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Kim and her Son’s Bully Ch. 03

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As Kim sat on her couch she was texting back and forth with Jake. Just after Jake had told her in great detail about how he would fuck her from behind, the door unlocked and opened.

Her heart skipped a beat as she rushed to close her app and pretend like nothing had happened. It was Mark, looking exhausted as he takes his coat off and his shoes. “Hey babe” he says unenthusiastic as he heads to the kitchen to grab a beer.

“Hi honey” Kim replied as her voice cracked. “How as your day?” The image of looking up at Jake’s bare chest as he thrusted into her came to mind. “Oh kinda boring.”

“What’s for dinner?” He asks somewhat impatiently. “Oh I’m sorry honey the day just got away from me. We can order a pizza if you want.” As she finished her sentence, Anthony came out of his room.

“Can we get pizza?” Mark sighed.

“Yeah sure, Kim can you call for it, I’m gonna shower.” Kim felt her pocket vibrating as Jake sent her another message. “Sure thing honey.”

As Anthony sat at the counter and Mark walked down the hall to their bedroom she pulled her phone out to see a notification “Jake has sent you a message.” Feeling butterflies in her stomach, she opened her phone to see his message.

“Do you wanna meet up this Saturday?” Saturday was Anthony’s soccer game, but the temptation was too overwhelming. Typing as rapidly as her heart thumped, she wrote “I don’t know, I’m gonna be at my son’s soccer game for the majority of the day.”

Her phone buzzed “Baby u know i can be there ;)” he sent. Kim couldn’t help but feel anxious and eager at the thought of fooling around with this younger man while her husband and son were nearby completely oblivious.

“I’ll let you know. But Mark is home, we can’t talk until he’s gone. I’ll message you.”


Thursday morning came, the sunlight came pouring in through Anthony’s blinds. For a moment, he forgot about yesterday’s events. For a moment he still thought of his mom as an innocent and pure goddess. Then his memory returned. Jake’s constantly commenting on how he thought his mom was a MILF All the perverted things Jake said he was gonna do to his mom.

The thing that hurt him the most was the video of Jake fucking his mom on his bed. Knowing his mom would cheat on his dad, let alone with his own bully, broke his heart.

Sighing deeply, he got up and dressed for the day. He got in the car as his dad drove him to school that day. They said their goodbyes as he left the car. Almost immediately, Jake began his assault.

“Hey man did you get my email?” He ask aggressively wrapping his arm around his shoulder preventing gaziantep escort bayan haberleri him from running off. “Leave me alone” Anthony says meekly as Jake ignores him to continue on. “She was so easy man, so desperate for a young stud.”

His laugh makes Anthony feel sick. “Oh and those nudes? Oof. such a dirty MILF.” Anthony is able to get away and goes class.

When lunch comes he spends the period with his four friends. Brian, Chris, Eddie, and Lilly. Anthony would deny it but he constantly found himself fantasizing about Lilly. Brian, Chris, and Tim do too. She was petite, blonde, and pretty but just nerdy enough to scare off guys and attract the ones who were too scared.

Lilly wasn’t the groups only crush, in fact, all the boys found themselves suggesting Anthony host their meet ups, only because they wanted to ogle at his mom. They would never tell him the truth, but multiple times they’ve discussed it in great detail.

Anthony excused himself and went to the bathroom. The door opened to release a draft of smoke into his face. It reeked of weed and caused him to cough from the second hand smoking. As the smoke cleared, he saw the source of it.

Jake and his buddies were smoking in the restroom. Jake, Eric, Mike, Danny, and Eddie stood in a circle laughing at Anthony as he continued to cough. In Jake’s hands was a blunt and in the other held a pair of black lace panties.

“Anthony you’ll back me up, wasn’t I fucking some girl yesterday? Some thick little slut?” Anthony found himself pleading internally, hoping that Jake didn’t tell his friends what happened. “Yo was it Jessica? That bitch is thick.” Mike says laughing with the group.

“Nah just look at these panties. Hips like this but an ass like that” Jake laughed moving his hands in an hourglass shape. On the verge of tears Anthony rushed out and went across campus to use the other restroom.

Returning to the table, Anthony found himself fuming. “Was it Jake?” Tim asks already knowing the answer.

“Yeah…that guy is such an asshole” Anthony said still heartbroken about yesterday’s events. “He’s not that bad…” Lilly said only to be drowned out by Chris “Dude thinks just because his dad is mayor, he can do whatever he wants.”

Tim was quick to reply “He also owns like the countries biggest private jet company.”

Brian joined in “And his dad funds the school, they’d rather let us get kicked around then punish him. Jake has been caught smoking and stealing more times than I can count and he’s never even been suspended.”

Silently they all fumed together until the bell rang and they continued on with their day.


Thursday gaziantep escort hikayeleri became Friday and before she knew it, it was Saturday morning. Kim felt anxious as she continued to consider Jake’s offer. Kim cheered on Anthony as Mark sat besides her texting on his phone and skimming through Facebook.

