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K’s Story

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She took another look at herself in the mirror, checking the details; black corset that cinched her at the waist with her breasts nearly flowing out of the top in an enticing manner while her makeup and hair were arranged perfectly to her satisfaction. She picked up the thigh-high stockings from the dressing table one by one and ran her hand down inside of each before pulling them on over her well-shaped legs. Then she stood before the mirror, turning this way and that, critiquing the overall effect of her ensemble.

Noting her smooth pubis, she smiled remembering the trip to the spa to have the wax job. That trip had not been without pain, both physical and financial, but she had wanted to surprise him since he’d always known her with an ample amount hair in that area. She hoped that he’d approve. Pulling on her short, black skirt she decided to dispense this evening with her panties. Tonight she was determined to delight him with a very new look. She stepped to the closet and selected a blouse of thin black silk, chosen for its’ feel as much as its’ inability to hide her ample assets. He would be here soon and quickly she reached for a simple grey shawl to use if they went anywhere too public.

The bell rang and she kicked on her heels and rushed to meet him at the door. He stepped inside as the door opened and enveloped her in an ardent embrace and a lovers’ kiss. Then he held her at arms length and surveyed her slowly, taking in the entire package while she turned so he could appreciate the way the clothing clung to her bosom and her behind. “I approve,” he said, in a slightly husky voice, which betrayed the emotions that he sometimes tried to disguise from her.

“Good!” she thought, “I’ve achieved my desired effect.” “This should prove to be a very interesting evening.”

They walked together to the car and he held the door for her to enter. As she slid into her seat her tiny skirt hiked up to reveal the tops of her stockings and she thought that she noted a glimmer of desire in her companions’ eyes. In fact, the skirt had also slid up in back making her conscious of the texture of the butter-soft leather car seat on her bare legs; something that she had not anticipated but that was now giving her a great deal of pleasure. The knowledge that there was nothing between her pussy and the leather seat excited her and she thought perhaps she felt a bit of moisture beginning to weep from between her legs.


In the short drive to the restaurant they caught each other up on the previous week’s activities. Nothing much was said about the planned activities for this evening. At the restaurant the host ushered them to their favorite booth in the back past the evening patrons. The males at the other tables all cast envious glances after the couple and not a few earned kicks in the shins from their female companions for spending a few seconds too long staring at the departing couple. As they ordered dinner and wine the candlelight and shadow worked its’ magic at the table and they leaned forward toward each other remembering all of the times before that they had enjoyed each others’ company. During dinner he asked her if she’d like to spend the rest of the evening with him at his vacation home, about an hours drive North of the city. She reached out, covering his hand on the table and replied that her weekend was completely free to do whatever he wanted.

They ordered some after-dinner drinks and then the gentleman excused himself to use the restroom. As she sat there she grew increasingly aroused by what promised to be an exceptionally wonderful evening. The waiter brought their drinks before her companion had returned and in a moment of wanton mischief she slipped her hand under the table in the darkness and slowly slid her fingers up her skirt to her ever-moistening pussy. She inserted a couple of fingers and began to stroke herself quietly in the darkness until her clit and labia swelled to meet the intrusion and she began to feel the moisture flowing generously into her cupped hand. Seeing his return, she removed her hand from its’ labors with a soft sigh of regret and greeted him with a suggestive smile. She then handed him his drink with the same hand that had so recently been occupied inside her cunt.

She took great care to pass his glass past his nose as she handed it to him so he couldn’t help but detect the sweet nectar on her fingers. His eyes flickered slightly as he accepted the proffered drink and after taking the glass, he grabbed her wrist and brought the hand back to his face inhaling deeply. He smiled, licking his lips and said, “You’ve been quite busy and quite naughty while I’ve been absent.” “I believe that you’ll have to pay for such behavior before the evening is over.” “I’m pleased that you’ll be coming with me to my vacation home tonight; I have better facilities there to deal with a woman such as you.” His words sent an involuntary shiver of anticipation through her already sexually tense body.


