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Tracy was sitting on the rear deck. Her beach house was her most treasured possession resulting from the divorce from her asshole of a husband with whom she had been married for five years. She sipped her coffee and watched the waves rolling onto the white sand beach.

She was twenty seven, five seven, and a hundred and twenty pounds of pure lovely. She knew she looked good. She also knew it was why Robert had married her. The problem was that he also liked any other beautiful woman from cocktail waitresses to account executives.

The doorbell jarred her back to the present. As she stood up, the tie to her short robe came undone, exposing a pair of long, tanned legs. She re-tied it and went to open the front door.

Before her stood a short Asian girl grinning up at her. She was very cute with long black hair. She was wearing a wrap-a-round oriental style robe.

“You Ms. Walker. Yes?” She said. “I Kim.” She waited. “I here, help.”

“Oh God.” Tracy said. “I totally forgot.” She added. “I’m so sorry. Please, come in.”

Kim entered the house and admired Tracy for a few seconds. “My, you pretty girl.” Kim said.

A week ago:

It was Saturday night and Tracy was out for drinks with her best friend, Annie Collins. Friends since high school, they had always confided everything to each other but you would not have known that by looking at Tracy this very moment.

“You’re so full of crap.” Tracy said.

“You wish.” Annie said.

“So how long?” Tracy asked. “When did you start?” She was stammering. “Why?”

“Tracy, I see women. What’s the big deal?” Annie said.

“The big deal.” Tracy said. “Is you and I have been friends…forever.” She waved her hands. “And you choose now to tell me this?” She shook her head. “How the hell did I not see this?”

“Tracy, it’s not like I’ve been doing this that long” Annie said.

“How long?” Tracy asked.

Annie hesitated. “Since Craig and I split up.”

“Since?” Tracy paused. “That was over a year ago.”

Annie grinned. “Yea.”

“So why are you?” Tracy started.

“Because I’m worried about you.” Annie said. “I’m telling you because I thought, maybe, you might.”

“Oh crap.” Tracy said. “Really? You think my solution to a cheating fuck of a husband is to jump into the sack with a woman?”

“Annie laughed. “Worked for me, love.”

“Well that’s just.” Tracy was at a loss for words. “Who is? When do you?” Tracy shook her head again. “How did you even find someone?”

“Oh good, a complete sentence.” Annie said. “We’re getting somewhere.”

“Hey, screw you.” Tracy said. “This is all very confusing.”

“You should be happy for me.” Annie offered.

Tracy sat quiet for a time. “So, are you happy?” She asked.

“Very.” Annie grinned.

Tracy shrugged her shoulders. “Fuck it, fine then.” She said. She looked directly at her best friend. “So tell.” She demanded.

Annie just smiled.

“Look you slut.” Tracy was grinning. “You can’t just drop something like this on me and not give the details.”

“You sure you want to know?” Annie asked.

“Every fucking detail. Don’t leave out a single thing.” Tracy said.

Annie waved at the bartender. “We’re going to need a couple more of these.”

When fresh drinks had been delivered and they were alone again, Tracy said, “So give.”

So Annie began. “I was at the spa, you know, the one on Del Prado, where I always go?”

“Could we get to the part where you are fucking a girl?” Tracy asked.

Annie looked at her. “Well there is no need to be snotty.” She said. “Do you want to hear or not?”

“Yes.” Tracy said.

“Okay.” Tracy started again. “My masseuse was this pretty Asian girl. Well, they are all Asian these days aren’t they.” She smiled at Tracy who was still wanting some real details.

“I was on my stomach and Sha was working my femoris muscle or something like that, I don’t really know their names.” Annie said.

“For God’s sake.” Tracy said.

“Alright.” Annie quipped. “Somehow, her fingers got a little too close to my, well, not my femoris, that’s for sure.” She hesitated. “So, of course, I sort of jumped.” Annie said.

“So she says, you very up tight.” Annie explained.

“And I say, sorry, I just didn’t expect that.” Annie seemed to be getting excited. “And she says, you no like?” Annie shook her head. “I said, it’s alright, don’t worry about it.”

“And Sha says, Sha no worry. Sha can solve problem, you want?” Annie started to grin. “Just like that.” Annie continued.

“That’s it?” Tracy asked.

“Well no.” Annie said. “But that’s all I’m saying.” She shrugged. “Except to say that was the best massage ever.”

“But how?” Tracy started.

Annie grinned. “As it turned out, Sha is running an escort service on the side. A very good one, I might add.”

“Oh my God.” Tracy said.

“So, how about I set you up with one of them, just for fun?” Annie asked.

“Whoa.” Tracy said. “I don’t think so.”

“Girlfriend that is exactly what I said.” Annie said.

Back Ankara escort to the present:

Tracy looked at Kim. “Look, I think we have made a mistake here.”