Kim sighed in disappointment as Mark continued to ignore their son. “Hey honey, I’m sorry but I gotta take a call” Mark said as he walked off. Fed up with Mark’s behavior she pulled out her phone and texted Jake the address.

“Ill be there in fifteen minutes” he replied sending a chill up her spine. Watching Anthony play and occasionally scanning the parking lot, Kim waited eagerly, until her phone buzzed “here.”

She rose and left the crowd as she went to the parking lot, almost immediately, a red mustang stuck out like a sore thumb. The tinted windows rolled down as Jake was messing with something in his back seat but turned to look at her with that cocky smile.

Kim was wearing a blue and green floral sundress, she could feel Jake undressing her with his eyes. She climbed into his car, as soon as the door closed they began furiously making out. Moaning softly as she ran her fingers through his hair and he gripped her thighs tightly, slowly pulling her dress up to feel her exposed skin. “Let’s get outta here” Jake says as he drives off.

The vast empty road allowed Jake to show off just how powerful his mustang was. Flying at 70 mph, Kim couldn’t help but feel excited with how reckless he was. Reminding her of her younger days, Kim felt her panties getting wet.

Finally pulling over in a wooded glen, Kim eagerly began kissing him again. Jake wasted no time pulling her dress up to her upper thigh, sliding his hand down her panties and fingering her. “Fuck you’re wet baby” Jake says smiling at her as Kim’s cheek grew red in embarrassment. “I missed you” Kim replied feeling like a naive school girl. “I missed you too babe.”

They continued to make out as Jake’s fingers expertly slid in and out of her. The windows were becoming steamy as Kim’s moans filled the car. Bucking her hips to eagerly meet his fingers Jake pulled his hand away. “Baby don’t stop” Kim found herself begging. “I want you to taste it” he says cockily.

Kim took a moment to consider but decided to obey. Sucking his fingers intently as she could taste her own juices on his fingers. “Now get out of the car” he demanded with his powerful deep voice. Opening the door, Kim stood outside his car awaiting Jake’s next command.

She saw him exit the car and stand in front of gaziantep escort bayan ilanları the hood, “Now bend over the hood.”

She felt her cheeks glowing red and radiating heat as she walked up to the hood of his car and bent over, arching her back to stick her ass out further. “Fuck baby I can’t believe how thick you are” Jake says chuckling to himself, before Kim can say anything, she yelps as Jake’s hand smacks her ass.

He smacks her ass again and again as she winces in pain. Finally she can feel him grinding against her ass, his erect cock bulging and throbbing through his pants against her ass.

Pulling her dress up until her ass in her panties were exposed, Kim felt the cold air brush against her skin. Jake’s fingers slid under the band of her panties and tugged them down until they were around her calves. Her breathing increases as she can feel goosebumps spread across her skin and the sound of Jake undoing his belt and pants.

Still waiting for him, Kim can feel herself getting impatient until she heard a rip, and a condom wrapper was tossed on the hood before her. Another smack on her already tender ass caused Kim to yelp again. “You ready baby?” Jake asks cockily rubbing his cock between her pussy lips. She nodded only to hear “No, say it out loud.” Kim bit her lip “I’m ready.”

Just as she finished her sentence, Jake thrust into her, stretching her walls out as he throbbed within her. “Oh God yes…Oh fuck Jake” she moaned in ecstasy as Jake wasted no time with foreplay and began fucking her roughly. Each thrust pushing her body forward on his car’s hood. The creaking of the car only covered by the sound of Kim moaning and Jake’s dominant grunts.

Burying her face between her arms Kim lets out a zombie like guttural moan. She felt Jake’s fingers grip her ponytail lifting her head up. Kim’s face contorted in pain and ecstasy as Jake slammed into her. Jake smiled as he saw his cock covered in Kim’s juices. “I’m gonna cum!” Kim cried out as Jake’s large and heavy balls slapped her pussy again and again pushing her over the edge.

“Cum on my cock baby” Jake ordered slamming into her with full force jolting her forward. Kim cried out in ecstasy, her leg shaking as her eyes rolled back. Hearing Jake’s grunt, she felt the condom within her fill with his hot cum. Letting her pony tail go, Kim collapses onto the car’s hood.

As her mind was still coming down, she saw him open the car’s back door and reach in for something, but came back and slapped her ass making her jolt much to his satisfaction. “Let’s get you back to Mark, don’t need him getting suspicious just yet.”

Kim struggled to pull her panties back up and climb into his car. Groaning as her tender ass stung as she sat on his leather seat.

He pulled into the parking lot as Kim gathered her purse. “When Mark’s out again, hit me up. I’d love to fuck you on his side of the bed.” With his hand on her thigh again, Kim felt her knees become weak. She nodded and leaned over to kiss him, then left his car. She found Mark still on the phone and Anthony’s game just about to end. 12-04 was the score.

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