They xslot finished their drinks and left the restaurant. As she walked to the waiting car she examined it closely in the moonlight. Was this the means that would transport her to another place this weekend? Sliding into her seat and fastening the seatbelt she once again felt the smooth leather on her bare thighs. “So like warm skin”, she thought as her mind drifted forward eagerly to their final destination. The road Northward was particularly well suited to the man and his machine; it twisted and curved upward into the foothills of the nearby mountains. The engine alternately growling and snarling as the tires tore their way toward the final destination. Her companion was completely at ease in hurrying their ride up the mountain. He handled the powerful car with a smooth, steady hand; the same poise that he had shown her on many occasions in the bedroom.

The pace was quick, but not rushed, as the headlamps reached out into the deserted night. She settled back in her seat and enjoyed the ride imagining those same, sure hands now controlling the car, controlling her body. She shivered again inwardly at this thought and tried to make meaningful conversation.

Soon they arrived at a long driveway, which snaked back into the woods and finally opened up to a clearing. The house was not large, but it appeared to be well built. As he helped her from the car he said, “You’ll get a better view of the Lake in the morning or if it clears a bit more tonight perhaps we can see more of it tonight from the deck.”

“Hmm”, she thought, “he’s obviously planning on having me stay the night.” He unlocked the door, flipping on the light in the entryway before allowing her to enter. She followed him out of the entry and down a short corridor. There were darkened rooms to the right and left as they made their progress inward.

He indicated a door to her right as they approached and said, “There’s the lav if you’d care to freshen up a bit.” “I’ll be in the room at the end of the hall fixing us a drink.”She took the opportunity to use the bathroom and to check her appearance before joining him at the halls’ end. He handed her a drink when she arrived; a rather nice, chilled, white wine. He appeared to have switched to a small glass of Scotch with several large ice cubes. He walked behind her still holding his glass and with his free arm he pulled her close to his body; holding her thus as they relaxed and sipped their drinks. The room was nearly unlit; a large pair of French doors led outside to what she supposed was the deck, since she could see details dimly in the moonlight. On the other side of the room he had lit a fire in the fireplace and the flickering light from it illuminated the room casting long, deep shadows. There were pieces of furniture around the walls but the poor light thwarted any attempt by her to determine what they really looked like.


Draining his glass, he pulled her tighter towards his body; tight enough that she could feel his firm erection pressing into her back. “You were deliciously bad tonight, my dear and for that you must be punished accordingly.” He ran his hands over her blouse pausing only to cup each full breast before moving further South to feel the parting of her legs beneath her skirt. Turning her to face him, he began slowly to unbutton her silk blouse pausing at each button to bestow a soft kiss on her neck or another exposed part. When he had removed her top, he quickly removed her skirt revealing the charming ensemble of black corset and thigh-highs. “Step over here, I want a better look at you.” “You really came ready for big game this evening, didn’t you?” He positioned her at the room’s center and walking to a nearby wall flipped a switch that bathed her in the light of several small spotlights. “Turn slowly please so I may fully appreciate the trouble that you’ve gone to tonight; but don’t move out of the light.”

She obeyed his command turning her body very slowly as her face and chest flushed at being so closely examined. Presently he approached her again and reaching into her corset, he freed her voluptuous breasts with each of his hands. He held them there for minutes before circling each nipple repeatedly with his thumbs. This he continued until an involuntary moan escaped her lips and her nipples betrayed her by rising from the surrounding flesh as firm, deep red points.

He rolled each prominence between a thumb and forefinger as if contemplating how he might use these marvelous objects to his best advantage. Finally he made up his mind and expertly removed the corset as if he were completely familiar with the garment. Now she stood before him in only the thigh-high stockings; her lack of panties confirmed.