“No mistake.” Kim said. “I here, give good sex to pretty girl.”

“I’m sorry but I think I’ve changed my mind.” Tracy said.

“Why change mind?” Kim asked. “Kim already paid. I make big sex with you. Pretty girl cum lot.”

Tracy stood there very quiet. Kim waited.

Finally Kim asked. “You want Kim go, yes?” She said.

But ever so slowly, Tracy began to shake her head, no.

Kim smiled. “Then time Kim give you pretty good sex, yes?”

Tracy nodded.

“You come with Kim.” The girl said, and the two walked hand in hand toward the master bedroom.

“You see very soon.” Kim said. “Kim give good love. Make pretty girl cum much.”

In the bedroom, Kim pulled at the ribbon ties around her waist as Tracy watched her. The robe fell open and she let it drop from her shoulders. She stood naked and petite and so beautiful.

Tracy reached for the cord of her own robe. “You wait.” Kim said. She came close and took the cord from Tracy. “Kim do everything.” She said. She pulled the cord free. She traced her small slender fingers across Tracy’s abdomen and slowly up her sides, touching every rib. When her hands slid over Tracy’s shoulders, she pushed the robe off of her. “Kim very much like pretty girl.” She whispered.

Kim kissed her neck and then licked her right nipple. Ever so slowly she knelt there in front of Tracy.

She trailed kisses over her abdomen and her smooth panty covered mound. “Kim take off panties.” Her fingers slid into the top of the silk panties and began to ease them over her hips. When the panties were on the floor, Kim lifted one of Tracy’s feet and slid them free. And then the other. The two were nude with the little Asian girl kneeling in front of Tracy. Tracy’s head was swimming.

Kim pressed a hand on the inside of one knee and urged Tracy’s feet apart. She looked up at Tracy and smiled. “You see now, Kim love you plenty good.” She leaned in and placed a soft gentle kiss on Tracy’s swelling clit.

Tracy shivered and had to use her hand on Kim’s shoulder to steady herself. Kim kissed Tracy along her inner thigh, down to her knee and then she moved to Tracy’s opposite knee and kissed her way back up to her waiting pussy.

Kim extended an amazingly long tongue and made a long lick along Tracy’s labia. “You very wet.” Kim said. “You ready cum.” She put a hand behind Tracy’s thigh and turned her to the side of the bed.

Kim slid her hand up the back of Tracy’s leg and over her ass cheek, and as high up her back as she could reach. When Kim pressed on the center of Tracy’s back, she said. “You lay over now. You let Kim give big cum.”

As Tracy lay across the edge of the bed on her tummy. Kim began placing kisses on her ass. “You have good cum quick.” She said. “Then Kim take time, make pretty girl moan long time.” When Kim’s long tongue slid deep into Tracy, she gasped and when Kim’s thumb pressed firmly onto her swelling bud, her legs began to shake.

As Kim wiggled the tip of that amazing tongue along the inner walls of Tracy’s vagina, Tracy grunted and her climax hit her with all the force one might expect from a woman who had gone without for more than six months. Tracy rose up on her toes and pressed her ass back against Kim’s mouth. She whimpered as her orgasm flowed through her. She humped as that talented tongue worked its magic, dragging out her climax for the very most it could be.

When Kim slowly began to withdraw that tongue, Tracy pressed back trying desperately to hold her lover inside. But finally Kim stood, Tracy still laying over the edge of the bed.

Kim patted her ass gently. “Not to worry pretty girl.” Kim whispered. “You get Kim tongue back plenty soon.” She used both hands to ease the nearly limp Tracy into the center of the bed. “You lay on back now. Let Kim suck pussy good.”

Kim began to kiss Tracy along her ribs, over her breasts. And up along her neck and under her chin. As she did, she was moving. Silently, stealthily, onto the bed and between Tracy’s legs.

When Tracy realized where the girl was, the implications made her moan. “Oh God.” She whispered.

“Yes.” Kim whispered. “Kim make this one last long time.” She said. “Kim tease pretty girl, little. Make her want cum.” She was kissing her way back down Tracy’s body. Over her mound. When her lips encircled Tracy’s clit, Tracy drew her knees up and her legs fell to the sides on the bed. “Aw fuck.” She muttered.

“Yes.” Kim said. “Fuck.” She left the clit and lapped along Tracy’s labia and pressed her folds apart. Her sex was totally vulnerable and Kim took it. Her tongue slid into Tracy and worked deep into her vaginal tunnel. She began to slow fuck Tracy with it. Tracy moaned and arched her back. Her head rolled side to side.

Tracy’s juices began to flow and Kim eagerly lapped them up. “Oh, oh, oh God. Feels so good. Fuck.” Tracy said as her hands found Kim’s hair Ankara escort bayan and she wadded both fists into it.

