfume which I found to be enchanting.

I continued running my right hand down her back and did not encounter anything. Kiki was not wearing any knickers.

In a sleepy voice, Kiki said, “Are you shocked? The weather is so hot here.”

She had no doubt been aware of where my hand had been.

“I have been waiting for four years to be with my big burly Aussie detective.”

Kiki raised herself up so she could access my shirt to undo the buttons to expose my chest. She dropped back on to me for a period before sitting up and pulling her dress over her head so that she was now naked. I was right in that she had small breasts but the sight of them surely got my hormones racing.

“Are you disappointed because my tits are so small?”

“No. I would not have them in any other way. They are beautiful.”

“Right answer”, and with that, she began kissing me again.

Kiki rarely wore a bra and later told me she really had nothing to support. She only wore a bra when working as she did not want to have men, looking at her bare tits, down her shirt.

Kiki got up and went to the end of the bed where she commenced removing my jeans, followed by my underpants. For the first time I was able to observe Kiki’s diminutive body. She had pale skin without tan lines, carried no body fat at all and had a very small neat bush.

One thing I had previously noticed in many Japanese girls was that they had fatty legs whereas Kiki’s legs were slim and well shaped in keeping with her slim body.

She crawled up to my penis which she massaged before putting the tip in her mouth. After a while, when I had risen to the occasion, Kiki moved up so she could straddle my hips before lowering herself slowly, on to my penis, at the same time, releasing a sigh. She then rode me although at times, we swapped roles so that I was raising her hips, allowing xslot Sitesi her to slide up and down my penis.

Kiki closed her eyes, threw her head back and began to breathe heavily, occasionally releasing a contented moan. At times, she stopped for a period, opening her eyes and looking down at me with a devilish look in her eyes before she recommenced riding my penis.

Kiki appeared to be content to continue riding me and controlling the fucking. I was quite happy for this to continue, listening to the contented moans from her.

With my hands free, I was able to reach up and massage her tits which appeared quite sensitive to my touch, but when I pinched her nipples, they proved to be super sensitive, judging by Kiki’s reaction.

We had been fucking for quite some time when I felt that Kiki was about to orgasm. I had been holding back for some time and began to orgasm after Kiki.

Kiki dropped down on to my chest, putting her arms around my neck and holding me to her.

She remained in that position until I felt her relax and her breathing began to deepen. I slowly eased her body off me, although her head remained rested on my shoulder. I pulled the covers over her.

I lay awake, thinking about the events of the day and my linking up with my beautiful, Japanese doll. I looked down at her sleeping form just to reassure myself that it was not a dream. Kiki was certainly real.

In our whispered conversations later, we both confessed that we had been imagining such an encounter during the years we had been apart, although I had wondered how we would fuck, due to the difference in our size. Later, Kiki had told me to just go ahead with fucking her as she would tell me if any position was uncomfortable for her. I was very aware of her diminutive size and did not want to harm her.

I asked if Kiki wanted to go out for dinner but she said that she was suffering from travel fatigue, her flying time had been 20 hours with stopovers and she did not think it a good idea to go out as she would surely fall asleep. I had allowed for this and had bought ingredients to cook. Kiki had put on her blue dress, without underwear and had taken up a position on a stool at the bench in the kitchen while I prepared dinner. I must admit that knowing that Kiki was sitting there without knickers did keep my hormones on their toes.

I had decided to cook scallops so as to recreate our previous meal together and I also knew that my earlier presentation of this dish had gone down well with Kiki.

“It was your cooking which first caught my eye and the way you both cooked and ate with chops sticks. I was impressed. I can still remember the scallop stir-fry you cooked in the hostel. That was delicious. Would you like me to prepare some Japanese dishes for you?”

Kiki did a tour of my cupboard, noting their contents and then drew up a list of ingredients she would require.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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