Again he commanded her not to move and went to one of the dark pieces of furniture lining the walls. “I told you earlier that I would be better prepared to deal with you here than I would have been at my xslot Giriş apartment”, he said. The furniture rolled easily on casters back to the center of the room where he locked the wheels in place. “This is a paddling bench where you will be punished for your behavior this evening.” “I approve of the clothing that you chose for tonight, but you must be disciplined for tempting me with your pussy scent.” Kneel here on these two padded platforms.” The platforms in question fully supported her knees and her shins with her feet hanging over the edge. In front of her was an adjustable table that could be raised and lowered to hold her torso when she bent at the hips. Adjusting it quickly, he had her lay forward on the table and then brought up a support on each side of her for her elbows and forearms. The position was one of being on all fours, with her derriere elevated as a prominent target. Her torso, legs, arms and hands were then securely strapped down with heavy leather straps.


“Since it is your first time, I think six should suffice for tonight,” he said walking in front of her while holding a riding crop with a broad, flat flap of leather on the end.

“I’m going to ask you to count the strokes as I give them to you, to make sure I don’t give you more than you deserve.” You may cry out or scream if you wish as there are no neighbors for miles around.” “I promise that I will do nothing that will injure you permanently, but you may carry my marks for several days.” “Now I really must also ask you if you are willing to receive this punishment as I would never do this to someone without permission?” She nodded her head in acquiescence and tried to prepare herself for the ordeal.

As he positioned himself behind her, she heard the swish of the crop before she felt the impact on her tender flesh. “One”, she gasped through gritted teeth as tears welled up in her eyes. The second blow followed rather quickly. “Two”, she said as she noted that he was taking care not to hit her in the same place twice.

“Three, four, five”, she said in rapid succession; completely unaware of whether she was screaming or shouting. She had retreated into herself and was vaguely conscious of the sweat that was covering her body making it slick and glistening. It was as if she had formed a bond with the whip and by extension, the man who was wielding it. There was no time for recognition of severe pain, only the anticipation, the waiting, for the next blow. “Six”, she shouted triumphantly taking the last stroke on her behind and noting that the heat was descending, migrating from the targeted area down to her inner thighs and vulva; quivering with the excitement of the blows. He’d been very precise, hitting only the soft, padded parts of her ass; selecting each place to land the whip with the precision of a surgeon.

He stepped away briefly and when he returned, he applied a cool, moist cloth to her affected parts; then dried the area with a soft towel. He opened a bottle of lotion, possibly Aloe, and rubbed it gently into her tush. Next she felt him exploring her drenched pussy with his fingers making small satisfied sounds as he recognized her state of excitement. Walking in front of her, he held up an anal plug with a small hose and bulb attached to it. “This is an inflatable plug.” It goes into your ass fairly easily and then we inflate it to fill you more fully and to prevent it from slipping out.” He demonstrated the inflation for her by giving the bulb a few pumps and the deflating it. Stepping back he moved to her rear and she felt his lubed fingers probing her ass. He didn’t rush the process, as he seemed to enjoy the act of preparing her for the plug. Periodically his other hand would reach forward to her pussy and stroke deeply into that slit, sliding across her clit.

When he was satisfied that she could admit the plug without pain, he lubricated it and slowly forced it in past her sphincter seating it securely. “Ok” he inquired?


She murmured yes and he began to inflate the plug. As the plug began to fill her cavity it quickly became large enough that she recognized that it would be unable for it to fall out or for her to expel without great difficulty. When he had finished to his satisfaction he undid the straps holding her on the bench and picked her up in his arms, carrying her into an adjoining room that was a bedroom and laid her softly on the bed. He covered her with a warm, soft blanket and stripping off his clothing slipped into the bed beside her. As he pulled himself close to her naked form, she felt his strong, hard erection against her back. She started to speak and he placed his finger across her lips admonishing her into silence. “We’ll discuss all of this later.” “Now you need time to review what’s happened and process it all.”