But just as Tracy was on the verge of a second climax, Kim withdrew her tongue and lifted her head.

“No please, God, don’t. Please.” Tracy stammered.

Kim looked up over Tracy’s body and smiled at her. “Pretty girl want Kim fuck more?”

“Oh God yes.” Tracy said. “Please.”

Kim was still smiling as she dipped her mouth back onto Tracy’s clit and sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue lashing at its tip.

“Oh yes.” Tracy grunted. Her ass began to hump. Her feet were in the air. She grunted every time Kim’s tongue brushed over her bud. “Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh God, Fuck.”

Kim released her clit and looked up again, smiling. Tracy was shaking her head.

“No, don’t stop.” She begged. “I, I, I need.”

“Pretty girl need Kim, yes?” Kim asked.

“Oh fuck, you know I do.” Tracy pleaded.

Kim grinned. “Okay.” She said and went back to Tracy’s clit but this time she only placed a soft kiss on it.

Tracy began to buck again in expectation and when it didn’t come, she whimpered out loud.

“What wrong?” Kim whispered. “Kim kiss pussy real good” She smiled again.

Tracy was just rolling her head.

“Kim not be mean.” She offered. “Just want pretty girl have big cum.” She said.

Tracy was nodding. “You see.” Kim offered. “Little more time. Kim play with pretty girl, make much cum for you.” She dropped back to Tracy’s clit. Her mouth wrapped around it and her tongue pressed hard onto it.

Tracy resigned herself to whatever punishment might come. She lay there and grunted and humped and rolled her ass under the little Asian girl as Kim brought her to the brink only to leave her hanging over and over.

When it did finally come. When Kim allowed her to cum, it arrived unexpectedly. Kim slid her tongue into Tracy’s vagina. Her hands pressed on Tracy’s abdomen. Both thumbs along either side of her clit. And before she could react, that talented tongue began to fuck her rapidly. Her fingers massaged her as those two thumbs took the now very swollen bud captive. Tracy could do nothing, literally. She lay there. Her body tremored. Her feed dug into the bedding. She clenched her jaw and her eyes were closed tight. She was seeping juices like a faucet, soaking the bed.

Tracy was gasping for air. Sweat covered her face and her breasts. She had no idea how long it lasted. Wave after wave crashed over her. All she could do was nod her head in approval of some imaginary deity. She could not speak.

When she finally opened her eyes, Kim was sitting on the side of the bed with her legs folded, still smiling.

“I have never experienced anything like that.” Tracy said. “You are incredible.”

Kim smiled at her. She placed a warm cloth on Tracy’s mound and slowly worked it between her legs. It felt wonderful.

“I want to see you again.” Tracy said.

“Ha.” Kim laughed. “Pretty girl think Kim finished with her.” Kim leaned over and as her hand worked the wet cloth over Tracy’s sex, she took a nipple into her mouth. When she released it she whispered. “Kim going fuck pretty girl much more.” She smiled.

“Oh God I don’t think I can. I’m exhausted.” Tracy said.

Kim tossed the wash cloth and took the nipple in her mouth again. Her tongue flicked at it and then she kissed it softly. “Kim think you can.” She said. “Kim show pretty girl. Kim please you much.”

For the first time, Kim moved up where the two were face to face. When Kim’s lips found Tracy’s, it was electric. She kissed Tracy like they were long time lovers. Their tongues played together in Tracy’s mouth.

Kim whispered. “I think you let Kim love you more now?”

“Oh God.” Tracy moaned.

Kim kissed her again. “Kim need to hear pretty girl say.”

“Oh please.” Tracy said. “I.” she paused. “You.”

“Pretty girl.” Kim said. “You let Kim have you more, yes?” They kissed again. “Don’t disappoint Kim.” She said.

“Yes.” Tracy whispered. “Make love to me, please.”

And Kim did. She would bring Tracy to an incredible orgasm. She would let Tracy calm and she would do it again. When Tracy fell asleep, Kim was between her legs with her head on her tummy. It was four AM. Kim had arrived at eight.

The next morning there was no sex. Kim led a sleepy Tracy into the shower and bathed her as Tracy just leaned against the tiled wall. Afterwards, Kim dried her and replaced her robe. When the two were at the front door, Kim now back in her oriental gown, Tracy could only hug her, afraid to let her go.

“You think Kim give good sex, yes.” Kim asked.

“I think you are the most amazing woman I have ever known.” Tracy kissed her softly. “I want to see you again.”

Kim smiled. “You like Kim come love you again?”

“Oh God yes.” Tracy said.

“Kim like that too.” She said. “Kim fuck pretty girl often.” She touched Tracy’s face. “Pretty girl not be lonely no more.”

Tracy leaned down and kissed her.

“No need kiss Kim. Kim very happy. Escort Ankara Maybe next time I bring little friend for pretty girl.”

Tracy got nervous again. “Oh, I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

Kin smiled. “You not know.” She said. “Little friend very good idea.”

Tracy watched Kim until her car disappeared from sight.

That evening:

Tracy was at the bar with Annie. “Now you give.” Annie said. “I have waited long enough. Tell ne everything.”

Tracy grinned. “Well, you sent her.” Tracy said. “You know exactly what happened.” Her hand touched Annie’s. “God I love you.” Tracy said. “That was the most amazing sex I have ever had.”

“And this is where I get to say, I told you so?” Annie asked.

“It is.” Tracy said, “It certainly is.”

“So when are you seeing her again?” Annie asked.

Tracy grinned. “Who said I was going to see her again?”

“Fuck you.” Annie said. “That glazed look on your face did.”

The two started laughing.

She did say something really odd though.” Tracy said. The look on Annie’s face made her continue. “When she was leaving, she said that she might bring a friend next time.”

“Oh, you bitch.” Annie said.

“What?” Tracy replied.

“I was seeing her a month before she brought a second girl.” Annie pretended to pout. “I hate you.”

A week later:

Wednesday came again but it could not have arrived more slowly for Tracy. Sure, for the first couple of days, Tracy had no interest in sex, but reliving those moments with Kim still seemed to fill a lot of her time. By the weekend, Tracy was starting to think another lesbian experience might be just what she needed and by Tuesday, she was all but walking the floor.

She had showered, done hair and makeup and was again in her robe when the doorbell rang. This time, when she opened it, she was face to face with Kim and what was a smaller mirror image of her. The girl was so petite she looked almost fragile. And gorgeous yes, for certain.

Tracy moved to the side and Kim guided the girl in. They were dressed identically in the same oriental style robes. “This pretty girl, Ms. Walker.” Kim was talking to the girl who bowed at the introduction.

“This Su Li.” Kim said.

The look on Tracy’s face was nothing short of astonishment. “What?” She asked.

“Su Li, eighteen. I teach how. She good learn.” Kim said.

Tracy was shaking her head. “But.”

Kim smiled at Tracy. “I say.” Kim said. “I bring girl for you.” She put a hand on the girl’s back and urged her forward until she was directly in front of Tracy. The girl was adorable.

From behind the girl, Kim reached around and untied her robe and as she pulled it off her shoulders, the most beautiful, youthful body Tracy had ever seen stood before her.

“Kim think you like, yes?” She urged the girl forward. She whispered. “You kiss pretty girl now.”

The girl rose up on her toes and as her lips touched Tracy’s, there was an electricity that passed between them.

“You like, I think.” Kim said.

Su Li’s fingers pressed against Tracy’s abdomen and slowly roamed down over her mound. When two of them slid between her legs, caressing her sex, Tracy moaned.

Kim had moved to Tracy’s side. She cupped a breast and began kissing her neck. “Kim think you want be with this girl, yes?”

Tracy nodded between kisses. “God, I do.”

“Not worry.” Kim said. “Pretty girl get plenty fuck today.”

“Oh God.” Tracy muttered.

Kim took the girl’s hand. “We take pretty girl to bed now.” She said. “You make her cum first.” Kim pointed down the hall and the girl went with Tracy in hand and Kim following.

In the bedroom, Su Li led Tracy to the bed. Kim was there to untie her robe and slide it from her shoulders, it was all Tracy was wearing.

Su Li looked at Tracy. She smiled.

Tracy smiled back. “You like Su Li, yes?” Kim asked.

Tracy just nodded.

“And you little one?” Kim said to Su Li. “You love pretty girl now?”

Su Li said something in Vietnamese. Kim grinned. She ran her hand down Su Li’s back, cupping her ass. “”Yes.” She whispered. Kim looked at Tracy. “You may fuck pretty girl as much you wish.”

Kim went to Tracy. “You get on bed now.” She instructed. “Little one want give good guck. Make big cum for you.”

Tracy was helped onto the bed. She was tingling with anticipation. Even though she knew Kim was coming and Annie had told her what an amazing girl Su Li had been for her, she was still taken by surprise when she saw her. And now, with her nude and standing there, saying such things, Tracy was all but ready to cum right then.

She was barely settled as Su Li crawled in between her legs. She grinned and licked her lips. She looked at Tracy as she slowly extended her tongue. It seemed to keep coming. More and more of it protruded from the tiny girl. Had Tracy been able to measure it, she would have found it to reach a full four inches from the girl’s lips to its tip.

Tracy moaned. “Oh God.”

Kim knelt on the bed beside her. She moved aside some hair from Tracy’s face. “Not worry, you get soon enough.” Kim held a pillow. “You lift please?”

Tracy lifted her bottom unconsciously as she watched the girl, there, between her legs, so close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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