They lay there together; she was wrapped in his arms in silence for quite some time. His erection didn’t diminish during this time of togetherness. Finally his xslot Güncel Giriş hands began to stir and move over her body. As he kissed her he touched her breasts, gently caressing her and then his hand moved farther down to her pussy as if it were trying to take her sexual temperature. Neither of them had experienced any release yet this evening and his touch simply reignited the fires that had smoldered all night. The presence of the plug in her ass made her yearn to be filled elsewhere. She wanted him to finish what he had started and make her cum. Eventually he slipped out of bed and swung her legs to the edge nearest him. Placing a leg on each of his shoulders he pulled her crotch closer to his waiting mouth. As her second mouth met his only one he tentatively ran his tongue the full length of her moist slit, tasting her and inhaling the scent of her arousal. He continued to tongue her without any insertion very deliberately. Her body tensed and she pushed her vulva forward to get greater contact with his tongue and his mouth. He caught her by surprise completely when he took her swollen clit in his lips and began sucking strongly on it while still employing his tongue to best advantage. She came then without warning, screaming and calling his name. The events of the night had so overloaded her senses that everything happened without any warning when she came.


She wanted to be completely filled, to have his firm cock in her while her ass was stuffed with the plug. Swinging her legs in the air, while still on his shoulders, he entered her waiting cunt with his cock. Plunging deeply inside her they both groaned with pleasure, as his cock made contact through the thin walls of tissue with the inflated plug in her ass. Only two or three strokes were required for her to cum powerfully again, gasping for breath and clinging to him as she tried to pull him into her more deeply. To her surprise, he then withdrew and deflated the plug in her ass. He removed it swiftly with a slight popping sound and discarded it on the floor. She felt empty for just a second and was about to beg to be filled again when he took a short stout dildo from the bedside table and thrust it into her still aroused vagina. Then he positioned the tip of his penis at the entrance to her still dilated ass and gently inserted it there. He slowly increased the depth of his strokes groaning as he did so. “I’m not going to be able to hold out very long doing this and I want you to cum with me”, he said. They again were aware of the cock rubbing the dildo in her cunt this time and it soon produced the desired effect. As he released his cum in her ass she ground her pussy hard on his lower abdomen, cumming again with him in her ass.

They lay there, still coupled, for a number of minutes before he withdrew and helped her up and showed her the way to the bathroom. This room was located off his bedroom and contained a large, tiled shower for two. He turned the water on and adjusted the temperature, then pulled her into the double streams of water. “That was extraordinary” he said, pulling her wet body closer to his. Taking a sponge and some body wash they took turns scrubbing each other sensually while the water streamed over them. Some body parts were singled out for more attention than others and even though they were still spent from the sex that had just occurred between them, their eyes told a story of a willingness to continue this sexual narrative a bit later.

Turning off the shower, he grabbed a couple of warm towels and led her still dripping, out of the room, through his bedroom to the adjoining deck. The night was cool and crisp and the sky was ablaze with stars. No artificial light obscured their view of the heavens above them. As he pulled the cover off the hot tub the steam rose from their wet bodies in the moonlight. The cool night air had made her nipples immediately stand at attention, a fact that hadn’t failed to escape his notice. He turned on the jets and helped her into the steaming, moving water. He held her very close with the water jets warming and relaxing them. It was as if there were one person sitting there staring at the beauty of the sky above. He bent down and softly kissed her. “Thank you, you’ve made this a memorable evening”, he told her.


Sitting with her ass tightly pressed into his groin, she detected a renewed interest on his part and said, “Perhaps the evening isn’t quite over just yet.” She reached behind her and began stroking his cock languidly with her hand while he continued to kiss and nibble at her neck and ears. He became harder in her hand and his breathing changed perceptibly from the slow, relaxed pattern she had observed earlier. Turning in the tub, she moved him up to a higher position, seated on the side with his cock above water. Wrapping two fingers of her hand just below his penis’ head, she began to give it long, slow strokes. After a few minutes of this she bent her head down to his cock and took him in her moist, waiting mouth. Her tongue then occupied itself by moving over all the parts of his cock in a deliberate and skilled pattern. She alternately sucked on his cock and stroked it, sometimes taking him into her mouth so deeply that he groaned with pleasure.

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